Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 107-109

Capítulo 107
July 16, 2007

Olmos declares that Mariangel ruined his life.

Zorro demands to know where Mariangel and the baby are.

The cabin explodes as Olmos enters.

Montero and the others hear the explosion.

Pizarro orders everyone to leave so that he can fight Tobias.

Tobias declares that he already made Pizarro kneel once.

Santiago calls himself an idiot.

Diego reminds Esmeralda that Mariangel does not know the baby is theirs.

Montero and Mariangel make a pact.

Montero and Mariangel kiss while the Queen watches in disgust.

Alejandro orders the men to check to see if there are any survivors.

The gypsies plan their next move.

Diego and Esmeralda discuss Santiago and Mariangel.

Padre Tomas declares that the brotherhood must help Zorro.

Montero is charmed that Mariangel set Olmos on fire and stabbed him.

Montero asks whether the Queen enjoyed the music.

Montero suggests that he could travel to other countries with a large sum of money.

Gerardo leaves Olmos at his house.

Olmos watches Mariangel and Montero kiss.

Olmos chokes Mariangel.

Mariangel reacts as Olmos delights in telling her that her baby is dead.

Maria Pia worries about Fernando.

Montero learns that Olmos tried to kill Mariangel.

Montero reacts as Mariangel tells him that their baby is dead.

Agapito checks Pizarro's wound.

Montero broods about his dead son.

Zorro and Esmeralda are surprised to see Olmos.

Olmos declares that he knows where Montero is.

Olmos simply will not die, and Diego and Esmeralda try to find their baby.

Santiago warns Zorro and Esmeralda not to move.  He asks what Esmeralda's name is.  Esmeralda begins to remove her mask, and Zorro knocks Santiago to the ground.  Olmos suddenly appears, pointing a gun at Esmeralda.  Olmos declares that he doesn't want to kill her; she is innocent, unlike Mariángel.  He curses Mariángel as the woman who ruined his life.  She destroys him little by little.  He must kill her.  Olmos declares that he should not have given the baby to Mariángel.  Olmos walks towards Montero's shack while Zorro asks Santiago where Mariángel and the baby are.  Santiago explains that Olmos brought him here, thinking that Mariángel wound be here.  Olmos enters the cabin, and it explodes.

Mariángel and Montero hear the explosion and wonder who fell into the trap.  Mariángel complains about all of their problems.  Montero plays with the baby while Mariángel hopes that Esmeralda is the one who died.

Pizarro orders his men out of the hideout so that he can fight Tobías.  Pizarro cuts Tobías, and Catalina falls to Pizarro's feet, begging him not to hurt Tobías.  Tobías tells Catalina not to defend him.  He says that she is like his mother who never believed that he became a man.  Tobías declares that he will gladly die for Catalina.  Tobías and Pizarro fight.

Zorro concludes that Olmos is dead.  Zorro asks Santiago where the boy is.  Santiago explains that Mariángel tricked him, and he did not know that she might hurt the baby.  He thought the baby was hers, but Olmos told him that the baby belongs to Diego and Esmeralda.  Zorro and Esmeralda leave without commenting.  Santiago calls himself an idiot.

Pizarro asks Tobías how it feels to be betrayed.  Tobías tells Pizarro that he already made him kneel once before him.  Pizarro realizes that Tobías is the person who pretended to be Zorro.  He kicks Tobías and observes that Tobías likes costumes.  He assures Tobías that the woman's disguise looks good on him.  Pizarro kicks Tobías again and points his gun, preparing to fire.  Catalina enters and shoots Pizarro, and he collapses.  Catalina declares that she warned him to leave Tobías alone.  Catalina apologizes for not trying to get to know Tobías better.  She will continue being his wife.  Tobías faints into Catalina's arms.

Mariángel points out that she could swear that the baby looks like Diego.  Montero laughs and says the baby could resemble the hunchback.  Mariángel wants to negotiate with Diego for the baby, so that they can get money.  Montero wants to do things his way.  Mariángel refuses to live in poverty.

