New World Zorro - Season 1

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Sgt. Mendoza learns that the dead man is still alive.
 #1   "Dead Men Tell No Tales"

Airdate: 01/05/90
Victoria finds a man dead in his room in her tavern and is arrested for murder.  Zorro investigates and discovers that the dead man is alive and in league with the alcalde.  The alcalde's purpose of arresting Victoria for a fake murder is to use her as bait for Zorro.  Zorro must stop the execution and prove to everyone that the dead man is not dead so that Victoria can be freed.
Señora de la Pena, Diego, and Don Alejandro make a toast.  #2   "Deceptive Heart" Airdate:  01/12/90
Don Alejandro has been in correspondence with a widow whom he is finally going to meet for the first time.  Much to his and Diego's surprise, the widow turns out to be a young woman.  Diego is immediately suspicious and discovers that she is in league with an outlaw to gain control of Don Alejandro's estate.  Diego must stop the woman and her partner from carrying out their plan, in spite of the fact that his father will be hurt when he is told the truth.
Felipe, Victoria, and Diego stand by as the alcalde siezes control of the water supply.  #3   "Water" Airdate:  01/19/90
The alcalde takes control of the pueblo's water supply and limits the amount of water that can be used to a ridiculously low amount per week.  He informs the people that extra water is available, but that it must be bought.  Don Alejandro speaks out against alcalde Ramón and Ramón is forced to relent.  Shortly, the water supply to the plaza mysteriously runs dry, and Ramón informs the people that extra water is available on his own land; however, the people may only have access to the alcalde's water if they pay a toll.  Zorro must discover why the plaza's water supply has run dry in order to end the alcalde's monopolization of the pueblo's water.
Zorro faces his impersonator.  #4   "Double Entendre" Airdate:  01/26/90
The alcalde hires a master swordsman to impersonate Zorro.  The idea is to have the fake Zorro rob from the people so that the people will turn against Zorro.  Next, the alcalde and the fake Zorro plan to stage a fight in which the alcalde will defeat Zorro and will appear a hero to the people.  The plan doesn't quite go as the alcalde expects due to an unexpected appearance of the real Zorro during the staged fight with the fake Zorro.
Don Alejandro and Diego meet Rafael de la Vega's fiancée, Margarita.  #5   "The Best Man" Airdate:  02/02/90
Don Diego's cousin arrives at the de la Vega hacienda for a visit along with his fiancée, Margarita.  Much to Diego's dismay, Margarita is fascinated with Zorro, and after seeing Zorro fight the soldiers in the pueblo, declares that she is in love with Zorro.  Margarita informs Rafael that the wedding is off, and Rafael vows to get even with Zorro.  Diego must find a way to convince Margarita that Rafael is the man for her and avoid having to duel his cousin as Zorro.
Macias shows off his prize horse to Don Alejandro and Diego.  #6   "The Sure Thing" Airdate:  02/09/90
José Macías has a fabulous horse.  He plans to race it against a Señor Herrera's horse and will bet everything on his own horse winning in an attempt for sudden wealth.  The race does not turn out as José expects, and he loses everything.  Don Diego suspects that Herrera is not playing fairly and may have poisoned José's horse.  Zorro plans to race Herrera in an attempt to get José's money back.
Don Diego debates about what to do with the baby.  #7   "Zorro's Other Woman" Airdate:  02/16/90
Zorro unexpectedly finds himself the temporary guardian of a kidnapped baby.  He first leaves the baby in Felipe's care and then takes it to Victoria.  The alcalde discovers that Victoria has a baby in her care shortly after he learns that a baby has been kidnapped from a young Russian couple.  The alcalde takes the baby away from Victoria and informs the Russians that Zorro has kidnapped the baby and is demanding a huge ransom.  Zorro must first convince the Russians that he is not the one who kidnapped the baby; next, he must enlist their aid in rescuing the baby from the alcalde.
Zorro urges Felipe to leave him before the soldiers arrive. #8-11  "The Legend Begins" Airdate:  02/17/90
Zorro falls off of a cliff after Toronado is spooked.  While he is lying at the base of the cliff, he remembers the events which led to him becoming Zorro.  After nearly four years at the university in Madrid, Diego is summoned home by his father.  Diego arrives home to discover that much has changed in the pueblo.  The current alcalde is a corrupt dictator who taxes the poor heavily.  Don Diego attempts to speak against the alcalde and is threatened with jail.  Diego overhears Sgt. Mendoza speaking about his fear of the unknown, and Diego realizes that he might have some success if he were to act anonymously.  After seeing a fox in the secret cave adjoining the de la Vega hacienda, Diego is struck with inspiration.  He creates a disguise and calls him himself 'El Zorro.'  Zorro's first appearance is very successful and scares Sgt. Mendoza tremendously.  After Diego recalls all of this, he resigns himself to a certain death as he hears soldiers approaching the cliff from which he fell; his head hurts and he is so dizzy that he cannot move.  Fortunately, Toronado scares the soldiers' horses which keeps the soldiers from discovering Zorro.  Diego has time to escape and get safely home.
