Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

  Walt Disney's Zorro:
  "The Eagle's Brood"

Charles Korvin is 'The Eagle' Charles Korvin
"The Eagle"
Suzanne Lloyd
Raquel Toledano
Suzanne Lloyd is Raquel Toledano
Michael Pate is Salvador Quintana Michael Pate
Salvador Quintana
Peter Mamakos
Enrique Fuentes
Peter Mamakos is Enrique Fuentes
Kent Taylor is Carlos Murietta Kent Taylor
Carlos Murietta
Paul Picerni
Pietro Murietta
Paul Picerni is Pietro Murietta
Jack Kruschen is Jose Mordante Jack Kruschen
Jose Mordante
Mary Wickes
Dolores Bastinado
Mary Wickes is Dolores Bastinado
Jay Novello is Juan Greco Jay Novello
Juan Greco
Henry Rowland
Count Kolinko
Henry Rowland is Count Kolinko
Capitan Toledo prepares to leave for the presidio at San Diego.
#27 "The Eagle's Brood"

Airdate: 04/10/58
Capitán Toledano is ordered to the presidio at San Diego to take charge until a new comandante arrives.  His wife, Raquel, stays behind and occupies the comandante's quarters.  Garcia is once again the acting comandante.  Quintana and Fuentes, two of the Eagle's men, arrive and tell Garcia that they have purchased the inn.  Meanwhile, Raquel reads a message intended for the acting comandante and destroys it, putting a new message in its place.  Garcia reads the new message and reports to Don Diego that the stolen gunpowder has been found.  Diego notices that the letter and the envelope are in two different colors of ink and is suspicious that the message is a forgery.  Zorro and Bernardo watch the road for the stolen gunpowder.  Zorro intercepts the wagon carrying the gunpowder but must flee when Garcia arrives.  The men convince Garcia that they are carrying wine, so Garcia escorts them to the pueblo.  The kegs are unloaded and placed in the tavern's cellar.  Zorro enters the cellar and removes the kegs of gunpowder with Bernardo's help, replacing them with kegs of wine.  Quintana and Fuentes are shocked when they discover that the gunpowder is missing.
Raquel reveals that she is in league with the Eagle.
#28 "Zorro by Proxy"

Airdate: 04/17/58
Raquel meets with Quintana and Fuentes, showing them an eagle's feather and telling them that they now take orders from her.  After Raquel is told that the gunpowder is missing, she tells the soldiers to search for Zorro.  The soldiers come close to where Zorro is hiding the gunpowder.  Diego has Tornado distract Garcia.  Tornado is captured by Garcia and taken to the cuartel.  Later, Fuentes sees Tornado obey a signal that Diego gives him and suspects that Diego is Zorro.  In order to prove whether Diego is Zorro, Raquel has Diego arrested and jailed at the cuartel.  Raquel knows that the real Zorro will try to rescue him.  That night, Tornado gets the keys away from Sgt. Garcia and gives them to Diego.  Diego unlocks his cell and disguises himself using the bedclothes.  Diego leaves his cell, awakens Garcia, and claims that he has just rescued Don Diego.  Zorro tells Garcia that he has the stolen gunpowder and will return it if Garcia makes certain that it is heavily guarded.  Zorro fights the soldiers and escapes.
Garcia and Reyes try to figure out why their guns did not fire.
#29 "Quintana Makes a Choice"

Airdate: 04/24/58
When the soldiers' guns will not fire, they discover that their gunpowder has been replaced with charcoal.  Sgt. Garcia tells Don Diego that the only people who had access to the gunpowder were Capitán Toledano, Corporal Reyes, and himself.  Garcia questions everyone in the cuartel but cannot figure out what happened to the gunpowder.  He tells Raquel that there is no way that the gunpowder could have been removed since the only items that have been removed from the cuartel were the boxes containing her husband's things.  Raquel tells Quintana and Fuentes that Garcia is asking too many questions so Fuentes plans to get rid of Garcia.  Meanwhile, Zorro enters the cellar of the inn, trying to find the gunpowder.  Raquel hears him and enters the cellar with a gun.  While she holds Zorro at gunpoint, he realizes that she is in league with the Eagle and that she is having something done with Garcia.  Zorro escapes and questions Reyes.  Reyes tells Zorro that Garcia has gone off with Quintana and Fuentes in search of the stolen gunpowder.  When Zorro arrives to save Garcia, Garcia doesn't believe that Quintana and Fuentes are trying to kill him.  In the resulting scuffle, Fuentes is accidentally shot and killed by Quintana, and Zorro manages to escape.  Later, Sgt. Garcia tells Diego that Quintana is his good friend and would never try to kill him.
Don Diego tells Garcia's fortune.
#30 "Zorro Lights a Fuse"

