Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

  Walt Disney's Zorro:
  "Birds of a Feather"

Vinton Haworth is Magistrado Carlos Galindo Vinton Haworth
Magistrado Carlos Galindo
Myrna Fahey
Maria Crespo
Myrna Fahey is Maria Crespo
Anthony Caruso is Juan Ortega Anthony Caruso
Juan Ortega
Peter Brocco
Peter Brocco is Barca
Miguel Landa is Ramon Santil Miguel Landa
Ramon Santil
Sandy Livingston
Sandy Livingston is Rosarita
Peter Adams is Capitan Toledano Peter Adams
Capitan Arturo Toledano
Suzanne Lloyd
Raquel Toledano
Suzanne Lloyd is Raquel Toledano
Armand Alzamora is Figueroa Armand Alzamora
George Keymas
George Keymas is Roberto
Rojas convinces Maria that he is Zorro.
#14 "Shadow of Doubt"

Airdate: 01/09/58
The entire pueblo has assembled to greet the new comandante, Captain Melendez.  While Melendez is giving a speech, he is shot and killed by Esteban Rojas, a new arrival to the pueblo.  Rojas leaves his room at the inn, hurries downstairs, and thrusts his gun into the hands of Josephat, a weak-minded Indian.  Señorita Maria sees Rojas give the gun to Josephat.  When Maria insists upon telling the magistrado what she just saw, Rojas asks her if everything Zorro does is alright.  When Maria replies that it is, Rojas tells her that he is Zorro and that he shot Melendez because Melendez is a bad man.  Maria believes him.  Later, Don Diego questions Maria and feels that she isn't telling him everything.  Diego has Bernardo follow Maria, and Bernardo sees Maria abducted by Rojas and another man.  Bernardo tells Diego, and Zorro rides in pursuit.  Zorro saves Maria, and Maria tells Zorro that Rojas is the man who shot Melendez.  Zorro goes to capture Rojas and discovers Rojas dead with an eagle's feather on his body.  Zorro knows that there are sinister forces at work and wonders what the eagle's feather means.
Garcia is imprisoned for stealing the soldiers' payroll.
#15 "Garcia Stands Accused"

Airdate: 01/16/58
Garcia receives a note from Zorro stating that Zorro wishes to surrender at a certain location.  Garcia rides to where Zorro is supposed to meet him.  He is told by someone whom he cannot see to remove his sword and to ride down the road two more miles to receive further instructions.  After Garcia rides away, the man picks up Garcia's sword.  Garcia travels to the next location, but no one is there.  Meanwhile, the King's messenger rides into the pueblo.  He claims to be injured and states that the soldiers' payroll was stolen from him.  The messenger states that a soldier robbed him and that he has the soldier's broken sword to prove it.  Sgt. Garcia returns to the cuartel, and the messenger says that Garcia is the one who robbed him.  Garcia stands trial; the magistrado finds Garcia guilty and sentences him to death.  Don Diego suspects that the messenger may not have told the truth.  The messenger has already left the pueblo, and Zorro rides out of town to bring him back.  Just as Garcia is about to be executed, Zorro arrives with the messenger and the stolen payroll.  Zorro has learned that the messenger was given an eagle's feather by the magistrado and was told to take it to Monterrey.  Zorro notices that the feather has been cut in an unusual pattern and that it must mean something.
Don Diego teaches Bernardo how to fence.
#16 "Slaves of the Eagle"

Airdate: 01/23/58
The tax collector is robbed of his papers on the way to the pueblo.  Another man arrives in Los Angeles in place of the tax collector.  The tax collector levies unfairly high taxes upon the people.  22 men are jailed for failing to pay their taxes.  Don Diego offers to pay all of their taxes but is refused.  The magistrado tells Diego that the men are being sold to work as indentured peons in the mines of Sonora.  Don Diego wonders if the tax collector is dishonest.  Don Diego inquires about his taxes to the tax collector and then complains that the taxes are too high.  The tax collector insists that the taxes are not unfairly high until Don Diego begins waving an eagle's feather.  Suddenly, the tax collector declares that Don Diego does not owe any additional money.  Diego now knows that the tax collector is part of the plot.  As the prisoners are taken away to work in the mines, Zorro rescues them.
Garcia is forced to escort a lady.
#17 "Sweet Face of Danger"

