Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 16-20

Capítulo 16
March 5, 2007
90 minutes

Diego reflects that he underestimated Esmeralda's love.

Zorro rides towards the city.

The soldiers prepare to execute Renzo.

Maria Pia remembers how she cared for Diego after his mother was killed.

Mariangel is fascinated by Zorro.

Padre Tomas presides over a meeting of the brotherhood.

Zorro fights Montero.

Esmeralda worries about Zorro.

Montero and Fernando look at Esmeralda in disgust after her horse bolts.

Esmeralda plays innocent after her diversion.

Yumalay and Dolores react with delight to Zorro's escape.

Bernardo and Padre Tomas celebrate the retun of Zorro.

Mariángel meets Zorro, and Tobías has a plan.

Esmeralda tries to leave the plaza, but Montero insists that she stay to see Zorro captured.  If she leaves, it will make it look as though Esmeralda does not support her future husband, Montero.

Dressed as Zorro, Diego tells Bernardo that he had said he would never appear as Zorro again.  However, two things have happened that he did not anticipate.  He underestimated Esmeralda's love, and Montero is about to execute an innocent man in the plaza.  Zorro must act.

Esmeralda again tries to leave the plaza, but Montero insists that she stay.  She will be his wife, and one of her duties is to be by his side in times like this.

Mariángel pleads with her father to help her get married to Diego.  Fernando won't discuss it and comments that he no longer knows the de la Vegas well.  Fernando leaves, and Mariángel follows him to see where he is going.

Alejandro arrives in the plaza and is surprised that the gypsy, Renzo, is to be executed without a trial.

María Pía remembers how Regina was killed and how she comforted Diego at the convent.  She remembers telling Tisha that he would be baptized as Diego and that he would be her Diego from that moment on.  She remembers Fernando begging to know why she was refusing to marry him. 

Mariángel is stopped on her way to the plaza by a group of rough men who harass her.  Mariángel is rescued by Zorro.  Mariángel is so impressed with Zorro that she decides that she wants to have an affair with him.

María Pía tells Almudena that she is going to try to stop the duel.  She will speak to Fernando to see whether he will agree to let Diego marry Esmeralda.  María Pía is not certain she will succeed, but she wants to try.

Padre Tomás leads a meeting of the brotherhood.  He tells the men that Montero is hiding a woman in the prison.  The woman must be of great importance to the Crown, because someone named El Topo has blackmailed the King.  One of the members questions why Zorro has not appeared, and Padre Tomás explains that Zorro is on a personal mission.

As the soldiers prepare to hang Renzo, Zorro appears in the plaza.  After Renzo is rescued, the soldiers trap Zorro with a net.  Esmeralda is horrified, and Mariángel pouts about the timing of Zorro's capture, thinking of the good times she could have with him.  Esmeralda thinks quickly and stabs her horse with her umbrella to make it gallop away, creating a diversion.  Alejandro, Montero, and Fernando come to Esmeralda's rescue asking what happened.  She claims that a wasp stung the horse, making it bolt.  The men are clearly skeptical.  They turn around and are horrified to see that Zorro has escaped.  Montero is furious and blames Esmeralda for ruining everything. 

Bernardo tells Padre Tomás that Zorro has returned to save the gypsy, Renzo.  Both men rejoice that Diego will continue as Zorro.  Padre Tomás is impressed that Esmeralda was the person who convinced Diego to continue the struggle.  He decides that it is time for him to meet this woman.

Catalina gushes over Zorro, saying that he is like a romance novel hero.  Tobías chides Catalina for speaking that way.  Tobías comments that he studied Zorro's fencing technique and is certain that Zorro is from Spain.  There is only one person in all of Europe who could have taught Zorro to fight.  Tobías plans to send a letter of inquiry to the fencing master so that he can discover the names of his students.  He is certain that he can discover Zorro's identity.

Diego tells Padre Tomás that he told Esmeralda everything.  She is even willing to fight by his side.  She just demonstrated that by her actions in the plaza.  Diego comments that Esmeralda is very brave and is the perfect woman for Zorro.  Padre Tomás changes the subject to the woman in the prison.  Diego declares that he now knows who the woman is and repeats everything that Esmeralda told him about her mother.  Padre Tomás wonders why the woman is hidden behind an iron mask.