Airdate: 05/01/58
Raquel is highly dismayed to receive a letter from her husband stating that they will be returning to Spain.  Diego tries to warn Sgt. Garcia about the plot against his life by telling his fortune.  Diego tells Garcia that the card with a single cup reveals that Garcia faces great danger and that someone is trying to kill him.  He warns Garcia to beware a dark lady and a man called the King of Cups, implying that Quintana is the King of Cups.  Later, Raquel tells Garcia that her husband has sent her a special message and that Garcia is to meet him alone out on the road.  Garcia follows her order but is frightened when he sees a cup in the plaza and hurries back to the cuartel.  When Raquel confronts him, Garcia asks why she and Quintana want to kill him.  Raquel hurries back to her room and begins packing.  Quintana comes to ask why Garcia rode back into the cuartel.  He discovers that Raquel is planning to leave the plot and go back to Spain with her husband.  He forces her to travel to the hideout and plans to kill her.  Zorro arrives and tries to rescue Raquel.  They become trapped in the room containing the stolen gunpowder, which Zorro uses to his advantage.  He lights a fuse and tells the men that since they are going to kill him anyway, he is going to blow all of them up so that the men will die as well.  The men flee right into the hands of the soldiers, who are just arriving.  Zorro tells Garcia that Raquel was brought there at gunpoint and wants to leave to meet her husband.
Carlos Murietta challenges Rudolfo to a duel.
#31 "The Man with the Whip"

Airdate: 05/08/58
Another one of the Eagle's fellow conspirators, Carlos Murietta, arrives in the pueblo.  Murietta meets with the tanner, Jose Mordante, and tells him how they will dispose of gems that Murietta has stolen in South America.  One of the gems is the Cross of the Andes.  Later, a young man named Rudolfo Martinez is angered when Murietta tries to force Maria to kiss him.  Murietta challenges Rudolfo to a duel that is to take place the next morning.  Don Diego suspects that Rudolfo will not be able to defend himself, so he has Bernardo try to teach him how to fence.  It becomes apparent that Rudolfo will not succeed at winning the duel, so Zorro confronts Murietta in his room and challenges him.  Zorro and Murietta fight, and during the fight, Murietta's hat falls off; Zorro sees an eagle's feather tucked inside the hat.  Zorro cuts Murietta's hand and takes his leave.  When the time of Rudolfo and Murietta's duel arrives, Mordante brings the news that Murietta cannot fight because he has injured his hand.  Rudolfo's life is now saved.
Zorro fights Mordante.
#32 "The Cross of the Andes"

Airdate: 05/15/58
Murietta wishes to speak to Mordante privately, so he orders Mordante to get rid of Pasqual, who lives at the tannery.  Pasqual refuses to leave, so Murietta whips him until he leaves.  Dolores Bastinado arrives in the pueblo with a box of boots which she is to bring to Mordante's tannery.  When Garcia finds out that she is single and very wealthy, he is immediately interested and entertains her at the inn.  Meanwhile, Diego helps Pasqual by letting him stay in a house on the de la Vega property.  Diego wonders what business brings Mordante and Murietta together.  Don Diego visits the tannery as Mordante and Murietta prepare to open the shipment of boots.  Diego tells them that he doesn't approve of how they treated Pasqual, but they don't listen.  Zorro searches Murietta's room at the inn while Bernardo searches the tannery.  Zorro discovers the Cross of the Andes just before he hears Murietta returning.  Zorro quickly replaces the Cross and ducks into the corner.  After Murietta enters, Zorro surprises him and ties him up.  Meanwhile, Bernardo is searching the tannery and discovers the jewels hidden beneath the false bottom of the box of boots.  Mordante enters the tannery and hits Bernardo over the head.  Mordante hides the jewels in a sack and sends them down into the well, tied on the end of a rope.  Bernardo awakens, and Mordante tries to force him down into the well.  Zorro arrives and saves Bernardo.  Zorro and Mordante fight, and Mordante is killed when he is impaled upon a spike.  Zorro and Bernardo look for the jewels but are unable to find them.
Corporal Reyes dances with Dolores Bastinado.
#33 "The Deadly Bolas"