Diego and Esmeralda return to the cave.  Since the river is rising, they cannot continue right now.  Esmeralda worries about what Mariángel could do to their son.  Diego reminds her that she doesn't know the baby is Esmeralda's.  The two share a few words of love and affection.

Montero comments that he has another negotiation in his power; he has the Queen of Spain.  He can ask for any amount of money.  Mariángel insists that it is still dangerous, and if captured, he would be killed.  Montero agrees that she is right, and if they are caught, he will be seeing her in hell.  Mariángel suggests a pact.  She will support his plan, but if he fails, she will be responsible for hiding him where nobody can find him.  Montero is charmed that Mariángel is worried about him.  Montero and Mariángel promise to take care of each other.  Montero comments that it sounds like a marriage ceremony.  Mariángel laughs that they have never been in love, but they have enough passion to last forever.  Montero places a ring on Mariángel's finger.  He accepts Mariángel's pact.  Mariángel declares that they are united no matter what happens.

Alejandro and the soldiers arrive at Montero's shack.  One of the men finds the tracks of several people.  Alejandro tells the men to check to see if there are any survivors.  The rest will follow the tracks.  A soldier declares that no one could have survived the explosion and leaves without checking.  After he leaves, Olmos stumbles out of the cabin.

Sara Kalí confesses that she is afraid for the Queen.  The gypsies decide to abandon their camp and resume looking for the Queen later.  Suplicios tells Renzo that she has decided to leave.  She can't live with Esmeralda's ghost.  She feels that he still loves Esmeralda, and she can't live with that.  Suplicios suggests that Renzo come with her, but he states that his life is with the gypsies.

Diego comments that he always cared about little Alejandro, even when he thought that Mariángel was his mother.  Something about Alejandro reminded him of Esmeralda.  Diego blames himself for trusting Santiago.  He asked for money, and Diego only offered him work.  Diego promises that should anything happen to their son, Santiago will pay a high price.

Diego and Esmeralda leave again after Diego reports that the river has receded.

Alejandro and the soldiers decide to split into three groups after the tracks disappear. 

Diego and Esmeralda find a note from the Amazon warriors.  The note says that the tracks disappear, but the Queen will follow the sun. 

Padre Tomás tells the brotherhood that the time has come for them to help Zorro.  He orders the men to contact the ones who work for them so that they can help search for the Queen.

Montero and Mariángel arrive at the house.  Montero is furious when Mariángel tells him that the house belongs to Olmos.  He is certain that Don Alejandro will make Olmos confess, and their location will be found.  Mariángel informs Montero that Olmos escaped from prison and tried to rape her.  She set him on fire and stabbed him.  He must be dead.  Montero is thrilled and tells Mariángel that she drives him wild.  A dangerous woman like her excites him.  Montero wonders how Olmos could afford the house.  Mariángel explains that he stole money from her father, and she was aware of all of his financial moves.  That is how she knew about the house.  He probably planned to bring her to the house when he drugged her.  Mariángel hopes Olmos is burning in hell.

Gerardo packs his belongings in a wagon and is surprised when Olmos stumbles up.  Olmos explains that Mariángel tried to kill him.  Gerardo tells Olmos that Pizarro was killed in his home, but the body disappeared.  Olmos tells Gerardo to take him to the house he built.  He needs to recover so that he can catch Mariángel.  Gerardo pleads for Olmos to let him catch his boat as he wants to leave the city.  Olmos insists that Gerardo at least leave him near the house.  He must find Mariángel.

Sitting at the piano, Montero asks the Queen whether she enjoyed the music.  The Queen does not answer, so Montero offers her some food.  The Queen refuses and tells Montero that he makes her sick.  Montero announces that he wants to negotiate her freedom.  She laughs and suggests that he turn himself in.  Montero declares that he will not go to prison.  The Queen replies that he could confess and help rat out the Duke's accomplices.  Montero comes very close to the Queen and informs her that he wants a large sum of money so that he can travel to different countries.  The Queen refuses, and Montero informs her that she will lose her life.

