Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 104-106

Capítulo 104
July 11, 2007

Montero admits that he and Mariangel are lovers.

Diego comments that he is not surprised.

Maria Pia gives Fernando something to drink.

Santiago runs into the Cebolla brothers.

The Queen thinks that the Duke knows about her suspicions.

Alejandro wonders why Almudena is so happy.

Mendez and Sanabria check the guards at the de la Vega hacienda.

Montero and his men search for Fernando.

Diego sees the Countess of Bracamonte walking in the plaza.

Padre Tomas announces that the Queen wishes to appoint Alejandro the new governor.

Maria Pia tells Juan that she will spend the night at the cabin.

Santiago insists that he be paid in gold.

Diego tries to get Kamba to understand him.

Maria Pia helps Fernando into the cabin.

The Duke states that both Mercedes and the Queen must die.

Garcia worries about Esmeralda's safety.

Tobias shows his diguise to Agapito.

The Queen shows her disguise to the Duke.

Tobias sees Pizarro at the masquerade.

Zorro is surprised to see the lady in black again.

The lady in black eyes Zorro solemnly.

María Pía forgives Fernando, and the masquerade ball begins.

Diego smilingly suggests that Mariángel and Montero have been lovers for a long time.  Montero comments that he could deny it, but it is not his style.  Diego replies that he is not surprised that Montero is with his wife, because the two of them are alike.  What bothers him is that they became involved in his life and destroyed it.  Montero tells Diego to give Mariángel her son back; he has more important things to do.  Montero leaves.

María Pía gives Fernando something to drink.  He tells her that he heard about the failed wedding, escaped from the prison, and was wounded.  María Pía checks Fernando's wound and is surprised that it is not bleeding.  Fernando realizes that what he remembers was not a dream; she did come to heal him.

Montero demands to know why Pizarro let Diego de la Vega enter the house.  Pizarro replies that Diego did not enter—at least not through the door.  Montero exclaims that this proves his suspicion that Diego is Zorro.  Diego threatened him, and Montero saw Zorro in his eyes.  Pizarro reminds Montero that they already arrested Diego for being Zorro but had no evidence.  Montero declares that he will kill Diego de la Vega, and at that moment, Zorro will disappear from their lives.

Mariángel warns Diego that he cannot use what he saw to take away her son.  Diego tells Mariángel that she does not care about his son.  Diego will not buy his son like a piece of merchandise, but he will give her the money she is entitled to so that she will no longer be his wife.  He does not want his son to know the type of mother he has.  Mariángel insists that Diego will not succeed, and it will cost him more than he thinks.

Santiago runs into the Cebolla brothers, who want him to repay his gambling debt.  The men suggest that Santiago came to America in order to avoid paying his debt to them.

Esmeralda sees the Queen walking with Padre Tomás and comments that she is the woman who stole her mother's throne and ordered her assassination.  Tonight she will pay for all of her crimes.

The Queen confesses that she is worried.  The Duke acts as though he knows her plans.  He may be going through her letters.  Padre Tomás suggests that the Queen appoint Don Alejandro governor at the beginning of the masquerade.  The Queen tells Padre Tomás to speak to Alejandro and tell him that as far as she is concerned, he is already governor.  She is depending upon him to protect her.

Alejandro wonders why Almudena is so happy.  Almudena explains that it is a secret, and she promised not to say.  He will find out very soon.  Almudena suggests that they get ready for the masquerade.

Santiago tells the brothers that they do not need to kill him.  The Cebollas warn Santiago that they must have the money by tomorrow.  After they walk away, Santiago tells himself that Diego should have given him the money.  What happens now will be his fault.

Mendez and Sanabria check on how well the de la Vega hacienda is guarded.  Mendez suggests that they bring a cannon.  Sanabria tells him that they will end up on the gallows.  Mendez reminds Sanabria of how Mariángel plans to reward them. 

Montero and his men harass the peasants as they search for Fernando. 

Diego tells Bernardo to talk to his father and warn him that Mariángel could harm the baby at any time.  Diego breaks off as he sees the Countess of Bracamonte, escorted by Kamba.  Diego follows them.

Padre Tomás tells Alejandro of the Queen's worries and how she is appointing him governor.  Alejandro declares that it will be a honor for himself and his family.  He will put his life on the line to protect the Queen. 