Airdate: 05/22/58
Diego asks the padre whether it is true that the Cross of the Andes has been stolen, and he is informed that it has been stolen along with many other priceless religious artifacts.  Diego is suspicious when he hears Murietta urge Sgt. Garcia to do something about the contents being stolen from the box of boots that he had stored at Mordante's tannery.  Diego realizes that Mordante must have hidden the jewels before he died.  Diego cannot leave a party that Garcia is throwing for Señorita Bastinado, so he has Bernardo go to search the tannery dressed as Zorro.  Carlos Murrieta's brother, Pietro arrives in the pueblo and visits with his brother.  The men decide to travel to the tannery and search it.  The men arrive at the tannery and capture Bernardo.  Pietro swings his bolas near Bernardo's head, trying to force him to talk.  Fortunately, Zorro arrives and fights Pietro.  Bernardo uses the bolas to knock Carlos out.  Zorro and Bernardo make their escape but still don't know what happened to the jewels.  Diego tells Bernardo that they need to watch the road for another shipment of boots from South America.
Sgt. Garcia questions the Murietta brothers.
#34 "The Well of Death"

Airdate: 05/29/58
The Murietta brothers are convinced that Zorro has the jewels.  They are expecting another shipment of boots that day and plan to place the box in the tannery and hide nearby waiting for Zorro to come to steal it.  They will capture Zorro and recover the jewels he has stolen.  Diego searches the tannery while Bernardo watches the road to see if the Murietta brothers are coming.  Diego is about to search the well when Bernardo warns him that the brothers are coming.  When the brothers pass, Diego and Bernardo see that they have another box of boots from South America.  Diego tells Sgt. Garcia that he passed by the tannery and that it looks as though it has been ransacked.  The boy Pogo helps the brothers bring the box of boots into the tannery.  The box breaks open, and Pogo sees the jewels.  The boy tries to escape, but the men catch him and tie him up.  Sgt. Garcia arrives at the tannery and asks about Mordante.  The men tell him that Mordante has ridden off on his horse.  Garcia becomes suspicious because Mordante's horse is outside.  While Garcia is speaking to the brothers, he sees the spilled jewels.  Fortunately, Zorro enters the tannery in time to help fight the brothers.  Pietro falls into the well, followed by Pogo, who had just escaped his bonds.  Pogo is able to grab onto the rope as he falls and is pulled to safety by Garcia.  Zorro discovers the missing gems which were hidden in the well.  Carlos, who had been knocked unconscious, wakes up and forces Zorro to hand over all of the gems.  As Carlos leaves, he sets the hay in the tannery on fire and locks the door.  Tornado opens the door, and Zorro rides off in pursuit.  Zorro catches Carlos and gives Garcia the jewels to return to the church.
Don Alejandro has one of the caballeros sign the oath of loyalty.
#35 "The Tightening Noose"

Airdate: 06/05/58
Don Alejandro has the landowners sign an oath of loyalty.  Sgt. Garcia arrives to tell Don Diego that the new administrator plans to take over the de la Vega hacienda while he stays in the pueblo.  Diego is prepared to fight to prevent the hacienda from being occupied until Bernardo suggests that they could use the secret passageway to eavesdrop on the administrator.  The new administrator, Juan Sebastian Varga, and his assistant, Juan Greco, arrive, and Don Diego finds himself a prisoner in his own house.  Diego manages to look in Varga's bag and finds a bunch of unmarked eagle's feathers, proving that Varga is in on the plot.  Bernardo overhears Varga saying that he needs to find out who has signed the oath of loyalty for Don Alejandro.  Varga plans to tear the hacienda apart looking for secret compartments.  Right after Greco discovers the list of names, Zorro appears and forces him to drop the list.  Zorro ties the men up and attempts to escape.  Garcia sees him and calls to the other soldiers.  Zorro crashes through a window and then runs upstairs to Diego's room.  As soon as he is locked inside, Diego starts calling out for help and covers his Zorro disguise with a robe.  Garcia enters and Diego tells him that Zorro went out via the balcony.  Later, Diego and Bernardo find a letter which proves that Varga is the Eagle.
Sgt. Garcia atones for his mistake.
#36 "The Sergeant Regrets"

Airdate: 06/12/58
A foreign emissary, George Brighton, arrives to speak to Varga.  Brighton is concerned about Don Alejandro and his talk of rebellion and does not wish to be involved if there is to be a rebellion.  Varga is furious that Don Alejandro has formed an army of men and is determined to discover who is on that list.  Varga tells one of the de la Vega servants that Don Alejandro has returned and wishes to have a secret meeting that night at the hacienda.  All of the men who signed the oath are to show up at the meeting.  Diego overhears this plan and knows he must do something.  He gives Garcia a note that Garcia must get to Juan before Juan leaves.  Unfortunately, Garcia is sidetracked by food and does not get the note to Juan.  Don Diego is uncharacteristically furious with Garcia.  Diego rides as Zorro to warn the dons not to come to the de la Vega hacienda.  One of the caballeros does not get Zorro's message and arrives early for the meeting, wishing to speak to Don Alejandro.  As Varga prepares to torture the caballero, Zorro, along with Garcia's help, is able to rescue the caballero.
Don Diego encourages Sgt. Garcia to do everything he can to capture Zorro.
#37 "The Eagle Leaves the Nest"

