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De Soto arrives in the pueblo.
 1.  "The New Broom"

Airdate:  09/01/91
Ignacio De Soto wishes to be appointed the new alcalde of Los Angeles.  He approaches Don Xavier, the man who was appointed the new alcalde, and taunts him into a swordfight.  When Don Xavier refuses to finish fighting, De Soto calls him a coward and tells him that the king will never let a coward be the alcalde of a troublesome outpost.  De Soto has his way and arrives in Los Angeles, prepared to bring the people of the pueblo to their knees.  He imprisons the wealthy at the de la Vega hacienda and tells them that he will not release them until Zorro is apprehended.  When De Soto returns to his quarters in the pueblo, he is surprised to find Zorro waiting for him.  Zorro and De Soto fight, and Zorro disarms De Soto.  The two men ride out to the de la Vega hacienda, where Zorro forces De Soto to announce that the prisoners are free.  Los Angeles may have a new alcalde, but the new alcalde is no better than the previous one and has a lot to learn.
Don Alejandro, Felipe, Victoria, and Diego wait for word on whether their plan has worked.  2.  "Rush to Judgement" Airdate:  09/08/91
José Rivas is accused of killing Don Sebastian because De Soto finds Rivas bending over his body.  Rivas tries to tell the alcalde that it was someone else but De Soto refuses to listen.  Don Diego and Don Alejandro feel certain that Rivas had absolutely nothing to do with the murder.  If Don Sebastian's wife Doņa Maria can recover from her wounds, then she will be able to tell what actually happened.  The problem is that De Soto is eager to execute Rivas and will do so before Doņa Maria has a chance to exonerate him.  Diego comes up with a plan to fool De Soto.  Sgt. Mendoza puts a strong sleeping potion in De Soto's food and when he awakens, everyone pretends that the alcalde was sick for a week and that Rivas has already been executed.  De Soto nearly falls for the trick except for the fact that his carpet is still wet from a wine spill.  With the dry air, the carpet would have dried if a week had actually passed.  De Soto confronts Mendoza and makes him prove that Rivas is dead by having Mendoza dig up his body.  After Mendoza digs a deep hole, he finally admits to De Soto that it was all a trick.  De Soto decides to execute Mendoza.  Zorro must rescue Mendoza before the alcalde carries out his plan.
Victoria and Juan Ortiz at the altar.  3.  "A New Lease on Love" Airdate:  09/15/91
Victoria takes the advice of another woman and abruptly decides to get married.  Juan Ortiz, who was Victoria's childhood sweetheart, decides to court her.  Victoria is still not sure that she wants to quit waiting for Zorro, but she decides to marry Juan anyway.  Meanwhile, alcalde De Soto keeps laughing about a "statue" that he has ordered which will be arriving in the pueblo soon.  De Soto claims that the statue will be the downfall of Zorro.  Diego rides as Zorro to find out what the statue is, unaware that Victoria is about to get married.  When Zorro meets up with Mendoza, who is bringing the statue to the pueblo, Mendoza tells him that it isn't a good time for Zorro to create a disturbance because Mendoza doesn't want to miss Victoria's wedding.  Zorro is shocked, but he must find out about the statue.  He discovers that the statue is in fact a cannon.  Zorro and Mendoza race back to the pueblo in hopes of reaching the church before the wedding is over.
Sgt. Mendoza shows the alcalde his new attack dog.  4.  "The Man Who Cried Wolf" Airdate:  09/22/92
An American named Will Adams and his family are traveling through the Los Angeles area with their pet wolf when they are attacked by Cruzero, who onced owned the wolf.  The wolf lunges at Cruzero so that he has to flee.  Later, Cruzero arrives in the pueblo and approaches the alcalde, pretending to be a guard from a prison.  Cruzero tells De Soto that Will Adams is an escaped convict so that De Soto will help Cruzero find Will Adams.  Cruzero manages to capture both the wolf and Will's son Jack.  Zorro must get both the wolf and Jack away from Cruzero before anyone gets hurt.
