Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 6-10

Capítulo 6
Feb. 19, 2007

Esmeralda is surrounded by cannibals.

Fernando relentlessly asks why Maria Pia did not marry him.

The cannibals prepare to eat Esmeralda.

Diego is worried that Esmeralda wandered away from him.

Almudena is told to return home.

Montero tells Pizarro that they need a scapegoat for the inspector's murder.

Mariangel decides that Diego is the perfect man for her.

Olmos removes his hairpiece and declares that he is a monster.

Renzo is arrested on the Sanchez de Moncada estate.

Suplicios declares that the devil made her do it.

Diego warns Esmeralda that the cannibals will return.

Esmeralda is captured by cannibals, and Renzo is accused of murdering the Viceroy's inspector.

Esmeralda wonders why Diego has Zorro's medallion.  She considers whether Diego could be Zorro but decides that he is too much of an idiot.  Esmeralda leaves Diego to get help but is captured by cannibals who live in the jungle near Los Angeles.

Montero tells Pizarro that Fernando told him that the masked prisoner is the Queen of the Gypsies and that she tried to kill the King.  Montero is certain that the story is a lie and that Fernando killed the inspector to keep the truth a secret.  Montero points out that Fernando offered him Esmeralda, even though he has never met her—apparently to buy his silence.

María Pía demands that Fernando stop sending her gifts at the mission.  Fernando pleads with her to tell him why she never married him.  María Pía states that she chose to devote herself to a noble cause rather than to a man.  Fernando observes that her breathing changes when he is near, so he knows that she is lying.

Sister Suplicios continues to hear Fernando's voice calling María Pía and sees a dark shadow followed by the devil approaching her.  Suplicios hysterically screams that he is here to take her.

Almudena looks for Esmeralda and finds her overturned carriage and Diego's horse.  Padre Tomás comes along and fears that Esmeralda and Diego may have entered the forest—where there is grave danger.  Almudena goes for help and tells Montero what Padre Tomás said.  Pizarro remarks that he was referring to the legend that a cannibal tribe came from the south fleeing the conquest.  Pizarro regards it as nonsense.

The cannibals imprison Esmeralda and begin chanting.  Meanwhile, Diego realizes that Esmeralda has been captured by cannibals, but as he tries to follow her trail, he falls into a large hole.

Renzo learns that a man threatened José and Javier with a gun, and they were forced to leave Esmeralda with the man.  Renzo fears for Esmeralda's safety, so he leaves to see whether she made it home safely.

Montero orders Almudena to return to her estate with Pizarro.  Padre Tomás states that he will stay by the river.  Montero pulls Pizarro aside, and with a meaningful look at Padre Tomás, remarks that they need a scapegoat for the inspector's murder—and they need one today.

Catalina chides Tobías for not busting Miguel de Salavedra's face for saying that she slept with Diego.  Tobías assures her that he challenged Miguel to a duel.  Catalina is touched, but she tells Tobías that she would rather have his affection.  Tobías replies that he needs to practice for the duel.

Olmos tries to convince Maríangel that Diego is not good enough for her, but she decides that Diego is the perfect man for her.  He is handsome, and very, very rich.  Olmos grieves that he is nothing more than a monstrous hunchback who is ugly and of no importance to his beloved Maríangel.

Renzo arrives at the Sánchez de Moncada home, but he is arrested by soldiers.  He is taken to the prison, where Pizarro accuses him of murdering the Viceroy's inspector.  Pizarro declares that Renzo will hang.

Diego reaches the cannibals' camp as they prepare to kill Esmeralda.  Diego remembers his oath as he became Zorro—that he would never reveal Zorro's identity and that he would never use his skills for personal benefit.  After a slight hesitation, Diego attacks the cannibals and saves Esmeralda's life.  Esmeralda is impressed to see this new side of Diego.

María Pía tells Suplicios that the devil is not after her and that what she is feeling is something that bothers her.  Suplicios insists that the devil made her do it.  He made her sleep with her brother, who then killed himself.  María Pía is stunned by this revelation.

Alejandro has a shaman heal Yumalay.  Meanwhile, a soldier arrives at the hacienda and informs Alejandro that an Indian tried to kill Fernando.  The soldier orders Alejandro to hand over the Indian.

Maríangel asks Fernando to arrange her marriage to Diego de la Vega.

Diego tells Esmeralda that they are still in danger.  The cannibals left for reinforcements, and he is certain that they will return to kill them.

