Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 101-103

Capítulo 101
July 6, 2007

Maria Pia apologizes to the wedding guests.

Alejandro asks why Maria Pia cannot forget Fernando.

Garcia and Kamba listen to Esmeralda point out the difference in blankets.

Esmeralda states that the dead baby cannot be hers.

Almudena learns that Fernando has been arrested.

Olmos knows a secret that nobody else knows.

Pizarro tells Gerardo that he will get Olmos out of prison.

Olmos and Laisha are surprised when Fernando is placed in their cell.

Esmeralda will worry about a future with Diego later.

Mariangel pretends to be a heartbroken mother who needs her child.

Bernardo and Diego see who they believe to be the Countess of Bracamonte.

Kamba escorts Esmeralda in the plaza.

Maria Pia feels horrible about the failed wedding.

Olmos gives Fernando something to drink.

Pizarro refuses to listen to Catalina's pleas.

Padre Tomas tells Maria Pia that Alfonso has left the city.

Esmeralda compares herself to a rose.

Montero and Mariangel share a private moment.

Santiago asks whether Dolores and the nanny are the only people watching the baby.

Catalina tells Mariangel how much she loves her husband.

The Duke worries about what the Queen knows.

Zorro is surprised to see the lady in black.

The lady in black helps keep the soldiers at bay.

Esmeralda learns that her baby is alive, and Fernando learns that Sara Kalí is alive.

Esmeralda points out that the blanket is not the same as the one that was used for her baby.

María Pía apologizes to Alfonso for backing out of the wedding.  She does not have the right to play with his feelings.  He is a good person, and this is probably the biggest mistake of her life.  She will never be able to make him happy.  As María Pía leaves, she apologizes to all of the guests.

Outside the church, María Pía asks Alejandro to forgive her for embarrassing the entire family.  Alejandro assures María Pía that he will always love and support her.  He asks what it is that she cannot forget about Fernando, and she replies that she cannot put it into words.  Her biggest mistake has been to try to understand why.  She knows that nobody can fill the void that he has left inside her.  She cannot forgive him, but she cannot stop loving him.

Montero orders Fernando taken to the same cell that holds Olmos and Laisha.  He orders that the first one to die will be left in the cell with the other two to rot.  Montero orders that the watch in the city be dedoubled, for there is a plot to destroy them.

García picks up the blanket, and the crest of the Sánchez de Moncada family is revealed.  Esmeralda concludes that Mariángel lost her baby, and Montero took hers to give to Mariángel.  They have probably convinced Diego that her baby is Mariángel's.

Alejandro remarks that seeing Fernando probably upset María Pía.  Diego tells Almudena that Montero's soldiers have arrested Fernando.  He will likely be charged with treason for abandoning his duties.

Esmeralda returns to the Count's house and curses Montero.  She swears that she will make those who took her son pay and cries tears of joy that her son is alive.

Olmos asks Laisha for a piece of cloth so that he can clean his wounds.  Grudgingly, Laisha gives it to him.  Olmos reveals that he still has an ace up his sleeve.  He knows a secret that nobody suspects; all hell will break loose on the day he reveals it.

Pizarro visits Gerardo and tells him to be ready.  Hard times are coming, and Pizarro will need to flee with his woman.  He will get Olmos out of Callao prison, and they will flee by boat.  Gerardo agrees to make the preparations.

Olmos and Laisha are shocked when Fernando is placed in their cell.  Olmos wonders why he is dressed as a monk.  Laisha is glad that Fernando's luck has changed.  Olmos announces that Fernando is the last person he expected to see in the prison.

Esmeralda tells García that Mariángel and Montero are lovers, and they switched their child with hers.  Esmeralda states that she has already sent a message to Montero; she wants him to sleep with the same fear that she felt in that dungeon.  García suggests that he arrange a meeting with Diego, but Esmeralda refuses.  García protests that Diego loves her, and they could be happy.  Esmeralda insists that she cannot be happy so long as Mariángel, Montero, and Fernando are loose.  She will first make them pay and will worry about a future with Diego later.

Santiago tells Mariángel how María Pía stood the groom up at the altar.  Mariángel asks whether the entire de la Vega family was present, including her aunt.  Mariángel remarks that her aunt was a bit ill.  Santiago reveals that he heard that Mariángel wants to kill her aunt.  Mariángel denies it as a lie told by Diego so that he can keep her baby.  After Mariángel asks for news about Diego, Santiago returns her money, telling her that Diego is not Zorro.  Mariángel gives the money back to Santiago, asking him to bring her the baby.

