Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 36-40

Capítulo 36
April 2, 2007

Alejandro nearly kisses Yumalay.

Mariangel is pleased to be seen with Diego.

Maria Pia speaks to Suplicios.

Fernando orders the Cardinal to leave immediately.

Esmeralda and Olmos speak of Sara Kali.

Diego helps Sgt. Garcia get drunk.

Samaniego is spoon-fed by Tobias.

Fernando asks for Alejandro's forgiveness.

Padre Tomas tells Maria Pia that Fernando wants to see the dagger.

Sgt. Garcia shows the key to Diego.

Diego gives the key back to Garcia.

Diego asks Bernardo to make a copy of the key.

The slave traders ask to search the convent.

Montero reacts as Esmeralda asks for him to spare her baby.

Alejandro sees a ghost, and Diego gets García drunk.

Mariángel kisses Diego, which prompts Esmeralda to leave.  Diego tries to follow her, but is detained momentarily by Mariángel.  When Diego leaves, he asks Olmos if he saw Esmeralda.  Olmos pretends that he didn't see her.

Alejandro is shaken by how much Yumalay resembles Regina.  If he didn't know Regina's family were dead, he would think they were related.  Alejandro leaves the room and orders Dolores to have Yumalay move to a back room.

Olmos tells Esmeralda that he told Montero that her jewels are worthless so that she could keep them.  He suggests that Esmeralda hide the jewels since they are quite valuable.  Esmeralda asks why Olmos is helping her.

Don Fernando tells the Cardinal to leave California.  The Cardinal insists that the convent will become consecrated, but Fernando forbids it.  The Cardinal remarks that Fernando should be ashamed of taking advantage of a religious woman.  The Cardinal threatens to excommunicate Fernando.  Fernando retorts that it is fine, that María Pía is his god.

María Pía lets Suplicios know that she will be appointed Mother Superior and that she knows Suplicios wrote the fake note.  Suplicios admits it and adds that she will continue to try to expose María Pía.  Suplicios promises María Pía that she will fall sooner or later.

Olmos tells Esmeralda that he cannot give the details of his mission for it would compromise certain government officials.  He cannot explain how he knows about Sara Kalí.  He warns Esmeralda not to do anything to endanger herself or Sara Kalí.  Esmeralda mentions that she saw a document signed by El Topo.  Olmos warns her never to mention that name.  Olmos promises to help Sara Kalí and that Esmeralda will not regret his trust.

Diego buys Sgt. García a lot of wine and makes sure Sgt. García drinks far too much.

Tobías spoon-feeds Samaniego while explaining that Zorro is a criminal who steals from the Crown.  Zorro has Samaniego's techniques, so Samaniego can help expose him.  Samaniego likes the idea that he and Tobías can get rich by exposing Zorro.

Dolores helps Yumalay move into her new room.  She advises her to let Almudena take of Alejandro and not to get herself in trouble.

Fernando asks Alejandro to forgive him for what he did to María Pía and what he didn't do for Diego.  Fernando cannot promise to leave María Pía alone, but he will promise not to resort to violence again.

Padre Tomás tells María Pía that Fernando wants to see the dagger.  He wants Fernando to see the proof with his own eye.  María Pía agrees to give the dagger to him.

Alejandro agrees to forgive Fernando, even though their relationship won't be the same.  Fernando asks about Regina's death and why she wasn't with Alejandro.  Alejandro explains that he went to Spain to give reason why he married an Indian.  Regina went back to her tribe, and Alejandro did not know she was pregnant.  Alejandro found when he returned that she had been killed by a Spanish settler.  Alejandro never discovered the culprit.

Diego helps the drunken Sgt. García walk back to the prison.  Diego suggests that if the soldiers see him drunk, he will go to jail.  Sgt. García mentions a secret entrance, and he has the key.  Sgt. García leads Diego to the entrance.  Diego holds the key for a moment and makes an impression of it when García isn't looking.  Sgt. García comments that if Diego is arrested again, he can help Diego escape through the secret door.  Later, Diego tells Bernardo about the secret door and asks Bernardo to make a key from the impression.

