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  Walt Disney's Zorro:
  "Diego's Visit to Monterey"

Jolene Brand is Anna Maria Verdugo Jolene Brand
Anna Maria Verdugo
Eduard Franz
Señor Gregorio Verdugo
Eduard Franz is Señor Gregorio Verdugo
Carlos Romero is Romero Serrano Carlos Romero
Romero Serrano
Ken Lynch
Ken Lynch is Pablo
Barbara Luna is Teresa Modesto Barbara Luna
Teresa Modesto
Perry Lopez
Joaquin Castenada
Perry Lopez is Joaquin Castenada
Ric Roman is Capitan Briones Ric Roman
Capitan Briones
Frank Wilcox
Luis Rico
Frank Wilcox is Luis Rico
Richard Anderson is Ricardo del Amo Richard Anderson
Ricardo del Amo
John Litel
the Governor
John Litel is the Governor
Diego and Bernardo are held up by bandits shortly after their arrival in Monterey.
#40 "Welcome to Monterey"

Airdate: 10/09/58
Don Diego and Bernardo arrive in Monterey to bring investment money to Señor Verdugo.  Right after Diego and Bernardo enter Diego's room at the inn, they are held up by two bandits who demand the money that Diego has brought with him.  Next, Diego and Bernardo go to Verdugo's hacienda where they meet Anna Maria Verdugo and her father, Gregorio Verdugo.  Diego tells Señor Verdugo that he did not bring the money with him since he is worried about being robbed like so many of the other couriers.  Diego implies that Verdugo may be involved in the robberies, which angers Anna Maria.  Later, Bernardo sees the bandits who held up Diego and himself and follows them.  Diego is then told by one of the men that he must hand over 17,000 pesos if he wishes to see Bernardo alive again.  Diego demands proof and is told to stay in his room until the man gets back.  Diego dresses as Zorro, follows the man, and rescues Bernardo from the bandits' clutches.
Sgt. Garcia is forced to dig a grave for Corporal Reyes and himself.
#41 "Zorro Rides Alone"

Airdate: 10/16/58
Diego wonders how everyone in Monterey knows how much money he was supposed to bring from Los Angeles.  Diego suspects that Verdugo is involved in the plot to steal the money.  Diego tells Verdugo that the couriers will leave El Camino Real and will come via the Guadalupe Valley Trail.  Diego knows that the bandits will not attack the soldiers because they will still be coming up El Camino Real as planned.  Unfortunately, Garcia wants to visit a winery and decides to go on the Guadalupe Valley Trail.  Garcia and Reyes ride directly into the bandits' clutches.  Corporal Reyes is shot and wounded, and Sgt. Garcia is forced to dig a grave for himself and Reyes.  Zorro arrives and rescues Garcia and Reyes.  Verdugo arrives and is surprised to see Pablo inside the building.  The bandits fight Verdugo, and Zorro helps Verdugo overcome them.  One bandit is wounded, and Pablo escapes.  Verdugo explains that the bandit was hired by him to protect the couriers.  He did not know that the bandit was going to steal the money.
Anna Maria and her father begin to suspect that something is wrong.
#42 "Horse of Another Color"

Airdate: 10/23/58
Pablo and the bandits attack Lieutenant Juan Santos on the road to Monterey and steal his papers.  The bandit Anastacio dresses as Santos and travels to Monterey.  Don Diego turns over the supply money to Verdugo.  The Verdugos leave for the ship to Spain with the fake Lieutenant Santos and Serrano.  Meanwhile, Diego and Bernardo start back to Los Angeles and discover the injured Lt. Santos and his white horse, Phantom.  Lt. Santos dies, and Diego rides as Zorro on Phantom to save Anna Maria and her father.  Zorro corners the fake Lt. Santos and tries to find out who is in charge of the plot.  The fake Santos tries to escape, and Serrano kills him.  Zorro wonders about Serrano's haste in killing the fake Santos.
Zorro tells Anna Maria that her father is still alive.
#43 "The Señorita Makes a Choice"