Diego and Bernardo discuss the masquerade.  Diego asks whether Bernardo knows any other way of escaping from the room.  He needs a way to escape with Sara Kalí if things don't go well with the Duke and Montero.  Meanwhile, Bernardo notices Esmeralda escorted by Kamba and thinks he is seeing things.

Santiago protests that kidnapping the baby is going too far.  Mariángel tearfully complains that the baby is hers, and she needs to be with him.  Santiago agrees to do it, but tells her that it will cost her a great deal of money.

María Pía confesses that she feels horrible about what she did to Alfonso.  Almudena tells her that she made the right decision.  She and Alfonso would have never been happy.  María Pía worries about what is happening to Fernando.  Almudena decides that they will learn how Fernando is doing and find a way to get him out of the prison.

Olmos gives Fernando something to drink.  Fernando asks Olmos why he is in prison, but Olmos refuses to say.  Fernando asks about Laisha, and Olmos tells him that she is from Sara Kalí's camp.  Laisha announces that it is probably Fernando's fault that she is in prison.  Laisha smirks as she reveals that Sara Kalí is alive.  Fernando is pleased and remarks that he won't have her death on his conscience.  Laisha comments that Sara Kalí will be meeting with the Queen of Spain.  Olmos asks whether Montero knows, and Laisha replies that he does.  Montero tortured it out of her.  She hopes that Montero does not stop Sara Kalí.

Pizarro asks whether Tobías is attending the masquerade, and Catalina replies that she is not certain because he is acting strange.  Pizarro suggests that it is best if Tobías does not go to the masquerade.  Pizarro will kill Montero at the masquerade and then will escape with Catalina.  She protests, but Pizarro insists that Catalina pack her bags.  Catalina shakes with suppressed emotion.

Padre Tomás tells María Pía that Alfonso is leaving the city.  He is heartbroken but wants María Pía to know that he understands.  María Pía states that she never should have agreed to marry him.  She realizes that she will never be happy.  Padre Tomás wonders how far María Pía will go for Fernando.  She feels that Fernando is the only person she can ever love.  María Pía states that she and Almudena will beg on their knees to Montero for Fernando to be freed.  Padre Tomás protests that it would be dangerous for them to do that and promises to take a message to Fernando.

Diego prepares to pay Montero a visit as Zorro.  He plans to force Montero to take him to his weapons cache.  Padre Tomás warns that it is too dangerous, but Diego insists upon going. 

Esmeralda prepares to leave in her Zorro-like disguise.  García points out how similar her disguise is to Zorro's.  She replies that black is the only color that helps her hide at night and not even Zorro can know who she is.  Esmeralda refuses to let anyone go with her.  She declares that the night is too long, and she cannot let her enemies sleep in peace.  Esmeralda picks up a rose and comments that she sometimes feels like them.  They have the scent of love, but at the same time, they have thorns to defend themselves.

Montero wonders how Mariángel can trust Santiago to kidnap her son since he just arrived.  Mariángel reveals that Santiago needs the money, so he will help.  Montero announces that he has to leave to put some pressure on her father.  Mariángel is anxious for them to get rid of their enemies so that they can control the city.

Santiago asks Dolores whether she and the nanny are the only two people watching the baby.  Dolores becomes offended and declares that they are capable of defending the baby.  The nanny can handle a knife—and not just in the kitchen.

Catalina tells Mariángel that her lover will not listen to reason.  He wants to leave the city.  Catalina remarks that she loves her husband, even though he won't touch her.  Catalina states that Tobías has a good sense of humor and is refined and educated.  The other man is rough and curt and treats her like an object instead of a woman.  He never smiles.  Mariángel is unconcerned and remarks that she has troubles of her own; Diego is trying to keep the baby away from her.  Mariángel dismisses Catalina so that she can be alone.

Misael brings the Queen's correspondence to the Duke so that he can read it.  The Duke is worried after reading the letters.  The Queen knows that Sara Kalí is alive and that Mercedes will try to enter the masquerade.  Apparently Montero lied to him about Sara Kalí.  If Montero is doing things behind his back, he will pay with his life.

Montero orders Mejias to notify the Duke that Fernando has been arrested for treason and for abandoning his office.  Montero stops dead in his tracks when Zorro wishes him good evening.

Mariángel hears a knock on her door and wonders why Catalina will not leave her alone.  Mariángel opens the door and beholds her smiling aunt.  Almudena asks whether Mariángel is surprised to see her.  She came to ask Mariángel why she tried to kill her.