Airdate: 06/19/58
Don Diego hears Varga say that he plans to live at the de la Vega hacienda permanently.  Diego receives a letter from his father telling him that his mission in Monterey was successful and that he will be returning home within a few days.  Diego is deeply concerned because he knows that his father will fight to the death to remove Varga from the hacienda.  Diego and Bernardo notice that Varga becomes almost hysterical when he thinks the soldiers have deserted their posts.  Diego decides that they have found the Eagle's weakness, that he is afraid of being alone.  Diego speaks to Sgt. Garcia about how Garcia wishes he could earn the reward money for Zorro's capture.  Diego makes Garcia promise that he will rush after Zorro the next time he sees him.  Diego then speaks to Varga about how the hacienda is in the middle of nowhere and also tells him that he will take a trip to Los Angeles the next day.  That night, Bernardo draws a string through a gourd to make a spooky noise.  Diego tells Varga that since he isn't sleepy, he will go ahead and leave for Los Angeles.  Zorro and Bernardo subdue the soldiers one by one and then Zorro lures Garcia away from the hacienda.  Zorro plays the piano and then ducks into the secret passage in order to lure the guards away from the front gate.  Varga is awakened by the commotion and searches the hacienda to find out who is playing the piano.  Diego and Bernardo cause more spooky noises to occur and make the rest of the soldiers disappear.  Varga decides to leave the hacienda for Los Angeles.
Count Kolinko speaks to Varga.
#38 "Bernardo Faces Death"

Airdate: 06/26/58
An ambassador named Count Kolinko who is from one of the European countries arrives at the de la Vega hacienda looking for Varga.  Diego tries to extract information from Kolinko, but Don Alejandro interrupts the conversation and tells Kolinko his plans for an army.  Later, Kolinko expresses his concerns about Don Alejandro's army to Varga, and Varga tells him not to worry.  Diego and Bernardo are in the pueblo and wonder why Varga has so many servants at his house and why so many boxes and art objects are being taken into his home.  Bernardo grabs a vase and discovers a cannonball inside it.  Later, Zorro enters Varga's house to check out the cannonballs.  Zorro notes that there is no cannon.  He wonders where it could be and then decides to check out the blacksmith's shop.  Zorro finds a cannon inside the blacksmith's shop.  Zorro lights a fuse to blow up the cannon so that it cannot be used against the people.  Bernardo gets stuck between the cart and the wall while Zorro is lighting the fuse.  Zorro rescues Bernardo just in time and both men narrowly avoid being killed in the explosion.  The Eagle finds Zorro's cape and thinks Zorro is dead.
The Eagle asks Don Alejandro for the list of names.
#39 "The Eagle's Flight"

Airdate: 07/03/58
Bernardo sees Sgt. Garcia and most of his men leave the pueblo.  Next, he sees Varga put a statue of an eagle in the window of his house.  Many men begin entering his house.  Bernardo warns Diego who tries to warn his father to summon the caballeros, but the Eagle's men capture them and imprison them in Varga's cellar.  The Eagle and his men launch a successful attack on the cuartel, giving them complete control of the pueblo.  Sgt. Garcia is also captured and imprisoned in the cellar.  Count Kolinko refuses to turn any money over to Varga because he is still worried about Don Alejandro's army.  Count Kolinko will only deliver the money after Don Alejandro's army is destroyed.  Varga tries to bargain with Don Alejandro to hand over the list of names in exchange for his life.  Don Alejandro refuses, but Diego says he will get the list if the men will let him go free.  Diego goes with two of the men to the de la Vega hacienda.  Diego gets them to untie him and then overpowers both men and escapes.  When Varga and Count Kolinko hear that Diego has gotten away, Count Kolinko pulls out of the plan and Varga kills him.  Zorro lets Don Alejandro, Bernardo, and Garcia out of the cellar.  The three men barricade themselves inside the Eagle's house while Zorro helps them from outside.  Just as the situation is looking hopeless, Don Alejandro's army arrives, summoned by Zorro.  Greco is shot by one of the men because the Eagle barricades himself inside the cuartel without waiting for Greco.  Zorro fights the Eagle, who then escapes but is shot by Greco because he wouldn't wait for Greco.
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