Airdate: 10/30/58
Anna Maria returns to the Verdugo hacienda to discover that it has been ransacked and her father is missing.  Pablo confronts Anna Maria and informs her that her father is being held hostage.  He demands the supply money in return for her father's life.  Pablo leaves as Don Diego and Bernardo arrive, and as he leaves, he warns her that her father will be killed if she tells anybody about the kidnapping.  Diego discovers that Señor Verdugo is missing and has Garcia and the soldiers guard the Verdugo hacienda.  Anna Maria gets Diego to go back to the pueblo so that she can search for the money.  She finds it in a secret panel and instructs Garcia to take it to the old mission ruins.  Zorro visits Anna Maria and learns that she sent Garcia to the old mission ruins with the money.  Zorro rides to the ruins and discovers that Verdugo is being held in the blacksmith's shop.  Zorro tries to rescue Verdugo, but Pablo outwits him.  Pablo disguises himself and Verdugo as priests and leaves with Verdugo.  Garica unwittingly gives the two men horses which enables Pablo to escape with Verdugo as his captive.
Zorro disguises himself as a priest and uses Serrano as a shield.
#44 "Rendezvous at Sundown"

Airdate: 11/06/58
Don Alejandro arrives in Monterey and decides to call in the army.  Meanwhile, Anna Maria goes to see her father and is taken captive by the bandits.  Verdugo is ordered to return to the pueblo for the money.  Don Alejandro is at the Verdugo hacienda when Verdugo and Serrano arrive to pick up the supply money.  Don Alejandro recognizes Serrano as a bandit and suspects that Serrano is involved in the plot.  Don Alejandro convinces Verdugo not to take the supply money to the bandits.  Serrano attacks Don Alejandro, and Zorro arrives just in time to fight Serrano.  Zorro is forced to withdraw when Serrano tells him that Anna Maria will be killed if the supply money is not delivered as expected.  Zorro heads to the bandits hideout and uses Serrano as a shield.  Pablo shoots Serrano, and Zorro fights the kidnappers.  Anna Maria is freed and later gives Diego a love letter to deliver to Zorro.
Teresa enthusiastically thanks Don Deigo for his help.
#45 "The New Order"

Airdate: 11/13/58
Sgt. Garcia orders Teresa Modesto to remove her tamale stand from the plaza by order of Señor Rico, the acting governor.  Teresa refuses to move her stand, and Don Diego goes to speak to Señor Rico about his orders.  After Don Diego leaves, Capitan Briones arrives to tear down the stands.  Teresa attacks the men and is arrested.  Diego is unable to convince Rico to rescind his orders but is permitted to pay Teresa's bail.  Teresa's boyfriend, Joaquin Castenada, fights the soldiers and is arrested by Capitan Briones.  Diego tries to get Joaquin freed and learns that Briones plans to beat Joaquin in the morning.  Zorro enters the cuartel that night and frees Joaquin.
Don Diego convinces Teresa to lead him to Joaquin's hiding place.
#46 "An Eye for an Eye"

Airdate: 11/20/58
Joaquin Castenada begins making attacks on Rico's men, causing Rico to issue a warrant for Joaquin's capture.  The soldiers try to arrest Teresa, hoping to force her to reveal Joaquin's hiding place.  Teresa gets Diego to hide her so that the soldiers cannot find her.  Meanwhile, one of Joaquin's men is killed by the soldiers, and Joaquin leaves a note informing Rico that two of his men will be killed in retaliation.  Rico plans to send Garcia and Reyes out on patrol that night so that they will be the men killed by Joaquin.  Zorro prevents Joaquin from killing Garcia and Reyes and shows him that the soldiers would have killed him after he took care of Garcia and Reyes.  Unfortunately, Joaquin still does not trust Zorro.
Bernardo threatens his imaginary chess opponent.
#47 "Zorro and the Flag of Truce"

Airdate: 11/27/58
Briones tortures a peasant, hoping that that the peasant will reveal Joaquin's hiding place.  Zorro frees the peasant and escapes.  Rico berates Briones for his failure to capture Joaquin Castenada.  Don Alejandro arrives back in Monterey with the governor.  The governor questions Rico about his actions, and Rico offers a sanitized version of recent events.  Rico convinces the governor to offer Joaquin a truce so that he can ride in and plead his case.  Rico plans to kill Joaquin when he turns himself in.  The soldiers arrest Teresa, and Diego convinces Rico to allow himself and Teresa to carry word of the truce to Joaquin.  Diego and Alejandro convince Joaquin to ride into Monterey under the flag of truce; Zorro stays nearby in order to protect Joaquin.  Rico and his men open fire on Joaquin, and Zorro gets Joaquin out of Monterey safely.  Rico tells the governor that Joaquin opened fire on him and his men, and the governor orders the arrest of Zorro, Joaquin, and all of Joaquin's helpers.
Zorro stops Joaquin from killing the governor.
#48 "Ambush"

