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Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 31-35

Capítulo 31
March 26, 2007

Montero orders the Judge to annul his marriage.

Suplicios calls Maria Pia a hypocrite.

Padre Tomas doctors the Cardinal's scratches.

Esmeralda confronts Mariangel.

The Marquesa pokes fun at Montero.

Jonas and Renzo prepare to send a note to Sara Kali.

Hermes reveals why he was imprisoned.

Pizarro almost smiles when Miguel is captured.

Suplicios realizes that the slave is not a demon.

The Judge returns from his mission drenched and cold.

Zorro reads Esmeralda's note.

Diego is ordered to marry Mariángel, and Sara Kalí reveals her great secret.

Almudena tells Esmeralda what happened with Diego and Mariángel.  Esmeralda feels that Mariángel tricked Diego.  Almudena says that nothing can justify what Diego did.

Montero asks Judge Quintana to annul his marriage.  The judge is worried about the annulment causing a scandal and says that the documents have already been sent to a ship.  Montero orders the judge and a soldier to retrieve them.

Yumalay tells Alejandro that she tore up the dress he gave her and that she did not attend the reception.  Yumalay intends to go back to her tribe.  Alejandro convinces her to stay.

Fernando tells Diego that he will marry Mariángel or else he and Diego will duel.  Diego tells Fernando that he needs a little time to think.  He needs to talk to Mariángel and to his father.  Fernando swears that he will seek revenge if Diego tries to run away.

Diego speaks to Mariángel, and she acts hurt that he doesn’t remember what happened.  Mariángel claims to love Diego and does not mind if Diego used her because of the memories she has.  She says that she will ask her father to accept her dishonor.

The peasant boy tries to give Diego the note from Esmeralda, but he pays no attention.  Later, the boy gives Bernardo the note.

The Cardinal tells Padre Tomás that Suplicios is possessed by a demon and that he will expel her from the convent.  He will not allow her to become a nun.

Esmeralda confronts Mariángel and says Mariángel got Diego drunk.  Mariángel calls Esmeralda naive.  The women fight.

Diego arrives home, and Alejandro insists that Diego marry Mariángel in order to maintain his honor.

Fernando and María Pía speak.  Fernando says that Suplicios brought him the note telling of the meeting, and María Pía realizes that they were tricked.  Fernando still wants to make up with María Pía.  He says that he will not allow her to become a nun.

María Pía believes that the Indian witch can help Suplicios.  Padre Tomás knows that the Cardinal will not approve but will try to keep the Cardinal from finding out.  Padre Tomás says Suplicios told the Cardinal about María Pía’s meeting.  María Pía says Suplicios set up the meeting herself in order to get her in trouble.

The sisters discover that Suplicios has escaped.  Suplicios tries to drown herself because the Lord has abandoned her.  The runaway slave rescues Suplicios.  At first frightened, Suplicios realizes that the runaway slave is not a demon.  He speaks in a language she cannot understand, but he is a friend.  Suplicios decides that he must be an angel.  Something frightens him, and he runs off.

The gypsies decide to try to rescue Sara Kalí.  Miguel is captured and whistles to warn the others.  The note that was attached to Lucrecia is accidentally dropped, and Pizarro finds it.  Pizarro asks Miguel what it means.  When Miguel doesn’t answer, Pizarro decides to torture him in order to find out what the note means.

Hermes tells Sara Kalí that he has been imprisoned for 20 years because he was a tax collector and took some of the taxes to buy medicine for his sick wife.  Sara Kalí decides to share her secret with him:  Sara Kalí is the true Queen of Spain.

Montero tells Mariángel that his marriage is to be annulled at the request of the Marquesa.  Mariángel tells him that all is not lost.

Almudena suggests that the letter Esmeralda sent to Diego explaining everything may not have been received by him.  Esmeralda says that he still should have known that he could believe in her.  Esmeralda decides that she will stay married to Montero so that perhaps she can save her mother.

Now that Diego’s relationship with Esmeralda is over, all that he cares about is his mission as Zorro.  Diego refuses to read the letter that Bernardo gives him from Esmeralda.  He tells Bernardo to do whatever he wants with the letter.  He knows now that as Zorro he cannot live a normal life.

The judge returns from meeting the ship.  He retrieved the papers but fell in the water and nearly drowned.  He will annul the marriage as soon as he feels better.