Laisha resents that Miguel did so much for Sara Kalí, and Esmeralda, her daughter, has done nothing.  Shortly, a note from Esmeralda reaches the gypsy camp.  Her note promises that Sara Kalí will be free soon.

Diego tells Padre Tomás that Zorro will soon rescue Sara Kalí.  Diego will fulfill his promise to Esmeralda.  Padre Tomás warns Diego that if his love becomes obsessed, he will betray Zorro's principles.

The slave traders arrive at the convent, wanting to search for the slave.  They followed the man's scent to the convent.

Padre Tomás brings the dagger to Fernando.  Fernando takes one look at the dagger and states that he is now certain that he didn't kill Regina.

Diego says Esmeralda will be happy to see her mother.  Bernardo finishes the key.  Diego comments that if Montero does anything to Esmeralda, he will kill him.

Montero gets angry with Esmeralda for her attitude towards him.  He decides that they will have their wedding night that evening.  When Esmeralda resists, he decides to whip her.  Esmeralda pleads with him not to do it—not for her sake, but for her baby's sake.

Capítulo 37
April 3, 2007

Almudena tells Alejandro about Esmeralda's mother.

Padre Tomas shows the dagger to Fernando.

The sisters confess that they knew about the runaway slave.

Bernardo insists upon helping Diego in his mission.

Padre Tomas and Maria Pia discuss Suplicios.

Esmeralda thinks of Diego as she lies in bed.

Diego thinks of Esmeralda as he lies in bed.

Catalina is happy to see Diego.

Fernando tells Prudencio to give gold to the men they attacked.

Maria Pia and Padre Tomas discuss Fernando and the dagger.

Mariangel asks Diego to enter the church with her.

Olmos will soon have everything he wants.

Fernando asks Maria Pia to marry him.

Diego tells Esmeralda how much he loves her.

Fernando declares his innocence, and Diego confesses his love.

Montero calls Esmeralda a slut.  Montero thinks Diego wanted to make him responsible.  Esmeralda says she is willing to annul their marriage and give him her fortune.  Montero replies that the only deal they will make is that he will tell everyone that the baby is his.

Alejandro wants to know what is bothering Almudena.  She confides in him that Esmeralda wants to rescue her mother, who has been held in Callao Prison for 20 years under orders from Fernando.

To Esmeralda's horror, Montero suggests that Esmeralda lose the baby.  Montero decides to wait until Esmeralda's pregnancy shows and then will announce that they are having a child.  Esmeralda tells herself that she has enough time to rescue her mother and go back to Spain before that time comes.

Almudena explains that Esmeralda is not Fernando's daughter.  Mercedes married Fernando while carrying another man's child.  Alejandro declares that nothing justifies him locking her up.  Almudena says that there is some secret about Mercedes.  Alejandro thinks of the Viceroy's inspector and that perhaps he died because he found Mercedes.

Fernando explains that the dagger is his but that it was stolen many years before.  Someone else killed Regina.  Fernando declares that he is innocent.

The slave traders leave after they are unable to find the runaway slave in the convent.  The sisters confess to María Pía that they knew about the slave.  Suplicios admits that she was the one who brought him there.

Diego worries about how successful his mission in the prison will be.  Under protest, Diego agrees that Bernardo can help him.

Alejandro comments that they must prevent Esmeralda from doing anything foolish.  Alejandro offers to help Esmeralda.  Almudena makes Alejandro promise he will be discrete since she doesn't want Esmeralda to know she broke her trust.

María Pía asks Suplicios to respect her authority.  Suplicios replies that she is only following María Pía's example. 

Almudena thinks that Fernando must have lost his mind.  Alejandro agrees that locking a woman up for 20 years can only be done by man who is crazy.

María Pía tells Padre Tomás that Suplicios wants to think the worst of her.  Padre Tomás states that sometimes people make decisions based on lies.  María Pía asks what he means, but Padre Tomás evades her question.  After María Pía leaves, Padre Tomás prays for the Lord to show him the way.

Diego and Esmeralda think of each other in their separate homes as they lie down for the night and try to go to sleep.