Gerardo leaves Olmos at his house but comments that it looks like someone is there.  Olmos replies that it does not matter and that Gerardo should catch his ship.  Gerardo thanks Olmos for everything and tells him that he will always be in his debt.  Olmos tells him not to make it sound like they will never see each other again.  Olmos promises that they will see each other again.

A wet nurse is brought by Montero's men.  Mariángel orders her to feed the brat.  Montero smiles and tells Mariángel that he loves it when she gives orders.  Montero and Mariángel kiss while Olmos watches from the corridor.  After Montero leaves the room, Olmos sneaks up behind Mariángel with a chain.  He throws the chain around her neck and pulls it tight, choking her. 

María Pía learns that Esmeralda is alive.  Dolores worries about the baby and blames herself.  Almudena explains that Diego and Esmeralda are looking for the baby.  María Pía tells Almudena that Fernando escaped from prison and is at her cabin.  María Pía hopes that Almudena will talk to Fernando. 

As Olmos strangles Mariángel, he tells her that she is going to pay for everything she did to him.  Mariángel gasps for air.  He is furious that she had him tortured only because he touched her lovely skin.  Nobody has ever wanted her more than he.  He gave her everything, and she was sleeping with Montero.  He wonders how many times she laughed at the hunchback.  He reveals that her son died during birth.  That child is Esmeralda's.  Mariángel's eyes widen as she continues to gasp for air.  Olmos continues strangling her, telling her that Montero ordered the child's death.  Olmos saved him and gave him to Mariángel.  It is the only noble thing he has ever done.  Now he can die in peace.  Olmos tightens the chain, urging Mariángel to suffer and die like an animal.

Diego and Esmeralda continue to follow Montero's trail.  Diego comments that should Montero discover that the child is theirs, he will kill the child.

Fulgencio shoots Olmos in the back and removes the chain from Mariángel's neck.  The other men take Olmos outside and shoot him again.  Without checking, they declare Olmos dead.

Out in the woods, Olmos, still alive, thinks of Mariángel.

María Pía returns to the cabin and finds a note from Fernando.  The note states that he has many things he needs to fix.  He will die with the memory of her kisses.

Esmeralda declares that she will die if anything happens to her son.

Mariángel tells Montero that Olmos came to kill her.  Fulgencio tells Montero that he was shot twice and should die.  Montero says he will get his son.  Mariángel announces that he is not their son.  Olmos told her that their son was stillborn.  Esmeralda's baby was born that same night.  Somehow Olmos found Esmeralda's baby and made Mariángel think it was hers.  Montero damns Pizarro who was supposed to get rid of the baby.

Agapito is awakened when Pizarro stumbles into Tobías' house, wounded.  Agapito is shocked about Pizarro's condition.  He agonizes over whether he should help Pizarro.

With tears of anger in his eyes, Montero broods about the baby.  He tells Mariángel to get rid of it.  He never wants to see the baby again.  Mariángel reminds Montero that it is better this way.  Diego and Esmeralda will pay a lot of money to get their son back.  Montero smiles.

Zorro and Esmeralda continue looking around aimlessly in the woods, and Olmos struggles over a hill.  He announces that he knows where Montero is.

Capítulo 108
July 17, 2007

Olmos reveals that Mariangel and Montero are in a house that he built.

Mariangel laughs, calling Montero a nobody.

Olmos indicates the location of the house.

Agapito states that Pizarro is in Tobias' house.

Fernando does not believe he deserves to be with Maria Pia.

Mariangel threatens Montero.

Montero's men are ordered to kill the baby.

Zorro and la Rosa make an appearance.

Montero prepares to pull the arrow out of his arm.

Montero threatens to kill the baby.

Montero and Mariangel react as Zorro removes his mask.

Diego and Esmeralda are unmasked.