Fernando rages at Montero and Pizarro for allowing Zorro to escape with the gypsy.  He declares that he will ruin both of them before he allows the inspector's murder to be pinned on himself.

Mariángel tells Olmos that no man has made her quiver like Zorro.  While Diego de la Vega is the perfect man to have as a husband, Zorro is the perfect lover.  She must learn who he is.  Mariángel orders Olmos to learn Zorro's identity.

Capítulo 17
March 6, 2007
90 minutes

Almudena tells Esmeralda that Maria Pia plans to speak to Fernando.

Renzo thanks Esmeralda for everything she has done.

Diego explains that the kiss Montero saw was his fault.

Esmeralda jumps on top of Montero in an attempt to prevent him from hitting Diego.

Tobias has a proposition for Montero.

Alejandro touches Yumalay.

Fernando harasses Maria Pia outside the mission.

Sister Carola tells Suplicios that Fernando and Maria Pia were once in love.

Montero declares that he will kill Diego in the duel.

Yumalay continues her unfortunate habit of openly staring.

Everybody arrives for Fernando's important announcement.

Renzo returns home, and María Pía makes a desperate decision.

Diego lies on his bed, reflecting that Esmeralda saved his life.  He laughs with joy as he remembers what happened.

The gypsies rejoice that Renzo is once again safe at home.

Almudena tells Esmeralda that María Pía plans to speak to Fernando in hope of making him change his mind.

Alejandro informs Dolores that Yumalay will sleep in the house.  She will be treated as a member of the family. 

Alejandro and Diego speak about Zorro.  Alejandro remarks that he has never seen a man fight like Zorro, and Zorro must be the only man in the Americas who owns repeating pistols.  Alejandro had never seen Zorro in person before, and he enjoyed how Zorro made that mediocre Montero look ridiculous.

Diego speaks to Esmeralda, thanking her for helping him yesterday.  He remarks that she was right, that he cannot abandon his ideals.  Additionally, she is very brave and a perfect match for Zorro.

Alejandro is so affected by Yumalay's resemblance to Regina that he kisses her—just as Almudena arrives.

María Pía asks Fernando to change his mind about the duel.  Fernando will only agree if María Pía will give herself to him whenever he wants her.  María Pía slaps Fernando and refuses to make an agreement with him.

Diego and Esmeralda kiss in the Sánchez de Moncada garden but are interrupted by Montero.  Diego and Montero scuffle while Esmeralda tries to make Montero stop.  When the fight finally ends, Montero declares that he will kill Diego the next day in the duel.

Alejandro introduces Yumalay to Almudena, but Yumalay remains sullen and unfriendly.  Alejandro tells Almudena a little bit about Yumalay.

Sister Carola tells Suplicios that María Pía and Fernando were once in love and that is why there is so much tension between them.  Suplicios watches as Fernando speaks to María Pía outside, and she hears Fernando call María Pía's name.  She realizes that it was Fernando's voice that she heard that one night.

Montero declares that when he marries Esmeralda, he will beat her into submission.  Pizarro comments that there is no reason for Montero to go through with his duel against Diego; he could instead marry a woman he likes, like the governor's other daughter.  Montero disregards Pizarro's suggestion, stating that he and Mariángel would not function as a married couple.  Montero insists that he cannot allow himself to be humiliated, and he will marry Esmeralda no matter what.

María Pía sobs as she asks herself how Fernando can do this to her.  All that he feels for her is obsession and desire.  As she cries about Fernando, Suplicios watches.

Tobías approaches Montero with a proposition.  If he is reimbursed sufficiently, he is certain that he can discover Zorro's identity.  Montero agrees to the plan.  Olmos overhears the conversation.

Mariángel tells Catalina that she has invited Diego to tea with them.  Their conversation is interrupted by Olmos, who tells Mariángel about Tobias' plan to capture Zorro.  Mariángel declares that they cannot allow Zorro to be captured.

Padre Tomás informs María Pía that the duel between Diego and Montero will be at dawn tomorrow.  María Pía decides that she will agree to Fernando's terms for stopping the duel.

Diego and Alejandro practice fencing, while Yumalay stares at them.  Diego asks his father who Yumalay is, and Alejandro explains that she will now be living with them.  Diego wonders why he is so affected by Yumalay's appearance, and Alejandro comments that Yumalay looks very much like his mother.

