Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 21-25

Capítulo 21
March 12, 2007
90 minutes

Maria Pia tells Padre Tomas of her meeting with Fernando.

Alejandro is shot with the arrow intended for Fernando.

Yumalay reacts with horror over her mistake.

Esmeralda causes Diego to drop his cup of tea.

Fernando interrupts the confessions.

Alejandro asks Diego to find Yumalay.

Diego prepars to go after Yumalay.

Yumalay misses her target, and María Pía has second thoughts.

Almudena tells Alejandro that someone poured something in Fernando's drink, and it has made him ill.  Alejandro comforts Almudena after she expresses her fears, and the two spend the night together.

Dolores finds war paint in Yumalay's room and discovers that Yumalay has left in her native dress.  Alejandro fears that Yumalay may try to kill Fernando again and leaves to warn him.

Montero admits that he questioned Sara Kalí and learned Fernando's secret.  Montero delares that he is now in control.

María Pía admits to Padre Tomás that she arranged to give her body to Fernando in exchange for Fernando stopping the duel.  Since nothing happened, María Pía knows that he still loves her.  María Pía is uncertain whether she should become a nun or be with Fernando.

Diego arrives at the Sánchez de Moncada home to see Esmeralda and is greeted by Mariángel.  Mariángel proposes a toast and slips the love potion into Diego's drink.  Mariángel's plan is thwarted when Esmeralda sneaks up behind Diego and causes him to drop his cup.

As Yumalay shoots an arrow at Fernando, Alejandro gets in the way and is shot.  Fernando sees Yumalay and chases after her.

Pizarro assures Montero that no one will find Sara Kalí where she is hidden.

María Pía meets with Cardinal Olivieri and asserts that she is ready to become Mother Superior.  The nuns prepare for confession, but Fernando interrupts and declares that no woman can become a nun without his authorization.  Fernando also requests that the Cardinal provide proof of his credentials.

Agapito declares that Don Alejandro will die.  Alejandro tells Diego that Yumalay shot him accidentally and that Diego must find Yumalay so that Fernando does not kill her.  Diego asks Esmeralda and Dolores to go after an Indian healer, and Diego goes after Yumalay, dressed as Zorro.

María Pía follows Fernando outside the church and berates him for his arrogance.  María Pía slaps Fernando after he suggests that she listens to two Lords.  Fernando blames María Pía for all of his problems.

The soldiers capture Yumalay.  Fernando catches up with them and celebrates his good fortune of finally capturing that damn Indian.  Fernando asks for a handkerchief to clean the paint off of Yumalay's face.

Capítulo 22
March 13, 2007
90 minutes

Zorro fights Fernando.

Catalina and Pizarro share a roll in the hay.

Montero blocks the road for Esmeralda, Padre Tomas, and Maria Pia.

Yumalay begs for forgiveness.

Diego is accused of being Zorro.

Fernando takes charge of Montero's soldiers.

Sgt. Garcia orders Montero's arrest.

Montero reacts with disbelief as Garcia attempts to place him under arrest.

Zorro rescues Yumalay, and Diego is arrested.

Zorro interrupts as Fernando begins to remove Yumalay's face paint.  The two fight, and Zorro manages to free Yumalay.  After Yumalay safely escapes, Zorro ends the encounter.

Pizarro reports that Alejandro was shot with an arrow after an Indian tried to kill the governor.  Montero suggests that he and Pizarro try to help the Indian succeed in her mission.  Montero celebrates the news that Alejandro will die from his wound.

Diego catches up with Yumalay and tries to make her go home with him, but she refuses.

Alejandro asks Almudena to call for an attorney so that he can revise his will.

During a tryst with Pizarro in the barn, Catalina reveals that Tobías likes to dress up like Zorro in hope of luring the real Zorro to him.  Pizarro remarks that no one will think Tobías is Zorro.  When Catalina comments that Zorro could be any imbecile, Pizarro gets an idea.

Pizarro informs Montero that he has a great plan under which they can arrest Diego de la Vega.

Fernando plots how he can crush Ricardo Montero.

Azucena remarks that the cards tell her that their Queen is not well.  Renzo worries about Esmeralda's relationship with Diego.

Mariángel pretends to be upset when she tells Catalina that she had an argument with Diego and their wedding has been cancelled.  Mariángel claims that Esmeralda and their father are always humiliating her.  Catalina promises to help Mariángel.

Fernando has a soldier serve Montero with papers requesting the accounting records of the prison.  Mariángel is pleased that her father is investigating Montero.

Esmeralda and Dolores tell María Pía that Alejandro is near death, and María Pía leaves the convent to be with Alejandro.

Pizarro arrives at the de la Vega hacienda with soldiers and arrests Diego for being Zorro.

Yumalay enters Alejandro's room and prepares a concoction to heal him.  Yumalay apologizes for wounding Alejandro and asks for forgiveness.

