Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 110-112

Capítulo 110
July 19, 2007

Caught without his mask, Diego smiles nervously.

The cannibals approach.

Gerardo explains that Olmos is lucky he missed the boat.

Diego explains that Montero is dead.

Laisha says goodbye to Javier.

Alejandro states that he feels betrayed.

Sara Kali shows her grandson to the gyspies.

Fernando will make a decision after he finds Mariangel.

Esmeralda embraces her baby.

Alejandro announces that Duke Jacobo has been arrested, and Montero is dead.

Esmeralda, Sara Kali, and Dolores listen to Alejandro's good news.

Diego explains that he went looking for Esmeralda.

The Queen wishes to see her cousin.

Alejandro examines Zorro's weapons.

Alejandro assures Diego that his secret is safe.

Almudena and Alejandro discuss Fernando.

Diego gives Esmeralda a ring.

Catalina begs Tobias not to leave.

The pirates meet with Olmos.

Two travelers are terrified by the sight of Mariangel.

Mercedes and Esmeralda react as the Queen promises to give her Crown to Mercedes.

Olmos prepares to search for Mariángel, and Diego tells Alejandro all about Zorro.

Alejandro asks whether Diego has an explanation.  Diego smiles nervously and remarks that there isn't time for an explanation.  The cannibals approach again, and Diego excuses himself.  Diego effortlessly defeats the cannibals as Alejandro watches in amazement.

Olmos screams as Gerardo doctors his wounds.  Gerardo comments that it is fortunate for Olmos that he missed his boat.  Olmos declares that his will is stronger than death itself.  Gerardo recommends that Olmos see a doctor.  Olmos insists that he must find Mariángel.  Gerardo knows of a group of pirates that they can hire.  Olmos agrees and gives Gerardo a key to the place where his money is hidden.  Olmos declares that he has only one condition—that no one lay a hand on Mariángel.

Gerardo recruits the pirates for Olmos.  He tells them that they will be paid well and presents some of the money in advance.  All that Olmos wants is a red-haired woman.

Diego tells his father that Montero is dead.  They fought, and Montero fell into a river full of piranhas.  Diego heard Mariángel scream, but all he found was part of her dress.  Diego assumes that the cannibals got her.  Esmeralda reflects that Mariángel was not a good person, but she would have never wished her to have such a horrible death.

Javier asks Laisha what her plans are.  Laisha has no idea but hopes to find a place where she belongs.  Laisha continues to dwell on her husband's death and how many of their people died for Sara Kalí.  Javier watches as Laisha walks away with her belongings.

Diego nervously holds his mask, and Esmeralda and Bernardo excuse themselves.  Alejandro wants to know why he was the last to know.  Diego explains that it was part of his oath in order to protect his family.  Alejandro feels betrayed.  He remembers trying to teach Diego how to fence in preparation for his duel with Montero and now feels rather foolish.  Alejandro thought he knew his son but now realizes that he didn't know him at all.  Diego apologizes and states that he had no other choice.  Alejandro reflects again that he feels betrayed but wants Diego to know that he would be proud of him even if he were not Zorro.

Sara Kalí and the gypsies visit the de la Vega hacienda so that Sara Kalí can see her grandson.  Almudena apologizes for everything her brother did to Sara Kalí.  Sara Kalí reminds her that she is the person who raised Esmeralda.  Almudena is like a mother to Esmeralda and should not feel bad about anything.  Little Alejandro is brought, and Sara Kalí holds her grandson.

Olmos frets about when the pirates will arrive.  Gerardo explains that they are cautious and want to speak with him.  Gerardo reveals that the townspeople say that Montero and Mariángel fell into the river and are dead.  Olmos swears that Mariángel will survive.

Now masked, Diego tells his father that he must go back to the hacienda separately.  His secret has certain implications.  Alejandro asks Esmeralda to tell him about Diego on the way back—at least whatever she can tell him.

María Pía catches up with Fernando in a field.  María Pía wants to go far away and start a new life.  Fernando replies that he must find Mariángel.  He has sent his men to look for her.  Once he knows, he will make a decision.  Fernando reminds María Pía that she will lose everything should she go with him.  María Pía declares that she has a right to be happy next to the man she loves.