Capítulo 7
Feb. 20, 2007

Esmeralda and Diego try to escape the cannibals.

Suplicios visits her brother's grave with Maria Pia.

Alejandro remarks that the Indian woman reminds him of Diego's mother.

Fernando declares that he hates all gypsies.

Renzo languishes in the plaza.

Jonas and Azucena worry about Renzo.

Diego and Esmeralda hide from the cannibals.

Esmeralda promises that she will never reveal Diego's secret.

Mariangel is amused that Montero's enemy wears a mask.

Mariangel looks at Zorro's reward poster.

Mariangel and Olmos speak about Diego.

Diego and Esmeralda share their first kiss

Diego and Esmeralda become better acquainted, and Renzo is charged with the inspector's murder.

Diego tells Esmeralda that they must leave, as the cannibals will soon return for them.  Esmeralda blames Diego for their predicament; if he hadn't shot off his gun and frightened the horses, none of this would have happened.  She doesn't understand why he behaved that way when she saw what he did the other night with his other personality, which he just confirmed by fighting the cannibals.  Diego replies that they don't have time to discuss it.  She refuses to leave with Diego until he reminds her that she will be dinner.

Fernando is surprised to learn that Mariángel wants to marry Diego.  He tells Mariángel that he needs to meet Diego first, and if he approves, he will arrange their wedding.

María Pía tells Suplicios that the devil is not inside of her, that it is only her conscience tormenting her.  Suplicios needs to forgive herself for her sins.  María Pía and Suplicios visit the grave of Suplicios' brother, who committed suicide.

Diego and Esmeralda rub the oil from a plant on their skin so that the cannibals cannot follow their trail.  Esmeralda asks him how he knows so much, and he replies that his mother was an Indian.

Soldiers arrive at the de la Vega hacienda, asking for the Indian woman.  Alejandro manages to convince them that the woman is not there.  Dolores is pleased that Alejandro lied about the woman's presence.  Alejandro remarks that he just wants to give her a chance.  He knows that Montero would kill her, and she looks just like Diego's mother did when he met her.

Renzo is led through the plaza and denounced to the city as the dog who killed the Viceroy's inspector.  Azucena sees Renzo and goes into hysterics about what has happened to her son.

Fernando agrees with Pizarro that it is an excellent idea to blame a gypsy for the inspector's murder.  With great hatred, Fernando declares that he hates all of those pigs.  Fernando orders Renzo's execution.

Azucena and Jonás discuss Renzo's plight.  They wonder whether Esmeralda might be able to soften her father's heart and get him to free Renzo.  Azucena points out that Fernando is very cruel.  Jonás concludes that Zorro is the only person who can help Renzo.

Esmeralda continues to resist as Diego tells her that they must keep going.  She tells him that she doesn't want to rely on him.  Diego reminds her that their lives became tangled when their medallions became tangled, and they must rely on each other.  All of the people who care about him and who keep his secret are now relying on her.  Esmeralda asks who he is.  Diego replies that he is a bandit, an idealist, and perhaps a fool—who thinks that the world will be a better place without pettiness and the abuse of power.  Esmeralda asks whether Diego is the man behind the mask or the man who pulled a rabbit out of his hat.  Diego answers that he is Zorro, and Zorro only wears a mask.  The mask that Diego wears is larger, heavier, and much harder to bear.  Esmeralda remarks that she is glad he is Zorro and promises never to reveal his secret.

Almudena tells Alejandro that even though Fernando has married twice and had two daughters, he has never forgotten his first love, María Pía.  Almudena had to raise his daughters for him and take charge of his affairs.  Alejandro remarks that María Pía has never revealed why she refused to marry Fernando, and Almudena states that Fernando has never explained it to her.

Fernando visits María Pía, this time to obtain information about Don Diego.  María Pía tries to make Fernando think that Diego is not interested in marriage.

García is ordered to be in charge of Renzo's execution, which is to occur the next day.  García brings him some food and water in his cell.  Renzo tells García that he is innocent.

Diego and Esmeralda get to a place of safety, and Diego kisses Esmeralda.  She remarks that he is the first man ever to kiss her.  Diego hopes that he will also be the last man to kiss her.  The two express their love for each other.

Aguirre and Machado check on Sara Kalí in her cell.  Machado remarks that he hasn't been with a woman in awhile.  Aguirre cautions that it would not be appropriate.  Machado touches Sara Kalí's legs, and she kicks him.  She escapes from her cell before either man can stop her.

