Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 11-15

Capítulo 11
Feb. 26, 2007

Diego keeps Fernando from striking Esmeralda.

Olmos is happy after Diego knocks Montero down.

Diego pretends to be hurt.

Fernando threatens to beat Esmeralda to a pulp.

Suplicios is restrained.

Diego and Montero agree to duel.

Alejandro wonders about Diego's behavior.

Almudena reacts as Alejandro tells her that he loves her.

Yumalay is surprised that Alejandro was married to an Indian.

Mariangel blames Montero for messing up the situation.

Alejandro reassures Almudena that nothing will come between them.

Esmeralda broods about her predicament.

Diego and Montero trade insults.

Alejandro is shocked to see that Yumalay looks just like Regina.

Montero challenges Diego to a duel, and Alejandro asks Almudena to marry him.

Esmeralda announces that she will not allow Fernando to marry her off to Montero.  She declares that he married her off to an old man so that he could come to America.  She asks why he wants to marry her off this time.  Fernando moves to strike Esmeralda, and Diego intervenes.  Esmeralda runs off to her room, and Fernando chases after her.  Diego tries to follow, and Montero stops him.  Diego punches Montero, which surprises everyone.  As an afterthought, Diego acts like his hand is hurt.

Fernando tells Esmeralda that she should be grateful for the man he has found for her, the second most powerful man in Los Angeles.  Esmeralda insists that she not be treated as an object to be given to the highest bidder.  Fernando warns Esmeralda that he will beat her to a pulp unless she goes downstairs and apologizes.  Almudena enters and insists that Fernando leave.  Before leaving, Fernando orders that Esmeralda remain locked in her room until the wedding.

Diego apologizes to Fernando for his interference but declares that he did so because he is in love with Esmeralda.  Fernando is taken aback and wonders how Diego could love Esmeralda.  Diego declares that he fell in love at first sight, and his father was going to ask for Esmeralda's hand on his behalf, as is customary.  Fernando replies that it would not have mattered, since Montero asked first.  He states that he will not go back on his word.

Suplicios is tied to her bed after she declares that she is possessed by the devil.

Montero declares that nobody humiliates him.  He is further angered when Diego insists that he will do everything he can to prevent his marriage to Esmeralda.  Montero suggests that he would challenge Diego to a duel if he were not so cowardly.  Diego replies that he is a cultured man, and he considers culture the key to peace and understanding among men.  However, he will duel for Esmeralda.  He calls Montero a coward, and Montero agrees to duel him.  Montero suggests that he will give Diego time to practice out of respect for Alejandro and Fernando's friendship.

Alejandro tries to understand why Diego behaved so assertively with Montero and Fernando.  Diego says that it is because he is in love.  Mariángel interrupts to tell Diego that she is very scared; Montero is a trained soldier, and Esmeralda isn't worth Diego risking his life.  In disgust, Diego replies that Mariángel is just like her father.

Esmeralda tells Almudena that Diego never should have lied to her.  He lied and then tried to explain.  Now she fears she was too hard on him.  What she and Diego shared was wonderful and bizarre.  It was like a story out of a romance novel.  Esmeralda cannot resign herself to losing him.  She begs Almudena to help her prevent the marriage.  Almudena is not certain what she can do.  She tells Esmeralda that Alejandro told her that Diego was going to have Alejandro ask for permission for Diego to marry Esmeralda, but Fernando spoke up first.

Montero tells Alejandro to prepare Diego well for the duel.  Meanwhile, Olmos shakes his head and tells Mariángel that her plan to marry Diego will fail because Diego will be killed in the duel.  Olmos seems rather pleased.

Alejandro apologizes to Almudena for how the evening ended, and she replies that she should apologize for her brother's behavior.  The subject changes to how Almudena admired Alejandro many years ago, and Alejandro tells her that she has always been special to him.  The two share a kiss, and Alejandro states that he is leaving Regina in the past.  He loves Almudena with all his heart, and he asks her to be his wife.  Almudena happily accepts.

Dolores is shocked to see Yumalay without her warpaint.  She tells her that she looks just like Alejandro's late wife, who was an Indian.  Yumalay is surprised that Alejandro was married to an Indian.

