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  Walt Disney's Zorro:  "The Man from Spain
  and an Invitation to Death"

Everett Sloane is Andres Felipe Basilio Everett Sloane
Andres Felipe Basilio
Robert J. Wilke
Capitan Mendoza
Robert J. Wilke is Capitan Mendoza
Gloria Talbott is Moneta Esperon Gloria Talbott
Moneta Esperon
George N. Neise
Capitan Felipe Arrellanos
George N. Neise is Capitan Felipe Arrellanos
Joan Evans is Leonar Joan Evans
John Litel
the Governor
John Litel is the Governor
Basilio interrupts Sgt. Garcia's birthday party.
#66 "The Man from Spain"

Airdate: 04/09/59
Felipe Basilio arrives in Los Angeles, interrupting Sgt. Garcia's birthday party.  Basilio forces everyone to go home and orders Sgt. Garcia's piñata to be thrown away.  Basilio is in Los Angeles to sell bonds to raise money for Spain's war effort.  He expects everyone to buy the bonds, regardless of whether they can afford to buy the bonds.  Basilio decides that the innkeeper will be the first person to buy the bonds.  When the innkeeper says that he does not have the money to buy the bonds, Basilio has Captain Mendoza go to the inn to empty the wine barrels in the cellar.  Sgt. Garcia goes to the inn to rescue his piñata and enters the cellar as Captain Mendoza begins to empty the barrels of wine.  Mendoza escapes, and Garcia is blamed for the loss of wine and put in the stocks for 24 hours.  Zorro rescues Garcia and forces Basilio into the stocks.  Zorro humiliates Basilio by forcing him to sing a birthday song for Garcia.
Basilio and Mendoza decide to keep all of the money from the sale of the war bonds.
#67 "Treasure for the King"

Airdate: 04/16/59
The war bonds begin to sell briskly, and Captain Mendoza suggests to Basilio that it would be a shame to send all of the money back to Spain to support a useless war effort.  Basilio agrees with Mendoza and decides that they will keep the money.  So that the theft will never be discovered, Basilio rigs several chests full of gunpowder, planning for them to blow up while on the ship back to Spain.  The ship will sink, and no one will ever know that the money was not sent back to Spain.  The chests are loaded on a wagon which will take them to the ship.  Bernardo reports to Diego that he saw six chests and yet only three chests were loaded on the wagon.  Zorro rides after the wagon, and in the jostling caused by the chase, the gunpowder in the chests explodes.  Basilio receives a note stating that the treasure is on board the ship and that the ship will be leaving for Spain soon.  Basilio and Mendoza pull the chests with the treasure out to gloat over their booty, only to discover them marked with a 'Z' and full of worthless sand and rocks.
Basilio tricks Garcia into pointing out that Esperon purchases goods from other countries.
#68 "Exposing the Tyrant"

Airdate: 04/23/59
Basilio plans to seize the property of Don Cornelio Esperon by accusing him of treason while at the same time encouraging Sgt. Garcia to retire.  Basilio will offer Garcia the seized hacienda as his retirement gift, which he will later get back from Garcia.  Basilio visits the Esperon hacienda and tricks Garcia into noting that the furnishings are from other countries and that it is against the law.  Basilio arrests Esperon on charges of treason and forces Garcia to testify against Esperon.  Sgt. Garcia finds himself snubbed by everyone in the pueblo.  At the hearing, Garcia decides to do the right thing by admitting that he knew that everyone owns items made in other countries and that he is just as guilty of treason himself.  Zorro appears and forces Basilio to admit that various articles of his own clothing were made in other countries.  Basilio rules that himself, Garcia, and Esperon are not guilty of treason.
Garcia is hung from the cuartel gate.
#69 "Zorro Takes a Dare"