Fernando calls a meeting of his family and announces that Diego and Montero will duel the next morning, and Esmeralda will marry Montero later in the day.

Capítulo 18
March 7, 2007
90 minutes

The de la Vegas rejoice that there will not be a duel.

Almudena asks Montero and Mariangel to leave while she ministers to Esmeralda.

Fernando considers killing himself.

Suplicios asks for forgiveness for dreaming of unclean acts.

Olmos and Tobias make a deal.

Catalina implores Tobias to think of her instead of Zorro.

Almudena views her drunken brother with sadness.

Dolores helps Diego and Esmeralda celebrate their good fortune.

Suplicios has a lustful dream, and the duel is cancelled

Esmeralda faints after Fernando announces the next day's duel and wedding.  Almudena takes charge of Esmeralda and both wonder what went wrong when María Pía spoke to Fernando.

María Pía informs Diego and Alejandro that the duel will be cancelled after she settles a few details.  The de la Vegas celebrate the good news.

Fernando tells himself that nobody will be happy so long as María Pía is not his.  He considers killing himself.

María Pía asks the Lord to forgive her for what she is about to do.

Suplicios awakens after dreaming of Fernando and María Pía kissing passionately while naked.  She then tells María Pía of her dream and asks María Pía if it is true that she and Fernando were once engaged.  María Pía wonders why it burdens Suplicios so.  María Pía leaves with the excuse that she is attending to a family matter, and Suplicios follows her.

Olmos introduces himself to Tobías and confesses how much he needs to discover Zorro's identity for the governor.  Olmos agrees to pay Tobías for help in locating Zorro.

María Pía and Fernando make arrangements to meet the following night, and Fernando agrees to cancel the duel and wedding.  María Pía relays the good news to Esmeralda and Almudena.  She warns the two women not to speak to Fernando or do anything to anger him.

Suplicios watches María Pía leave Fernando's home, realizing that she lied to her about her errand. 

Diego is awakened by a sword to his back.  It is Esmeralda, who has arrived to tell him the good news.

Yumalay worries about Alejandro who is out of sorts because of the upcoming duel.  Yumalay offers her body to Alejandro in order to make him feel better, but he refuses the offer.

Tobías informs Catalina that he is inviting a highly-skilled fencing instructor to America so that the man can help him unmask Zorro.

Mariángel warns Montero that if he should kill Diego in the duel, then she may make certain that Esmeralda meets the same fate.

Fernando passes out after drinking heavily.  Almudena finds him on his bed, unconscious, and wonders how he has become like this.  She wishes she could hate him for all the harm he has caused, but she cannot.

Sister Carola informs María Pía that the Mother Superior is close to death.

At dawn, Montero waits at the site of the duel for Diego to appear.  He is furious when Fernando arrives and tells him that the duel is cancelled.  Montero fights Fernando and is wounded.

Mariángel is exultant when Olmos reveals that the duel is cancelled.  Mariángel chatters about how wonderful her wedding to Diego will be, but Olmos slyly comments that it will not be possible.  Fernando has given his blessing to Esmeralda's marriage to Diego.

Capítulo 19
March 8, 2007
90 minutes

Fernando proposes a toast to the marriage of Diego and Esmeralda.

Maria Pia sneaks away for her meeting with Fernando.

Cardinal Olivieri arrives unexpectedly.

Fernando assures Maria Pia that he has met his end of the bargain.

Suplicios screams with horror about what Satan has done to Maria Pia.

Maria Pia cries over her lost love with Fernando.

Suplicios pulls on her hair as she plans her revenge.

The Cardinal arrives, and María Pía departs for her clandestine meeting.

Montero demands to know why Fernando has changed his mind, but Fernando will not answer.

The Mother Superior has died, and María Pía will soon take her place.  Suplicios refuses to attend the burial.

Fernando formally toasts the engagement of Diego and Esmeralda.  Alejandro and Almudena decide to marry on the same day.

Montero accuses Mariángel of changing her father's mind.  Mariángel says that it is María Pía's fault.  Montero suspects blackmail.

Alejandro and Almudena discuss María Pía and how wonderful it is that she changed Fernando's mind.  Almudena comments that she admires María Pía so much and feels that she is almost a saint.

