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  Walt Disney's Zorro:   "The Gay Caballero,
  the Missing Father, and the Mountain Man"

Cesar Romero is Estevan de la Cruz Cesar Romero
Estevan de la Cruz
Patricia Medina
Patricia Medina is Margarita
Neil Hamilton is Don Hilario Neil Hamilton
Don Hilario
Annette Funicello
Anita Cabrillo
Annette Funicello is Anita Cabrillo
Arthur Space is Gonzales Arthur Space
Jeff York
Joe Crane
Jeff York is Joe Crane
Jean Willes is Carlotta Jean Willes
Jonathan Harris
Don Carlos
Jonathan Harris is Don Carlos
Romaldo and Buena hide from the soldiers.
#53 "The Runaways"

Airdate: 01/08/59
Two indentured servants, Romaldo and Buena, wish to marry, but Romaldo's master, Señor Yorba, refuses to grant permission for Romaldo to marry.  Another one of Señor Yorba's servants, Lazaro, also wishes to marry Buena, and he has convinced Señor Yorba to not grant permission for Romaldo to marry.  Romaldo runs away so that he can elope with Buena.  Don Diego convinces Romaldo that it would be best to go back to Señor Yorba so that he can explain things.  Señor Yorba refuses to listen to Romaldo's side of the story and forces him to stay on the ranch as punishment.  Lazaro beats Romaldo, and Romaldo runs away again.  Lazaro takes Buena away with him and forces her to stay with him.  Señor Yorba finally realizes that Lazaro has not been honest with him, and Lazaro attacks him. Zorro arrives and saves Yorba from Lazaro.  Señor Yorba agrees that Romaldo can marry Buena, and all is well.
Sgt. Garcia prepares to lock the iron box.
#54 "The Iron Box"

Airdate: 01/15/59
At Sgt. Garcia's request, the blacksmith makes a special iron box in which to store the tax money that is to be sent to the governor.  The iron box requires a special key to open it, and the key will be sent to the governor before the iron box leaves the pueblo with the tax money.  The box is locked and sent on its way but is intercepted by two men who wish to steal the tax money.  The men are unable to open or move the box, so they kidnap the blacksmith and his son and order the men to make another key to unlock the box.  Zorro becomes aware that something is amiss and follows one of the bandits to discover that the blacksmith and his son are being held captive.  Zorro rescues the men and saves the iron box from the bandits.
Don Alejandro and Diego discuss how to get the jewels away from Estevan.
#55 "The Gay Caballero"

Airdate: 01/22/59
Estevan de la Cruz arrives in Los Angeles and announces that he will be taking over the de la Vega hacienda, much to Sgt. Garcia's distress.  When the de la Vegas arrive home, Garcia learns that Don Estevan is a relative.  Don Estevan expects the de la Vegas to throw a party for him, which angers Don Alejandro.  During the party, Don Alejandro notices that Estevan is pulling everyone aside to show off his jewels.  Don Alejandro is afraid that Estevan is trying to sell fake jewels.  Diego tells Bernardo to get the jewels away, but Estevan catches him in the act.  Diego decides that Zorro should get the jewels away from Estevan.  Two thieves steal the jewels just before Zorro tries to take them.  Zorro catches the thieves and keeps the jewels so that Estevan cannot sell them.  Estevan announces his plan to stay in Los Angeles indefinitely.
Estevan captures Tornado.
#56 "Tornado Is Missing"

Airdate: 01/29/59
Don Estevan decides to enter the upcoming charity horse race.  He also tries to convince Margarita that she should marry Diego.  On his way home from visiting Margarita, Estevan sees Tornado, who has escaped from the cave.  Estevan captures Tornado and plans to race him in the upcoming horse race.  When Sgt. Garcia and Reyes see Estevan's horse, they immediately recognize the horse as Zorro's horse.  When Estevan learns that he has Zorro's horse, he knows that he might be able to collect Zorro's reward money provided that he is able to capture Zorro when Zorro comes for the horse.  When Diego hears about Estevan's horse, he is certain that Estevan has Tornado.  Diego suggests that Estevan guard his horse in case someone should try to steal it.  When Estevan leaves, Zorro follows him and rescues Tornado.
Corporal Reyes masquerades as Margarita.
#57 "Zorro Versus Cupid"