Agapito prevents Tobias from killing Pizarro.

Montero prepares to light the building on fire.

Santiago races to save the baby.

Fernando is shocked to learn that Mariangel may be with Montero.

Santiago smiles at Zorro.

Zorro stares at Santiago.

Esmeralda is reunited with her baby.

Tobias, Catalina, and Agapito are shocked that Pizarro has disappeared.

Montero and Mariangel head downstream with the Queen.

Esmeralda tells her baby that he is the greatest gift that life has given her.

Bernardo is thrilled that Esmeralda is alive.

Almudena and Maria Pia admire the baby.

Mariangel is annoyed as Zorro jumps into the boat.

Montero and Zorro suddenly realize their danger.

Zorro is unmasked, and little Alejandro is rescued.

Zorro demands that Olmos tell him where Mariángel, Montero, and the baby are.  Olmos reveals that they are in a house that he built—the house where he thought he'd live with Mariángel.

Mariángel asks Montero what is wrong.  Montero decides that he wants the baby to die.  They have the Queen and can negotiate with her.  Mariángel tells Montero to think about it; they need the baby so that they can get more money.  Montero slaps Mariángel and yells that he will not live the rest of his life in hiding.  Mariángel laughs at him and tells him that he is a nobody.  Montero again insists that the baby dies now.  Mariángel attacks Montero.

Olmos laughs as he reveals that he switched babies, and admits that he just told Mariángel.  He says that she only gives birth to dead babies.  Olmos states that the baby belongs to Diego de la Vega and Esmeralda Sánchez.  Zorro again asks where the baby is.  Olmos points to the hills and describes how the house is hidden.  Zorro and Esmeralda leave.

Montero throws Mariángel to the floor.  He insists that if his son died, then Diego and Esmeralda's son will die.  As Mariángel gets up, Montero knocks her down again.

Pizarro asks Agapito where he is.  Agapito advises Pizarro to stay calm and not move.  He tells Pizarro that he is in the home of Don Tobías.  Agapito realizes that Pizarro is an enemy of Tobías and that he was having an affair with Catalina.  However, Pizarro should not think about that now.  Agapito states that Pizarro should not have blamed him for saving Sara Kalí—that is a doctor's duty.  Pizarro asks to be taken to the port.  Agapito declares that Pizarro will die if he tries to travel.  Tobías and Catalina enter the room, and Tobías unsheathes his sword.  Agapito begs him not to kill Pizarro.

María Pía runs after Fernando, pleading with him to stay.  Fernando states that he does not deserve to be at her side.  María Pía replies that her place is by his side along with his guilt.  Fernando tells her that she is the most marvelous woman in the world.  María Pía convinces Fernando to stay a little longer; she needs to tell him about recent events.

Montero snatches the baby away from the nanny and punches Mariángel as she threatens him with a knife.  Shortly, Montero orders Fulgencio to remove the Queen from the house and put her in the carriage.  Montero gives the baby to two of his men and orders them to kill the baby and then take it to the de la Vegas.  Zorro steps from the woods and orders them to let go of the baby.

The Queen prays for the safety of her town.  Fulgencio interrupts her prayer, telling her to come with him.  The Queen is removed from the house and placed inside the carriage.

Alejandro rides up to Fernando, who is now on horseback with a group of men.  Alejandro is surprised that Fernando has escaped from prison.  Fernando replies that he is looking for his daughter Mariángel.  He knows that Mariángel has taken Diego and Esmeralda's son.  He wants Alejandro to allow him to help in the search.

As Montero and Zorro fight, Esmeralda shoots an arrow into Montero's arm.  Montero grabs the baby and holds a knife to his face.  He orders Zorro and Esmeralda to lay down their weapons, and the two comply.  Montero orders Zorro to remove his mask.

The Cebolla brothers stop their wagon to question an old man.  They pull off his hat and greet Santiago Michelena.  Santiago claims that he was just rehearsing for a play.  The two brothers attack Santiago and tell him that he will have a miserable death.