Zorro fights Montero's soldiers and then Montero.  After Zorro disarms Montero, the Queen's guards arrive.  Montero orders them to shoot, and suddenly a masked woman in black enters the scene, shooting an arrow with her crossbow.

Capítulo 102
July 9, 2007

Almudena remarks that Mariangel has become the personification of evil.

Zorro and his unknown accomplice hold their swords to Montero's throat.

The lady throws Zorro a rose.

Zorro catches the rose.

Mariangel finds a note with a rose on her pillow.

Montero declares that Zorro's end will come very soon.

Pizarro and his loyal soldiers make a pact.

Esmeralda declares that she must accomplish her goal.

Diego wonders who the mysterious lady is.

Catalina begs for Tobias to show that he loves her.

Pizarro smiles for the first time in his entire life.

Montero and Duke Jacobo take cover as the windows are blown out by gunfire.

Suplicios and Renzo learn that Laisha has been captured.

Duke Jacobo declares that this has never happened to him before.

Mariangel shows Montero the note.

Diego tells Padre Tomas about the mysterious woman of the rose.

Alejandro and Almudena spend some quality time together.

Mariangel has a proposition for the soldiers.

Esmeralda holds Zorro's sword.

Esmeralda visits Diego's room.

Diego wants to know why Santiago is outside so late.

Santiago needs to talk to Diego about Esmeralda.

Almudena demands to know who the intruder is.

Pizarro's henchmen nearly kill Montero and the Duke, and Mariángel learns about the sword and the rose.

Zorro and the mysterious woman defend themselves against Montero and his soldiers. 

Mariángel denies that she poisoned Almudena.  Almudena replies that she always hoped that Mariángel would change, but instead she has become the personification of evil.  Mariángel protests that Diego is using what happened to Almudena against her in order to take away her son.  Almudena remarks that the child would be better off without Mariángel.  Mariángel comments that Almudena always did like Esmeralda better.  Almudena warns her that she is heading towards a wretched end and that she hopes Mariángel will reconsider.

Zorro disarms Montero, and both Zorro and the lady in black hold their swords to Montero's throat.  Zorro asks the lady why she is helping him.  She throws him a rose.

Mariángel finds a rose and a note on her pillow.  The note warns her that she will never have a peaceful night.  Neither she nor Montero will escape the sword and the rose.  Mariángel wonders who sent the threat.

Montero tells Zorro that he should kill him now.  Zorro warns Montero not to provoke him.  More soldiers come running.  Zorro declares that he knows Montero's plan, and he will not be able to use his weapons against the Queen.  Zorro is forced to retreat.  After Zorro leaves, Montero declares that if his suspicions are correct, Zorro's end will come very soon.

Pizarro tells his men that they have always been loyal to him.  He will not allow Montero to drag them to their deaths.  They must act now.  In order to kill a snake, they must aim for the head.  They are going to eliminate Montero.  Pizarro is certain that when the Queen learns of Montero's crimes, they will be awarded for eliminating him.  Pizarro and his men make a pact.

García tells Esmeralda that he is worried about her.  Esmeralda replies that she is fine, but that only his friendship and the hope that she will hold her son again keep her going.  Esmeralda is just afraid that life will disappoint her again.  García reminds her that her son is alive.  She will get her life back.  Esmeralda declares that she must accomplish her goal and only then will she live in peace.

Diego tells Bernardo that while he was fighting Montero, a woman in black showed up to defend him.  She fought with a sword and a crossbow.  It sounds absurd, but it happened.  He asked her why she was there, and she gave him a rose.  Diego wonders whether her name is Rose.

Esmeralda tells García that Zorro did not recognize her.  She asks García how many guards will be protecting the masquerade.  García warns her that the place will be heavily guarded.  Esmeralda tells García that she needs a room near the masquerade in which she can put on her disguise when she needs it.  García declares that the building has an attic, and it would be the perfect location.  García reminds her that they do not yet have an invitation to the masquerade.  Esmeralda is certain that the Queen will send an invitation in response to her card.

Diego returns home and wonders what Santiago is doing outside his son's room.  Santiago explains that he is worried about what Mariángel might do.  Diego tells him that he doesn't have to worry.  Nothing will happen.

Diego visits his son.  He remarks that when he sees the boy, he feels connected to him.  He cannot believe that such an innocent boy could be Mariángel's son; he does not look like her.  Dolores replies that the baby only looks like Diego.