Mariángel blames Montero for ruining her chances with Diego and for driving Esmeralda away from him.  Mariángel suggests that he find a way to avoid killing Diego in the duel while keeping his own dignity.  Montero replies that Mariángel must convince Esmeralda to marry him, and then they will have a deal.

As Alejandro holds Almudena, she worries that something will come between them and threaten their love.  Alejandro promises her that nobody else will ever take his heart away from her.

Mariángel chides Esmeralda for causing her predicament by not confiding in her.  Esmeralda tells Mariángel that she has never cared before, and she finds it hard to believe that she cares now.  Mariángel warns Esmeralda that if she encourages Diego by giving him hope, he will duel Montero and will likely be killed.  She suggests that Esmeralda turn her back on Diego so that he will not go forward with the duel.  Mariángel advises her to show her love for Diego by giving him up and sparing him.

Diego and Montero exchange taunts in the tavern.  Diego informs Montero that the day Montero's arm is healed, Diego will break his face. 

Juan tells Alejandro that Yumalay has healed his sick horse, Quixote.  Alejandro is very pleased and feels indebted to Yumalay.  Alejandro visits Yumalay in her room and is shocked to see that she looks identical to Regina.

Almudena discovers that Esmeralda is not in her room and worries about what she is doing.

Esmeralda meets Diego in the plaza, and the two embrace.

Capítulo 12
Feb. 27, 2007

Almudena asks Esmeralda to go back home with her.

Alejandro fights the urge to go back to see Yumalay.

Almudena confesses that she owes Esmeralda so much.

Diego states that he can no longer be Zorro.

Fernando demands an explanation.

Maria Pia confesses that she could not live with Fernando being an Indian-hunter.

Mariangel warns Montero that he must help her get Diego.

Pizarro reminds Garcia that Renzo is to receive no special privileges.

Esmeralda decides that she can pretend to like Montero.

Bernardo worries about Diego.

Fernando remembers when he learned that Maria Pia would not marry him.

Alejandro tries to teach Diego how to fence.

Esmeralda goes walking with Montero.

Yumalay wants to leave, and Diego decides that he no longer wishes to be Zorro.

Diego tells Esmeralda that he was going to ask for her hand that night.  She says that she knows and that all that matters is his life.  She doesn't want anything to happen to him.  Diego declares that he wants to explain why he lied.  They are interrupted by Almudena who warns Esmeralda that Fernando will kill her if he finds her with Diego.  Almudena convinces Esmeralda to go back with her.

Alejandro thanks Yumalay for healing his horse.  She states that she owes Alejandro her life.  Alejandro remembers Regina making the same statement and replies that he does not believe in a law that makes one person a slave to another.  Yumalay declares that she will leave in the morning.  Alejandro promises to help her return to her people.  Alone, Alejandro reflects that Yumalay looks just like Regina—just as though Regina were reborn as a younger woman.  He fights the urge to go back to her room to see her again.

Almudena tells Esmeralda that Alejandro asked her to marry him.  She reflects that she and Esmeralda are much alike.  Almudena became a woman while raising Esmeralda as her daughter.  She feels that she owes Esmeralda so much.  Almudena confesses that she feels a great need for both of them to be happy.

Diego tells Padre Tomás that he will no longer ride as Zorro.  He chides Diego, telling him that he cannot just quit when he wants.  Diego confesses that he struck Montero, who challenged him to a duel.  Diego accepted.  Montero wants to marry Esmeralda, and he cannot allow it.  He cannot believe in a Zorro who cannot defend the woman he loves.

Fernando once again asks María Pía why she refused to marry him.  María Pía will only say that it was because Fernando was an Indian-hunter.  Fernando insists that there must be something more.

Padre Tomás wonders whether Diego is tired of pretending or whether it is because the ideal that represents Zorro no longer lives within him.  Diego declares that if he were to lose the ideal of Zorro, he would be nothing more than a circus acrobat.  Diego insists that he endangers everyone he loves by being Zorro.

Yumalay insists that she must leave the next day, and Alejandro reluctantly grants her request.

Mariángel warns Montero that he must help her with Diego; otherwise, he has no chance with Esmeralda.

Almudena convinces Esmeralda that it would be best for her to appear to be resigned to her father's plan for her to marry Montero.  Esmeralda decides to use Montero to gain access to the prison.  She will help the gypsies by finding her mother.

Alejandro tells Diego that he is worried bout the situation Diego has created.  He insists that they begin training for the duel.  He orders Diego to find a sword.