Diego leaves Esmeralda to see whether the river is near.  While he is gone, someone comes up behind Esmeralda and places his hand over her mouth.

Capítulo 8
Feb. 21, 2007

Sara Kali uses Sgt. Garcia as a shield.

Esmeralda is relieved that Diego is safe.

Montero is surprised to see that Diego and Esmeralda care about each other.

Miguel and Laisha are thrilled that Diego has paid them for their land.

Tobias and Catalina are happy to meet Mariangel.

Diego fears that he is catching a cold.

Montero suggests that Mariangel has bad taste in men.

Esmeralda tells Almudena that it has been the best and worst day of her life.

Pizarro wonders how long they will let the masked woman control their lives.

Montero suggests a couple of possible solutions to their problem.

Maria Pia tries to get Alejandro to forbid a marriage between Diego and either one of Fernando's daughters.

Almudena reacts to the news that Esmeralda's mother is in prison.

Lucrecia brings Esmeralda a message from Jonas and Azucena.

Diego tells Dolores that Esmeralda is the woman he loves.

Zorro appears outside the church.

With shock, Esmeralda turns to look at Zorro.

Sara Kalí attempts to escape, and Esmeralda declares her love for Diego.

Ricardo Montero covers Esmeralda's mouth and tells her that her father sent him to rescue her.  They must move quickly.  Suddenly, Montero is struck by an arrow, and the cannibals swarm in upon them.  Montero's soldiers fight back against the cannibals.

María Pía wonders why Fernando said nothing to her about Diego and Esmeralda's disappearance when he was at the mission.  She wonders how he can stay so calm when his daughter is missing.  María Pía tells Dolores that Fernando wishes to marry off one of his daughters to Diego.  Dolores is horrified.  Both Dolores and María Pía declare that Diego must not be allowed to marry one of Fernando's daughters.

Sara Kalí grabs a knife from García's pocket and orders him to give her the key so that she can escape.  Pizarro walks up and interrupts Sara Kalí's flight.  She is returned to her cell.

Olmos points out Catalina and Tobías to Mariángel in the plaza.  She wants to meet Catalina so that she can find out whether Diego did actually sleep with her.  Mariángel wants to protect the honor of her future husband.

Esmeralda tells Montero that they must search for Diego.  Montero claims that there is no time, and Diego walks up.  Esmeralda is relieved that Diego is safe, and Montero notices that she and Diego seem to know each other rather well.  Esmeralda starts to say that Diego saved her, but he interrupts and acts as though she saved him.

Bernardo takes Miguel and Laisha a large sum of money that Diego is paying them for their land.  A letter from Diego states that he hopes that the money will help them get a start somewhere far away from Montero.

Catalina tells Mariángel that she is glad to have a friend with whom she can gossip.  Tobías confides that he has found this city to be more rambunctious than decent and is glad to make the acquaintance of such a cultured and refined person as Mariángel.  Mariángel mentions that she has heard that Diego de la Vega is having an affair with a married woman.  Catalina exclaims that she is shocked that people are saying things like that about her.  Mariángel begs forgiveness but is secretly pleased to have confirmation of what Olmos told her.

Diego tells Dolores and María Pía that he was trying to help Esmeralda from the river bank, but he fell into the river.  Now he believes he has caught a cold.

Diego wonders what he was thinking.  Esmeralda now knows his secret, and it will endanger her as well.

Mariángel dresses Montero's wound while she tells him that she is going after Diego de la Vega.  Montero wonders whether the bad taste runs in the family.  He informs her that Diego is already interested in another woman—her sister, Esmeralda.  Montero taunts Mariángel by telling her that he can't blame Diego for his interest, since Esmeralda is prettier than Mariángel.

Esmeralda tells Almudena that this has been the best and the worst day of her life.  She asks Almudena about her mother and what she had to do with the gypsies.  Almudena does not think that Mercedes had anything to do with the gypsies, since she did not connect easily with other people.  She and Almudena never shared much, but it was apparent that Mercedes was a wonderful woman who was full of class.  Esmeralda realizes that Almudena did not know her mother well.  She asks Almudena whether she has confirmation that her mother actually died in childbirth.  Almudena states that she was away in Barcelona when Esmeralda was born.