Zorro removes his mask, and Montero is pleased that they were correct.  Mariángel wonders how someone as smart as Diego could fall in love with a common woman like Esmeralda.  Esmeralda removes her mask and announces that the common woman is present.  Mariángel and Montero are rather surprised.

Santiago finishes tying up the Cebolla brothers.  He informs them that they may be tough and mean, but he is desperate.  Santiago warns them not to even think about following him.

Diego suggests that Montero do whatever he wants with him, but he should free Esmeralda and the baby.  Montero replies that Diego is a better swordsman than him, but he will win this time.  Diego and Esmeralda will stay behind while he and Mariángel escape with the baby.

Tobías insists upon killing Pizarro since he tried to escape with his wife, but Agapito finally convinces him to allow him to do his job.  Tobías agrees that Agapito can treat Pizarro, but as soon as Pizarro gets any better, Agapito should remove Pizarro from his home.

Montero comments that Esmeralda convinced that traitor Pizarro to save her life.  Montero wonders why Esmeralda came back.  He always knew that there was a conspiracy against him, which made sense when he learned that Sara Kalí was going to see the Queen.  However, he didn't expect her daughter to come back.  Montero finishes tying up Esmeralda and Diego.  Mariángel places the baby on a wagon and fires a gun.  Esmeralda screams as the horses bolt with the baby perilously perched on the back of the wagon.  Montero sets the building on fire and leaves.

Santiago spots the runaway wagon that is carrying the baby.  He sets off in pursuit and jumps on the wagon.  As Santiago takes control of the reins, the Cebolla brothers race behind in hot pursuit.

García asks Dolores whether she has heard anything about Esmeralda and the baby.  Dolores knows nothing, and Almudena enters the conversation.  García remarks that he hopes that Esmeralda is able to rescue her baby.  Dolores is surprised, and García informs her that little Alejandro is Esmeralda's baby.

Montero tells Mariángel that the house will burn down with Zorro and his woman inside.  Montero asks the Queen whether she has decided to accept his deal, and she shakes her head.  Montero decides that they will travel by river instead of by land.

One of Alejandro's men reports that the path to the port is clear, and there is no sign of Montero.  Alejandro remarks that it is strange that Mariángel and Montero both disappeared at the same time and suggests that they are together.  Fernando is shocked by this suggestion.  Alejandro tells him that Mariángel walked freely through the city during the time that Montero terrorized the city; Fernando realizes that Alejandro is probably right.  Fernando suggests that they might be traveling by river.  The men split into two parties.  Alejandro will go to the river, and Fernando will go to the port.

Diego cuts through the ropes and helps Esmeralda to escape from the fire. 

Montero and Mariángel get on a boat with the Queen and Montero's men.

Zorro follows the wagon's tracks to where Santiago is cuddling little Alejandro.  Zorro stares at Santiago and the baby.

Agapito tells Tobías that Pizarro wants to see him, that it is his last wish.  Agapito cannot save Pizarro, and he will soon die.  During the conversation, Agapito mentions Zorro, and Tobías informs him that he is not Zorro.  Agapito finally believes him.  Tobías and Catalina agree to see Pizarro one last time.

Zorro demands that Santiago give him the baby.  Santiago at first declares that he will only give the baby to Diego de la Vega, but relents and gives the baby to Zorro.  As Santiago prepares to leave, he tells the baby to say goodbye to his father for him, and then looks at Zorro.

Fernando halts his men in front of Sara Kalí and the gypsies.  Sara Kalí steps forward and declares that she is alive in spite of everything.

Diego tells Esmeralda to go home with the baby.  Esmeralda wonders how to explain her appearance with the baby, and he tells her to say that Zorro gave her the baby.

Tobías, Catalina, and Agapito are shocked to discover that Pizarro has disappeared.  A bloody trail leads out of the room.  Catalina worries that Pizarro will return and kill them.  Tobías thinks that Pizarro will get what he deserves.