Monty Monan escapes from jail by taking Victoria as a hostage.  5.  "Armed and Dangerous" Airdate:  09/29/91
Mendoza complains that the jail is overflowing with people who have been jailed for not paying their taxes.  Mendoza says that in order for a prisoner to be freed, a bail of 5 pesos must be posted and a citizen must vouch for that prisoner.  Many different people decide to contribute 5 pesos and vouch for a prisoner.  Victoria pays her 5 pesos and enters the jail to get her prisoner freed.  While she is inside the jail, a couple of prisoners who had robbed the military bankroll manage to overcome the guards and kidnap Victoria.  They demand horses, guns, and a wagon in return for Victoria's life.  All of the men's demands are met, but they leave the pueblo with Victoria.  Zorro must ride after them to save Victoria's life.
The pirates have the soldiers surrounded.  6.  "The Buccaneers" Airdate:  10/06/91
Felipe and a young boy named Pepe are roaming near the pueblo.  They see a band of pirates and run to get help.  Both the soldiers and Zorro arrive at about the same time to fight the pirates, and the pirates are defeated.  The leader, Jim Jarrett is brought into the pueblo.  As Jarrett is led away, Jarrett claims that he men will free him so that they can go after the treasure.  The alcalde tells Jarrett that he will free Jarrett if Jarrett will reveal the location of the treasure.  Jarrett refuses, saying that he will be rescued.  De Soto is told that the pirates are heading into the pueblo, so De Soto moves Jarrett to the de la Vega hacienda.  The pirates discover that Jarrett is at the hacienda, and so a fight erupts between the pirates and the soldiers.  In the midst of the tumult, Jim Jarrett and Pepe have a chance to talk and discover that Pepe is Jarrett's son.  Jarrett decides to stay in the pueblo and become a father.  Jarrett gives a map to the other pirates and sends them off alone to hunt for the treasure.  Jarrett then reveals that the real map is in his head.  De Soto decides to give Jarrett clemency.
Jarrett shows Pepe his mother's grave.  7.  "A New Beginning" Airdate:  10/13/91
Jim Jarrett and Pepe visit the grave of Pepe's mother.  Jarrett and his son have started a new life in Los Angeles.  De Soto is still fixated on the treasure and has one of his soldiers dress as Zorro and kidnap Pepe.  Jarrett finds a ransom note that says that Pepe will be freed if Jarrett turns himself in.  Jarrett goes to the alcalde's office and turns himself in.  The fake Zorro arrives with Pepe and the alcalde gives the fake Zorro money.  The alcalde refuses to release Jarrett, saying that he would if perhaps they could find the treasure.  Jarrett again claims that there is no treasure.  Pepe helps Jarrett escape, which is exactly what the alcalde wanted to happen.  Jarrett rages around the pueblo, taunting Zorro to show his face.  Zorro must somehow convince Jarrett that he was not the man who kidnapped Pepe.
Seņora Alberta Sinestra introduces herself to the alcalde.  8.  "A Woman Scorned" Airdate:  10/20/91
A woman named Alberta Sinestra introduces herself to De Soto.  She chooses to stay in his office while an execution occurs.  Zorro makes an appearance to prevent the execution because the evidence against the man is flimsy.  Later, a man approaches Seņora Sinestra and pulls a gun.  He claims that she is wanted for murdering her husband.  De Soto arrests her, but since the jail is full, she is placed in the tavern under the guard of Mendoza.  Zorro decides to rescue her because he is not convinced that she is guilty.  He takes her to an abandoned windmill where she asks him to go away with her.  When Zorro refuses, the Seņora threatens him, telling him that he will regret rejecting her.  Zorro now realizes that the Seņora is likely guilty of murder.  She is on her way back to the pueblo to harm Victoria.  Zorro must hurry before Victoria is harmed.