Catalina greets Diego and tells him that Tobías is taking care of his obnoxious friend who had an accident.  She chatters about what happened with Mariángel, and Diego asks Catalina what was in the champagne.  Catalina angrily replies that she knows nothing.  Catalina thinks Diego drank too much because he was depressed.  Diego finally tells her off.

Padre Tomás tells María Pía that he found an injured man in the mission.  María Pía tells him about the runaway slave.  They agree that they should help the man.  Padre Tomás plans to give him a job at the mission.  María Pía asks about Fernando.  Padre Tomás replies that Fernando claims the dagger had been stolen and that he did not kill Regina.

Fernando asks his man, Prudencio, to give gold to the people his men hurt.

María Pía doesn't believe that the knife was stolen because Fernando committed so many crimes.  Padre Tomás asks María Pía whether she has any other proof that Fernando killed Regina.  María Pía shakes her head negatively.

Montero and Pizarro wonder when Tobías will produce the man who is going to expose Zorro's identity.  After Pizarro leaves, Montero comments that Esmeralda's baby could prove to be both interesting and fun.  Esmeralda will cry tears of blood for him.

Olmos writes a letter to his employer that states that they will soon have Mercedes in their control.  Olmos tells himself that he is nearing a great moment, that he will soon have everything he wants, including Mariángel—even if Mariángel gets married to someone else.

María Pía becomes hysterical as she considers whether she made a mistake.  María Pía says that witnesses stated that Fernando did it, but those witnesses are long gone.  The only living witness is Diego, who can't remember what happened.

Fernando buys red roses and approaches María Pía.  Fernando asks her to marry him.

Diego approaches Esmeralda during a church service and tells her that he still loves her.

Capítulo 38
April 4, 2007

Diego taunts Montero.

Almudena asks Esmeralda what Diego said.

Montero finally becomes angry.

Alejandro and Dolores notice that Yumalay has the same customs as Regina.

Catalina is amused that Diego is still interested in Esmeralda.

Esmeralda tells Padre Tomas that she is pregnant.

Olmos watches Mariangel bathe.

Olmos is tormented that Diego will marry his beloved Mariangel.

Diego and Olmos speak of love.

Maria Pia wonders if she made a mistake.

Sgt. Garcia is thrilled to deliver the announcement to Don Alejandro.

Tobias is frustrated about Samaniego's lack of understanding.

Montero looks forward to destroying Diego de la Vega.

Almudena watches Alejandro and Yumalay.

Diego challenges Montero to a duel, and María Pía worries about Fernando.

Diego tells Esmeralda that he will never stop loving her.  He acted like an imbecile out of jealousy.  Even though they cannot be together and no matter what happens, he will always love her.

Diego leaves the church and enters the plaza.  He greets Montero with the comment that perhaps Montero has found Zorro’s gloves and hat in his home and now he suspects that María Pía is Zorro.  Montero replies that he will be decorating Alejandro with the golden star that day.  Diego comments that they should end this once and for all—that he will break Montero’s face.  Finally, after Diego asks if Montero is afraid of him, Montero angers.  Diego challenges Montero to a duel that afternoon in the desert and requests that Montero come alone.

María Pía is angered that Fernando dares to propose marriage after all the pain she has endured.  Fernando replies that he went through years wondering what he had done wrong.  María Pía says that the dagger was an important family heirloom and that she would have known if he had lost it.  Fernando says she is too haughty to be Mother Superior and that she judges too hastily.  María Pía walks away and crosses Diego's path.  Diego asks if something is wrong.  María Pía wants to be alone and says her life is headed toward an abyss from which she cannot escape.  No one can help her.  Diego comments that he is there for her.

Pizarro is concerned that the duel is a trap.  Montero orders Pizarro to take his men and remain near just in case. 

Yumalay performs an Indian ritual announcing the double wedding as Alejandro and Dolores watch.  Dolores observes that it is as though Yumalay is a relative of Regina.  Alejandro wonders if it could be possible.

Olmos watches Mariángel undress for her bath and tells himself that she is a goddess, but she will marry Diego de la Vega.  Olmos believes Diego will go crazy on their honeymoon because Mariángel can dominate any man with her charm.  Olmos will continue on in his miserable life; he will multiply his fortune and perform his regular duties, but with the utmost loneliness.