Pizarro approaches the prison, where the soldiers inform him that a mob has formed and is demanding Montero's head.  Pizarro orders the soldiers to follow him, but they refuse.  The tell him that he is on his own; it is all over.  Pizarro declares that no mob of cowards will stop him.

Zorro rigs a rope across the river as Montero's party floats downstream.  As the boat hits the rope and is stopped, Montero orders his men to shoot.

In Zorro's cave, Esmeralda tells her baby that she has dreamed of holding him like this.  He is the greatest gift that life has given her.  Bernardo runs into the cave and is astonished that Esmeralda is there with her baby.  He touches her, amazed that she is alive.  She promises to tell Bernardo everything later.  Right now she needs him to help her fake her arrival.

Montero's boat reaches the shore, and his men jump off to attack Zorro.  Montero sets the boat adrift again while the Queen tries to bite Mariángel.

Dolores, Almudena, García, and María Pía welcome Esmeralda and her baby to the hacienda.  Almudena is especially happy to see Esmeralda.

Mariángel and the Queen continue to struggle.  Zorro leaps into the boat from the top of a rock.  Montero draws his sword.  The Queen shoves Mariángel over the side of the boat and jumps over the other side herself.  Mariángel floats down the river, screaming for Montero to help her.  As Montero and Zorro fight, they suddenly realize their mortal danger:  the boat is about to go over the waterfall.

Capítulo 109
July 18, 2007

The Queen worries about Zorro.

Mariangel is unaware that cannibals are watching her.

Montero wades ashore, yelling for Mariangel.

Diego is disgusted that he is once again in cannibal territory.

The cannibals prepare to follow Diego.

Sara Kali declares that Fernando is not worth killing.

Sara Kali announces that God will judge Fernando.

Renzo and Suplicios greet Kamba with delight.

Cifuentes salutes Sgt. Garcia.

Diego insists that Montero return to face justice.

Esmeralda tells Almudena that she knows how to defend herself.

Pizarro tries to rally the soldiers into fighting against Montero.

Pizarro falls victim to an angry mob.

Tobias announces that Pizarro is getting what he deserves.

The Queen expresses her wish to see Zorro again.

Mariangel prepares to defend herself against her unseen pursuers.

Esmeralda and Bernardo follow Zorro's trail.

Diego warns Montero to return with him.

Montero has no intention of returning with Diego.

Diego reacts as Montero is attacked by piranhas.

Montero is devoured by piranhas.

Mariangel is captured by cannibals.

Diego fights back the cannibals.

Duke Jacobo describes how he killed the King.

Mariangel asks the cannibals what they are doing.

Alejandro is shocked to learn that Diego is Zorro.

Diego and Montero fight to the death, and Alejandro learns that Diego is Zorro.

The Queen swims ashore, worried about what has happened to Zorro.  Meanwhile, Mariángel stumbles ashore, unaware that cannibals are watching her from the nearby trees.

Esmeralda tells Almudena and Dolores that she always knew her life would be like this, but she didn't know that there would be so much anxiety.  Almudena promises to help take care of the baby.  Esmeralda reflects that the worst part was being separated from the people she loves.  Almudena comments that it feels like a dream, having Esmeralda there in front of her.  Esmeralda assures her that it is not a dream.

Padre Tomás finds the Queen by the river, thrilled that she is safe.  She tells him that Zorro saved her, but unfortunately, Zorro, Montero, and the woman who was with them went over the waterfall.  Padre Tomás hopes they survived the fall.  The Queen remarks that Zorro is supposed to be a bandit, but all he does is fight for justice.  Padre Tomás tells the Queen that he will take her to the city.

Montero comes ashore and calls for Mariángel.  Montero reflects that Zorro must have died.  He is thrilled to find Zorro's mask caught on a rock in the river and exults in the knowledge that Diego de la Vega is dead.  Meanwhile, Diego comes ashore and realizes where he is.  Of all the places to land, and he ends up where the cannibals live.  Diego discovers that he no longer has his mask and realizes that he will be recognized.  Diego begins running, and the cannibals chase after him.