Esmeralda is welcomed back home by Almudena and Sara Kalí.  Alejandro announces to all present that Duke Jacobo has been arrested and Montero has been eliminated.  The city will never suffer from injustice again.  Dolores asks about Mariángel; Esmeralda explains that Zorro told them that he heard a gunshot in the woods but saw no sign of her. 

Gerardo brings Agapito to treat Olmos.  Agapito is shocked about his condition and comments that he should not be alive.  Gerardo explains that Olmos has a specific purpose, and his purpose is keeping him alive.  Olmos hears Agapito tell Gerardo that the Queen was abducted, Pizarro was lynched, and Montero was devoured by piranhas.

Someone is seen walking along with bloody legs.  The person comes upon Montero's bloody arm, and Mariángel is heard gasping about the gruesome sight.

Diego runs from the hacienda and embraces Esmeralda and the baby.  Almudena wonders about Diego's injuries, and Diego explains that his injuries are due to his clumsiness.  He went to look for Esmeralda, and—Esmeralda breaks in, explaining that Zorro had to rescue Diego.  Diego is introduced to Sara Kalí, and after a short conversation, Alejandro asks to be excused with Diego.

The Queen requests that Padre Tomás bring her cousin to her.  She wishes to give her throne to Mercedes.  Padre Tomás remarks that Mercedes is a very wise person and that what she has endured has made her strong.  The Queen also requests to see Zorro again.

Diego explains that everything started in military school.  He already knew how to use weapons; Padre Tomás taught him basically everything he knows.  Alejandro is shocked that Padre Tomás knows his secret.  Diego explains that there is a group of powerful men who fight together to restore peace.  Diego shows Alejandro the secret cave.  Alejandro is amazed that such a place exists.  Diego comments that he discovered it when he was a boy.  He shows his father Zorro's weapons, and Alejandro admires them.  Alejandro declares that Zorro's best weapon is his horse.  Diego reveals that he taught Tornado everything that he knows.  Alejandro confesses that he feels ridiculous.  He thought Diego had become frivolous, but Diego has accomplished more than any of the rest of them.  Alejandro wishes he could have helped Diego, but Diego reminds him that it was part of the oath.  Alejandro states that he can help Diego in the future, provided that Diego lets him.  He also assures Diego that his secret is safe with him.

Almudena wonders why Alejandro is so happy, but all he will say is that he is the happiest man alive.  The two celebrate their happiness.

Diego and Esmeralda spend time with their son.  Esmeralda remarks that she feels awful about Mariángel and wonders whether Mariángel could have survived.  Diego doubts it.  Diego confesses that he loved their son from the first moment he saw him.  He tells Esmeralda how much he missed her.

Alejandro is horrified that María Pía left with Fernando.  Almudena explains that they are staying at María Pía's cabin.  Alejandro decides that he and Diego will go talk to her.

Diego gives Esmeralda a ring and asks her to marry him.  Esmeralda replies that it is what she wants the most.

Catalina begs Tobías to stay as he packs his things.  Catalina tells Tobías that it is all his fault.  She had to find love in another man's arms because Tobías would not give it to her.  Tobías replies that she is wrong; he wants her more than anything.  He married her because he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  She doesn't understand and never will.  Tobías turns and leaves.  Catalina stands staring, feeling lost and confused.

Olmos speaks to the pirates.  After the pirates question Olmos, they agree to go to Los Angeles with him.  Gerardo tells Olmos that he heard a rumor that Mariángel was killed by the Indians, but her body has not been found.  Olmos declares that Mariángel is alive; he can feel it.

A man walks down a path towards the town.  As he walks, he is frightened by the sight of Mariángel walking towards him.  He drops his bag and flees.  Mariángel picks up the bag and continues walking.

The Queen greets Mercedes and Esmeralda.  She announces that she plans to give her Crown to Mercedes.  Esmeralda and Mercedes glance at each other in joyous excitement.

Capítulo 111
July 20, 2007

Mercedes politely refuses to accept the throne.

Padre Tomas suggests that Alejandro join the brotherhood.

Olmos declares that Mariangel has returned.

Mariangel enters her father's old home.

Mercedes explains why she cannot accept the Crown.

The Queen promises to restore Mercedes and Esmeralda's places in the Court of Spain.