Bernardo is upset with Diego because he refuses to continue riding as Zorro.  He thinks that Diego has abandoned his ideals. 

Fernando remembers how he learned that María Pía had decided not to marry him.

Alejandro and Diego begin training.  Alejandro declares that Diego is even worse than he imagined.  He declares that Diego will become an expert swordsman even if they have to train 24 hours a day.

Esmeralda goes walking with Montero and explains that the proposal took her by surprise, which is why she reacted the way she did.  She tells Montero that she is willing to give him a chance to earn her affection.

Olmos tells Mariángel that Esmeralda is with Montero.  He suggests that Esmeralda is pretending and that she is still interested in Diego.  He gleefully comments that Esmeralda and Diego might be planning to elope.  Mariángel throws a mirror at Olmos and screams for him to shut up.  She orders him to discover her sister's plans.

Esmeralda suggests that military life is very interesting.  She wants to know more about Montero's duties.  She asks to see the prison.  Montero refuses, and Esmeralda walks away.  Montero reconsiders.

María Pía tells Padre Tomás about Esmeralda.  She declares that Esmeralda is the perfect woman for Diego.  Padre Tomás reveals what happened last night and that Diego and Montero are to duel.  He insists that they must stop the duel.

Alejandro becomes angry about Diego's fighting skills.  He declares that he has never seen such a stupid way of holding a sword, and yet he has been unable to touch Diego.  Alejandro is certain that if Diego fights Montero like that, he will look ridiculous but Montero will certainly die of exhaustion.

Almudena informs Fernando of her marriage plans, which starts an argument about the women of the house making decisions for themselves.  Fernando finally relents and decides to go to the de la Vega hacienda to give his blessing to the proposed marriage.

Diego requests that Bernardo discover where the duel between Tobías and Manuel de Salavedra will occur.  Diego breaks off as he spots Esmeralda in the plaza, seeming to enjoy Montero's company.

Capítulo 13
Feb. 28, 2007

Diego is annoyed to see Esmeralda with Montero.

Olmos offers Diego his services.

While Tobias prepares for the duel, Agapito measures him for his casket.

Azucena cannot believe that Esmeralda intends to marry Montero.

Esmeralda declares that Renzo is her gardener.

Renzo is grateful for Esmeralda's help.

Pizarro and Montero declare that Renzo is guilty.

Yumalay declares that the man with one eye will die today.

Fernando blesses Alejandro and Almudena's engagement.

Esmeralda discovers her mother's cell.

Esmeralda finds her mother, and Diego stops a duel.

Alejandro warns Yumalay that Fernando is at the hacienda and that she should not leave while he is there.  It would be too dangerous.  Yumalay states that she owes him everything, and she will wait to leave.

Bernardo tells Diego where Tobías and Miguel de Salavedra are to duel.  Diego declares that they must stop the duel.  The only duel will be his and Montero's.  Diego and Bernardo are interrupted by Olmos, who claims that he was just passing by and overheard their conversation.  Olmos comments that it is regrettable for two people who are in love to have to renounce their love due to circumstance.  Olmos promises his support and offers to serve as a messenger for Diego and Esmeralda.  Diego does not trust Olmos but considers that he might prove to be useful.

Azucena and Jonás are shocked to learn that Esmeralda plans to marry Montero.  Jonás suggests that Esmeralda is making an alliance with someone powerful in order to help them.  Azucena fears that Esmeralda's actions could leave her locked in a dungeon forever, just like her mother.

Esmeralda arrives at the prison with Montero just in time to see Renzo brought outside.  Esmeralda declares that she knows Renzo; he is her gardener.  She informs them that Renzo is incapable of murder.  Montero protests that Renzo killed the Viceroy's inspector.  Esmeralda becomes offended that they are suggesting that she hired a criminal.  Pizarro comments that her aunt, Almudena, is the person who turned Renzo in.  Esmeralda explains that she had not introduced Renzo to her aunt.  Montero asks Esmeralda to come to his office and tells Pizarro that he must offer an explanation.

As Tobías and Manuel prepare to begin the duel, Diego rides up.  He explains that he and Catalina are just friends.  Diego convinces Manuel to admit that he only repeated something that he overheard.  However, Tobías insists upon continuing the duel.

