Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 26-30

Capítulo 26
March 19, 2007

Diego interrupts the wedding ceremony.

Esmeralda joins Diego.

Padre Tomas speaks to a member of the brotherhood.

Esmeralda learns that Bernardo can hear.

Tobias returns from his misadventure in pain.

Suplicios delivers a note to Fernando.

Diego stops the wedding, and Suplicios tries to trick Fernando.

Diego aims a gun at Montero and declares that he is there to rescue Esmeralda.  The two leave the church and escape on horseback.  Bernardo is seen on a roof dressed as Zorro, and the soldiers decide to chase him instead of Diego.  Bernardo rides past Tobías, also dressed as Zorro, and the soldiers come upon Tobías, who is still having problems with his horse.

Montero orders the de la Vega hacienda surrounded and plans to arrest Diego for kidnapping his wife.

Padre Tomás scolds a member of the brotherhood for allowing Diego to disguise himself as a monk.  The man tells Padre Tomás that an important person will soon arrive and restore calm to California.

Diego and Esmeralda escape to the woods and then go to Zorro's cave.  Diego visits his father and is nearly discovered by Montero who has just surrounded the hacienda.

Yumalay wants to tell Alejandro that Montero ordered the assassin.  Dolores feels otherwise and tells Alejandro that the man was trying to rob them.  Alejandro does not believe Dolores.

Almudena furiously confronts her brother, who will do nothing to help Esmeralda.

Yumalay decides that she must leave, because she cannot stop feeling love for Don Alejandro.

Tobías returns from his misadventure as Zorro and is now afraid that people will think he is Zorro.

Diego overhears Dolores telling Almudena that Montero ordered a man to kill Alejandro.

Esmeralda leaves the cave and witnesses Montero's cruel behavior towards Almudena.  Esmeralda decides that she must do something to stop Montero from hurting the people she loves.

Suplicios visits Fernando, bringing him a note that is supposedly from María Pía.

Bernardo gives Diego a message from Esmeralda stating that she is leaving, as she cannot bear to see the people she loves hurt by Montero.  Bernardo indicates that Esmeralda took a lighter with her, thinking that it was a real gun.  Diego knows that he must act quickly in order to save her.

Capítulo 27
March 20, 2007

Sgt. Garcia cannot refuse Almudena's offer of a good meal.

Montero is forced to declare that Diego is innocent.

Cardinal Olivieri gorges himself while he and Padre Tomas discuss Maria Pia.

Maria Pia asks Dolores if Diego is safe.

Montero's declaration dumbfounds Pizarro.

Agapito pulls a tooth while Suplicios asks for his help.

Esmeralda threatens Montero, and Suplicios seeks a handwriting forger.

Esmeralda points her gun at Montero and forces him to write out a declaration that Diego is innocent.  The declaration also apologizes to Diego and his family. 

Fernando questions the note that Suplicios brought him and why María Pía didn't communicate directly with him.  Suplicios tells him that María Pía is in seclusion and that Fernando must write her a message immediately.  Fernando refuses to cooperate since he doesn't want to get María Pía in trouble.

Almudena and Dolores tempt the soldiers with a good meal in order to get them out of the living room.  Almudena tells Diego that he can now escape, and she is puzzled when Diego says that he wants to think for awhile in his room and then escape through the window.

Cardinal Olivieri questions Padre Tomás about María Pía.  Padre Tomás asserts that he trusts María Pía completely.

Yumalay begins to leave with her things, but Almudena implores her to stay and become a lady.

Montero gives the declaration to a soldier to be read in the morning in the plaza.  While the two wait for the declaration to be read, Esmeralda falls asleep.  Montero takes her gun and discovers that it is just a lighter.  He puts it back in her hand.

Diego arrives at Montero's home and asks to speak to him and Esmeralda.  Montero and Esmeralda walk out on the balcony, and Esmeralda asserts that she is staying with Montero in order to save Diego.

Suplicios speaks to the doctor, Agapito.  She needs to find someone with good handwriting.  Suplicios claims that it is for a prayer from a friar that she wants to give to all the sisters.

Diego's innocence is announced in the plaza.

Esmeralda tries to shoot Montero and discovers that she doesn't have a real gun.  Montero begins to force himself upon her, and Esmeralda is defenseless.

Capítulo 28
March 21, 2007

Montero yells for Pizarro to go away.

The Marquesa greets Montero.

Agapito introduces Suplicios to the man with good handwriting.

Catalina and Mariangel watch the drunk Diego.

Suplicios insists that Maria Pia is lying.

Fernando laughs about Montero's predicament.