Airdate: 01/30/58
Garcia and Diego see a man murdered in the plaza with what appears to be an Indian arrow.  Diego finds an eagle's feather on the man's body.  Don Francisco and his daughter, Magdalena, visit the de la Vega hacienda.  Diego is forced by Don Alejandro to take Magdalena for a drive, but Diego does end up enjoying himself.  Diego begins to be suspicious of Magdalena after he discovers that she was on the same boat as the dead man.  At a party which Don Alejandro gives for Magdalena, Diego sees Magdalena give Magistrado Galindo an eagle's feather.  Diego takes the feather away from Galindo, changes the markings to the death symbol, and gives it back to Galindo without Galindo ever knowing that the feather was taken.  Diego thinks he is signing Galindo's death warrant, but he sees Galindo's hired killer go after Magdalena.  Zorro rides to save Magdalena.
Don Alejandro tells Diego that their plan is to capture Zorro.
#18 "Zorro Fights His Father"

Airdate: 02/06/58
A group of peasants protests about the unfairly high taxes and asks for their money back.  A man in league with Galindo throws a rock through a window.  Galindo tells Don Alejandro and Señor Barca that it is anarchy and something must be done.  Don Alejandro and Señor Barca call the caballeros together and form a group called the Committee of Vigilance.  The Committee's first act is to arrest Paco, who was the leader of the group of peasants.  Galindo orders that Paco be executed.  When Diego protests, Don Alejandro tells him that it is a plan to capture Zorro.  When the execution time comes, Zorro arrives to rescue Paco.  Zorro releases Paco and fights first Barca and then Don Alejandro.  Zorro escapes with Paco.  Don Alejandro decides that he will no longer be involved with the Committee of Vigilance.
Don Diego tries to distract Urista and Ramon while they play cards.
#19 "Death Stacks the Deck"

Airdate: 02/13/58
Ramon Santil mourns his father's death.  Ramon needs money and is forced to sell his cattle to Carlos Urista, a new arrival in the pueblo.  Diego suspects that Urista may be part of the Eagle's conspiracy, because he arrives with an eagle's feather in his hat.  Ramon later sees Urista playing cards and decides to bet against Urista thereby losing the money he was paid for the cattle as well as his rancho.  To help Ramon, Zorro forces Urista to play against Ramon and makes certain that Urista does not cheat.  Ramon is able to win back his money and rancho.
Galindo and Ortega wonder who the Eagle is.
#20 "Agent of the Eagle"

Airdate: 02/20/58
Don Alejandro and Diego receive word that the new comandante, Juan Ortega, is a good man.  They are surprised when the man arrives and treats others rather cruelly.  Ortega speaks to Galindo and reveals that he killed the real comandante.  The two men wonder who the Eagle is.  Galindo confesses that the Eagle is displeased with the lack of progress in Los Angeles.  Galindo arrests a man named Babarosa and orders him to pay 5000 pesos or face hard labor for 6 months.  Barbarosa refuses to pay the money, so he is sentenced to hard labor.  Zorro rides to rescue Barbarosa.
Zorro is brought into the plaza so that the peons can see that he has been captured.
#21 "Zorro Springs a Trap"

Airdate: 02/27/58
Ortega has a soldier named Roberto dress as Zorro so that the peons will think that Zorro has been captured.  He hopes that the peons will rush the cuartel so that he can capture them and force them to reveal who Zorro is.  The real Zorro arrives and warns the peons not to rush the cuartel.  As Zorro makes his escape, he is separated from Tornado, who is captured by Garcia.  Ortega displays the horse in the plaza and plans to auction him off in hope that Zorro will bid on his own horse.  Garcia tells Don Diego that he would like to own Zorro's horse so Don Diego gives Garcia 500 pesos to use to bid on Tornado.  Since Garcia is conducting the auction, he has Corporal Reyes bid on his behalf.  Reyes is the only bidder and wins the auction.  Ortega is enraged and refuses to sell the horse.  The horse is left in the plaza so that perhaps Zorro will try to rescue him.  That night, Bernardo brings hay for Tornado and is seen by Roberto, who whips him.  A torch is knocked over, setting the pen on fire.  Roberto begins whipping Tornado, and as a result, is trampled to death by Tornado.  Zorro arrives and rescues Tornado.
Ortega confronts Rosarita.
#22 "The Unmasking of Zorro"