Dressed as Zorro, Diego stands on a hilltop and reads the letter from Esmeralda.  After reading it, Diego takes off his mask.  Diego says that he will be hers forever.

Capítulo 32
March 27, 2007

Esmeralda hides Renzo in the carriage.

Hermes comforts Sara Kali.

Suplicios says she was saved by a black angel.

Zorro attacks the soldiers.

Zorro steals the tax money.

Zorro meets Esmeralda's carriage.

Maria Pia is imprisoned.

Maria Pia learns that her captor is Fernando.

Zorro gives Bernardo directions for distributing the tax money.

Mariangel pleads for forgiveness.

Olmos wears his orange hairpiece.

Padre Tomas searches for Maria Pia.

The witch determines that Esmeralda is pregnant.

The soldiers scoop up hot coals to dump on Miguel.

María Pía is abducted, and Esmeralda learns that she is pregnant.

Renzo runs out in front of Esmeralda's carriage.  He tells Esmeralda that he needs to hide from the soldiers.  Esmeralda hides Renzo in the carriage until the soldiers leave.  She asks why the soldiers are after him.  Renzo tells Esmeralda what happened at the prison, and Esmeralda promises to try to help Miguel and also try to get her mother out of prison.  Renzo asks if Esmeralda will go back to Spain when her mother is free.  Esmeralda says that there is nothing in California for her.  Renzo declares his love for Esmeralda and says he will fight for her love.

Sara Kalí tells Hermes that Spanish law was changed so that a woman could rule.  Sara Kalí's mother was a direct heir to the throne, and they tried to kill her.  She fled with Sara Kalí and hid with the gypsies.  A cousin claimed the throne, and Sara Kalí's mother later died.  Later, Sara Kalí married Fernando in an attempt to regain the throne, but her plan failed.  Hermes concludes that the mask has fried Sara Kalí's brain.

Sister Carola finds Suplicios and assumes that Suplicios fell in the swamp.  Suplicios tells her that a black angel saved her, which shocks Sister Carola.  Suplicios refuses to go back to the convent because María Pía is evil.  She runs away.  At about the same time, María Pía is abducted.

Pizarro tortures Miguel, asking him who the gypsies were trying to rescue.  Later, Pizarro discusses the situation with Montero, who thinks the note may have been intended for Sara Kalí.  Pizarro doesn't think anyone would know about Sara Kalí.  Montero is not so certain.

Zorro fights the soldiers and steals the tax money.  He tells the soldiers that the people appreciate Montero's donation.

Alejandro and Almudena tell the Marquesa what happened with Diego and Mariángel and that Esmeralda has chosen to stay with Montero.

Esmeralda informs Montero she will not agree to annul the marriage.

María Pía is taken to a barn, where she learns that Fernando abducted her.  María Pía tells him that his actions make her loathe him.  Fernando states that if María Pía cannot be his, then she will not belong to God either.

Diego scolds himself for not reading Esmeralda's letter sooner and for saying such horrible things to her.

Fernando expresses his disappointment in Mariángel and states that she can never make it up to him.

Esmeralda tells Almudena that she will stay married to Montero, but she is pregnant with Diego's baby.  Almudena and Esmeralda ask Agapito if a woman can examine Esmeralda.  Agapito suggests Eagle's Feather.  Eagle's Feather touches Esmeralda and announces that she will have a boy.

Montero tells the Marquesa that Esmeralda will not sign the papers and that he cannot force her to do it.  Later, the Marquesa decides to leave Los Angeles.

Sgt. García tells Montero that Zorro stole the tax money and that he plans to distribute the money to the poor.  Montero orders a spy placed among the poor, and Zorro's reward money increased.

Padre Tomás tells the sisters that both María Pía and Suplicios have disappeared in the swamp and that it is very serious.  The Cardinal says he is going to send a letter to the Vatican stating that he cannot authorize the convent.  Padre Tomás responds that the Vatican will lose if that decision is made.

Olmos, wearing his orange hairpiece, tells Mariángel that her father wants her.  Mariángel laughs about the hairpiece and comments that Olmos looks like he is in a circus.  When Diego announces that he will marry Mariángel, Olmos tries not to cry.

Alejandro seems suspicious of Fernando's motivation with Montero.  He also wonders how involved Fernando was with the murders of Indians.  Fernando mentions that when he was a boy, Indians attacked his family's hacienda and scalped his parents.  This is why he turned against the Indians.  Fernando reveals that María Pía did not marry him because she found out what he did to the Indians.