Garcia is dumbfounded when Alejandro offers him the position of Security Director.

Alejandro is pleased to offer Garcia the position.

Diego thanks Garcia for everything he has done.

Almudena tells Fernando that Maria Pia should not leave her family.

Fernando states that he will take Maria Pia with him no matter what.

Maria Pia asks what is wrong.

Diego invites his father to join the brotherhood of Zorro.

Agapito tells Tobias about the woman who looks like a monster.

Alejandro toasts to Diego and Esmeralda's happiness.

Fernando learns that Mariangel had Montero's baby.

Gerardo decides that the pirates will attack the city during the wedding.

Mercedes and Esmeralda regain their titles of nobility.

Zorro stands before the Queen.

Olmos declares that Mariangel is like the devil.

The Queen whispers that she will never forget that Zorro saved her life.

Mariangel watches the ceremony through her spyglass.

Agapito and Tobias discuss all of the strange things that have happened in Los Angeles.

Gerardo declares that Zorro will be their only obstacle.

The ladies tell Esmeralda how beautiful she looks.

Diego reflects that he never thought he would find love until he met Esmeralda.

Catalina worries about what will happen to Mariangel's clothes.

Fernando concludes that Mariangel will disrupt the wedding.

Diego and Esmeralda stand before the altar.

Mariangel tells herself that this will be Esmeralda's last moment of happiness.

Mariángel, who is quite a bloody mess, drags herself around town, and Diego and Esmeralda prepare for their wedding.

The Queen states that her way of serving justice is to make Mercedes Mayorga de Aragón the Queen of Spain.  Mercedes comments that she wouldn't expect any less of her.  The Queen explains that she hopes her gesture allays any suspicion of her involvement in the plot; she was unaware of Duke Jacobo's actions.  Mercedes assures her that she knows that she was not involved.  She appreciates the Queen's offer but cannot accept it.

Padre Tomás comments that Montero's death was terrible.  He tells Diego that he was worried that Alejandro would discover his identity someday.  Diego explains that he had no choice.  Padre Tomás replies that he understands, and it is not a problem.  Alejandro is a good man, and Padre Tomás believes that Zorro will no longer be needed.  Padre Tomás suggests that Alejandro join the brotherhood.

Gerardo tells Olmos that they found parts of Montero's body near the river.  They have not found Mariángel, but they think she was captured by savages.  Last night some people saw a horrible-looking woman with a lock of red hair on her head.  Gerardo does not think that Mariángel could have survived, but Olmos insists that Mariángel has returned.  She's come back to take him to hell.

Mariángel, leaving a trail of blood, pulls the bars off of the door to Fernando's house and enters.

Mercedes explains that it could cause a revolution if she were to take the throne.  It would be better for María Luísa to continue as Queen.  Mercedes trusts that her cousin will handle the future of their reign well.  The Queen promises not to leave them unguarded.  She will restore their titles so that they belong to the Court of Spain again.  They must return to Spain with her.  Esmeralda declines, as her place is with her son.  Mercedes promises to return as soon as she is certain that her daughter does not need her.  She wants to be sure that the gypsies get their rights back.  The Queen promises that the last name of Mayorga de Aragón will be loved by all of Spain.

Alejandro wants to thank García for all of his brave and heroic acts.  He will never be able to pay García back.  Alejandro invites García to have a drink with him.  He suggests that they discuss the security of this afternoon's ceremony, which will be García's responsibility.  Alejandro appoints García the new Security Director of Los Angeles.  García is amazed and honored.

The Queen comments that the story Esmeralda just told is the most beautiful she has ever heard.  Mercedes comments that Diego and Esmeralda's love has survived despite all that has happened.  The Queen is surprised that Esmeralda was married to Montero.  Esmeralda remarks that the Marquesa would have ended the marriage, but she hoped to rescue her mother.  The Queen thinks it is terrible that Mariángel, raised as her sister, tried to kill her.  Since both Mariángel and Montero are dead, Diego and Esmeralda are free to marry.  Esmeralda suggests that even though they are supposed to be grieving, she and Diego would like to marry before her mother and María Luísa leave for Spain.  The Queen agrees and promises to speak to Padre Tomás about the arrangements.  The Queen suggests that for a love like Esmeralda's, they can break the rules.