Airdate: 12/04/58
Diego and Bernardo ride to Joaquin's camp to speak to him, but Joaquin feels that Diego betrayed him and imprisons both Diego and Bernardo.  When Joaquin and his men leave the camp, Joaquin leaves the keys to the locks with Diego and Bernardo so that they can free themselves.  Joaquin plans to kill the governor the next day but is captured by Sgt. Garcia.  Rico tells Joaquin to kill the governor for him, and that if Joaquin refuses, Teresa will be killed.  Zorro prevents Joaquin from killing the governor.  He puts both Joaquin and the governor in leg irons and gives each man the other man's key, hoping that they will speak to each other and learn the truth.  Zorro rides to the jail to free Teresa.  Zorro is forced to fight both Briones and Rico.  The fight ends when the governor and Joaquin arrive, both having learned the truth.
Diego and Ricardo compete for Anna Maria's affection.
#49 "Practical Joker"

Airdate: 12/11/58
Diego's old friend Ricardo del Amo, a known practical joker, arrives in Monterey, raving about a beautiful Señorita.  Ricardo insists that Diego help him serenade her.  Diego is surprised to discover that the Señorita is Anna Maria Verdugo, and Ricardo is dismayed that Diego and Anna Maria know each other.  Diego is accused of being a horse thief by a man named Julius Caesar and is jailed by Sgt. Garcia.  Diego realizes that Ricardo must be responsible.  Ricardo claims that it was just a joke.  Ricardo overhears two men planning to steal the army payroll, but Garcia does not believe him because of his previous prank.  Bernardo tells Diego that Garcia and Reyes will need his help so Diego rides as Zorro.  Meanwhile, Garcia and Reyes are held up, and the payroll is stolen.  Zorro rides after the thieves and saves the payroll with unexpected help from Ricardo, who was riding in the area.  Ricardo realizes that Zorro is another rival for Anna Maria's affection.
Zorro publicly humiliates Ricardo.
#50 "The Flaming Arrow"

Airdate: 12/18/58
Ricardo decides to play another joke on Diego by blowing soot on him as he walks past but instead targets Comandante del Guerro by mistake.  Later, the Comandante finds himself the victim of another prank that was intended for Diego and develops a strong hatred for Ricardo.  Ricardo decides to cure Anna Maria of her infatuation with Zorro.  Ricardo sends Anna Maria's cousin Milana a letter signed Zorro and serenades Milana as Zorro that night.  Diego tells Sgt. Garcia that he knows where Zorro will be that night.  Sgt. Garcia is on hand to capture Zorro and takes Ricardo to the jail.  Garcia knows that Ricardo cannot possibly be Zorro, but he is willing to go along with the joke on Ricardo.  However, the joke backfires because the comandante decides to execute Ricardo without a trial and refuses to believe that Ricardo is not really Zorro.  Zorro is forced to rescue Ricardo from the gallows.  After he rescues Ricardo, Zorro publicly humiliates Ricardo, and Ricardo swears revenge.
Zorro and Ricardo begin their duel.
#51 "Zorro Fights a Duel"

Airdate: 12/25/58
Ricardo del Amo challenges Zorro to a duel.  Diego is forced into a difficult situation when Anna Maria insists that she would like to see the duel and wants Diego to take her to the duel.  Additionally, Sgt. Garcia wants Diego to help him capture Zorro while Zorro and Ricardo are dueling.  Some other men plan to be present to capture Zorro as well.  Diego is concerned when he discovers that Ricardo is an expert with both the sword and the whip.  However, Zorro fights Ricardo and is able to best him.  Zorro is dismayed when several men try to capture him and thinks that Ricardo planned his capture.  Zorro is pleasantly surprised when Ricardo helps him escape.
A mysterious masked man detains Don Diego.
#52 "Amnesty for Zorro"

Airdate: 01/01/59
Ricardo must return home but does not wish to leave Anna Maria alone with Diego.  Anna Maria insists that she does not prefer Diego over Ricardo, that she is in love with Zorro.  Ricardo decides to find out once and for all if Zorro truly loves Anna Maria.  He convinces the governor to offer Zorro amnesty if he should appear at a certain time and remove his mask.  Diego decides that he will reveal his identity, but when he goes to dress as Zorro, a masked man detains him.  Diego fights the man and unmasks him to discover that his captor is his father.  Don Alejandro wishes to prevent Diego from making a mistake that he will regret for many years to come.  The hour of amnesty passes, and Zorro remains an outlaw.
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