Airdate: 04/30/59
Basilio places Sgt. Garcia under arrest and orders the garrison on emergency duty until Zorro is captured.  Sgt. Garcia is suspended in midair from the cuartel gate as bait for Zorro.  Zorro releases Garcia and suspends Basilio in midair.  Basilio later realizes that Bernardo was the one who lured him out of his office and is convinced that Bernardo is in league with Zorro.  Basilio goes to the de la Vega hacienda and tries to arrest Bernardo.  Bernardo seeks refuge in the secret passageway and tells Zorro.  Zorro confronts Basilio but must flee when Mendoza and the soldiers enter the room.  Basilio searches the hacienda and discovers the secret passageway.  When Zorro returns to the passageway, Basilio knocks him out and discovers that Zorro is Don Diego.  Basilio dresses himself as Zorro and rushes outside to show Mendoza the disguise.  When Mendoza sees Basilio, he thinks Basilio is Zorro and kills him.
Avila provokes Diego into fighting him.
#70 "An Affair of Honor"

Airdate: 05/07/59
Pedro Avila wages bets against other men that he can beat them in a sword fight and then wins the money by beating them.  Avila tries to get Diego to bet and fight against him, but Diego refuses.  Avila provokes Diego into fighting him by starting a confrontation with Don Alejandro.  Diego must decide whether he can risk fighting Avila as Don Diego.  Sgt. Garcia is worried about Don Diego so he abducts Don Diego and ties him up in a wood shed.  When Garcia learns that Don Alejandro must fight Avila in Diego's absence, he regrets his hasty action.  At the appointed duel time, Don Alejandro fights Avila and is wounded in the arm.  Right after Don Alejandro is wounded, Zorro arrives and fights Avila.  Zorro defeats Avila and wounds him twice to settle the scores for both Diego and Alejandro.  Zorro warns Avila to leave immediately and be killed if he ever returns to Los Angeles.
Padre Simeon shows Diego the golden chalice.
#71 "The Sergeant Sees Red"

Airdate: 05/14/59
Sgt. Garcia returns to Los Angeles with Padre Simeon only to discover that nearly everyone in Los Angeles has the measles.  Padre Simeon has brought a golden chalice to the pueblo.  He travels with Diego, who has already had the measles, to take supplies to the quarantined people.  Padre Simeon wants everyone to be able to see the chalice and not have to wait until the quarantine is lifted.  When Padre Simeon returns to the church with the chalice, his servant, Carlos, locks Padre Simeon up in a closet and steals the chalice.  Carlos posts a quarantine notice on the door so that no one will discover the theft.  When Diego learns that Padre Simeon is sick with the measles, he is immediately suspicious because Padre Simeon could not have caught the measles so quickly.  Diego enters Simeon's quarters and learns about Carlos's actions.  Zorro finds Carlos just in time to prevent him from melting down the chalice.  Zorro defeats Carlos and convinces Carlos to go back to Padre Simeon to ask for a second chance.
Capitan Arrellanos gives a speech as acting governor.
#72 "Invitation to Death"

Airdate: 05/21/59
The de la Vegas are awakened late one night to learn that the governor has had an accident on the road.  The governor is brought to the de la Vega hacienda.  The governor's aide, Capitan Arrellanos, is convinced that the accident was actually an assassination attempt.  Arrellanos is declared the acting governor until the governor recovers and orders that the governor's room be kept under strict military guard.  A stranger suggests to Arrellanos that it would be an opportune time for him if the governor were to die because Arrellanos would become governor.  Arrellanos decides that he would like to become governor so he orders the guards to leave.  When Diego and Bernardo see that the guards have left, Zorro decides to guard the governor.  Zorro and Bernardo prevent a man from killing the governor and move the governor safely upstairs to Don Alejandro's room.
Sgt. Garcia and Bernardo prepare to carry the governor to his bed.
#73 "The Captain Regrets"

Airdate: 05/28/59
One of the rebels tells Arrellanos that he should sever his ties with the governor.  Arrellanos tells the man that he wants nothing to do with the plot.  Arrellanos suggests that Leonar declare her father incompetent and unable to serve as governor.  Leonar refuses, so Arrellanos goes back to speak to the rebels.  Arellanos drugs Sgt. Garcia and Corporal Reyes with wine spiked with a sleeping potion.  Bernardo and Diego see what has happened, so Zorro makes an appearance.  While Zorro fights Arrellanos, Bernardo singlehandedly subdues two of the bandits.  Arrellanos corners Zorro, and Bernardo drops a flower pot on his head.  Zorro now knows that Arrellanos is involved in the plot, but the governor still does not know that Arrellanos is trying to kill him.
Don Alejandro dresses as an executioner.
#74 "Masquerade for Murder"