Esmeralda sleeps, dreaming of how Montero stole her baby from her and how Pizarro told her that her baby is dead.  Esmeralda awakens, reminding herself that her baby is alive.

Santiago enters his room, thinking of Mariángel's order for him to steal the baby.  He removes a gun from a drawer and remains thoughtful.

Catalina throws a vase of flowers to the floor in frustration.  Tobías awakens, believing that Pizarro is attacking him.  Catalina tells him that she is worried to death about what Pizarro will do.  All that she wants is for Tobías to show her that he loves her.  Tobías declares that Pizarro will kill him.  Catalina does not want Pizarro to kill him and wants them to run away.  Tobías refuses to listen to her pleas.

Leroy and his men stand guard over Montero's weapons.  Pizarro arrives with his men and informs Leroy that he will now take over and that Leroy can leave.  Pizarro will take his place.  Leroy refuses to obey, since he has not heard from Montero.  Leroy declares that he is worth ten of Pizarro's men.  Pizarro quickly shoots Leroy, and Pizarro's men shoot the rest of Leroy's men.  Pizarro smiles and declares that it has been a pleasure to kill ten men with one bullet.  He tells his men that they have started the death wagon.  Montero will die next.

Duke Jacobo accuses Montero of knowing that Sara Kalí is alive and not telling him.  Montero replies that he did not want to worry Duke Jacobo.  The Duke declares that Sara Kalí is a threat to his life.  He wants to know whether Montero has become an enemy.

Renzo tells Ana Camila not to go to the masquerade.  Ana Camila declares that she will go and that her place is by his side.  Ana Camila wonders whether Renzo still thinks about Esmeralda.  He declares that Esmeralda is just a fond memory. 

Montero claims that it is Fernando's fault.  He said that he killed her but it was a lie.  He is probably hiding her in order to bring her forward at the right time.  Montero suggests that the Duke arrest Fernando.  The men are forced to take cover as the windows are blown out by gunfire.

Jonás tells Renzo and Ana Camila that Laisha has been captured by Montero.  She has probably revealed Sara Kalí's plan.  Despite his warnings, Sara Kalí has told him that she will attend the masquerade.

The Duke asks Montero what this is all about.  Before he can answer, Montero is informed that one of the assailants has been captured.  Montero orders him to be taken to the prison.  Montero is informed that Pizarro is not around.  The Duke declares that this has never happened to him before.  If anything happens to the Queen, it will be Montero's fault.

Pizarro is informed that Montero may have been killed, but one of the men was captured.  Pizarro realizes that the man will be tortured and that he must take care of him.  He tells his men to go back to their ordinary lives and pretend that nothing has happened.  He will get rid of Montero.

Mendez reports that Leroy and his men have been killed.  Montero is appalled.  He orders a guard sent to that area and wants to know whether his weapons are intact.  Montero declares martial law.

Almudena remarks that she is disappointed in Mariángel, who denied everything.  She also states that if she had not seen that Mariángel was pregnant, she would not believe that she is the mother of the baby.  She feels that she must warn Diego about Mariángel.

Mariángel enters Montero's office and shows him the note that was left in her room.  Montero realizes that it must have been the woman in black who fought with Zorro.  She threw Zorro a rose before she left.  Montero declares that everything is out of control.  Mariángel wonders why they are coming after her.  Montero orders her to go home and lock the doors.  Montero tells Mejias to have Mendez walk Mariángel home.

Diego tells Padre Tomás about the woman in black.  Padre Tomás is astounded.  He suggests that it is somebody who just arrived in the city.  Diego realizes that a woman did arrive recently—the Countess of Bracamonte.

Dressed in her disguise, Esmeralda enters Zorro's cave and picks up his sword.  She touches his mask lovingly.  When Bernardo enters, Esmeralda is forced to hide.  Later, Esmeralda enters Diego's room and leaves him a rose.  She remembers the good times that they shared.

Diego finds Santiago waiting outside the hacienda.  Santiago announces that he has something to tell Diego about Esmeralda.

After Mendez and Sanabria see Mariángel safely home, they turn to leave.  Mariángel asks them for a favor.  She declares that she had given this assignment to a friend, but she does not think he will succeed.  She wants them to enter the de la Vega hacienda and bring her son to her.

Almudena enters the baby's room and sees Esmeralda holding the baby.  She asks who Esmeralda is.

Capítulo 103
July 10, 2007

Esmeralda unmasks herself.

Almudena fears that she is seeing a ghost.

Almudena cries as she realizes that Esmeralda is alive.

Mariangel suggests that she can be very persuasive.