Don Diego becomes hypnotized by Lorenzo Lozano.  9.  "Wicked, Wicked Zorro" Airdate:  10/27/91
Diego accidentally allows himself to be hypnotized by the traveling doctor, Lorenzo Lozano.  Lozano tells Diego to rob the pueblo and that he will continue to follow his orders until Diego hears the words, "Et tu Brute."  Diego dresses as Zorro and robs Victoria, the bank, and the alcalde's office.  Lozano is arrested by the alcalde for fraud and learns that Zorro has been robbing the pueblo.  Meanwhile, Felipe manages to tie Diego up, but Diego tricks him by quoting Shakespeare and Felipe lets Diego go.  Diego knocks Felipe out.  Don Alejandro tells Diego that something is wrong with Zorro and asks Diego where he has been.  Diego explains that he has been reading.  Don Alejandro says that it is enough to make him utter the words "Et tu Brute."  Diego snaps out of the trance, goes to the cave, and discovers Felipe waking up from being knocked out.  Diego knows that he must drive Lozano away from the pueblo before Lozano guesses his secret; after all, Zorro carried out the orders that Lozano gave to Diego.
Don Alejandro introduces his army comrades to Diego. 10.  "Alejandro Rides Again" Airdate:  11/24/91
Don Alejandro receives a surprise visit from his comrades in the 5th Spanish Cavalry.  His friends inform him that their enemy, Cordova, is hiding in the area and want Don Alejandro to join them in bringing Cordova to justice.  Diego cannot understand why it is so important to Don Alejandro to aid in the effort to bring Cordova to justice until Alejandro tells Diego that Cordova is the man who killed Don Alejandro's brother.  Diego realizes that there is nothing that he can do to stop them.  Diego is very concerned because he can see that the men's skills are not nearly as good as they were when they were younger.  Diego must ride as Zorro to aid the men but cannot let them know that they are receiving aid.
Zefira and Diego come face-to-face. 11.  "The Old Flame" Airdate:  12/01/91
While a circus troupe performs in the tavern, Diego recognizes a young woman who is performing with them.  Her name is Zefira, and Diego nearly married her while he attended school in Madrid.  The marriage never occurred because Zefira failed to show up at the church.  Diego and Zefira talk and Diego learns that she did want to marry him, but that she was suddenly called away to tend for her wounded brother.  Later, Zefira shows up at the de la Vega hacienda with one of the other circus performers.  She tells Diego that the man is Joaquin Correna, one of the rebel leaders and also her husband.  Correna is wounded and the soldiers are coming; Zefira hopes that Diego will help.  As Diego tends to Correna's wound, Correna urges Zefira to stay with Diego since Correna knows that Zefira stills loves him.  Diego must refuse because there is now another woman in his life.  Diego tells Correna and Zefira to leave quickly because Victoria has just warned them that the soldiers know Correna is at the de la Vega hacienda.  Diego and Felipe plan to delay the soldiers in their pursuit of Correna.
Alcalde De Soto reads his poetry to his soldiers. 12.  "Miracle of the Pueblo" Airdate:  12/08/91
An elderly couple introducing themselves as the Joneses want to speak with Mendoza.  Mendoza is not in the pueblo at that time, so the Joneses leave.  A short time later, the Joneses inadvertently cause De Soto to be not able to shoot a deer, so De Soto jails Seņor Jones.  Mendoza visits Seņor Jones in his cell and is presented with a letter that Mendoza wrote to Santa Claus when he was a boy.  Mendoza is convinced that Seņor Jones is Santa Claus and that he must be released from jail in time for Christmas.  De Soto refuses, so Mendoza goes to the tavern to speak with Victoria, Diego, Alejandro, and Felipe.  Victoria comes up with a plan to rescue Seņor Jones; her plan involves each of them attempting to distract the alcalde so that Seņor Jones can be freed.  Diego is skeptical of the plan, so he stands ready just in case Zorro's services are needed.