Diego tells Mariángel that he knows something was put in his champagne and that he never touched her.  Diego is only agreeing to marry Mariángel out of respect for his father.

Fernando asks if Alejandro will let María Pía become a nun.  Alejandro agrees that if María Pía only joined the convent to run from Fernando that she should not become a nun.  Fernando comments that he can't stop loving María Pía.  Alejandro states that he and Fernando are different, because Alejandro gave Regina freedom.

Mariángel tells Diego about the failed annulment and that Esmeralda must want to be with Montero.

The Marquesa prepares to leave.

Miguel spits on Pizarro during the torture.  Pizarro orders hot coals to be thrown on Miguel.

Fernando is told that María Pía is not eating or drinking.  Fernando declares that María Pía will not be allowed to escape.

Diego and Esmeralda see each other in the plaza.

Capítulo 33
March 28, 2007

Almudena worries about Esmeralda.

Sara Kali reveals that the gypsies are trying to free her.

Azucena and Laisha learn that Miguel has been captured.

Pizarro continues to torture Miguel.

Esmeralda is caught by the soldiers.

Maria Pia refuses to eat.

Suplicios tries to help the runaway slave.

Zorro is distracted by visions of Esmeralda.

Esmeralda appears to Zorro like part of a dream.

Esmeralda resists when Montero tries to touch her.

Fernando presents Mariangel with an account of her dowry.

The sudden apppearance of Samaniego surprises Tobias and Catalina.

Hermes thinks Sara Kalí is crazy, and Zorro sees Esmeralda everywhere.

Diego tells Esmeralda that he doesn't believe anything she says.  Esmeralda tries to tell him why she stayed married to Montero, but Montero walks up.  Montero tells Esmeralda to promise to never speak to Diego again.  Diego replies that he will never see Esmeralda again.

Sara Kalí tells Hermes that her people, the gypsies, are trying to rescue her.  Hermes asks how they communicate with her, and Sara Kalí responds that they use a rat.  Hermes concludes that Sara Kalí is crazy.

Pizarro asks Miguel if he was going to free Sara Kalí.  Miguel calls Pizarro a murdering bastard.  Pizarro orders Miguel's head cut off and delivered to the gypsy camp as a warning.

Diego tells Dolores that he cannot explain what happened with Mariángel.  Dolores warns Diego that he must forget about Esmeralda.  Diego thinks that he should hate Esmeralda but cannot.

Esmeralda tries to leave Montero's home in order to see Diego, but the soldiers discover her and force her to go back inside.

Bernardo begins to distribute the tax money to the poor.  Suddenly, a group of men ride into the settlement and attack, yelling that the governor has ordered the attack.

Alejandro tells Almudena that he is concerned about Fernando's obsession with María Pía.  Fernando does not wish for María Pía to become a nun.  Almudena worries about what Fernando might do.

María Pía tells Fernando that she despises him.  Fernando replies that María Pía turned him into what he is now.  María Pía pleads with Fernando that he still has time to save himself.  Fernando states that only she can save him and in return he will take care of the poor and feed the Indians.  Otherwise, Fernando will drive the poor from their homes and destroy everything that is important to María Pía.  Fernando leaves in a rage, ordering his men to give María Pía no more food and water.

Suplicios stumbles upon the runaway slave, who is being attacked by wolves.  Suplicios hits the wolves and orders the night demons away.  After the wolves run away, Suplicios tries to get the man to awaken and stand up.

Bernardo tells Diego that the governor ordered soldiers to drive the poor from their homes.  Diego declares that Zorro will teach Fernando a lesson.

Pizarro informs Montero that Miguel is dead.  Montero calls Pizarro stupid.  Montero continues to speculate about whether the gypsies are trying to free Sara Kalí.  Suddenly, Montero realizes that Esmeralda may have stayed with him because of her mother, Sara Kalí.

Zorro fights the men who are attacking the poor.  Zorro's battle is difficult, because everywhere he turns, he sees Esmeralda's image watching him. 

Padre Tomás tells Alejandro that María Pía is missing.  In a flash of understanding, Alejandro realizes that Fernando must have abducted María Pía.  Alejandro leaves in a rage with his sword in hand.

Montero and Esmeralda have dinner.  Montero mentions that he knows nothing about her and asks about her mother.  Upon that comment, Esmeralda claims to have lost her appetite.  Montero warns Esmeralda that he will find out what she is hiding.