Montero asks Pizarro how the masked woman managed nearly to escape.  Pizarro suggests that the men simply made a mistake.  Montero comments that Pizarro's fatherly attitude towards the men only fosters weakness.  Pizarro informs him that the men would give their lives for him and for Montero.  He promises that they will pay for their mistake.  Pizarro wonders how long they will let the threat of the masked woman hang over them.  Montero suggests that there are two ways to end the problem.  They could either kill Fernando, or Montero could give Fernando many grandchildren with his daughter, Esmeralda.

María Pía knows that Diego is interested in one of Fernando's daughters.  She pleads with Don Alejandro not to allow Diego to marry either one of Fernando's daughters.  She suggests that since Fernando hates Indians, he might oppose a marriage should he learn that Diego's mother was an Indian.  Alejandro refuses to listen and suggests that he has even considered marrying Fernando's sister, Almudena.  María Pía silently shakes her head and leaves.

Esmeralda reveals what she learned from the gypsies.  Almudena insists that Fernando would have had no reason to fake Esmeralda's mother's death.  Esmeralda replies that he would have faked her death for the same reason that he has pretended to be her father.  Esmeralda confesses that she overheard Almudena and Fernando talking and that she heard him say that he is not her father.  Almudena tells her that she kept quiet because she felt that Esmeralda had already suffered enough pain.  Esmeralda tells Almudena that the gypsies told her that her mother is held captive in the city's prison under Fernando's orders.  Almudena is astonished.  She wants to confront Fernando, but Esmeralda makes her promise to say nothing to him.

Diego tells Bernardo that Esmeralda knows his secret.  Bernardo is highly dismayed.  Diego tells him that he needs Bernardo to help him to protect Esmeralda.

Dolores asks Diego where he is going and learns that he is going to see the lady he likes.  Dolores insists on knowing her name, and Diego tells her that she is Esmeralda, Fernando's daughter.  Dolores is distressed.

Esmeralda meets Diego at the church and tells him how much everything that happened meant to her.  Diego agrees, but states that he has a confession to make.  Esmeralda tells him that he is her hero.  Diego still tries to make a confession, but Esmeralda interrupts to promise that she will never reveal his secret.  Diego explains that he doesn't know how he found the strength to fight the cannibals.  Suddenly, Zorro appears outside the mission on his horse.

Capítulo 9
Feb. 22, 2007

Esmeralda tearfully calls Diego a liar.

Esmeralda asks Isidoro to take her to the gypsy camp.

Dolores and Maria Pia discuss Diego and Esmeralda.

Padre Tomas warns Diego that telling Esmeralda his secret was a grave error.

Alejandro remembers nursing Regina back to health.

Alejandro remembers Regina's baptism.

Alejandro remembers his wedding to Regina.

Esmeralda promises that she will help Renzo.

Maria Pia and Suplicios give food to the poor.

Diego makes Alejandro aware of his love for Esmeralda.

Esmeralda is shocked that they will cut the baby out.

Dolores insists that Diego will hear the truth about Fernando.

Diego stares at Dolores in surprise.

Fernando and Mariangel discuss Montero's intent to marry Esmeralda.

Montero receives permission to marry Esmeralda, and Diego convinces Esmeralda that he is not Zorro.

After Zorro is seen outside the church, Diego tells Esmeralda that he lied to her about being Zorro and that the abilities she saw were a result of luck.  Diego tries to tell Esmeralda that he does indeed love her.  She will not listen and tells Diego that she hates him.  Esmeralda runs out of the church in tears.

Dolores tells María Pía that Diego is love in with Esmeralda.

Padre Tomás tells Diego that he feared that Diego would not make it out of the jungle alive.  The cannibals fled the Spanish Conquest from Guatemala and hid in the jungle near Los Angeles.  Nobody has ever made it out of that jungle alive.  Diego explains that he had to reveal himself as Zorro in order to rescue Esmeralda from the cannibals.  Padre Tomás points out that Diego made a grave error and has endangered Esmeralda.  Diego protests that he had no choice, but he has tried to cover by telling Esmeralda that it was a lie.  Diego worries that he will lose Esmeralda.  Padre Tomás reminds Diego that she is the governor's daughter; he represents what Diego is fighting against.  Diego states that he does not know what kind of person the governor is, but he knows who Esmeralda is.  He shocks Padre Tomás by telling him that Esmeralda is the woman he wants for the rest of his life.