Don Alejandro recalls the past he shared with Mercedes. 13.  "A Love Remembered" Airdate:  12/15/91
De Soto has bought a horse from a passing traveler; Don Alejandro sees the horse and states that it is one of the de la Vega horses which was recently stolen.  De Soto is angry and plans revenge against Don Alejandro.  Meanwhile, Alejandro meets Mercedes Sanchez, a woman whom he once loved.  It is apparent that they both still have feelings for each other.  Don Alejandro is at first unaware that Mercedes' husband is still alive; Mercedes finally confesses that he is and that he is a horrible man.  She is trying to hide from him.  Mercedes' husband arrives in the pueblo, and speaks with De Soto.  De Soto, still fixated on revenge, is quick to inform her husband that Mercedes is keeping company with Don Alejandro at the de la Vega hacienda.  De Soto expects that Don Alejandro will be killed.  Instead, when Mercedes' husband storms into the hacienda, he accidentally shoots and kills Mercedes instead of Don Alejandro.  Fortunately, Zorro arrives in time to prevent Don Alejandro from being shot as well.  Don Alejandro is devastated at the loss of Mercedes.
Victoria states that she would be willing to run against De Soto in an election for alcalde. 14.  "Dirty Tricks" Airdate:  01/05/92
De Soto boasts that there would be no one to run against him in an election for the office of alcalde.  Victoria quickly decides to run against him in an election.  Don Alejandro manages Victoria's campaign, and Victoria seems very popular with the voters.  In an attempt to discredit Victoria, De Soto spreads the story of how Victoria stole a pencil when she was a child.  De Soto also thinks he can win if Diego will endorse him for the office of alcalde in the pueblo's newspaper.  De Soto bribes Diego will all of Zorro's bounty money.  When Diego's newspaper is published, De Soto reads that Diego is endorsing him for the office of alcalde of San Diego.  De Soto is furious with Diego.  Diego claims that he misunderstood what De Soto wanted of him.  De Soto demands for Diego to give the money back, but Diego says that Zorro stole it from him and put it in the church poor box.  During the election, Victoria and De Soto tie in votes, but it turns out that De Soto had Mendoza stuff the ballot box.  After it is revealed that Victoria won, De Soto finally mentions a law which states that women cannot hold political office.  Unfortunately, the people of Los Angeles are stuck with De Soto as alcalde for the foreseeable future.
Sgt. Mendoza ties Victoria up and robs her. 15.  "Mendoza the Malevolent" Airdate:  01/12/92
After Zorro makes an appearance in the pueblo, the soldiers chase Zorro.  The chase ends up near some bandits who want to kidnap Sgt. Mendoza.  Mendoza gets thrown from his horse and hits his head.  The bandits bring Mendoza to their camp.  When Mendoza wakes up, he doesn't remember his name.  The bandits tell Mendoza that he is the leader of their gang and that he has a brilliant plan in which he impersonates a sergeant in order to gain entrance to the cuartel and then the gang loots the entire pueblo.  Mendoza believes the story.  Mendoza first goes to the tavern, ties up Victoria, and steals her money.  Diego and Victoria find Victoria and release her; she tells them that Mendoza is alive.  Later, the bandits attack the armoury.  Zorro must subdue the bandits and save Sgt. Mendoza.
De Soto decides to arrest Hiroshi. 16.  "Test of Faith" Airdate:  01/26/92
Don Alejandro and Don Diego discover an Asian man who is shipwrecked near the Los Angeles pueblo.  They take the man home with them and make him comfortable.  De Soto arrives at the de la Vega hacienda and informs Don Alejandro that the de la Vegas are impure because they have some French blood.  While De Soto is speaking to Don Alejandro, Don Diego and the Asian man, whose name is Hiroshi, walk up.  When De Soto sees Hiroshi, he decides that Hiroshi must be a foreign spy and places him under arrest.  De Soto and the soldiers ride off with Hiroshi tied to a rope that is attached to one of the horses.  A short time later, Zorro rescues Hiroshi.  Zorro and Hiroshi travel to the ocean and send up some flares.  Finally, an answering signal is seen from a ship.  Hiroshi leaves Zorro to return to his shipmates.