Airdate: 02/05/59
Estevan decides to marry Margarita and is especially interested in all of the money and land that she is to receive when she marries.  Zorro visits Estevan and tells him to go back to Spain without marrying Margarita.  Estevan refuses to listen.  When Estevan travels to see Margarita the next day, Zorro chases him and causes him to fall into the water.  Hoping to get rid of Zorro, Estevan has Corporal Reyes dress as Margarita.  Sgt. Garcia tells the entire pueblo that Estevan will defy Zorro and see Margarita that night.  The other soldiers will be waiting nearby for Zorro to show up.  When Zorro confronts Estevan, Estevan calls out for Garcia to come to his aid, but Garcia is trapped by a skunk.  Reyes runs to find Garcia, and Estevan is forced to fight Zorro alone.  Once again, Zorro forces Estevan into the water, where he is soon joined by Garcia and Reyes who are trying to escape from the skunk.
Estevan is unenthusiastic about becoming a farmer.
#58 "The Legend of Zorro"

Airdate: 02/12/59
Estevan is still determined to marry Margarita.  Estevan tells Diego that Zorro never appears when Diego is with Margarita, so Estevan suggests that Diego ride with Margarita to the mission church where Estevan will meet them.  Estevan and Margarita can be married, and Diego will serve as the best man.  Meanwhile, Don Alejandro offers Estevan a gift of land and suggests that Estevan prove himself by becoming a farmer.  Estevan claims that a life of farming is not for him and that he will move back to Spain.  Instead, Estevan heads to the church with Margarita.  Zorro catches up with them and is able to speak with Margarita alone for a few minutes.  After Zorro leaves, Margarita tells Estevan that she will inherit no land when she marries and asks him to reconsider Don Alejandro's offer of land.  Estevan claims that he is not worthy of Margarita and that he must return to Spain to fight in a war.
A much-needed rain begins to fall in Los Angeles.
#59 "Spark of Revenge"

Airdate: 02/19/59
Los Angeles is suffering from a serious drought, and the water supply has run low.  Miguel Roverto begins to steal water from Don Hilario.  Don Hilario demands his arrest, and when Sgt. Garcia refuses to arrest him, Don Hilario states that he will shoot Miguel if he steals any more water.  When Miguel's house burns, he blames Don Hilario because he had no water to fight the fire and swears to get revenge.  Don Hilario's house burns down, and Don Hilario's body is found after the fire.  Miguel's musket is found at the scene, and a bag of gold coins is found in Miguel's possession.  Zorro investigates and learns that Don Hilario's vaqueros saw a chance to rob and kill Don Hilario so that the blame would fall on Miguel.  With Miguel's help, Zorro is able to bring the vaqueros to justice.
Anita tells the de la Vegas that Zorro rescued her.
#60 "The Missing Father"

Airdate: 02/26/59
A girl named Anita Cabrillo arrives in the pueblo asking to be taken to the Cabrillo hacienda.  The trouble is that nobody has ever heard of the Cabrillo hacienda or of her father, Don Miguel Cabrillo.  Don Diego invites Anita to stay at the de la Vega hacienda until they can figure out where her father is.  A man tries to grab Anita while she is in her room.  Don Alejandro thinks that she may be imagining things, but Diego thinks there may be something to Anita's story.  Zorro stays up that night and watches over Anita.  Anita rides away on a horse late that night into the middle of the countryside.  A man warns Anita to return to Spain or face death in California.  Zorro comes out into the open when he sees the man, and Anita is frightened and runs off.  She gets on her horse, which gets spooked by a snake.  Zorro rescues Anita from certain death.
Diego and Anita try to find out what happened to Anita's father.
#61 "Please Believe Me"