Mariángel continues through the jungle and becomes aware that someone is near her.  Brandishing a stick, Mariángel warns them to stay away from her, and she is not kidding.

Montero proceeds through the jungle, and Diego runs above him on higher ground.  Montero cannot quite make out who it is.  The two men continue moving, and finally, Diego jumps down in front of Montero.

Sara Kalí demands to know what Fernando wants and suggests that he wants to sell her to the highest bidder.  Fernando announces that he has changed.  Sara Kalí refuses to believe him.  He was cruel to her and did it out of ambition.  Fernando replies that he was wrong, but he had his reasons.  Fernando asks Sara Kalí for her forgiveness.  Sara Kalí refuses.  Sara Kalí comments that she once swore to make him pay for making her suffer.  Fernando hands his knife to her and tells her to kill him. Sara Kalí grabs the knife and remarks that she always dreamed of this moment, but now she sees that he does not even deserve her hate.  Sara Kalí thrusts the knife into the ground and turns away.  She remarks that God will judge Fernando.

Renzo and Ana Camila meet on the road.  Renzo begs her not to leave him.  He insists that Esmeralda was only a dream.  Ana Camila is Renzo's reality; he will fight for her.  Ana Camila smiles and declares that it is a lost cause.  She has always surrendered to him.  As they kiss, Kamba arrives and yells, "Kambatole!"

Cifuentes arrives at the de la Vega hacienda, offering his services to García.  He and his men have deserted the military.  Esmeralda asks whether Cifuentes has any news, and he reveals that the Queen has been rescued.  Unfortunately, Montero fought Zorro to the death on the river, and they were carried over the falls with Mariángel.  Esmeralda is worried.

Montero declares that Diego is lucky to be alive.  Diego announces that Montero will return to Los Angeles with him to face justice.  Montero refuses, and Diego warns him that they are in cannibal territory.  Montero suggests that Zorro is afraid of fighting him.  Montero pulls out a knife and attacks Diego.  The cannibals watch from the bushes.

Esmeralda tells Almudena that she is going to look for Diego.  Bernardo will come with her.  Almudena is skeptical when Esmeralda reveals that she can defend herself with skills she learned while away.

Diego warns Montero to come with him to Los Angeles, or his face will be the last thing he sees.  The vicious fight continues.

Esmeralda gets her crossbow and tells Bernardo that she will look for Diego.  Although Esmeralda protests, Bernardo leaves with her.

Pizarro rides into the plaza, yelling to the soldiers that now is the time to fight.  They need to kill Montero.  Pizarro yells that it is their fault that they allowed Montero to become a tyrant and terrorize the city.  Tobías, Catalina, and Agapito watch, remarking that Pizarro will not survive due to loss of blood.  A man rides into the city, yelling that Montero is dead and that Zorro killed him.  The people turn on Pizarro, pulling him from his horse.  Pizarro lies helpless in the street, surrounded by a mob.  Pizarro is repeatedly beaten and kicked in the stomach, right where his gunshot wound is located.  Tobías declares that Pizarro deserves it.  He always wanted to take Montero's place; today they both became victims of their own ambition.

Alejandro rides up to the wagon that carries the Queen and Padre Tomás.  Alejandro is thankful that the Queen is safe.  The Queen remarks that America is full of contradictions.  It is a land in which bandits fight for justice and military commanders act like criminals.  The Queen reveals that Zorro rescued her, but she is afraid that he paid a high price.  Padre Tomás remarks that Zorro fell down the waterfall with Montero.  Alejandro confesses that he has always admired Zorro and asks for permission to search for him.  The Queen grants permission and replies that she wants to see Zorro again.

Montero and Diego continue their fight.  Montero knocks Diego down and suggests that Diego is weak without his mask.  The fight continues.

Esmeralda and Bernardo follow Diego's trail.  Esmeralda hopes that they do not run into the cannibals.