Diego protects Victoria as bandits raid the pueblo. 17.  "Siege" Airdate:  03/01/92
A number of bandits storm the people and begin shooting everywhere.  The soldiers are locked inside the armoury by the bandits.  After the soldiers blow open the doors, the bandits finally retreat.  However, the townspeople are ordered that no one can enter or leave the pueblo.  The bandits return later and cut off the water supply for the pueblo.  During the night, the alcalde orders Sgt. Mendoza to go blow up whatever is blocking the aqueduct.  Meanwhile, Diego is leaving the pueblo by crawling through the aqueduct.  Diego gets out of the aqueduct just before Sgt. Mendoza restores the water.  The next morning, the bandit leader Saragosa returns to the pueblo.  Zorro arrives and fights him.  The fight ends with Saragosa falling on his own knife and dying.  Even though Zorro did not directly inflict the wound, Zorro is clearly shaken by the death of the bandit.
Victoria bumps into Annie so that her shot does not hit Zorro. 18.  "They Call Her Annie" Airdate:  03/08/92
A young schoolteacher named Annie is busy teaching her students when bandits begin shooting.  One of her students is kidnapped by one of the bandits.  Annie grabs a gun and kills one of the bandits, but the others get away.  De Soto is intrigued and asks Annie who she is.  Annie tells him that she needs the money and that she plans to capture Zorro.  Annie goes after Zorro and the bandits.  While Zorro is busy rescuing the kidnapped girl, Annie is thrown from her horse and lands in a deep ravine.  Zorro rides along and throws her a rope so that she can rescue herself.  She vows that she will get Zorro.  Later, Annie is present when Zorro returns the kidnapped girl.  De Soto tells Annie to shoot Zorro, but she shoots a flower pot instead, which knocks out De Soto.
Diego attempts to teach Mendoza how to be a gentleman. 19.  "Silk Purses and Sow's Ears" Airdate:  03/15/92
Captain Dominguez informs De Soto that he is concerned that there aren't more commissioned officers in the pueblo.  He also wants Zorro captured because Zorro is always stealing the tax money.  Sgt. Mendoza decides to apply to become an officer.  De Soto encourages him to lie on his application.  Sgt. Mendoza tells Don Diego and Don Alejandro about his plans, and Diego promises to teach Mendoza everything he needs to know.  Meanwhile, De Soto tears apart the entire pueblo looking for Zorro.  He finally brings in a man whom he says is Zorro.  However, Zorro rescues the man.  Sgt. Mendoza is unsuccessful in his interview to become an officer because he follows De Soto's advice and refers to the captain's big nose.  The captain throws him out.
Diego tries to fix the emissary's leg. 20.  "Turning the Tables" Airdate:  03/22/92
A prejudiced Spanish emissary named Escanto decides to ban all Indians from the pueblo.  An Indian is arrested who puts a curse on Escanto.  The emissary laughs, but someone hits his horse and Escanto is thrown.  Escanto's leg appears broken, and Diego volunteers to fix it at the hacienda.  Diego has a plan; he fixes the emissary medicine that makes his skin turn red.  The emissary's hair turns black.  Diego has the emissary look in a mirror and the emissary believes that he has turned into an Indian.  He believes that the curse which was put on him by the captured Indian has worked and he decides to go to that Indian for help.  While Escanto is trying to escape with the Indian, both men are captured and arrested.  The entire experience helps Escanto to see how his opinion about the Indians has been wrong.