Miguel's head is delivered to Jonás and Azucena, who mourn his death.  Azucena says that they must not let Laisha know what has happened to Miguel.

Fernando is shocked when Alejandro storms into his home, furiously demanding to see María Pía.

The fencing master, Abelardo Samaniego de Villarte, arrives at Tobías and Catalina's home.

Esmeralda hears a noise and finds Zorro waiting for her.  Zorro states that while Diego promised to never see her again, Zorro did not.

Capítulo 34
March 29, 2007

Zorro begs for a reason to keep loving Esmeralda.

Montero wants Pizarro to find out how much money Esmeralda has.

Tobias expresses his amazement that Samaniego arrived so quickly.

Alejandro and Fernando begin to fight.

Alejandro seems to get the better of Fernando.

Fernando taunts Alejandro.

Padre Tomas disarms Fernando.

Suplicios expresses regret about her actions.

Montero and Mariangel have a private meeting.

Tobias comforts Samaniego, who is injured.

Padre Tomas and Diego speak to Alejandro.

Samaniego makes himself comfortable, and Suplicios admits her sins.

Zorro pleads with Esmeralda to give him a reason for hating her or a reason to keep on loving her.

Montero requests that Pizarro question Olmos about Esmeralda's financial affairs.  He wants to know how much money she has and wants to get it transferred into his hands as soon as possible.

Fernando admits that he has María Pía and declares that she belongs to him.  Alejandro and Fernando commence a vigorous swordfight.

Tobías and Catalina entertain Samaniego.  Tobías assures Samaniego that Catalina will look after him.  Tobías fills Samaniego in on all of the details about Zorro and his plan to unmask Zorro.

Esmeralda states that she and Diego must carry on their separate destinies.  Diego should continue as Zorro, and Esmeralda will continue as Montero's wife and will rescue her mother from the prison.

Alejandro and Fernando continue to fight, with Alejandro insisting that Fernando return María Pía to him.

Suplicios arrives at the mission with the injured runaway slave.  The sisters help Suplicios hide him.

Padre Tomás comes between Alejandro and Fernando with a sword, disarms Fernando, and forces Alejandro to give him his sword.  Both men are amazed about the Padre's ability.  Fernando promises to return María Pía to Alejandro the next day.

Diego and Padre Tomás discuss Fernando's cruelty to the poor.  Padre Tomás comments that the only thing that Fernando cares about is María Pía's affection.

Samaniego takes a fall while bathing, and Tobías and Catalina have to carry him to bed.

Suplicios admits to Cardinal Olivieri that she had a man forge a letter to María Pía in order to set up a fake meeting with the governor.  Suplicios expresses regret and tells the Cardinal that she came to the mission to escape from her mental problems and find peace.  She begs the Cardinal to allow her to stay.

María Pía finally tells Fernando the real reason she refused to marry him—that it is because Fernando killed Diego's mother, Regina.

Diego tells Alejandro that he will go to Fernando and ask for him to return María Pía.  Diego arrives at the Sánchez de Moncada home to find only Mariángel there.  The two exchange words, and Diego makes it clear that he will never love Mariángel and will be miserable for the rest of his life.

Fernando does not at first believe that he could have killed Diego's mother.  María Pía says that when Regina's body was delivered to her, it carried a knife that María Pía recognized.  The knife had Fernando's initials on it.  María Pía still has that knife in a chest under her bed.

Zorro delivers a letter to Sgt. García.  The letter warns Fernando that Zorro will burn his home if he continues to burn the homes of the poor.  Sgt. García sends a man to find Fernando.  Zorro follows the soldier in order to find out where María Pía is.

Esmeralda slips away from the soldiers and visits the gypsy camp.  She learns that Miguel is dead.  The gypsies were trying to get a map to Sara Kalí's cell.  Esmeralda promises that she will enter the prison and obtain a map for them.

Fernando releases María Pía, and Diego and María Pía meet each other on the road.  Diego wants to talk to Fernando about what he did, but María Pía insists that he not do it.

Esmeralda enters the prison in search of her mother.  All goes well until someone sneaks up behind her.

Capítulo 35
March 30, 2007

Diego and Maria Pia get reacquainted.

Montero discovers Esmeralda and Olmos.

Tobias leads Samaniego's procession through the plaza.

Samaniego is dumped on the ground.