The prisoners are freed from Callao prison as the Queen returns to the city with Padre Tomás.

The cannibals attack Montero.  As Montero fights back, Diego kills one of them.  Montero informs Diego not to expect thanks.  Diego replies that Montero is coming back to the city with him.  Montero refuses to allow Diego to turn him in.  Montero proudly reveals that he tortured Esmeralda while she was pregnant; his only regret was not killing both of them.  Montero attacks Diego, and the two struggle over the knife on the bank of the river.  As Diego gains control of the knife, he reminds Montero of his warning, that his face would be the last thing Montero would see.  Diego stabs Montero in the chest and tosses him into the water.  Montero's body thrashes as he is attacked by piranhas, and his body sinks below the surface.

Mariángel finds herself surrounded by cannibals and screams.  Diego hears her screams and begins running towards the sound.

María Pía tells Almudena that she has packed and is leaving with Fernando.  Almudena tries to convince her to stay because Diego and Alejandro love her.  María Pía insists that she must leave.  Almudena remarks that María Pía does not deserve to be with Fernando.  María Pía declares that it is her duty.

Kamba, Ana Camila, and Renzo eat by the side of the lake.  Using sign language, Kamba indicates that he must search for his people.  Kamba says farewell to Ana Camila and Renzo.  He gives Ana Camila a cross that he made, plunges into the lake, and swims away.  Soon, Kamba swims ashore to join two Amazon women.  Both Kamba and the women are very glad to see each other and appear prepared to have a good time.

Renzo promises to go with Ana Camila.  He will become a non-gypsy, even though it is against his tribal law.  He thinks that his parents will understand.  The two make plans for the future.

Diego finds Mariángel's handkerchief and realizes that she has been captured.  Diego stands up to find himself surrounded by cannibals.  Esmeralda arrives and shoots one of the cannibals with her crossbow.  Diego fights the cannibals while Esmeralda shoots arrows as necessary.

The Queen visits the Duke, who is shackled and in isolation.  The Queen comments that she trusted him for a long time, and he replies that he kept her in power.  The Queen wonders what price she paid for that power.  Duke Jacobo scornfully comments that her husband died just like he lived, without dignity and begging for his life like a little girl, while Jacobo stabbed him with his dagger.  Tears come to the Queen's eyes, and the Duke continues, stating that the King's last words were her name.  Duke Jacobo smiles.  The Queen accuses him of knowing about the conspiracy involving Mercedes.  Duke Jacobo comments that the Mayorga were an undignified people who wanted to reform the laws so that anyone could rule.  They all had to die so that the nobility could continue ruling.  The Queen points out that it is good that not all of the Mayorga were killed.  Jacobo laughs, wondering whether the Queen will hand over her crown to Mercedes.  The Queen tells the Duke that he will be punished.  He replies that he will wait for his death gladly.  The Queen answers negatively and announces that she will ask the Royal Council for a life sentence—and that Jacobo will wear the same iron mask as Mercedes for the rest of his life.  The Duke angers and declares that he will commit suicide.  The Queen informs him that she will make certain that he stays alive so that he will live in the same fashion that Mercedes was condemned to live by him and Montero.

Jonás asks whether Laisha is the one who betrayed the gypsies.  Laisha explains that Montero tortured her, and she had to reveal that Sara Kalí is alive.  Laisha blames her problems on all people who are not gypsies.  Jonás will listen to none of Laisha's pleas and banishes her from the tribe.  Laisha must now live as one of the people she so despises.  Laisha cries hysterically.

The cannibals fondle Mariángel, who tells them to let go of her.  She asks them what they are going to do.  Mariángel screams as a dagger is raised above her, poised to strike the death blow.

Diego thanks Esmeralda for coming to his rescue.  Suddenly, Alejandro approaches the group.  In utter amazement, Alejandro declares that his son, Diego, is Zorro.  In confusion, Diego looks down at his black garments and back up at his father.

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