Sgt. Mendoza unwillingly fights Holton. #12  "Pride of the Pueblo" Airdate:  02/23/90
A freed slave named Jack Holton discovers that racism abounds in Pueblo de Los Angeles.  A couple of soldiers pick a fight with him, and when Holton strikes back, he is promptly arrested.  Alcalde Ramón is only willing to free Holton if Holton fights one of his soldiers and wins.  The alcalde picks his biggest, strongest soldier to fight Holton.  Zorro visits the man which results in the man being injured, forcing the alcalde to select another man to fight.  Sgt. Mendoza is chosen and now it is up to Diego to make certain that Mendoza isn't hurt and that Holton regains his freedom.
Diego worries about his father's condition. #13  "Honor Thy Father" Airdate:  03/02/90
Don Alejandro goes to the aid of some soldiers who are being pursued by bandits and is shot by the bandits.  Don Alejandro is taken to the de la Vega hacienda where Diego, Victoria, and Felipe keep a vigil over him.  Diego's concern for his father is so great that he is not concerned about bringing the bandits to justice.  However, when Dr. Hernandez reveals that the soldiers who were attacked had the mail which included some important medication that might have saved Don Alejandro's life, Diego springs into action.  Diego sets forth as Zorro in hopes of tracking the bandits and obtaining the important medication that will save his father.
Fucard has Victoria assist him with a trick. #14  "The Magician" Airdate:  03/09/90
A magician named Fucard is paying a great deal of attention to Victoria.  Diego is jealous, and perhaps mostly due to his jealousy, he is suspicious of Fucard.  When a shipment of gold is stolen, Diego firmly believes that Fucard is the culprit.  Diego must prove that Fucard is the villian before Fucard convinces Victoria to leave Los Angeles with him.
Colonel Palomarez prepares to draw the name of the first person to be executed. #15  "A Deal with the Devil" Airdate:  03/16/90
Colonel Palomarez arrives in Los Angeles, and much to the alcalde's dismay, siezes control of the pueblo.  Palomarez is intent on capturing Zorro and decides to randomly select a citizen to execute every day until Zorro is apprehended.  As much as Ramón would like to see Zorro captured, he would much rather be rid of Palomarez since Palomarez has usurped his authority.  During the first drawing to see who will hang in Zorro's place, Colonel Palomarez chooses the paper with Sgt. Mendoza's name written on it.  Zorro must defeat Palomarez in order to save Sgt. Mendoza's life.
Don Alejandro asks whether Diego and Moreno have been introduced. #16  "Whereabouts" Airdate:  03/23/90
An Englishman named Moreno arrives in Los Angeles determined to discover Zorro's true identity.  Moreno is a writer and wishes to use the knowledge of Zorro's true identity for his own selfish purposes.  Moreno has the good fortune to meet Zorro shortly after his arrival in the pueblo and is certain that if he speaks to all of the pueblo's citizens, he will be able to guess which one is Zorro.  After Moreno has interviewed everyone, he feels that he must see Zorro one more time, so he pretends that he knows Zorro's identity in an attempt to draw Zorro out of hiding.  What Moreno doesn't know is that alcalde Ramón is likely to try to force Moreno to reveal Zorro's identity and that Moreno will be in danger.  Zorro must somehow keep Moreno out of harm's way while ensuring that his identity will not be compromised.
Zorro helps Leonardo Montez to see that he should stop being a thief. #17  "All That Glitters" Airdate:  03/30/90
Leonardo Montez stole a sacred gem and supposedly hid it near Los Angeles just before he was captured and sent to prison.  The alcalde has learned that Montez has escaped; he feels certain that Montez will return to the pueblo to retrieve the gem.  The alcalde manages to capture Montez and tries to force him to reveal the location of the stolen gem.  The alcalde is not successful because Zorro arrives and rescues Montez.  Zorro's plan is to trick Montez into leading him to the sacred gem so that the gem can be returned to the church.
The boy Miguel prepares to fight Zorro for the possession of Toronado. #18  "Child's Play" Airdate:  04/06/90
Zorro intervenes as an arrogant young landlord is bullying his tenants and refusing to follow the directions left in his father's will.  Unfortunately, Toronado is shot by the young landlord.  Zorro is forced to let Toronado find his own way home since he does not wish to put an added strain on the injured horse.  A young boy named Miguel finds Toronado and bandages his leg.  Miguel believes that Toronado was sent to him by a divine power as a replacement for the horse that he was supposed to inherit.  The next day, Zorro finds Toronado with Miguel and must knock some sense into the young landlord's head so that Miguel can receive his inheritance.