Fernando apologizes to Alejandro for his behavior on the previous night.  He states that he will not allow Diego to duel with Montero.  Alejandro requests that Fernando not intercede.  Fernando tells Alejandro that he supports and blesses his engagement to Almudena.

Esmeralda demands that Renzo be released.  Pizarro claims that Renzo took refuge at the governor's home after he killed the inspector.  Esmeralda leaves Montero's office to cool off, while Montero and Pizarro discuss the situation.  Esmeralda sneaks into the prison.

As Fernando, Alejandro, and Almudena share a toast, Yumalay looks into the room from outside.  Yumalay enters the hacienda and picks up a gun.  She declares that the man with one eye must die today.  Yumalay aims the gun and fires.  She misses Fernando and flees.  Fernando declares that they must find that damn Indian.  Alejandro offers to help search.

Diego reminds Manuel and Tobías that it is the duty of their seconds to decide whether the duel is justified.  After a brief discussion, the seconds state that since Manuel apologized and Diego explained his relationship with Catalina, the duel should not occur.

Montero fears that Esmeralda's claim of Renzo's innocence may endanger his engagement to her.  He orders Pizarro to find a solution.  Pizarro suggests that they use Renzo as bait to capture Zorro.  Once Zorro is captured, the murder of the inspector can be blamed on him.  Montero likes the plan.

Mariángel sees Diego riding home and fakes a horse riding accident.  Diego carries her home and into her bedroom.  Mariángel takes the opportunity to kiss Diego passionately.

Montero and Pizarro learn that Esmeralda has disappeared.  Montero does not trust her and worries about what she might be doing.

Esmeralda wanders through the prison and discovers a cell containing a woman who is wearing an iron mask.  She wonders whether the woman is her mother.

Capítulo 14
March 1, 2007

Esmeralda hides from the guards.

Mariangel thinks she knows what Diego wants in a woman.

Fernando swears that they will find the damn Indian.

Hermes comforts Sara Kali.

Yumalay threatens to kill Alejandro.

Bernardo tries to persuade Diego to fight as Zorro once again.

Diego asks Olmos to take a message to Esmeralda.

Esmeralda searches through her father's private papers.

Catalina offers to help Mariangel seduce Diego.

Diego reveals that he is Zorro.

Diego reveals that he is Zorro, and Esmeralda learns about El Topo.

Esmeralda speaks to her mother, telling her that she is a friend of the gypsies and that she came to tell her not to lose hope.  She will do everything she can to set her free.  Sara Kalí asks who Esmeralda is.  Esmeralda replies that she is her daughter and swears that she will get her out of the prison.  Esmeralda is forced to flee when she hears a guard coming.

Diego accuses Mariángel of faking her injury.  Mariángel confesses and tells Diego that she had no choice.  She informs him that he will not be able to marry Esmeralda and that she is what Diego desires in a woman.

Mariángel is insulted when Diego states that they must maintain a more formal relationship.  He tells her that he is not interested in her at all.  After Diego leaves, Mariángel promises herself that she will release Esmeralda's hold on Diego.

Pizarro and Montero search for Esmeralda in the prison and are amazed when they find Esmeralda waiting in Montero's office.

Hermes wakes up, and Sara Kalí tells him that she just met her daughter.

Alejandro finds Yumalay.  She calls him a traitor, declaring that he wanted to turn her in.  Alejandro reminds Yumalay that he was once married to an Indian, and she decides to trust him.  Alejandro insists that Yumalay return to his home with him.

Esmeralda tells Almudena that she found her mother in the prison, wearing a mask and imprisoned in a dirty dungeon.  Almudena is skeptical, but Esmeralda swears that she is certain that the woman is her mother.

Bernardo tries to convince Diego to wear the mask of Zorro again.  Diego feels that he deserves to have a life and refuses.  Meanwhile, the poor are persecuted by the soldiers and cry out for Zorro's help.

Esmeralda is certain that there is a special reason why Fernando imprisoned her mother.

Diego asks Olmos to take a message to Esmeralda.

Esmeralda searches Fernando's belongings and finds an interesting letter ordering Sara Kalí to prison.  Esmeralda also finds a letter to the king in Fernando's handwriting.  The letter is signed El Topo and is blackmail.  Esmeralda fears that her mother is involved in something very serious.