Almudena teaches Yumalay how to be a lady.

Dolores rejoices that Maria Pia is safe.

Fernando orders one of his men to fetch Cardinal Olivieri.

Esmeralda speaks to Renzo.

Alejandro and Diego discuss the wedding date.

The gypsies prepare to cremate Miguel.

The Cardinal and Maria Pia listen to Fernando's messenger.

Tobias orders Catalina to take care of Samaniego.

Alejandro sees Yumalay dressed just like Regina.

Samaniego takes a fall, and Olmos tries to help Esmeralda.

Esmeralda turns around to discover Olmos.  He states that he knows she is searching for her mother, but she is in danger and must leave immediately.

Diego and María Pía become reacquainted after recognizing that they have grown apart.  Diego mentions how devastated he is about losing Esmeralda.  María Pía replies that she understands, that it is how she feels about losing Fernando.  María Pía explains that she and Fernando never married because María Pía learned that Fernando killed Indians for profit.

Fernando asks Padre Tomás for help.  He mentions how he and his sister witnessed their parents' deaths and how he retaliated against the Indians.  He later fell in love with María Pía, and she taught him compassion.  But he lost María Pía, and now he has learned that it is because he killed Regina.  Fernando must be certain, so he asks Padre Tomás to retrieve the dagger from María Pía's room.  Padre Tomás replies that he cannot do it without María Pía's permission.

Olmos tries to get Esmeralda to come with him, but she does not trust him.  Suddenly, the two are confronted by a soldier, who wants to know what they are doing in the prison.  Olmos bribes the soldier with a large amount of money, and the soldier leads them out of the prison.  Right after Esmeralda and Olmos get to the entrance to the prison, Montero discovers them.  He demands to know what they are doing.  Olmos explains that they were discussing the settlement of Esmeralda's money.  Montero questions why the conversation took so long.  Esmeralda explains that she had trouble understanding the contract and that she is now ready to sign.

Tobías and Catalina escort a group of men who carry the injured Samaniego through the plaza on a chair in order to see the doctor.  The men trip, and Samaniego is dumped on the ground.

Almudena explains how to be a lady to Yumalay.  After Yumalay watches Alejandro and Almudena kiss, she goes downstairs and practices wearing a pair of shoes.  Yumalay discovers a portrait of Regina.

Esmeralda meets Renzo in the plaza and tells him that they don't need a map.  The soldiers can be bribed.  Renzo thinks that would be a bad idea.  He also tells Esmeralda that she needs to be careful around Montero.

Diego reflects that Esmeralda taught him a lesson—that he shouldn't lose control.  He needs to concentrate on his mission as Zorro.  Diego orders Bernardo to get his most powerful weapons; Zorro will rescue Esmeralda's mother.

María Pía and Alejandro speak of Fernando.  Alejandro explains that Fernando had reasons for abusing the Indians.  María Pía exclaims that Fernando had no excuse for doing what he did, especially for—she breaks off.  Alejandro tries to find out what she almost said.

Olmos explains to Montero that all Esmeralda wants is the jewelry that came from her first marriage.  Montero wants to know if the jewelry is valuable, but Olmos claims that the jewelry consists of cheap imitations.

Esmeralda tells Almudena what happened with Olmos.  Almudena thinks Olmos will tell Fernando, but Esmeralda says that he promised not to.  Esmeralda hopes she can trust Olmos.

Alejandro requests that Diego and Mariángel marry in one week at the same time as he and Almudena.

The gypsies cremate Miguel.  Laisha was told about Miguel's death, so that she could grieve for him.

Olmos passes someone in the plaza and remarks, "Be on the lookout! It will happen tonight."

María Pía tells the Cardinal what happened.  María Pía insists that she is strong enough to be Mother Superior and also endure harassment by Fernando.  María Pía makes certain that Suplicios will not be banished from the convent.  One of Fernando's men arrives and informs the Cardinal that Fernando must see him immediately.

Samaniego complains that he has never been more embarrassed in his life.  Tobías reassures Samaniego that everything will be alright and that Catalina will take care of him.  After Samaniego leaves the room, Catalina makes Tobías agree to get someone else to clean and bathe Samaniego.

Alejandro sees Yumalay dressed as an exact duplicate of Regina's portrait.

Esmeralda visits Mariángel.  Right after Esmeralda arrives, Diego enters.  Esmeralda overhears Diego state that he has set the wedding date.

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