Juan stops María Pía at the entrance to the de la Vega property, insisting that he can drive the carriage for her.  María Pía declines the offer and tells Juan that she will be redecorating the cabin in the woods.  She wants him to tell Alejandro that she will not be attending the masquerade.

Santiago tells Mariángel that he will bring her baby to her later.  He must have the money tonight and will wait for her at the city's northern exit.  He must be paid in gold.

Kamba and Diego speak to each other—Kamba in his strange dialect and Diego in Spanish.  Diego wants to meet the Countess, but he cannot seem to make Kamba understand anything he says.  Diego gives up, and Esmeralda comes out of hiding.

As María Pía helps Fernando into the cabin, he warns her that she will be condemned for helping a fugitive.  María Pía replies that his kisses condemned her years ago.  She is tied to him, even though she has denied it.  That is why she could not get married.  Fernando declares that Montero's torture was a blessing; all he needs now is María Pía's forgiveness.  She replies that she does forgive him.  Fernando is thankful and tells María Pía that he knows there is a God.

Alejandro tells Almudena about his appointment as governor and how the Queen believes she is in danger from the Duke.  Alejandro must organize his men and will leave a few behind to protect the estate.  Alejandro also informs Almudena that Sara Kalí is alive and will meet with the Queen at the masquerade.  Later, Alejandro tells Diego of his appointment and what will happen at the masquerade.

The Duke tells Misael that the Queen no longer trusts him.  He does not believe he can regain her trust.  Both Mercedes and the Queen must die.  It is their only option.  The Queen's death will be blamed on Zorro.

Fernando reflects that they had many good times in the cabin, but it is also the place where he tried to abuse her.  Fernando thanks María Pía for her love and everything she has done for him.  The two kiss and spend the night together.

Diego prepares to leave for the masquerade as Zorro.  Meanwhile, Esmeralda, dressed in her disguise, scales the wall of the building in which the masquerade is to be held. 

Tobías, dressed as a woman, tells Agapito that he is disguised for the masquerade.  He will kill Pizarro tonight.

The Queen shows the Duke her mask.  He comments that it will be an honor to escort her to the masquerade.  The Queen informs him that Padre Tomás will be her escort.  The Duke is not pleased but must agree.

Sara Kalí and the gypsies display their invitations to the masquerade and successfully gain entrance. 

Zorro overhears Pizarro commenting that nobody will know what is happening until it is too late.

Alejandro and Almudena arrive at the masquerade.  Alejandro's men are stationed around the plaza.

Montero orders Mejias and his men to keep an eye on Alejandro.

Pizarro tells Olmos that they will escape tonight.  Olmos insists that Laisha come with them; they can use a woman on the voyage.  Pizarro reluctantly agrees but warns Olmos that if the gypsy gets in the way, he will kill her.

Catalina is prevented from entering the masquerade.  She is informed that Pizarro has ordered her to be kept outside.

Inside the masquerade, Sara Kalí worries that it could be a trap.  Meanwhile, Tobías is pleased to notice Pizarro's arrival.  All of the guests come to attention as the Queen's arrival is announced.

Zorro enters the attic of the building in which the masquerade is being held.  He turns around to see the mysterious woman in black.

Capítulo 105
July 12, 2007

The Queen welcomes everybody to the masquerade.

Sara Kali waits for the right moment.

The Queen appoints Alejandro governor.

Zorro gazes into his opponent's eyes.

The Queen asks Alejandro to protect her.

The Duke congratulates Alejandro.

Diego asks where Esmeralda has been.

Diego asks what happened to Esmeralda.

Santiago puts a drug in the wine.

Montero is furious that Mariangel came to the masquerade.

Tobias tries to flirt with Pizarro.

Renzo and Suplicios worry that Montero knows the gypsies are there.

Alejandro points out that many of the guests have hidden weapons.

Fernando states that he cannot forgive himself.

Santiago steals the baby.

Diego and Esmeralda hear the commotion downstairs.

Alejandro and the Queen take cover.

Sara Kali makes her move.

Sara Kali unmasks herself.

The Queen and the entire crowd kneel before Sara Kali.

Olmos says that he has a special errand.

Mariangel is not happy to see Olmos.

Zorro announces that he has a witness who will support Montero's claim.