Airdate: 03/06/58
Galindo tells Ortega that the Eagle is very displeased with his lack of progress in Los Angeles.  It is imperative that Ortega be done with his task before another ship arrives as someone on the next ship is likely to know that Ortega is not the real comandante.  Meanwhile, Diego and Rosarita are displeased that rancheros are still being arrested for trespassing on the King's land.  Rosarita has trouble believing that the man she knew on the ship is such a cruel man.  Ortega sees Rosarita in the plaza with Diego and hides so that she cannot see him.  Bernardo observes Ortega's bizarre behavior and follows him.  Bernardo overhears a conversation between Galindo and Ortega which reveals that Ortega is not the real comandante and that Ortega plans to kill Rosarita that night.  Later, Ortega confronts Rosarita at her hacienda and prepares to kill her when Zorro appears.  Ortega escapes and races back to the cuartel.  Zorro follows Ortega and chases Ortega onto the roof.  During the fight, Ortega pulls off Zorro's mask and falls to his death.
Marya's grandmother gives Bernardo the pills that will help him win love.
#23 "The Secret of the Sierra"

Airdate: 03/13/58
A merchant complains because a gypsy named Marya pays him with rocks.  Don Diego thinks the rocks might be gold nuggets.  Don Diego pays the merchant and keeps the stones.  A prospector looks at the stones and tells Don Diego that they are not real gold.  Later, the prospector tells Galindo about the gold nuggets, and Galindo has the prospector try to find the mine.  Don Diego and Don Alejandro decide that the nuggets are real gold and that they must do what they can to prevent a gold rush.  Diego and Bernardo ride into the mountains to find Marya.  They learn from Marya's grandmother that Marya has ridden off with two men, one of whom must be the prospector.  Marya's grandmother gives Bernardo some pills that will make the fire flash and should help him find love.  Diego and Bernardo ride up into the mountain and discover the mine entrance.  Diego enters the mine as Zorro.  Marya is able to escape from her captors, but Zorro is taken prisoner by the Indians so that he cannot tell anyone about the mine.  Bernardo enters the mine and helps Zorro escape by throwing one of the pills into the fire, making it flash.  The Indians cause a landslide, burying the entrance to the mine so that no one will be able to find it.
Galindo discusses politics with the Toledanos.
#24 "New Comandante"

Airdate: 03/20/58
The new comandante, Arturo Toledano, arrives in the pueblo with his wife, Raquel.  Galindo hastens to inform Toledano that the prisoners are uncivilized.  As a result, Toledano treats the prisoners harshly.  Toledano regrets his hasty action but does nothing about it because he is distracted after noticing Raquel flirting with another man named Lauro.  After getting off to a bad start, Toledano begins ruling with fairness and gains the respect of his men.  Magistrado Galindo is displeased and wishes to get rid of Toledano.  Galindo has a forged note appearing to be from Raquel given to Lauro; the note asks Lauro to serenade Raquel beneath her balcony.  Galindo hopes that the men will duel and that Toledano will be killed.  Lauro tells Don Diego about the note, so Diego appears as Zorro to prevent any trouble from occurring.  Zorro warns Lauro just in time and is able to escape with being caught.
Galindo instructs his men on how they will steal the gunpowder.
#25 "The Fox and the Coyote"

Airdate: 03/27/58
Galindo suggests a horse race to the caballeros and wants the caballeros to each contribute money to the purse.  Galindo wishes to entice eveyone into participating in the race so that the cuartel will be deserted.  Galindo has ordered a large shipment of arms, but he still needs gunpowder.  The plan is to steal the cuartel's gunpowder during the race.  Zorro overhears the plan and knows that he must act.  Zorro rides in the race and draws Toledano and the soldiers out of the race in pursuit of him.  Zorro leads them to the cuartel in time to save the gunpowder.  The men who were stealing the gunpowder are arrested by Toledano.
Zorro tries to force Figueroa into telling Toledano the truth about the plot.
#26 "Adios Señor Magistrado"

Airdate: 04/03/58
Toledano tries unsuccessfully to get the captured men to reveal the identity of their leader and why they were stealing the gunpowder.  Back in their cell, the men tell Figueroa that they want out that night or else they will tell Toledano everything.  Galindo orders that the men be killed.  The prisoners are found dead the next morning.  Don Diego knows that the men were killed so that they could not talk.  Zorro appears before Toledano, intending to tell him about the plot.  Figueroa enters the office with wine for Toledano.  Zorro orders Figueroa to drink the wine himself.  Figueroa begins shaking and drops the wine.  Zorro suggests that the wine was laced with poison and that Toledano was to be the next victim.  Figueroa escapes but is captured by Zorro.  Galindo calls a meeting of the caballeros.  At the meeting, Zorro appears with Figueroa and forces Figueroa to reveal that Galindo has been behind everything.  Galindo kills Figueroa.  In the resulting battle, Galindo is killed.  Toledano now fully understands that Zorro is his ally.
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