Maria Pia laughs as she remembers how Fernando used to be.

Fernando learns about the failed wedding.

Almudena begs Esmeralda to stay.

Pizarro arrives as Montero tortures Pizarro's confederate.

The Duke tells the Queen of the assassination attempt.

The gypsies worry about what Laisha may have told Montero.

Montero arrives to question Fernando.

Montero refuses to believe that Fernando had nothing to do with the attack.

Esmeralda tells Garcia that she saw her baby.

Montero is disgusted that Pizarro killed the prisoner.

Diego finds a note from the lady in black.

Montero warns Maria Pia to be careful.

Fernando breaks out of prison.

The Duke asks the Queen whether she has decided to cancel the masquerade.

Fernando struggles to keep going after he is shot.

Kamba escorts Esmeralda around the city.

Yumalay tends to Fernando's wound.

Regina smiles at Yumalay and Fernando.

Mariangel worries that their plans will be upset.

Montero kisses Mariangel as Diego enters the room.

Montero and Mariangel react as they realize that they've been discovered.

Almudena learns that Esmeralda is alive, and Fernando breaks out of prison.

Almudena demands to know who the intruder is.  Esmeralda puts down the baby and slowly turns around.  She removes her mask and states that she is Esmeralda.

Santiago comments that Diego told him that he thinks Esmeralda is alive and in the mountains.  He wants to know whether Diego has looked for her.  Diego explains that Bernardo was injured, and he wants to wait until Bernardo is better before returning to look for her.  Diego also wants to wait until after the masquerade.  Diego wonders whether Santiago wants to help.  Santiago declines because he has too many problems.  He is in debt and needs to raise some money.  He asks Diego for a loan.

Esmeralda approaches Almudena, who recoils in disbelief.  Esmeralda tells her not to be afraid; she is real and has cheated death.  Almudena touches her face and hugs Esmeralda in joy. 

Mariángel explains to Mendez and Sanabria that it is difficult for Montero to give the order for them to break into the de la Vega hacienda.  Mendez protests that they would get in trouble.  Mariángel states that at the masquerade ball, the entire de la Vega family will be arrested for treason.  They will no longer be a problem.  Mendez declares that they cannot take orders from a civilian, even if she is backed by Montero.  Mariángel suggests that she can be very persuasive.

Dolores and María Pía recall when Fernando would come visiting at the de la Vega hacienda many years ago.  They remember the time Dolores set the dogs on him.  Dolores wonders how Fernando ever became such a cruel man.  María Pía blames herself for secluding herself in the convent after she learned about Regina.

Esmeralda tells Almudena that she is not dreaming.  Montero kept her prisoner for a long time and made everyone believe she was dead.  They buried another woman in her place.  Montero waited for Esmeralda to give birth and then got rid of her.  As Alejandro begins calling for Almudena from the corridor, Esmeralda declares that she must leave.  Almudena begs her to stay, but Esmeralda asks for two days.  Everything will soon change.  Esmeralda makes Almudena promise to tell no one, and then she quickly leaves.  In the hall, Alejandro wonders why Almudena is so nervous, and she claims that she is not nervous at all, only happy.

Fernando overhears the soldiers discussing the failed wedding of Alfonso and María Pía.  Fernando tells himself that this changes everything.

Montero tortures the captured man who tried to kill him.  Montero demands to know who is responsible.  The man refuses to say.  Pizarro quickly enters the torture chamber.  Montero wants to know where Pizarro has been, and he explains that he was preparing for the masquerade.  Montero curses the masquerade and tells Pizarro that there is a conspiracy against them, and their enemies have infiltrated their soldiers.  An unknown woman has entered the picture and attacked him with arrows.  Pizarro is secretly pleased that Montero has no idea who ordered the attack and promises to torture the truth out of the prisoner.

The Duke wakes up the Queen to tell her of the assassination attempt upon Montero.  He blames Zorro and pleads for the Queen to cancel the masquerade and return to Spain immediately.  The Queen refuses to listen and tells the Duke that she is tired.

Jonás fears that Laisha may tell Montero what she knows.  Sara Kalí comments that the surprise factor is no longer on their side.  The gypsies decide that most of them will stay behind while those who will attend the masquerade will move closer to the city.

Montero punches Fernando in the stomach and demands to know how much Fernando paid his men to kill him.  Fernando denies knowing anything about the attack.  Montero refuses to believe him.

Diego chides Santiago for gambling his money away.  Diego refuses to loan Santiago the money but offers him a job as the boss at the hacienda.  Santiago protests that farming is beneath him.  He did not come to America to milk cows, but he will return to Spain with what he needs.