Montero reacts as he realizes who the witness is.

Esmeralda unmasks herself.

Sara Kalí tells her story to the Queen, and Diego is reunited with Esmeralda.

Diego asks the mysterious lady why she is following him and why she is sending him so many messages.  She suggests that he is asking too many questions.  Diego wonders whether she is friend or foe.  The mysterious lady draws her sword.

The Queen welcomes the guests to the masquerade.  Everybody waits in tense expectation.  The Queen announces that the city will have a new governor.  Since Fernando Sánchez de Moncada has abandoned his position, Don Alejandro de la Vega will be the new governor.  In a brief ceremony, the Queen appoints Don Alejandro the new governor. 

Zorro clashes swords with the mysterious lady.  Zorro asks who sent her.  She replies that she came of her own free will, and she has a score to settle with him.  Zorro is surprised that he has a score to settle with a woman.  She states that she has come to collect what Zorro owes her.  The two continue to fight, and Zorro observes that there is suffering in her voice.  Zorro states that the past leaves scars, but there is always hope.  The mysterious lady replies that hope causes pain, and she is tired of waiting.  After more fighting, the two gaze into each other's eyes.

The masquerade begins, and Padre Tomás suggests that the Duke give the Queen some privacy.  Alejandro declares that it is an honor to serve the Crown.  The Queen replies that justice will be served tonight.  She senses that her cousin Mercedes is present, and Alejandro must protect them.  Almudena congratulates Alejandro on his appointment.  The Duke congratulates Alejandro, and Montero grudgingly attempts to shake Alejandro's hand but is snubbed.

Zorro wants to know why she has already judged and condemned him.  She rips Zorro's shirt open with her sword.  Zorro declares that any punishment is worth it if there is hope for the woman you love, and points at Esmeralda.  Zorro uses his sword to rip open Esmeralda's blouse and comes very close to her.  He asks her where she has been, and she replies that she was in hell, waiting for justice.  He wants to know why she didn't look for him; he always knew she was alive.  They embrace.

Santiago opens up a bottle of wine and proceeds to share a drink with Dolores and the nanny in the de la Vega kitchen.

Diego asks what happened to Esmeralda.  Esmeralda states that she escaped but saw Diego kissing Mariángel in a carriage.  She tried to get to him but Montero stopped her and locked her up again.  He held her prisoner for a long time.  Diego comments that Montero tried to convince him that she was dead, but he didn't believe it.  He found all of the signs, including her medallion, and shows it to her.  Esmeralda is amazed that Diego has her medallion.

Now quite drunk, Dolores and the nanny play cards with Santiago.  He gets another bottle and puts a drug in it.  He remarks that it is a shame to ruin the bottle of wine, but it is worth it.

Montero warns Mejias that the soldiers had better not let him down.  Mariángel greets Montero, and he tells her that she was not supposed to come.  Mariángel states that she needs a favor.  She needs the cabin in which Esmeralda was held prisoner.  She wants to hide her baby there tonight. 

Pizarro tells Gutierrez to free Olmos and the gypsy.  He is to take them to St. Blas hill and wait there for him.  Presently, Tobías, in disguise, approaches Pizarro and calls him handsome.  Tobías asks Pizarro to get him some punch, but Pizarro does not want to be bothered and tells him to get it himself.

Renzo worries about how nervous Montero looks.  He may know they are there.  Laisha may have told him.  Sara Kalí continues to wait for the right time to make her appearance.

Almudena wonders why Diego has not shown up.  Alejandro is glad and tells Almudena to leave soon.  He is worried about the danger and points out that many of the guests have concealed guns.  Almudena declares that her place is with her husband, and she is staying.

Fernando tells María Pía that he saw Regina with her sister, in his delirium.  She smiled at him, and he feels as though she has forgiven him.  María Pía asks whether Fernando has forgiven himself, and he replies that he cannot.

Montero comments that any of these people could be Sara Kalí.  Pizarro feels that they will have to wait until the unmasking at midnight.  Montero tells Pizarro to have one of his soldiers create a ruckus so that his undercover men can get to Sara Kalí.  Montero points out that Diego de la Vega is not present; he must be planning something.  Pizarro agrees that Zorro will die tonight, and under his breath, Pizarro states that Montero will die as well.