Mariángel tells Catalina that she would like to seduce Diego de la Vega.  Catalina offers to help.

Olmos gives Diego's note to Esmeralda.  The note states that Diego must explain something to her that night and requests that she wait for him.  Esmeralda wonders how and where Diego will meet her.

Diego rides by and speaks to a few peasants who have had their homes burned by Montero's men.  The peasants wonder why Zorro has not arrived to help them.

Fernando is furious that Esmeralda claims the gypsy as her gardener—knowing Esmeralda, her statement might just be true.  Montero pacifies Fernando by suggesting that Zorro killed the inspector and that Zorro be lured to the plaza by using Renzo as bait.

Alejandro takes Yumalay to the mission and requests that Padre Tomás baptize Yumalay.

Zorro walks into Esmeralda's room and unmasks himself, revealing that he is indeed Diego de la Vega.

Capítulo 15
March 2, 2007

Diego confesses that Esmeralda is the only woman he has ever loved.

Yumalay expresses her displeasure over the baptism.

Diego and Esmeralda learn more about each other.

Maria Pia bathes, unaware that Fernando is watching her.

Suplicios begs for Maria Pia to stay with her.

Esmeralda remarks that all of her suffering has been worth it.

Pizarro gives Garcia orders for Renzo's execution.

Renzo is taken to the plaza for execution.

Esmeralda demands to know why Montero is executing Renzo against her wishes.

Fernando watches María Pía bathe, and Montero prepares an ambush.

Diego explains to Esmeralda that he did not tell her the truth at the church because his secret is very dangerous.  Esmeralda tells Diego that she never would have betrayed him.  He tells her that he has never loved a woman as he loves her.  He explains that he acted the way he did because he was afraid of what he was feeling.

Padre Tomás declares that Yumalay is the living portrait of Regina.  Alejandro tries to explain that there is only a small resemblance.  Yumalay is baptized as Guadalupe and dressed in Spanish clothing.  Alejandro hopes that Fernando will fail to recognize Yumalay.

Sergeant García comforts Renzo by saying that Esmeralda will make certain that everything turns out alright.

Esmeralda asks Diego how he decided to be Zorro.  He explains that his mother was a native, and she named him Tisha.  The name means Little Zorro in her language.  He saw a Spaniard kill his mother and the rest of her tribe when he was a boy.  He had nightmares trying to remember that man's face.  He felt the need to get revenge.  Zorro fights the ambition and greed of the Spaniards who came to America.  Diego is also part Spanish, but his father is an honorable man whom he did not meet until he was ten years old.

Esmeralda tells Diego the story of her life, how she thought that Fernando was her father but now she knows he is not.  She tells Diego that she has learned that her mother is locked up in prison.  Diego declares that they must free her mother.  Esmeralda comments that not even Zorro can get out of the prison alive.  Diego replies that Zorro has made his last appearance.

Fernando eavesdrops on María Pía while she bathes.  Shortly thereafter, Fernando arrives at the church during Yumalay's baptism but fails to recognize Yumalay as the Indian who tried to kill him.

Esmeralda asks Diego to reconsider retiring Zorro.  Sbe wants to share his secret and the risks that run with it. 

Esmeralda tells Almudena that she and Diego have reconciled.  She declares that it does not matter how much she suffered in the past, she has found her destiny in this city.  Diego is everything that Esmeralda has ever wanted.  Almudena wonders how Diego can break Esmeralda's engagement to Montero.  Esmeralda does not know, but she is certain that nobody will separate her from Diego.

María Pía expresses her concern to Diego about his duel with Montero.  Diego tells María Pía not to worry; his father is training him.  María Pía wants to know what she can do to stop the duel.

Much to García's horror, Pizarro gives him orders for Renzo's execution the next day.

Fernando tells María Pía that he now understands why she began to despise him.  Fernando begs her forgiveness for what he did to Indians in his youth.  María Pía refuses to listen.  Fernando declares that he would give all of his possessions and his power for María Pía to look at him with a loving gaze.

Mariángel complains that Fernando has arranged the perfect marriage for Esmeralda to Montero, but he has done nothing to arrange her marriage to Diego de la Vega.

Montero takes Esmeralda to the plaza to view the execution of Renzo.  Esmeralda is furious—and then horrified when Montero tells her that the spectacle is simply a trap for Zorro.

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