Diego thanks García for everything he did for Esmeralda while she was away.  Diego wants to know how he can repay García.  García asks to be allowed to visit Esmeralda and the baby sometimes.  He wants them to know how much he cares.  Diego agrees and comments that García can be like a second grandfather to the baby.  García excuses himself so that he can oversee the ceremony in which Sara Kalí and Esmeralda will receive medals.  García mentions that the event will be historic, since Zorro will also receive a medal from the Queen.

Esmeralda remarks about how much the Queen surprised her.  She always thought that the Queen was involved in the plot.  Esmeralda asks whether her mother minded giving up the Crown.  Mercedes assures her that her daughter and her grandson are the only treasures she needs.  She also has faced the demons of her past.  She saw Fernando Sánchez de Moncada, who seems to have changed and has become a monk.  Fernando asked for forgiveness, but she couldn't do it.  She is thinking about it, because it is not good for her to live with all of this anger and hatred.

Almudena visits Fernando at the cabin.  She tells Fernando that she is worried about him and María Pía.  She doesn't want María Pía to leave her family.  Fernando promises that he would never hurt her.  Almudena reminds him that he has hurt her in the past.  Fernando states that everyone has a right to try to change.  He tells her that many things are done for money and power; he should be able to put his life in the hands of God and his heart at a woman's feet.  Almudena wants to warn María Pía.  Fernando replies that she can tell María Pía whatever she wants, but he will take María Pía with him even if he has to soil his hands with blood.  María Pía enters and greets Almudena.  Almudena remarks that they are happy for her.  Fernando leaves, and María Pía asks Almudena what is wrong.  Almudena states that she doesn't want them to leave; Alejandro is thinking about forgiving Fernando.  María Pía replies that it is better for her to leave.

Diego tells Alejandro about the brotherhood of Zorro and that Alejandro is invited to join.  Diego assures his father that his devotion to justice has earned him the honor.  Alejandro accepts.  Diego welcomes Alejandro to the Knights of the Broken Thorn of Los Angeles.

Tobías explains to Agapito that he now lives at the tavern.  He will soon leave the city and never come back.  Agapito apologizes for mistaking him as Zorro.  He tells Tobías that strange things continue to happen.  He was treating some travelers who spoke of seeing a monster whom they believe was a woman.

Mariángel drags herself through her father's house, remembering how she fought against the cannibals during the attack.  Moaning with pain, Mariángel steps into a tub of water.

Alejandro toasts to Diego and Esmeralda's happiness.  Esmeralda apologizes for rushing the wedding, but she wants to marry before her mother and the Queen return to Spain.  Diego comments that there were certain obstacles that they had to overcome so that they could have the wedding.

In the plaza, a statement is read in which the Queen invites the city to an awards ceremony that afternoon.  Catalina and Tobías watch each other from across the plaza.

Alejandro remarks that he did not want to resolve the situation with Fernando and María Pía before talking to Diego.  While Diego agrees that Fernando may have changed, he does not believe that he should marry María Pía.  Alejandro replies that society allows them to decide for María Pía, but he thinks that they should respect her decision.  Diego wants to wait a couple of days before speaking to Fernando.  Alejandro remarks that he will support whatever Diego decides.

Fernando does not believe that Diego and Alejandro will ever give consent.  María Pía suggests that they might talk to him after Diego and Esmeralda's wedding.  Fernando wonders how Diego and Esmeralda can marry, since Mariángel's body has not been found.  María Pía explains that Judge Quintana has annulled the marriage because it was never consummated.  María Pía apologetically informs Fernando that Mariángel's baby was not Diego's, rather it was Montero's.

Mercedes and Esmeralda arrive for the ceremony.  The entire town, including the gypsies, cheers for the two women. 

Mariángel drags herself into another room and opens a drawer.  She removes a gun and loads it.

The Queen restores the titles of nobility to the two women, thus restoring their proper places in the Spanish Court.  Gerardo tells himself that they should celebrate while they can.  He notices a sign announcing the wedding of Diego and Esmeralda and comments that it will be the perfect time for the pirates to attack the city.