Diego tells Esmeralda that her mother is not dead.  She's coming to the masquerade to speak to the Queen.  Esmeralda is overjoyed that God is returning all that she lost.  Diego asks about their son.

Santiago looks over Dolores and the nanny, who are passed out.  He declares that the moment has arrived for him to take the baby.  Santiago enters the baby's room and finds Mendez hovering over the baby's crib.

Tobías follows Pizarro around the ball, waiting for the right moment. 

Esmeralda explains that they took the baby away from her and told her that he had been killed.  When Esmeralda returned to Los Angeles, she found his grave.  She wanted to give him a proper burial.  She learned that her baby did not die that night.  The dead baby was wrapped in a blanket belonging to the Sánchez de Moncada family.  That baby must have been the son of Mariángel and Montero.

Santiago fights Mendez and subdues him easily.  Santiago greets the baby, who begins to cry.  Santiago pleads with him to stop.  He is going to take Alejandro to his mother; she is not that great, but she is still his mother.  Santiago leaves the room with the baby.

Diego realizes that little Alejandro is their son.  He now understands why he felt like protecting him from Mariángel.  Esmeralda remarks that Mariángel visited her several times while she was locked up, and this is why she is certain that Mariángel was involved in switching the babies.  Diego promises to protect both Esmeralda and their baby.  They decide that it is time to go downstairs and join the masquerade.

Pizarro aims his gun at Montero.  Tobías chooses that moment to stab Pizarro.  Pizarro shoots at Tobías, who flees.  There is instant chaos, and everyone begins screaming.  Diego and Esmeralda hear the commotion from upstairs and realize that something has happened.  Diego points to his ripped shirt and states that they will discuss it later.

Pizarro chases Tobías outside, yelling that the lady tried to kill him.  The Queen crouches behind Alejandro and Padre Tomás, wondering whether they tried to shoot at her.  Nobody knows.  Zorro enters the room, fighting off soldiers.  Montero orders Zorro to be shot.  The Queen stands up and orders the men not to shoot.  Silence falls on the room.  Zorro hides the rip in his shirt and greets the Queen.  Sara Kalí removes her mask and steps forward.  The Duke tries to intervene, and Jonás knocks him out.  The Queen realizes who Sara Kalí is and presents Mercedes Mayorga de Aragón, who deserved to be Queen before she did.  Everyone gets down on their knees.  The Queen suggests that Mercedes has a story to tell them.  Montero is not pleased.

Fernando explains that when he found out about Mercedes and who she really is, he decided to negotiate with Duke Jacobo.  He wanted power and money in exchange for his silence.  He sent Mercedes to America as it was the perfect hiding place, but he had another reason.  He had the Duke speak to the Queen so that he would be sent to California as governor.  He wanted to see María Pía again and hoped to regain her love.  Fernando wonders whether God will forgive him and whether he can find peace.

Assisted by a soldier, Olmos and Laisha escape from the prison disguised as soldiers.  Despite their protests, Olmos says he has unfinished business and will catch up with them later.  Olmos dashes away.

Santiago runs away from the hacienda with Alejandro in his arms.  The men sound the alarm and pursue him.  Sanabria fires the cannon at the hacienda.  Santiago is amazed that somebody is helping him.  Dolores and the nanny awaken and panic.  They check on the baby and discover that he is missing. 

Mariángel packs her bags and is forced to answer the door when someone pounds on it.  Mariángel is horrified to see Olmos.  He enters the room, telling her that he escaped.  She humiliated him and made them punish him because he loved her.  She never understood his feelings.  He is not leaving without making her his again.  Olmos attacks Mariángel, and she screams.

Mercedes explains that she was imprisoned for many years under orders from Fernando Sánchez de Moncada, and with the help of Montero, just so that the Queen would not learn of her existence.  Montero declares that it is a lie.  Mercedes tells him that he is a murderer and that he killed Esmeralda.  Montero insists that he did not kill Esmeralda.  He never laid a finger on her.  She helped her mother escape and was captured by a soldier.  Esmeralda tried to escape, and the soldier killed her.  Mercedes denounces Montero as her daughter's killer.  Montero orders her to show him one witness who can support her story.  Zorro interrupts, declaring that there is a witness who can confirm Montero's version.  Esmeralda steps forward and removes her mask.  Montero is highly dismayed, and the guests react, some positively and some negatively, to the reappearance of Esmeralda Sánchez de Moncada.