Fernando takes the accounting books and has Olmos inspect them.  Olmos finds that Montero has stolen a large portion of the tax collections for the district.  Fernando orders Sgt. García to arrest Montero, and if he resists, to kill him.  Sgt. García and his men confront Montero.

Tobías demands that Catalina explain why his cape and mask are missing.  Catalina pleads innocence, and Tobías tells Catalina that she must make him another mask and cape if they do not appear soon.

The soldiers rough up Diego as he is removed from his home.

Capítulo 23
March 14, 2007
90 minutes

Pizarro declares that he will destroy Diego.

Montero delights in Esmeralda's tortured expression in reaction to Diego's torture.

Sgt. Garcia hesitantly asks if it is true that Diego has been arrested on charges of being Zorro.

Pizarro views the unconscious Diego with satisfaction.

Catalina warns Tobias that people make think he is Zorro.

Padre Tomas anguishes over what Diego is experiencing.

García tries to arrest Montero, and Esmeralda is coerced.

Montero refuses to allow García to arrest him, and García is too cowardly to have Montero shot.  Mariángel is angry that Montero got away.

Fernando accuses Montero of embezzlement and threatens to inform the Royal Court.  However, Montero has Sara Kalí, and Fernando can do nothing.

Mariángel tells Esmeralda that everything that is happening to Diego is Esmeralda's fault.

Almudena overhears Dolores scolding Yumalay for trying to kill Fernando and instead hitting Alejandro.  Alumdena confronts Yumalay and slaps her.

Pizarro tortures Diego in order to obtain a signed confession from him.

María Pía pleads with Fernando to help get Diego out of the prison.  Fernando says that he can't do anything quickly.  María Pía realizes that Fernando must be blackmailed by Montero.  Mariángel overhears the conversation and is upset that her father is so affected by María Pía.

Esmeralda is taken to the prison and forced to watch Diego's torture.

During confession, Suplicios tells the Cardinal that María Pía has been touched by the lust of the devil and has had a romantic relationship with the governor.

With his mask and cape restored, Tobías continues his plan to masquerade as Zorro.

Mariángel scolds her father for allowing María Pía to speak to him in a condescending fashion.  Fernando slaps Mariángel and forbids her from ever mentioning María Pía again.

Padre Tomás calls a meeting of the brotherhood so that they can help get Diego out of prison.

Fernando orders the soldiers to leave the de la Vega hacienda.

Padre Tomás visits Diego in his cell and laments about what has been done to Diego.

Esmeralda agrees to marry Montero in exchange for Montero releasing Diego unharmed.

Capítulo 24
March 15, 2007
90 minutes

Montero tells the judge that he and Esmeralda want to get married.

The judge wants to know why they are telling him in the middle of the night.

Fernando asks Esmeralda if Montero is forcing her to marry him.

Pizarro pours salt on Diego's wounds.

The legal marriage of Esmeralda and Montero is completed.

Maria Pia swears that she did not have an affair with the governor.

Mariangel and Catalina bring Esmeralda her wedding dress.

Diego reacts with horror at the news that Montero is marrying Esmeralda.

Suplicios is a little upset with Maria Pia.

Diego pours grease over his head.

Diego continues to flee from the soldiers.

Esmeralda marries Montero, and Diego breaks out of prison.

Fernando tells Alejandro that Montero has arrested Diego on charges of being Zorro.

Diego assures Padre Tomás that he will not reveal Zorro's secret.  Diego asks Padre Tomás to make sure Esmeralda does not marry Montero, since Diego would rather die than see that happen.

Montero insists that they have the legal wedding ceremony that night so that Esmeralda cannot change her mind.

Fernando returns home to find Montero, Esmeralda, and Judge Quintana waiting for him to witness the legal ceremony.  Fernando seems concerned and asks Esmeralda if they have coerced her in any way.  Esmeralda will not answer.

Fernando asks Montero to leave Diego de la Vega alone, and Montero states that he will only do so after the religious ceremony.

Padre Tomás arrives and tells Esmeralda that Diego will be fine.  He pleads with Esmeralda not to marry Montero.  Esmeralda remains convinced that Diego will die and asks Padre Tomás to beg Diego to forgive her.

Pizarro continues to torture Diego, now pouring salt on Diego's wounds.

The Cardinal asks María Pía if she had a sinful encounter with the governor.  María Pía swears that she did not.

The legal marriage of Esmeralda and Montero is completed.  The next day, Almudena asks Esmeralda not to give up and not to go through with the religious ceremony.  Catalina and Mariángel bring Catalina's wedding dress to Esmeralda for her to wear in the wedding.

Diego is returned to his cell after more torture.  Sgt. García brings Diego food under orders from Montero.  Diego wonders why Montero is now feeding him.  Sgt. García speaks of the big celebration that Montero is planning for his wedding to Esmeralda.  Diego comments that Montero is getting what he wants, gets up, and walks out of the prison.  One of the soldiers prepares to shoot, but Pizarro stops him, saying that they need Diego alive.  Diego pours grease over his head and continues to walk away.  The soldiers slip in the grease as Diego rides off on a horse.