Zorro saves Felipe from the bandits. 21.  "One Special Night" Airdate:  03/29/92
Diego is going to go to Santa Paula to speak with the Royal Spanish Emissary about the alcalde's new tax initiative.  Don Alejandro is unable to go because he was injured in a riding accident.  Victoria is surprised that Don Alejandro trusts Diego to speak on his behalf.  When Diego prepares to leave, Victoria arrives and says she is going with him.  She won't take no for an answer.  Diego and Victoria accomplish their mission and head home; however, a storm begins unexpectedly and they must seek refuge in an old windmill.  Diego and Victoria are forced to spend the night.  Victoria seems interested in Diego and tells him that what he said in Santa Paula was very impressive.  Diego tries to act like her presence is not very distracting to him.  Meanwhile, some bandits have cornered Sgt. Mendoza in the alcalde's office and are trying to force Mendoza to reveal the combination to the alcalde's safe.  Felipe overheard the plans for the robbery earlier in the day, left a note for Don Diego, and is outside the alcalde's office listening.  As morning arrives, Mendoza finally reveals the combination and the thieves leave with the money in a saddlebag.  Felipe grabs the money and rides off with the thieves in hot pursuit.  Diego returns to the hacienda in time to read Felipe's note and save him from the thieves.
De Soto announces the winner of the pueblo lottery. 22.  "Balancing the Books" Airdate:  04/25/92
Mendoza wins the first ever pueblo lottery.  Mendoza wonders what to do with his new-found wealth, and Diego suggests that he build a house.  De Soto agrees to oversee the building of the new house.  After work is begun on Mendoza's house, the soldiers won't let anyone near the property.  Diego investigates as Zorro and discovers that the house is practically falling apart due to shoddy workmanship.  Zorro confronts the alcalde who then decides that he needs to destroy the evidence.  De Soto rides out to Mendoza's house and sets it on fire, unaware that Mendoza is lying unconscious inside the house after being hit by a piece of falling lumber.  Zorro must save Mendoza before he is burned to death in the engulfed structure.
Zorro must fight the alcalde in spite of being stricken with illness caused by the tainted water. 23.  "Blind Man's Bluff" Airdate:  04/12/92
De Soto buys a magnificent horse which he plans to use to hunt Zorro down.  In his first attempt at catching Zorro with the horse, De Soto's new horse manages to keep pace with Zorro's horse.  De Soto's horse is even able to jump over the deep ravine just as well as Toronado.  Zorro finally loses De Soto and pauses a moment to rest.  Zorro drinks from a stream and then continues on Toronado.  A short time later, Zorro notices that his vision is impaired and realizes that he has been poisoned.  Zorro knows that he must warn De Soto.  By warning De Soto, Zorro places himself at a distinct disadvantage because De Soto's vision is not impaired.  However, De Soto does drink from the tainted stream.  Shortly after Zorro reaches De Soto, De Soto's vision is also impaired.  Fortunately, the blindness is only temporary.  Zorro can soon see again.  He makes certain that De Soto is alright and then heads home.
Zorro tries to keep Segovia from damming up the stream. 24.  "Heir Apparent" Airdate:  04/19/92
The son of a recently-deceased man shows up to claim his father's estate.  Don Alejandro and Diego are at first reluctant to believe that the man is truly Gregorio Segovia, because Segovia has been missing for 20 years.  Finally, they decide that the man really is Segovia, and he inherits his father's property.  Segovia decides to improve the water supply going from his land to the pueblo.  Diego is suspicious because the streams don't provide water to Los Angeles.  Zorro rides to investigate what Segovia is really doing on the land and whether Segovia is who he claims to be.
Don Alejandro, Diego, and Felipe take cover as bandits fire shots through the windows of the hacienda. 25.  "The Word" Airdate:  04/26/92
Felipe witnesses a robbery; the bandits are aware that Felipe saw them and pursue Felipe.  The bandits discover where Felipe lives and attack the de la Vega hacienda.  Don Alejandro is shot, and Felipe rides away from the hacienda to draw their fire.  Diego tells Don Alejandro to go for help and that he will stay at the hacienda.  Don Alejandro is angered and calls Diego a coward for being unwilling to do anything useful to help Felipe.  Diego is frustrated at not being able to tell his father the truth.  As soon as Don Alejandro leaves, Diego rides as Zorro so that he can save Felipe from the bandits.
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