Mariángel knows she must do something to get Esmeralda out of the way.

Esmeralda confesses to Padre Tomás that she is expecting Diego's baby.  Padre Tomás insists that she tell Diego.  He cautions that children should not have to pay for their parents' mistakes.  Esmeralda stays firm about not telling Diego and mentions that she has an important mission that she cannot reveal.

Diego speaks to Olmos, telling him that he is astute.  Diego thanks Olmos for trying to help get him and Esmeralda together but that it was not to be.  Olmos wants to know why he is marrying Mariángel when he loves Esmeralda.  Diego says that the law requires him to marry Mariángel in order to restore her honor.  Olmos wonders why love cannot be the foundation of the law.

The Cardinal tells María Pía about his arrangements for the consecration.  María Pía asks to retire to her cell.  The Cardinal wonders if María Pía is having doubts.

María Pía wonders if Fernando is innocent.  If so, she made a terrible mistake by renouncing her family and the only love in her life and cannot forgive herself.

Fernando reminds himself that he is innocent and that he will keep fighting for María Pía no matter what he has to do.

Alejandro asks Yumalay about her past but gets nowhere. 

Esmeralda tells Padre Tomás that her marriage with Montero has not been consummated.  Padre Tomás fears what might happen when Montero learns of the baby, but Esmeralda tells him that he already knows.  Esmeralda had to tell him to keep him from touching her.  Esmeralda insists that under no circumstances will she tell Diego.

Pizarro orders Sgt. García to deliver the notice of the ceremony to Don Alejandro, and Sgt. García takes it as a huge compliment that he will deliver the messge.  He goes on and on thanking Pizarro until Pizarro tells him that everyone else is busy and Sgt. García is his last choice.  Pizarro orders García to ride his mule.

Tobías tells Samaniego about the double wedding and explains that it will be the perfect opportunity for them to activate their plan. 

Pizarro wraps Montero's hands so that his fingers will not be fractured in the duel.  Montero says he has been waiting for this chance since childhood.  He has always hated Diego de la Vega.  Pizarro questions whether it is a good idea to have the duel on the same day that Don Alejandro is decorated.

Alejandro tells Yumalay that he doesn't want her out of his life.  Alejandro and Yumalay get very close and look like they might kiss.  Almudena has entered the stable and is watching them.

Diego meets Esmeralda in the plaza and says that they should do something crazy so that they can be together.  He asks Esmeralda to escape with him that night.

Capítulo 39
April 5, 2007

Maria Pia cries that she is responsible for she and Fernando's unhappiness.

Diego seems to be unaware that he has just knocked Montero out.

Montero decorates Don Alejandro with the gold star.

Catalina comments about Diego's lack of interest in Mariangel.

Yumalay refuses to attend the wedding in a dress.

Fernando is thrilled to see Maria Pia dressed in lay clothing.

Suplicios tells the sisters that Maria Pia will soon live with the governor.

Tobias helps Samaniego after he hurts his back.

Fernando compliments Esmeralda and Almudena.

Olmos tells Esmeralda to have the gypsies ready to act.

Catalina begs Tobias to send Samaniego away.

Sara Kali tries to bribe Aguirre.

Fernando escorts Mariangel and Almudena down the aisle.

The two couples wait for the ceremony to begin.

Fernando sits down next to Maria Pia.

Alejandro receives the gold star, and the day of the double wedding arrives.

Diego wants to leave with Esmeralda so that he doesn't lose her forever.  Esmeralda feels that Zorro is more important.  Diego promises that Zorro can still show up when needed.

Alejandro almost kisses Yumalay and pulls away just as Almudena appears.  García enters the stable and presents the notice of the ceremony to Alejandro.  Alejandro thanks Sgt. García, and García replies that it is one of the most important moments of his life.  García asks if Alejandro would mind letting him grab a bit to eat.  After García is promised soup, he asks for a large amount of additional food and wine.

Almudena promises to continue her lessons with Yumalay after she and Alejandro are married.  Yumalay refuses the lessons.

Padre Tomás asks María Pía how she is.  She replies that Fernando asked her to marry him.  She calls herself stupid for not marrying him years before.  If Fernando is innocent, then she is responsible for their unhappiness.  María Pía adds that she must make a decision about her life and vocation.