Capítulo 106
July 13, 2007

Mother and daughter are reunited.

Esmeralda denounces Montero as the person who faked her death and tortured her.

Montero reacts to Esmeralda's accusations.

The Queen orders Montero's arrest.

Montero takes the Queen hostage.

Mariangel watches Olmos burn in evil delight.

Mariangel stabs Olmos with a piece of glass.

Duke Jacobo decides to leave with Montero and the Queen.

Zorro looks for Montero and the Queen.

Esmeralda tells the Amazon warriors that she will not be leaving with them since she has regained everything that she lost.

The Amazon warriors say farewell to Esmeralda.

Alejandro places Duke Jacobo under arrest.

Mariangel ignores Santiago as she looks around for Olmos.

Zorro wonders what he should do next.

Cifuentes prevents the soldiers from attacking Zorro.

Olmos asks Santiago for help.

Mariangel cuts Santiago, calling him a traitor.

Montero indicates that the Queen should descend to the basement.

Santiago gingerly helps Olmos into a chair.

Catalina and Pizarro arrive at the hideout.

Esmeralda excitedly presents her mother to Almudena.

Alejandro is pleased to meet Sara Kali.

Esmeralda learns that her baby has been abducted by Mariangel with the help of Santiago.

Montero is proud of his baby.

Montero cuddles the baby.

Gerardo declares that they will not leave without Olmos.

When asked to feed the baby, Mariangel retorts, 'I am not a cow.'

Montero admires the baby while Mariangel looks highly peeved.

Montero wishes he could see Diego's face when he learns that they have the baby.

Santiago orders Zorro and Esmeralda not to move.

Zorro and Esmeralda stare at Santiago in surprise.

Montero abducts the Queen of Spain, and Santiago regrets taking the baby.

Sara Kalí embraces Esmeralda in joyous disbelief.  Esmeralda addresses the Queen, revealing that Montero faked her death, kept her prisoner in a dungeon, tortured her, stole her baby, and later tried to kill her.  The Queen suggests that Montero has much to explain.  She is certain that he was part of a conspiracy orchestrated by someone powerful.  Montero will be forced to reveal the name during questioning.  The Queen orders Alejandro to arrest Montero, but he punches Alejandro and grabs the Queen.  Montero holds the Queen at gunpoint as everyone stands helpless.

Olmos drags Mariángel into the room as she screams for him to let go of her.  Olmos declares that Mariángel needs him, so he forgives her for having him tortured by Montero.  Mariángel continues screaming and struggling and finally breaks away.  She grabs a kerosene lamp and throws it at Olmos.  Olmos screams as he is engulfed in flames.  He drops to the floor, and the flames are extinguished.  Olmos begs for help.  Mariángel declares that she will help him...to die—and stabs Olmos in the chest with the broken glass from the lamp.  Mariángel declares that Olmos will rot in hell and leaves the room, as Olmos gasps in pain.

Agapito is surprised to see Tobías return, wounded.  Tobías declares that Pizarro will not get away with his wife, even if he has to die trying.

Montero orders everyone to stay away or the Queen dies.  The Duke joins Montero and points his gun at the crowd.  The Queen declares that Duke Jacobo has finally shown his true colors.  Montero orders the soldiers to kill Zorro.  As the shots are fired, the crowd gives way to mass hysteria and flees the ballroom.  Outside, Montero escorts the Queen to a carriage and tells the soldiers that someone is trying to kill the Queen.  Montero orders his men to fire at will as he departs with the Queen.

Kamba, Bernardo, and Sgt. García attack some of the soldiers who are attempting to fire a cannon.  Esmeralda joins her mother and the gypsies and declares that they must find a place to hide her mother.  Almudena wants to find Alejandro, but Padre Tomás makes her come with him.  Suddenly, a soldier is hit by an arrow, and the Amazon warrior women join the fray.  Esmeralda watches the ladies fight.  They solemnly greet Esmeralda.