Yumalay and Almudena walk in the garden.

The Marquesa notices that Yumalay looks just like Regina.

The Marquesa arrives, and Diego gets drunk.

As Montero tries to force himself on Esmeralda, Pizarro pounds on the door.  Pizarro insists that it is urgent and states that somebody has arrived on behalf of the King of Spain.  The new arrival is the Marquesa Carmen Santillana y la Roquette.  The Marquesa is fond of Don Alejandro de la Vega and will stay with the de la Vegas.  She informs Montero that he will be responsible for decorating Don Alejandro with the gold star from the Order of the Knights of the Royal Family.

Alejandro reads a card announcing the arrival of the Marquesa in Los Angeles.  Alejandro comments that the Marquesa never liked Montero after what he did to her favorite niece, Josefina.  Alejandro orders Dolores to prepare the hacienda for the Marquesa's arrival.

Esmeralda tries to leave her quarters, but the door is locked.  Pizarro informs her that she cannot leave by herself.  Esmeralda writes a letter to Diego explaining her actions and then asks to go to the plaza.

Diego goes to the tavern and, in his devastation about the recent turn of events, drinks an entire bottle of wine.

Montero orders Pizarro to apologize to the de la Vegas so that the Marquesa will possibly be satisfied.  Pizarro refuses.

Agapito finds the man who can copy handwriting for Suplicios.  Suplicios shows him a sentence to copy like a certain handwriting sample that she has.  On the way home, Suplicios sees an escaped slave.

Montero requests that Fernando help him by decorating Don Alejandro de la Vega with the gold star so that Montero does not have to do it.  Fernando finds the situation rather amusing.

Diego leaves the tavern quite drunk.  Mariángel has Catalina approach Diego and begin a conversation.  Catalina brings Diego to Mariángel, and Mariángel pretends to be very concerned about him.

Suplicios speaks to Cardinal Olivieri and insists that she told the truth about María Pía.  Suplicios declares that she will soon have proof that what she claims is true.

Alejandro tells the Marquesa everything that has recently happened to Diego.  The Marquesa states that if she were Alejandro, she would have chopped Montero's head off.  She declares that she has brought Alejandro a present that he will find most useful.

The Marquesa is introduced to Almudena and then sees Yumalay staring at them.  After the Marquesa learns Yumalay's name, she declares that Yumalay looks just like Alejandro's late wife, Regina.

Esmeralda approaches a young boy, pretending to help him find more fruit to sell so that the soldiers do not suspect anything.  She asks the boy to deliver her note to Don Diego and to tell no one.  Esmeralda sees Diego with Mariángel in the plaza.

Capítulo 29
March 22, 2007

Esmeralda tries to speak to Diego.

Laisha tells Renzo that he will never have Esmeralda.

Olmos calls himself a freak.

Suplicios is frightened by the runaway slave.

Padre Tomas warns against Maria Pia meeting Fernando.

Almudena and Fernando discuss the reception.

Diego, Catalina, and Mariangel have a picnic.

The Marquesa greets Esmeralda.

Olmos calls himself a freak, and Diego gets even more drunk.

Esmeralda tries to tell Diego that she still loves him but is interrupted by Diego before she can finish.  Esmeralda is forced to return home with the soldiers.

The Marquesa wonders if Yumalay can be related to Don Alejandro's late wife, Regina.  Alejandro explains that it is Yumalay's tradition to never speak of the dead, so there is no way of knowing.

Laisha asks Renzo why he is so obsessed with Esmeralda when she is completely out of reach.  Laisha mentions that Esmeralda is barely of their blood; Sara Kalí is not a gypsy.  Sara Kalí only became known to the gypsies when she married one.

The Marquesa mentions that she has the power to annul Esmeralda's marriage to Montero so long as it has not been consummated.  A reception is planned for that night, and Montero and Esmeralda are invited to it.  The Marquesa hopes to take some action against Montero.

Montero is furious that Esmeralda spoke to Diego in the plaza and orders his men that under no circumstance is Esmeralda to be allowed to leave their home.

Catalina, Mariángel, and Diego share a picnic.  The ladies serve Diego with champagne.  Mariángel pours the love potion into Diego's drink while he isn't looking.

Olmos curses his deformity and calls himself a circus freak.  Olmos vows to continue living long enough for his lips to touch Mariángel.

María Pía finds a note under her pillow, presumably from Fernando, asking to see her one last time.  María Pía rejoices that Fernando finally sees her point of view and will meet him that night.  Padre Tomás warns her not to go.

Suplicios once again sees the escaped slave and cries for help.  Later, Suplicios tells Cardinal Olivieri that she will have proof of María Pía's sin that night.