Cardinal Olivieri arrives unexpectedly at the church and announces that the Holy Father has authorized the convent to become officially recognized by the church.  Cardinal Olivieri is disappointed to learn that the Mother Superior has died and is concerned that María Pía will not meet his expectations.  The Cardinal asks to see María Pía that night, but Padre Tomás stalls for time.

María Pía meets Fernando at the cabin for their rendezvous.  María Pía remains cold and tells Fernando that he will get her body but not her love.

Unknown to the two, Suplicios peers in at them, absorbing the intimate scene but hearing nothing.  Suplicios runs away declaring that María Pía is a concubine from hell and is possessed by the devil.

After Suplicios runs off, Fernando changes his mind and orders María Pía to leave.  María Pía leaves and cries in agony over what has become of her love with Fernando.

Mariángel demands that Olmos obtain a love potion for her to give Diego.

Sara Kalí is removed from her cell, and Montero tortures her with the threat of death by fire in order to get her to talk.  Later, Montero has Sara Kalí removed to a secret location.

The gypsies lament that Lucrecia, the rat, has returned from the prison without having delivered her note to Sara Kalí.  Something has happened to Sara Kalí!

María Pía returns to her room to find an inverted cross on her pillow.  Meanwhile, Suplicios is in her room, laughing and pulling on her hair.

As Diego and Esmeralda rejoice in their good fortune, the gypsies approach with news of Sara Kalí.

Capítulo 20
March 9, 2007
90 minutes

The witch insists that the potion will work.

'Es perfecto!  Sa sa sa!' Tobias cries in delight.

Olmos and Mariangel discover the red ribbon in Fernando's pocket.

Yumalai finds Regina's perfume.

Tobias tries out his new Zorro costume. 'Sa sa sa!'

Montero declares that Fernando is pathetic.

Esmeralda detains Montero and Pizarro in Montero's office.

Suplicios taunts Maria Pia.

Fernando is poisoned, and Tobías dresses up as Zorro.

Azucena and Jonás tell Esmeralda that Lucrecia came back from the prison with the note intended for Sara Kalí.  Diego promises to help, but Renzo does not trust him.  Miguel and Laisha arrive and mention how Diego can be trusted because he paid them for their land.

Mariángel obtains the love potion needed to seduce Diego from a witch.  The witch promises that Mariángel will know the potion works because it has already been used on a family member.  She knew that Mariángel would come requesting a potion and would require proof of its potency, so the witch has placed a red ribbon in pocket of the person to whom she gave the potion.

Montero storms the de la Vega hacienda and demands that the de la Vegas pay an exorbitant amount in taxes.

Tobías receives the Zorro outfit that he requested a tailor make. 

Fernando is brought home drunk from the tavern, and Almudena calls for the doctor.  Mariángel finds a red ribbon in Fernando's pocket and knows that the potion was used on her father.  Mariángel taunts her father as he lies unconscious and vows revenge upon María Pía for changing her father's mind about the wedding.

Padre Tomás serves Cardinal Olivieri breakfast and tells the Cardinal more about María Pía.

Yumalay finds a bottle of Regina's perfume and dabs some on herself.

María Pía receives a note that Fernando wrote the previous night, apologizing for his cruel behavior.  María Pía rejoices in the knowledge that Fernando does still love her.

Montero visits the unconscious Fernando and tries to awaken him.  Montero reveals that he has learned Fernando's secret and threatens the senseless man.

María Pía is introduced to Cardinal Olivieri and learns that the convent is to become officially recognized by the church.

Agapito tells Almudena that Fernando has been poisoned by a substance known only to the Indians.  Fernando will soon recover.

Alejandro forbids Yumalay from ever touching Regina's things again.  He tells Yumalay that she will never be Regina.

While Zorro investigates the prison in an attempt to discover what happened to Sara Kalí, Esmeralda uses a pretense to keep Montero and Pizarro in Montero's office.  Zorro questions García but learns nothing.

Tobías tries out his Zorro outfit.  Later, he tells Catalina that he invested a large amount of her dowry to invite the fencing instructor Samaniego to Los Angeles.  Catalina is appalled.

Suplicios taunts María Pía by telling her how pure and saintly she is and how she is not a sinner like the rest of them.

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