Duke Jacobo escapes onto a balcony and finds himself alone with Don Alejandro.  The Duke fires and misses.  Alejandro draws his sword and declares that Jacobo is under arrest.  The Duke replies that he must be caught first.  Duke Jacobo draws his sword and declares that Alejandro will die.  Duke Jacobo calls Alejandro an imbecile who chose the wrong side.  Alejandro replies that he is not a traitor and is loyal to the Crown.  The two men briefly clash swords, and Jacobo is disarmed.  Jacobo attacks Alejandro, and the men punch each other.  Finally, Jacobo is knocked down and arrested.

Dania declares that she could not let Esmeralda do this alone.  Esmeralda thanks her.  Dania observes that there is something different about Esmeralda.  Esmeralda replies that she has been reunited with her mother, her son, and the man she loves.  Dania is very happy for her and remarks that this must mean that Esmeralda will not return with them.  The ladies bid each other farewell.

Pizarro tells Catalina that the person who attacked him was a man, not a woman.  He wonders what kind of degenerate would dress as a woman and commit a crime.  Catalina declares that the city has gone crazy.  Pizarro asks what happened at the masquerade after he left.  Catalina reveals that Montero took the Queen of Spain hostage, and Esmeralda is alive.  Catalina does not understand what is going on.  Pizarro realizes that he must flee and orders Catalina to come with him.  Catalina announces that she does not want to come.  Pizarro points his gun at her and forces her to come.

Mariángel is surprised to see Santiago with the baby.  She quickly looks around for Olmos, who has disappeared.  Santiago watches her and comments that others were interested in the baby, and he had to deal with a soldier who tried to take him.  Santiago tries to give the baby to Mariángel, but she is unconcerned about the baby and states that she will bring his money.  Santiago smiles at the baby and looks up, shocked about what he sees.

Dolores and the nanny meet Bernardo on the road.  Bernardo tells them that the Queen has been abducted, and they tell him that Santiago has taken the baby.

Esmeralda tells her mother that she always wanted to be with her, even though she had Almudena's love.  Sara Kalí comments that it was terrible not being with her, but even worse thinking that she was lost forever.  Esmeralda promises that they will always be together.

Zorro approaches the prison and asks Cifuentes where Montero is.  Cifuentes reveals that Montero has not returned.  Zorro explains that he wants to know where Montero has taken the Queen.  Cifuentes is shocked that Montero has abducted the Queen and declares that he has lost his mind.  Cifuentes swears that he does not know where Montero's hideout is.  Zorro stands, looking like he is at a loss as to what to do, while Cifuentes prevents a group of soldiers from attacking him.

Renzo tells Sara Kalí that the other gypsies are safe and waiting for her.  He tells Esmeralda that he is happy that she is alive.  It is a miracle.  Esmeralda replies that it upset her that everyone believed she was dead, but she had to complete her mission.

Santiago watches in disbelief as a very scorched Olmos stumbles into the room.  Olmos explains that Mariángel did this to him.  If he dies, Mariángel is his murderer.  She has no soul.  Santiago declares that Olmos must have provoked her.  Olmos explains that Mariángel destroys everything that she touches.  She does not love the baby and only wants to use him to get money from Diego.  Santiago realizes that he has made a mistake.  He tells the baby to forgive him for turning him over to a crazed woman.  Mariángel reappears, viciously slashing Santiago's arm with a knife, ripping his sleeve and cutting him.  Mariángel angrily declares that Santiago has betrayed her and takes the baby away from him.  She tells Santiago and Olmos to go to hell and leaves.  Olmos screams that Mariángel is damned to hell a thousand times over.

Montero brings the Queen to the shack in the woods.  She tells Montero that he will pay for his actions.  Montero explains that he was under Fernando's orders.  The Queen calls Montero a coward of the worst kind.  He allied himself with the Duke and plotted against the Crown.  He will pay with his life.  Montero tells the Queen to sit down, and she complies.  As the Queen sits down, she informs him that when he is caught, his head will be cut off.  Montero angrily walks to the trapdoor that leads to the basement dungeon and opens it, looking at the Queen pointedly.

Bernardo tells Zorro that Santiago has stolen the baby.

With distaste, Santiago helps Olmos into a chair.  Olmos explains that Mariángel set him on fire and stabbed him.  Santiago wonders how a woman like that could love a child.  Olmos declares that the baby is not Mariángel's.  Olmos laughs, revealing that Mariángel does not know.  He switched the babies because her baby died.  The baby belongs to Esmeralda Sánchez and Diego de la Vega.  Montero kept Esmeralda a prisoner until she had her baby.  Olmos begs for help.  Santiago ignores him and declares that he must find Mariángel.  Santiago listens to Olmos again when Olmos states that only he knows where Mariáangel is hiding.