Fernando congratulates Montero and Pizarro for rescuing Esmeralda and for arresting the culprit responsible for killing the Viceroy's inspector.  With false cheerfulness, Fernando comments that many things bind them.  Montero points out that Fernando still does not trust him.  Montero adds that Fernando's story about his wife was incoherent, illogical, or was missing something.  Montero suggests that they strengthen their bond.  He comments that he has met Fernando's daughter, Esmeralda, and would like to marry her.

María Pía tells Dolores that they must put a stop to Diego and Esmeralda's relationship.  Dolores wonders how they can do it.  María Pía suggests that Alejandro be told that Fernando killed Regina.  Dolores protests that it would be too dangerous for Alejandro, because Fernando is in a position of power.  María Pía is not sure what she will say, but she must speak to Alejandro about Diego.

Alejandro remembers when he first met his Indian wife, Regina.  It was during a fierce battle, and Alejandro wounded the tribal leader.  He was shocked to learn that the Indian was a woman named Toypurnia.  He vowed not to let her die and nursed her back to health.  She was baptized as Regina, and Alejandro married her.  Alejandro reflects that he has never forgotten Regina.

Yumalay tells Alejandro that she wants to leave and go back to her people.  Alejandro asks her why she tried to kill the governor.  She does not answer. 

Azucena and Jonás tell Esmeralda what has happened to Renzo and insist that he is innocent.  Azucena asks Esmeralda to help save Renzo.  Esmeralda promises to do everything she can to help Renzo, no matter what she has to do.

Padre Tomás tells Diego that he has learned the Viceroy's inspector was at the prison investigating an important prisoner.  During his inspection, he was murdered.  A gypsy has been blamed for the inspector's death and will be executed within the next few days.  Gypsies are not assassins, so it is apparent that the gypsy is a scapegoat for the real murderer.  Padre Tomás points out that this has happened with the approval of the new governor—the father of the woman Diego loves.  He cautions Diego to consider carefully before continuing his pursuit of Esmeralda.

Diego asks Bernardo to find out more about Renzo and the execution.  He also tells Bernardo that there is an important prisoner at Callao and that they need to find out more about that person.

Diego meets Esmeralda on the road, wanting to speak with her.  Esmeralda tells him that she has nothing to say to him.  She asks Isidoro to look at Diego and tell her whether he could be Zorro.  Isidoro laughs.  Esmeralda comments that everyone would have known he was lying, except her.  He has made her look stupid.  Diego declares that he loves Esmeralda and wants to marry her.  Esmeralda claps, exclaiming that he is a good actor.  She informs him that she can't marry a man she can never trust.

Alejandro tells Diego that Fernando has planned a party to thank Montero for saving Esmeralda.  Diego asks Alejandro to ask Fernando for permission for him to marry Esmeralda.  He agrees but warns Diego that María Pía is opposed to any marriage with a Sánchez de Moncada.

While María Pía is giving supplies to the poor, she is called to assist in a breech birth.  Esmeralda hears a commotion while passing by and checks to see what is happening.  She offers to help María Pía.

Dolores confronts Diego about his conversation with his father.  She tells him that he doesn't know who Esmeralda's father really is.  Dolores loudly exclaims that she will tell him.  Diego stares in astonishment.

Mariángel tells Fernando that she spoke to Montero, to thank him for saving Esmeralda.  Montero told her that Diego and Esmeralda seemed very close.  Fernando remarks that it is odd that Montero said nothing, considering that he asked for Esmeralda's hand in marriage.  Mariángel asks whether Fernando will grant Montero's request.

Capítulo 10
Feb. 23, 2007

Esmeralda and Maria Pia celebrate the birth of the baby.

Suplicios and Maria Pia thank Esmeralda for helping with the difficult birth.

Pizarro tells Montero what he has learned about Esmeralda's past.

Diego asks Sgt. Garcia about the female prisoner.

Hermes learns that Sara Kali is his death sentence.

Mariangel tries to learn what happened between Esmeralda and Diego.

Pizarro and Montero eye Diego with disdain.

Diego taunts Montero and Pizarro by sitting under Zorro's reward poster.

Catalina tells Diego that everyone is talking about them.

Almudena confesses that she would have given anything for Alejandro to return her feelings.

Alejandro remembers the good times he shared with Regina.

Alejandro tells himself that he must forget about Regina.

Esmeralda arrives for the reception.