While Catalina helps Esmeralda get ready for the wedding, she chatters about what a fine man Montero is until Esmeralda kicks her out of her room.

The soldiers chase Diego through the hillside.  Diego finally escapes after jumping over a high cliff; the soldiers think the jump killed him.

Suplicios is ordered to complete three days of penance and meditation for her lies about María Pía.  Suplicios insists that she told the truth.  Suplicios finds María Pía and tells her that she is a fraud.  Suplicios reveals that she saw María Pía in the cabin with the governor.

Montero has returned Sara Kalí to the prison, and Fernando goes to see her.

Suplicios yells at María Pía that she idolized her and spoke of María Pía's virtues for hours.  María Pía protests that Suplicios does not know the torture she is going through.  Suplicios tells her to shut up, that she told María Pía that the voice she heard calling María Pía's name was real, and María Pía denied it.  Suplicios thought the governor was the evil one and now she knows that the devil made María Pía his daughter.  María Pía slaps Suplicios; Suplicios discloses that she never slept with her brother, that those were just fantasies that made her feel miserable.  Suplicios believes that she is more pure than the rest of them and that if the convent becomes recognized by the church that Suplicios will not allow María Pía to lead her.

Padre Tomás orders Bernardo to get ready to appear as Zorro in front of everybody in order to prove that Diego is not Zorro.

Azucena sees in her cards that something very bad is going to happen.  Suddenly, Diego, covered with dirt and grease, stumbles into the gypsy camp and asks for help.

Pizarro informs Montero that Diego has escaped.  Montero vows to kill Diego himself when Diego is recaptured.

Capítulo 25
March 16, 2007
90 minutes

The gypsies help Diego get cleaned up.

Pizarro asks if Don Alejandro has been killed.

A man begins to smother Don Alejandro.

Yumalay builds a fire around the assassin.

The Moncadas arrive at the church.

Esmeralda wants to know if Montero will keep his promise.

Diego pretends to be a gypsy.

Dolores gives her approval to the burning of the assassin.

Fernando escorts Esmeralda to the altar.

Fernando chats with Sara Kalí, and Yumalay tries to burn a man alive.

Fernando visits Sara Kalí in her cell.  Fernando comments that she carried a gypsy man's baby and led him to believe it was his.  Sara Kalí is paying the price for her betrayal.

Esmeralda dreams that Zorro comes to her and kisses her.  She awakes to the harsh reality of her upcoming marriage.

The gypsies disguise Diego in their clothing and discuss how to help Diego rescue Esmeralda.

Fernando states that Montero has amassed quite a fortune from tax collections.  Montero comments that money and power are the most important things in life.  Fernando replies that it is strange that a man about to be married says nothing about love.

Pizarro decides that the gypsies are probably hiding Diego de la Vega and that the soldiers should search their camp.  Jonás and Azucena are stopped on their way to the plaza and their wagon searched.  Fortunately, Diego, who is hiding in the wagon, avoids discovery.

A man sneaks into Don Alejandro's room with a pillow and begins to suffocate him.  Yumalay returns to the bedroom in time to stop the murder.  Yumalay drags the man outside and builds a fire around him.

Don Alejandro worries that Yumalay will kill the man and asks Dolores to stop her.  When Dolores learns that Yumalay is building the fire to make the man tell the truth, Dolores gives her approval and sits down to watch the man burn.

Esmeralda asks Montero for assurance that she is not marrying him in vain, that Montero will spare Diego's life.  Montero will make no promise until he is certain that Esmeralda will not embarrass him by saying no at the altar.

The gypsies conduct a festival in the plaza.  Since the gypsies wear masks, no one spots Diego in the group.  With the help of Miguel and Laisha, Diego sneaks around to the edge of the church.

Tobías dresses as Zorro and plans to make an appearance.  Unfortunately for Tobías, his horse will not cooperate.  Meanwhile, Bernardo also dresses as Zorro in preparation for an appearance.

The wedding ceremony begins.

Just as the assassin tells Yumalay and Dolores that Montero ordered the murder of Alejandro, another man shoots him dead.

María Pía confronts Suplicios and tells her that what Suplicios saw is not what it seemed.  María Pía claims that it was to save Diego's life, but Suplicios will believe none of it.  She instead replies that she understands María Pía more than she realizes.  Suplicios says that she will tell the truth about herself, that it was not her brother but her stepfather who slept with her, and Suplicios liked it.  Suplicios is different from María Pía in that she is now free from her desire.  Suplicios declares that she will destroy María Pía before she can become Mother Superior.

A monk enters the church in the middle of the wedding ceremony.  Padre Tomás asks if anyone has any objection to the marriage, and the monk reveals himself to be Diego.

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