Esmeralda joyfully informs García that she saw her baby, and it was definitely him.  Everything is clear to her; Mariángel's baby died, and Montero fixed everything so that Diego would be fooled.  They want to take Diego's fortune from him.  Esmeralda declares that everything will change at the masquerade.

Diego scolds Dolores for leaving the baby alone.  He orders her back to the baby's room.  Almudena tells Diego that his baby is a blessing that he cannot possibly understand.  Diego declares that he will not let anyone take his baby away from him.

Pizarro orders the prisoner to reveal who ordered Montero's assassination and continues the torture until the man dies.  Montero chides Pizarro for killing the prisoner, and Pizarro calmly replies that the man couldn't take the torture.  After Montero leaves, Pizarro tells the dead man that he had to die.  He will have another opportunity to kill Montero.

Renzo worries that he will lose Ana Camila at the masquerade.  Renzo declares that he will not let her risk her life again after this is over.  Ana Camila apologizes for mentioning Esmeralda earlier and confesses that she is so jealous of his memories of her.  Renzo assures her that he loves only her.

García comments that Almudena has suffered so much.  Esmeralda states that they are like mother and daughter.  García is dismayed that Esmeralda did not speak to Diego.  Esmeralda declares that she is waiting for the masquerade ball.  It will be either the beginning or the end of her life.

Diego finds a rose and a note in his wardrobe.  The note asks whether he knows who his wife's lover is.  Diego shows the note to Bernardo and tells him that the lady who fought alongside him left him the note.  Diego wonders who the woman is and why she left him the note.

María Pía forces her way past Montero's guards and into his office.  She demands to see Fernando.  After Montero laughs, María Pía rephrases her statement as a request.  Montero reminds her that everyone knows she is in love with Fernando.  He announces that he arrested Fernando for abandoning his office and for embezzling money from the city.  María Pía declares that Montero is lying; Fernando had no reason to steal money.  Even if it were true, Fernando should be given a trial.  After getting in a few personal digs, María Pía states that she will ask the Queen for a chance to see Fernando.  Montero suddenly decides that María Pía can see Fernando later, but right now he is under interrogation.

Fernando is removed from his cell and taken to the torture chamber.  Olmos declares that they will kill him and then laughs.  In the torture chamber, Fernando thinks of when he and María Pía were almost married.  Fernando kicks at the soldiers and manages to knock them out.  He grabs a sword and leaves the torture chamber.  Outside the prison, Fernando hides under a blanket in a wagon.

The Duke again asks whether the Queen has decided to cancel the masquerade ball.  The Queen smilingly states that her life is not in danger.  She tells the Duke that there is little left of the servant who so willingly obeyed her.  She no longer trusts him and orders him not to even think about stopping the masquerade.  Otherwise, she will have to do something that they will both regret.

Montero asks whether Fernando is ready for interrogation and is informed that he has escaped.  Montero calls the soldiers a bunch of idiots.

On a road through the forest, Fernando escapes from the wagon and is pursued by the soldiers.  He fights them and flees, but one of the soldiers shoots him in the back.  Fernando struggles on in spite of the injury.

Alejandro compliments Almudena on her radiant beauty.  Almudena declares that she feels like a new woman.  Life has given her a beautiful gift.

Esmeralda decides to go out with Kamba, even though García cautions her not to go.  Esmeralda declares that nobody will recognize her since everyone believes she is dead.  She wants to see how the preparations for the masquerade are going.  In the plaza, Esmeralda overhears the soldiers discussing Fernando's escape and watches Diego walk past.

In the forest, Fernando stumbles and falls.  Yumalay appears before him and introduces herself as Yumalay, the sister of Regina.  She announces that she swore to avenge her sister's death with his blood, but she is here to help him.  Yumalay gives Fernando some medicine and lays her hand on his back.  Fernando is healed, and Yumalay declares that she has completed her mission.  He must complete his mission.  He must forgive the Indians and change his life.  He must also change the lives of the people he once hurt.  Regina also appears before Fernando, and Fernando asks for her to forgive him.  Regina and Yumalay disappear.  María Pía, passing by in a carriage, sees Fernando in the woods.

Montero tells Mariángel that her father has escaped.  Mariángel worries that their plans will be upset, and Montero suggests that she calm down.  Montero and Mariángel kiss, and Diego walks into the room and smiles at them.  They break apart, flustered that Diego has discovered their secret.

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