Pizarro and Catalina arrive at the hideout and join Gerardo and Laisha.  Gerardo explains that Olmos had to something in the city and has not returned.  Pizarro warns Catalina not to do anything stupid.  He tells the others that there can be no mistakes tonight.

Almudena safely reaches Alejandro's headquarters and tells Alejandro that Padre Tomás helped her.  Alejandro explains that they are trying to find Montero and the Queen.  Dolores and the nanny enter and reveal that Santiago has stolen the baby.  Esmeralda and Sara Kalí enter, and Esmeralda introduces her mother to the de la Vegas.  Alejandro tells Esmeralda that he is happy to see her again, and he knows that Diego will be very happy.  Esmeralda learns that the baby has been kidnapped and was probably taken to Mariángel.

Santiago demands to know where Mariángel and the baby are.  Olmos laughs, saying that Mariángel will kill the baby if she learns that it is not hers.  Olmos promises to help; he will atone for his misdeeds.  Santiago will get the baby, and Olmos will get Mariángel.  The men stare as a soldier enters and points his gun at them.

Mariángel and the baby arrive at Montero's hideout.  Montero is happy and proud of the baby.  He informs Mariángel that they must leave because things are out of control.  Esmeralda is alive; Pizarro betrayed him.  Montero escaped by kidnapping the Queen.  Mariángel tells Montero that he is stupid.  Montero promises to make Pizarro pay.  The baby begins crying from the sound of their argument, and Montero cuddles the baby.

Gerardo declares that they will not leave without Olmos.  Pizarro states that he betrayed Montero, and if Montero finds him, he will be killed, as well as anyone with him.  If Olmos is not back by an hour before the ship sails, they are leaving him behind.  Pizarro yells for Catalina to stop crying.

Esmeralda finds blood in Mariángel's house.  Zorro catches up with her.  He asks whether Montero has a hiding place.  Esmeralda explains that there is a shack outside the city where she was kept captive.  Zorro remembers the place, but thought that Montero would not use it again after he discovered it.  Esmeralda wants to leave immediately, but Zorro reminds her that they must be careful, for Montero may have a trap prepared.

Montero orders his men to prepare to leave that night with the Queen.  Montero suggests that Mariángel feed the baby.  Mariángel retorts that she is not a cow.  Montero asks about their gunpowder and weapons and explains that he wants to leave a surprise for anyone who may investigate the cottage.  Montero shows fatherly affection for the baby while Mariángel continues to look peeved about their predicament.

Tobías, still dressed as a woman, follows a soldier who is returning to Pizarro.  Tobías declares that he will follow the soldier to Pizarro, for whom death will come dressed as a woman.

Sara Kalí tells the gypsies that they must find the Queen before it is too late.  Renzo speaks to Suplicios, who admits that she is bothered because she saw a sparkle in Renzo's eyes when he looked at Esmeralda.  Renzo insists that they find the Queen first, then they can discuss their feelings.

Pizarro tells Catalina to relax.  A soldier enters and explains that he was coming with Olmos, but a friend intercepted them and left with Olmos.  Pizarro declares that they will leave now, without Olmos.  Tobías bursts through the door, exclaiming that Pizarro will not leave with his wife.  Pizarro is irritated, and Catalina is happy to see her husband.

Esmeralda dresses herself in her disguise.  She tells García that she is leaving with Zorro, and they will try to find her son.  Esmeralda reminds García that she considers him her son's grandfather.

As they prepare to leave with the Queen, Mariángel tells Montero that their actions are crazy.  Mariángel finds it hard to believe that the powerful commander of Los Angeles is a fugitive.  Montero reminds her that she is also a fugitive.  They have their son, and Montero wishes he could see Diego's face when he learns that they have the baby.  Mariángel states that Diego is Zorro and will not stop until he finds them.  Montero explains that should Diego find the shack, he will run into an explosive surprise.

Both in disguise, Diego and Esmeralda watch the shack from among the trees.  Diego asks Esmeralda to go far away if something happens to him.  They kiss.  Santiago comes up behind them, pointing a gun, and orders them not to move.

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