Fernando announces that Esmeralda is to marry Montero.

Mariángel makes a play for Diego, and Fernando announces the engagement of Montero and Esmeralda.

Fernando is reluctant to grant permission for Montero to marry Esmeralda, since he has no money or pedigree.  Mariángel points out that Esmeralda has had no real contact with high society and that she is used to being around beggars and other needy people.  Fernando realizes that nobody would want Esmeralda unless he were old and senile like Esmeralda's late husband.  Fernando will not give a definite answer, but warns Mariángel that Esmeralda will not marry Montero easily.  Mariángel is certain that she can take care of Esmeralda.

Dolores declares that Diego cannot fall in the love with the daughter of an Indian hunter.  Diego was unaware that Fernando hunted Indians, but states that Fernando cannot be as cruel as the person who killed his mother.  Diego reassures Dolores that he did not fall in love with just any woman.  Esmeralda is special.

Esmeralda cuts the woman open, and the baby is born.  María Pía declares that Esmeralda is very brave.  A very drunk Agapito finally arrives to help the mother.

Bernardo reports that García is drinking in the tavern and that he looks very sad.  Diego suggests that perhaps García needs to confide in a friend.  Diego leaves to speak with García.

Mariángel sends Diego a wagon full of flowers.  Diego tells himself that Mariángel doesn't mess around.

María Pía thanks Esmeralda for helping with the breech birth and remarks upon what an extraordinary woman Esmeralda is.  She is shocked to learn who Esmeralda is.

Pizarro tells Montero that he has learned that Esmeralda is a wealthy widow and that her husband died at the altar.  Montero is intrigued; Esmeralda is young, beautiful, wealthy, and a virgin.  He decides that he must have her.

Diego shares a drink with García, learning that a woman wearing an iron mask is held prisoner at Callao.  Diego wonders why the woman wears a mask.  García is certain that Montero does not want the woman to be recognized.

Hermes is placed in Sara Kalí's cell because he spoke with the Viceroy's inspector and now must be kept in seclusion.  Sara Kalí tells him that she pities him.  She is his death sentence.  She has been kept in this cell for many years, and there is no escape.  Neither of them will ever make it out alive.

Fernando questions Esmeralda about her abduction and what happened with Diego at the river.  Esmeralda evades his questions and throws all of his comments back at him.  Fernando is furious, and Mariángel tells him to let her handle Esmeralda.

Mariángel tries to get Esmeralda to explain exactly what happened with Diego in the jungle but Esmeralda continues to be evasive.

Diego and Montero exchange taunts in the plaza.  Montero also questions Diego about what happened with Esmeralda in the jungle.  He suggests that Diego might have tried to seduce her.  Diego remarks that Montero has such an astute instinct, and he wonders how such an intelligent and astute man as Montero has not already captured Zorro.  Montero abruptly ends the conversation.

Diego informs Padre Tomás that a masked woman is held captive in the prison.  Padre Tomás concludes that the inspector must have been looking for her.  He must have found her, since he is dead.  Diego suggests that Montero is covering for someone.  Padre Tomás points out that Fernando signed the execution order for the gypsy.

María Pía is upset that Dolores told Diego that Fernando was an Indian hunter.  She fears that Diego could guess that Fernando killed his mother, and it would put Diego and Alejandro in danger.  María Pía worries about what Fernando would do if he were exposed.  Changing the subject, María Pía comments that she has met the woman Diego loves and found her to be the most beautiful and pure woman she has ever met.

Catalina sees Diego in the plaza and tells him that everyone is talking about Diego and her.  Tobías plans to duel a man over what he said about them.  Catalina begs Diego to meet her somewhere so that she can feel like a woman again.  The conversation is interrupted when the Judge walks up and speaks to Catalina.

Suplicios sees a demon and goes into hysterics.

Esmeralda tells Almudena that she fell in love with Diego today but is already heartbroken because he lied to her.  Almudena is confused.  Esmeralda apologizes for not making sense.  Almudena confides that she was in love with a man for many years and would have given anything for him to have said something, even if it were a lie.  She admits that she is speaking of Diego's father, Alejandro.

Alejandro remembers the love that he shared with Regina.  He tells himself that he has to let her go and move on with his life.

At the party to honor Montero, Fernando thanks Montero for his heroism in saving Esmeralda.  He also announces that Montero has formally asked for Esmeralda's hand in marriage, and he has decided to grant his permission.

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