Gerardo tells Olmos that they should attack during the wedding.  Gerardo wonders how they can marry if Mariángel did not die.  Olmos thinks that they must be assuming that Mariángel is dead.  He is certain that Mariángel is filled with such hate that she has returned for revenge.  Olmos declares that she is like the devil.

The Queen declares that she also has the pleasure of awarding Zorro a medal for his courage in fighting against tyranny and for defending the different ethnic groups on this continent.  Zorro rides up on his horse and kneels before the Queen.  The Queen awards Zorro the medal of honor.  After she places the medal around his neck, she leans close and whispers that she owes him her life and will never forget it.  Meanwhile, Mariángel watches the ceremony through a spyglass. 

Mercedes wonders where Diego is.  Esmeralda remarks that Diego must be there somewhere, as he is a great admirer of Zorro.  Agapito tells Tobías that it was a mistake thinking that he was Zorro, with all due respect.  Tobías and Agapito recall some of the strange things that have happened.  Tobías thinks that he should have been a writer.  He remarks that many years from now, people will be writing about them.  Catalina watches Tobías with a sad look upon her face.

Two days later—

Gerardo informs the pirates that they will attack during the wedding.  Everyone will be at the wedding.  The pirates plan to capture every redheaded woman they find.

Almudena, Mercedes, and María Pía tell Esmeralda how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress.  Almudena tells Esmeralda how happy she is for her.  Mercedes echoes her thoughts.

Diego tells his father that he never thought he would find love until he met Esmeralda.  Alejandro asks what will happen to Zorro now that he will marry.  He will have other responsibilities.  Diego remarks that things have changed, and it is time to put away the whip and the sword.  Diego will return as Zorro should Zorro ever be needed again.

Mariángel watches the wedding preparations through her spyglass.

Almudena tells Mercedes that she should take Esmeralda to the church.  Mercedes reminds her that she raised Esmeralda and is like a mother to her.  Both of them will escort Esmeralda to the church.  Esmeralda hugs both women.

Wearing a black cloak, Mariángel enters the church through the attic.

The Judge tells Catalina that he had to declare Mariángel dead so that Diego and Esmeralda could marry.  Catalina remarks that Mariángel was good with clothes and wonders what will happen to her clothing.  The Judge reminds his daughter that Montero was Mariángel's lover and Catalina should stop mentioning that Mariángel was her friend, especially now that Tobías and she have separated.  Catalina is certain that Tobías would not say bad things about her.  The Judge hopes that they can work things out.  Catalina remarks that Tobías was probably not the man for her.

Fernando's man, Juan, shows him how the boards were pulled off of the door and all of the blood on the floor.  An injured woman with red hair was seen near the city.  Fernando remarks that it could be Mariángel.  He notices that the guns are missing and concludes that Mariángel might do something crazy at the wedding.  Fernando rushes out of the house.

Alejandro escorts Esmeralda down the aisle to the altar.  Mariángel struggles towards the front of the church.  She curses Esmeralda and tells her to enjoy this moment for it will be her last.  Esmeralda will die today.

Capítulo 112
July 23, 2007

Diego and Esmeralda at their wedding.

Tobias declares women a necessary evil.

Fernando is attacked by pirates.

Olmos declares that his feelings for Mariangel are a curse.

Catalina and her father are attacked by pirates.

Mariangel reacts after she shoots her father.

Fernando collapses after he is shot.

Mariangel suggests that Olmos is frightened of her appearance.

Mariangel reacts as Olmos stabs her.

Olmos and Mariangel are united in death.

Catalina promises to fight for a future with Tobias.

Alejandro declares that he forgives Fernando.

Regina beckons to Fernando.

Maria Pia sobs as Fernando dies.

Fernando and Mariangel are carried to their final resting places.

Maria Pia celebrates the birth of her daughter.

Zorro turns in his sword.

Maria Pia and Almudena hold their babies.

Alfonso asks for a place in Maria Pia's heart.

Diego and Esmeralda spend time with their son.

Diego whispers the secret of making a little sister.

Diego and Esmeralda celebrate the birth of their daughter.

The de la Vegas discuss the new military commander.

Diego teaches his son to fence.

Diego announces that the brotherhood has accepted Alejandro as Zorro.

Diego and Esmeralda look forward to many more years of happiness.