Airdate: 06/04/59
Diego and Bernardo overhear Arrellanos plotting with another man to have the governor killed.  The governor becomes increasingly grumpy at having to stay in one place, so Diego suggests that they throw a party for the governor.  Arrellanos decides that the governor will be killed at the party, and to aid the assassin, Arrellanos decides to turn the party into a costume party.  Alejandro arrives at the party dressed as an executioner; he found the costume on his bed that afternoon.  Arrellanos tells Garcia that Diego wishes to meet Don Alejandro out by the stables.  Zorro arrives just in time to prevent the assassin, also dressed as an executioner, from striking Don Alejandro.
The governor is lulled to sleep by his music box.
#75 "Long Live the Governor"

Airdate: 06/11/59
Diego and Bernardo notice that all of the guards at the hacienda have disappeared and that Arrellanos has sent Don Alejandro away on an errand.  The governor is in his room sleeping.  While he is sleeping, Arrellanos arrives with the rebels.  Leonar sees them, and Arrellanos is forced to subdue her.  The men enter the study to kill the governor but find him gone because Bernardo has moved the governor to the secret passageway.  Zorro and Bernardo capture the bandits one by one.  Finally, Zorro fights Arrellanos and kills him.
Sgt. Garcia places the bag of money in the strong box.
#76 "The Fortune Teller"

Airdate: 06/18/59
Don Sebastian is impatiently waiting with a large sum of money for the coach to Monterey to leave.  When he learns that the coach will be delayed for six hours, he entrusts the money to Sgt. Garcia and returns to the de la Vega hacienda with Don Alejandro.  A fortune teller and her two male companions overhear that Garcia will watch over the money until the coach is ready to leave and plan to steal the money.  The fortune teller tells Garcia's fortune with a deck of cards.  She reveals that someone will kill him that night and that the killer will be the last person Garcia would ever suspect.  Garcia begins to think that one of his men is planning to kill him but then decides that Don Diego is trying to kill him.  Garcia locks Diego and Bernardo out of the cuartel.  Bernardo sees three people go over the wall into the cuartel and shows Diego.  Diego appears as Zorro right after the three thieves lock Garcia up in the jail.  Zorro subdues the two men while Garcia holds on to the woman's arm.  Garcia realizes how easily he was fooled and who his friends really are.
Sgt. Garcia tries to make the Chinese boy understand him.
#77 "Señor China Boy"

Airdate: 06/25/59
Tomas Gregorio discovers a Chinese boy hiding in his warehouse.  The boy speaks only Chinese, and nobody can understand him.  Diego has Bernardo speak to the boy in sign language, and the boy is able to reveal that he was a prisoner on a ship.  The boy writes a message in Chinese, and Diego tries to translate the message with some help from Father Ignacio.  Meanwhile, a sailor arrives and accuses the boy of being an escaped murderer.  Sgt. Garcia lets the sailor take the boy away.  Father Ignacio translates some of the boy's letter and gives the translation to Bernardo.  Bernardo takes the translation to Diego, who learns that the boy is a prince and that the sailor is holding him for ransom.  Zorro catches up with the sailor and fights him.  During the fight, the sailor loses his balance and falls over a cliff.  The Chinese boy is free to go back home.
Bernardo is accused of theft.
#78 "Finders Keepers"

Airdate: 07/02/59
Celesta Villagrana is robbed and knocked unconscious by a masked bandit while on her way into Los Angeles.  Bernardo rides by a short while later and finds her brooch on the road.  He then finds Celesta after he hears her moan.  When Celesta regains consciousness, she assumes that Bernardo is the bandit who robbed her, and he is arrested.  Diego tries to convince Celesta that Bernardo is innocent, but the brooch that Bernardo picked up falls from his handkerchief, thereby keeping Bernardo under suspicion.  Celesta's servant, Montez, arrives in Sgt. Garcia's office with a broken arm, claiming that he saw the bandit's face.  Diego has Bernardo placed in a line-up, and Montez identifies him.  Diego and Alejandro see another man give Montez a signal so that he would know which man to identify.  Zorro confronts the two men in the tavern and rips open the coat of one of the men.  The bag of stolen money falls from his coat, proving that Bernardo is innocent.
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