Airdate: 03/05/59
Anita still hopes to find her father, but Sgt. Garcia tells her that she must return to Spain.  Don Diego continues to investigate, asking the blacksmith, Gonzales, about the letters that Anita sent to her father.  Gonzales says that he never saw the letters.  Anita suddenly realizes that she has proof of her father's existence, because she has her father's letters in her trunk.  Gonzales suggests that Anita bring in a few of her letters so that he can take a look at them.  Anita searches in her trunk but cannot find the letters.  Anita is devastated that nobody believes her.  Diego suggests that her father may be a tradesman rather than a caballero.  Don Alejandro speaks to Anita and suggests that she get on the next ship to Spain.  Anita decides to travel to the mission to speak to the priest who came over from Spain with her.  Two of the de la Vega men accompany her, planning to rob her.  Anita goes over the edge of a cliff and nearly falls to her death when she tries to escape from the men.  Fortunately, Zorro rescues her.
Anita prepares to return to Spain with her father.
#62 "The Brooch"

Airdate: 03/12/59
Neither Don Alejandro nor Sgt. Garcia believe Anita and feel that she should be sent back to Spain.  Both men change their minds when Don Alejandro sees Anita wearing a brooch that once belonged to Diego's mother.  Anita says that her father sent it to her.  Don Alejandro had donated the brooch to a church auction.  Finally, Anita has provided proof that her father must be in Los Angeles.  Diego suggests that the priest must have record of who bought the brooch.  When Diego and Alejandro look in the church ledger, they discover that the page they need has been torn out.  Meanwhile, two bandits have discovered who Anita's father is and plan to make him pay for the return of the letters.  When he arrives at his home, the bandits kidnap him.  A boy brings Anita one of her father's letters and tells her that she should come alone to see her father.  Bernardo overhears and tries to prevent Anita from leaving but does not succeed.  Anita arrives at the bandits' camp to discover that the blacksmith, Gonzales, is her father and that he is being held captive.  Zorro arrives and rescues Anita and her father.  Anita and her father go back to Spain together.
Joe gives Sgt. Garcia a drink of wine.
#63 "Zorro and the Mountain Man"

Airdate: 03/19/59
A mountain man named Joe Crane arrives in Los Angeles.  Sgt. Garcia says that he must have a permit to be in Los Angeles and plans to force Crane to leave.  Garcia quickly changes his mind when Crane calls him a general and buys him a drink.  Joe's luck changes when he decides to kiss the barmaid, Carlotta.  Don Carlos Fernandez is highly offended and hits Joe.  Joe knocks Don Carlos across the room and is taken to jail.  Don Carlos decides to kill Joe at the jail that night.  Don Carlos says that he will be doing his country a service in getting rid of a foreigner.  That night, Zorro releases Joe Crane from his cell and tells Crane to go back into the mountains.  Don Carlos has to wait for another chance to kill Joe.
Joe is forced to take a bath.
#64 "The Hound of the Sierras"

Airdate: 03/26/59
Joe Crane comes back to the pueblo to get his furs which are locked up in the jail.  He hides out at the home of Carlotta and her father.  Meanwhile, Don Carlos and his henchman try to track Joe Crane with a wolf.  They decide to use Joe's rifle to scent the wolf, but Don Diego hears their plan and ruins the scent.  Sgt. Garcia and his men continue to search for Joe and discover his hat.  Joe comes back to the pueblo to retrieve his furs.  Don Carlos gets Joe's hat away from Garcia so that the wolf can get Joe's scent.  As Joe tries to get into the cuartel, he finds himself chased by the wolf.  Joe quickly sets up a trap for the wolf and traps the wolf.  Don Carlos captures Joe and prepares a noose to hang him.  Zorro intervenes and puts the noose around Don Carlos.  Once again, Joe escapes but vows to come back for his furs.
Joe and Carlotta say goodbye to each other.
#65 "Manhunt"

Airdate: 04/02/59
Joe continues to hide near Carlotta's home.  He is still determined to get his furs back.  Don Diego decides to buy Joe's furs from Sgt. Garcia and give them to Joe.  However, Sgt. Garcia has already sold the furs to Don Carlos.  Don Diego tries to buy the furs from Don Carlos at a high price, but Don Carlos refuses to sell them since he plans to kill Joe when Joe comes to get his furs back.  When Joe finds out that Don Carlos has his furs, he heads to Don Carlos's hacienda to get them.  Zorro arrives at the hacienda shortly before Joe and subdues one of the men.  Joe arrives and fights Don Carlos while Zorro fights another one of the men.  Joe successfully gets his furs and heads back into the mountains.
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