Fernando, Olmos, and Mariángel meet their final destinies, and the de la Vega family grows larger and larger as the years pass.

The wedding ceremony proceeds, while Mariángel drags herself towards the front of the cathedral.

In the tavern, Tobías, who appears to be drunk, declares that women are a necessary evil:  you can't live with them, and you can't live without them.  Everyone loves a beautiful woman; the only exception is her husband.  Some of the pirates enter the tavern, and one of them orders Tobías to continue his verses.  Tobías indignantly declares that he will not continue for a rogue.

Fernando gets on his horse and prepares to leave for the church.  The pirates apprehend him, and he is forced to dismount.  After a bloody fight, the pirates and Fernando's companion are killed.  Fernando hurries to the church.

The pirates attack Tobías, while Olmos enters the tavern with Gerardo.  Gerardo comments that the pirates are ransacking the city.  Olmos states that Mariángel's body is beckoning to him.  Gerardo is glad that Olmos is in love, but Olmos replies that it is not love but a curse.

As the ceremony continues, García turns around to see Fernando looking through the door.  García questions him, and Fernando tells him that pirates are attacking the city.  García doesn't believe him, but Fernando orders him to look.

Catalina and her father hurry to the church, worried that they are late.  Pirates attack them, and Catalina is carried away.  Tobías sees what has happened to Catalina and gets away from his captors so that he can rescue her.

Fernando makes his way into the church, looking for Mariángel.  He spots a woman in a black cloak, wearing a bracelet.  Fernando recognizes the bracelet as one that he gave to Mariángel.  Fernando realizes that he has located his daughter.  Meanwhile, Diego and Esmeralda are declared husband and wife.  As the crowd celebrates, Mariángel points her gun.  Fernando jumps in front of the gun and is shot by Mariángel.  He collapses as the crowd panics and flees from the church.  María Pía screams in agony.  Mariángel is horrified.  As the wedding guests flee the church, they fall into the clutches of the pirates.

All eyes focus on Mariángel as she screams for them not to move.  Mariángel addresses Esmeralda as her sister, declaring that the bullet was meant for her.  Everyone realizes who the hooded figure is.  Mariángel screams that they abandoned her in that forest where those savages nearly devoured her alive.  She declares that she will go back to being like before, and she will be their worst nightmare.  Mariángel damns them all to hell as she backs out of the church.

Outside, Olmos and Gerardo watch Mariángel struggle down the steps.  She turns to see the damned hunchback.  She declares that he should be dead.  Olmos limps towards her, stating that he knew she was alive.  Mariángel screams for him to get away from her, calling him a disgusting beast.  Olmos tells her to come here, for he is going to kill her.  He first wants to feel her fiery face that burns like the sun.  He lunges, and Mariángel's head is uncovered.  Mariángel questions whether he is frightened.  She comments that she thought he loved her.  She orders Olmos to die once and for all, shooting him.  Olmos staggers forward, declaring that she goes with him, for she belongs to him.  He stabs her, and she grabs his head, screaming.  Olmos and Mariángel fall down, face to face, dead, with their open eyes staring at each other.

Catalina screams for the pirate to let go of her.  Tobías enters the scene, yelling for him to put Catalina down.  The pirate smiles and agrees to put Catalina down so that he can kick his butt.  Tobías lunges forward, killing the pirate.  Tobías nearly faints.  Catalina embraces him.  Tobías promises never to leave her again.  She declares that they will fight for a future together.

The pirates are gradually defeated.

María Pía begs Agapito to save Fernando, but he says that it is too late.  María Pía cries as Fernando states that it has to be this way.  Fernando addresses Alejandro and Diego, asking for forgiveness.  Fernando sees Regina calling for him to come.  He says that he does not have much time.  María Pía continues crying.  Diego approaches and states that he forgives Fernando.  Alejandro also declares that he has their forgiveness.  Fernando addresses Almudena and Esmeralda.  He apologizes for everything he did to them.  Regina again calls for Fernando.  Fernando tells María Pía that he will always love her.  Fernando dies, and María Pía moans in devastation.

The de la Vega family and their friends carry the coffins of Fernando and Mariángel through the plaza to the cemetery.  Padre Tomás is heard, declaring that Fernando has been forgiven by God, for he has repented his sins.  Padre Tomás hopes that Mariángel will hear their prayers and their sympathy and will find the forgiveness of God.  María Pía is heard, stating that she knows God will reunite her with Fernando someday, for their entire lives have been the outcome of their love.