Pizarro warns Montero not to attend the reception.  Montero decides to go so that he can ruin Diego's evening.

Yumalay is hurt because she believes that Don Alejandro only wants her around because she looks like Regina.  Alejandro reassures her and requests that she attend the reception.

Mariángel gets Diego to go home with her and has him lie down in her bed.  Diego wonders why the drink affected him so badly.

The Marquesa wonders why Diego hasn't shown up at the reception.  Don Alejandro is equally concerned and asks Bernardo to have somebody go find Diego.

María Pía leaves for her meeting with Fernando, and Suplicios tells Cardinal Olivieri that María Pía has gone to meet her lover.

Fernando tells Almudena that he will not attend the reception at the de la Vega hacienda and that Mariángel can go to the reception with her.  Almudena says that Fernando needs to tell Mariángel that she must go.  Fernando and Almudena enter Mariángel's room and discover Mariángel and Diego in bed together.

Capítulo 30
March 23, 2007

Fernando glares at Mariangel and Diego.

Suplicios leads the Cardinal through the woods.

Diego wants to know what hit him.

Suplicios grabs the Cardinal's face.

The Marquesa orders Montero to annul his marriage.

Esmeralda asks Padre Tomas if he has seen Diego.

Olmos puts on an orange hairpiece.

The sisters watch Suplicios thrash about.

Suplicios screams that Maria Pia is a prostitute.

Mariangel greets Diego.

Diego pays the consequences of his actions, and Suplicios sees the devil.

Fernando explodes at the sight of Mariángel and Diego in bed together.  As Diego stirs from the yelling, Fernando punches him in the face.

Suplicios leads the Cardinal through the woods to María Pía's cabin, and the Cardinal keeps stumbling.  Suplicios insists that María Pía is Satan's wife, and the Cardinal asks when they are going to get to the damn evidence.

Almudena comments that it is very odd that Mariángel's door was unlocked so they could just walk in and that Diego doesn't usually get that drunk.  Fernando orders that Diego be removed to the stable.  Mariángel laughs gleefully after everyone leaves the room.

Everyone wonders why Diego hasn't arrived at the reception.

María Pía arrives at the cabin to find it empty.  She waits for Fernando, wondering when he will arrive.  María Pía considers whether she should keep waiting.  Could Fernando have forgotten the meeting?

Suplicios sees the runaway slave again, thinking he is the devil, and becomes hysterical.  The Cardinal catches up to Suplicios, and Suplicios grabs his face, scratching him and telling him that the devil has come for her.

The Marquesa meets with Montero privately.  She gives Montero two choices.  He can either annul his marriage to Esmeralda, or if he chooses not to do it, then she will completely erase his name from all military records forever.

Olmos realizes that Mariángel tricked Diego, and Mariángel as much as admits it to him.  Mariángel tells Olmos that she knows Olmos won't betray her.  She suggests that someday she may give Olmos an opportunity with her.  Mariángel laughs maniacally after Olmos leaves.  Once Olmos is alone, he laughs with joy that Mariángel knows how he feels about her.  Olmos puts on an orange toupee.

Fernando arrives at the cabin and finds a note that María Pía left for him.  In her note, María Pía states that she will never see him again, and Fernando declares that he will not allow that to be true.

Shortly after María Pía returns to her room, another sister calls on her to say that Suplicios has had another attack—a very bad one.  María Pía goes to see Suplicios.  Suplicios is restrained and thrashing about.  When María Pía enters the room, Suplicios speaks in an unearthly voice, calling María Pía a prostitute and asking whether María Pía enjoyed her lover that night.

Almudena arrives at the reception and tells Alejandro what happened with Diego.  She tells Alejandro that Fernando will insist that Diego marry Mariángel.

Padre Tomás and the Marquesa share a drink and celebrate what the Marquesa is doing to Montero.

Esmeralda and Montero arrive home from the reception, Montero in a rage.  Esmeralda pretends to be upset that they may be separated, further angering Montero.  Montero tells Esmeralda that she will have one chance to leave freely so long that she makes it clear to the Marquesa that Montero was a victim of circumstance when he charged Diego with being Zorro.  Esmeralda mockingly claims that she will speak so highly of Montero that the Marquesa will wish to appoint him a general.  After Montero leaves, Esmeralda says that she and Diego will soon be together.

In the morning, Diego awakens in the stable.  Mariángel greets him happily and tells him that her father found them together in her bed.  Diego listens with disbelief.  Fernando arrives and says that they must discuss Diego and Mariángel's marriage.

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