Don Alejandro questions the new priest. #19  "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" Airdate:  04/13/90
The new priest, Padre Benites, arrives at the Los Angeles mission.  The new padre decides to run the mission with an iron fist.  Don Diego has been a pen pal of Benites for quite some time and does not believe that the real Padre Benites would act in such a rough fashion.  Zorro rides to the mission to investigate and discovers that the alcalde and the priest are in league with each other.  Zorro exposes the fake priest to the citizens of the pueblo.  The fake priest flees, and it is up to Zorro to bring the fake priest to justice and rescue the real Padres Benites from his clutches.
Sgt. Mendoza has just learned that his new hacienda might be haunted. #20  "Ghost Story" Airdate:  04/20/90
Sgt. Mendoza inherits a hacienda from a distant relative.  Mendoza is informed by the houseman Torres that the hacienda is haunted.  During Mendoza's first night in his new home, he is visited by what appears to be the ghost of a former occupant and is warned to leave the hacienda or face certain death.  Mendoza is terrified, but Don Diego encourages him to stay in his hacienda a little longer.  Don Diego discovers that tar is present on the property and is the probable reason why someone wishes Mendoza to leave.  Zorro must expose the culprit before Mendoza sells his propery.
Victoria tries to get Casey Hawkes to calm down. #21  "The Bounty Hunters" Airdate:  04/27/90
Casey Hawkes, the man responsible for the delivery of the pueblo mail, is attacked by Indians who steal the gold that he is carrying in his wagon.  Hawkes complains that the alcalde is not doing enough to stop the thefts.  Hawkes is pleased when a notice is read that a bounty will be paid for the capture of any of the involved Indians, either dead or alive.  Hawkes indiscriminantly goes after the Indians and harasses them.  Zorro is suspicious of Hawkes's motive and believes that Hawkes may in fact be the person behind the thefts.  Zorro attempts to gather evidence against Hawkes so that innocent Indians will not be killed.
Each of the pueblo caballeros awaits his seance with Mayatana. #22  "The Unhappy Medium" Airdate:  05/04/90
A medium named Mayatana claims that the dead can communicate with the living through her.  The caballeros are eager to spend their money so that they can speak to the dead.  Don Alejandro is eager for the chance to speak to his late wife, but Diego discourages him because he fears that the woman might be a fraud.  Diego later realizes that they might be able to prove whether the woman is a fraud by having Don Alejandro sit through a session with her.  Don Alejandro agrees to see Mayatana and deliberately tricks her into making a false statement; Mayatana is exposed as a fraud.  Mayatana's accomplice, Ricardo Quintana, is outraged and challenges Diego to a duel.  Diego must have Zorro fight the duel for him and must create an excuse to explain why Zorro will fight the duel instead of himself.
Sgt. Mendoza dreams that he is the new alcalde. #23  "An Explosive Situation" Airdate:  05//11/90
After eight months in prison, Ricardo Quintana comes back to the pueblo for revenge; he is bitter because Mayatana died in prison.  Quintana tricks Don Alejandro, Diego, and alcalde Ramón into coming to the tavern for a supposed party.  Quintana ties them up along with Victoria and then lights a fuse which leads to a keg of gunpowder.  Quintana informs them that they have 15 minutes to think of all of their hopes and dreams that will never happen.  Victoria dreams of Zorro riding off with her; Sgt. Mendoza dreams that he is the new alcalde; and Ramón dreams that he has gotten a promotion and will be leaving the pueblo.  Just as the fuse nears the gunpowder, Diego is able to knock a bottle of open wine down which puts out the fuse.  Felipe and some other people arrive shortly thereafter to rescue the prisoners.
Diego asks Felipe if the Señora is his mother. #24  "Family Business" Airdate:  05/18/90
A woman named Señora Deranoso arrives at the de la Vega hacienda claiming to be Felipe's mother.  She tells a convincing story, and Felipe decides to go away with her.  Meanwhile, Victoria is being visited by her brother Francisco who suddenly remembers that Felipe looks just like the son of a bank president.  Victoria correctly guesses that the woman has taken Felipe to use in a robbery and warns Don Diego.  Don Diego rides as Zorro to rescue Felipe.
Zorro studies the land grant Palomarez claims came from the king. #25  "Palomarez Returns" Airdate:  05/25/90
Colonel Palomarez returns to the pueblo and claims to have a land grant from the king of Spain assigning him ownership of all of the property in the territory.  Palomarez evicts the de la Vegas from their hacienda.  Diego dresses as Zorro and enters the hacienda through the cave entrance so that he can examine the land grant.  Palomarez catches him and pricks him with a sword.  Palomarez informs Zorro that the sword tip was dipped in a lethal poison and that Zorro will be dead within 24 hours.  Zorro escapes and returns to the cave where he can see that the wound is already swelling.  Zorro must find a way to force Palomarez to lead him to the antidote or he will face certain death.
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