Months later, María Pía gives birth to her daughter, whom she names Fernanda in honor of the baby's father.  Almudena tells María Pía that they all surround her with love and affection.  She adds that she hopes that she is treated the same when—Alejandro looks at her in surprise.  Almudena announces that she is going to have a baby.  Diego declares that he will have a brother.

At a meeting of the brotherhood, Padre Tomás states that with Montero and Pizarro dead, they are free of tyrants.  Zorro enters and declares that he will hand in his sword.  Since military rule is over, Zorro is no longer needed.  Zorro swears that he will be ready should any problems arise in the future.

One year later—

María Pía and Almudena sit inside the de la Vega hacienda with their babies.  The nanny takes Fernanda to bed, and Almudena excuses herself when she notices Don Alfonso in the doorway.  María Pía turns around and is surprised to see Alfonso.  Alfonso says that he was in Europe when he found out about Fernando, and he is sorry.  He is passing through on business and wanted to see her.  He declares that he never stopped loving her.  María Pía starts to mention Fernando, but Alfonso cuts her off.  He knows that he cannot replace Fernando, but he wants to have a place of his own in her heart.

Six years later—

Diego and Esmeralda snatch a quick kiss while walking in the woods.  They break apart when their son, Alejandro, walks up.

On the shore of the lake, Diego and young Alejandro fish while the rest of the family shares a picnic.

García and Cifuentes walk through the plaza and discuss how nothing ever happens in the city anymore.  Cifuentes thinks that Zorro left for Spain with the Queen.  García declares that Zorro cannot leave.  He is theirs and is still with them, looking after them.

Diego sets Tornado free.  He tells his horse that it is not fair to keep him.  He hopes that Tornado finds a nice filly to make him happy.  He can always come back to visit sometime.

Months later—

Esmeralda suggests that Alejandro should have a little sister.  Diego asks whether Esmeralda knows how little sisters are made.  He whispers something in her ear.

Diego paces through the room nervously.  Both Alfonso and Alejandro tell Diego to calm down.  Diego tries to leave the room, but María Pía stops him and tells him to be patient.  Dolores enters, announcing that Diego has a daughter.  Diego enters the bedroom and meets his new daughter.  Esmeralda declares that she is only missing her mother.  María Pía assures her that she will visit soon.  Esmeralda announces that her daughter will be named Elena.  García enters and apologizes, but he has bad news:  the Queen, María Luísa, has died.

The city of Los Angeles holds a memorial service for the Queen.

Years later—

At dinner, Alejandro announces that a new military commander will be ruling Los Angeles.  A new commander will arrive soon, and Alejandro states that it is not an unusual move, considering that the war with Mexico has intensified.  Esmeralda is very worried that another man like Montero could be in power.  The entire family is concerned.  Later, Esmeralda tells Diego that she is scared.  Before it was just them, but they now have children.  Esmeralda wonders whether he would go back to being Zorro, and he answers that he would without hesitation.

Diego trains his son, now a young man, in fencing.  Meanwhile, the new military commander, a haughty man, arrives and declares that this will be a good place to serve the King.

Diego continues training his son.  In the secret cave, the men practice marksmanship.  Diego tells his son that the new commander is causing many problems, and the time to act is now.  He asks whether Alejandro would be willing to confront the commander.  He is almost as well-trained as Diego.  Bernardo brings Alejandro his new horse.  Alejandro is excited.  He puts on the disguise and is heard speaking, just as his father did years before:

I wear the black mask to hide my identity.  I cover myself with the black cape that protects me from the enemy.  And I clutch my sword to do justice.
Esmeralda greets young Alejandro, dressed as Zorro, as he returns from a meeting of the brotherhood with Diego.  Esmeralda asks whether he was accepted as Zorro.  Diego declares that of course he was accepted.  Esmeralda reminds Alejandro that his responsibility is to come home each night.  As young Zorro rides off, Diego and Esmeralda kiss.  From a nearby hill, Zorro salutes his parents.  Diego and Esmeralda kiss again, and live happily ever after.
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