Montero interrupts Diego and Esmeralda'a conversation.  Diego and Montero fight, with Montero knocking Montero down.  Diego stands up and knocks Montero out, seemingly accidentally.  Diego remarks that Montero asked for it and should think twice before fighting with Diego.

In a ceremony, the gold star of the Order of the Knights of the Royal Family is bestowed upon Don Alejandro.

One week later—

Diego and Alejandro prepare to leave for the double wedding ceremony.  Alejandro congratulates Diego about how he has changed.  He heard about what Diego did to Montero in the plaza a week before.  Diego claims that it was just a stroke of luck.  After commenting that Diego must still love Esmeralda and will be unhappy with Mariángel, Alejandro offers to talk to Fernando.  Diego refuses to let him and will keep his word.

Olmos raves about how beautiful Mariángel is, and she orders him to be quiet.  After Olmos leaves, Catalina remarks that everyone is talking about how Diego hasn't come to see her even once in the last week.  Mariángel tells her to shut up.

After an argument, Montero agrees to attend the double wedding ceremony with Esmeralda, but only to avoid criticism.

Alejandro receives notice that the Viceroy is coming to Los Angeles.  He believes that the Viceroy has decided to come because of the murder of his inspector.  Later, Yumalay refuses to attend the wedding, since Alejandro will not allow her to wear her native dress.

Esmeralda visits Almudena and thanks her for dedicating her life to raising her.  Almudena deserves to be happy since she has given Esmeralda so much.

Fernando is delighted to see María Pía in regular clothes.  He asks if she has made a decision, but all that she can say is that she cannot be Mother Superior.  She cannot yet promise to be his wife.

Suplicios tells the sisters that María Pía has packed her belongings and will soon marry Fernando.  Sister Carola protests, and Suplicios suggests that she can be María Pía's cook.  Sister Carola hits Suplicios.  Later, María Pía tells the sisters that she is leaving the convent and that she is uncertain if she will return.

Tobías tells Samaniego that he will recognize that bandit when they get to the wedding.  Tobías and Samaniego practice some fencing moves, resulting in Samaniego injuring his back.

Montero tells Pizarro that today is a great day because Diego will marry.  Pizarro comments that they may capture Zorro now that Samaniego is here and will go to the reception.  Pizarro has placed soldiers around the reception building.

Almudena requests that Esmeralda not do anything about her mother without letting her know.

For the first time ever, Fernando compliments Almudena and Esmeralda on their beauty.  Fernando tells Almudena that María Pía will be leaving her religious life.  He wants Almudena to help convince María Pía to marry him.  Alone, Fernando promises himself that María Pía will be his no matter what obstacles he has to face.

Olmos tells Esmeralda that the day to free her mother is coming soon.  She should keep the gypsies on notice.  Esmeralda wants to know why he cares.  Olmos replies that she will understand when she sees her mother's face.  Esmeralda agrees that Olmos can sell her jewels to raise money to free her mother.  Olmos suggests that Esmeralda return to Spain with her mother.

Catalina wants Tobías to get ride of Samaniego.  Tobías is spending all of her dowry on the instructor, who eats like an army.

Alejandro tells Diego about the Viceroy.  Later, Diego gives the news to Padre Tomás.  Padre Tomás is certain that Sara Kalí is someone important to the Spanish Crown.

Sara Kalí and Hermes are removed from their cell due to the arrival of the Viceroy.  Sara Kalí promises to give the guard her fortune if he will let the Viceroy see her.

Olmos is upset that the day he has most feared has arrived.  Mariángel will belong to another man.  Olmos wishes he were not a hunchback.

Fernando escorts the two brides down the aisle.  Almudena comments about how happy she is.  Diego looks like he would rather be anywhere else.  Diego turns to see Montero enter the church with Esmeralda.

Capítulo 40
April 6, 2007

Yumalay plays music for Don Alejandro's wedding.

Esmeralda is happy to see Almudena get married to Don Alejandro.

Sara Kali and Hermes languish in the prison's old sewers.

Tobias demonstrates Samaniego's fencing technique.

Diego finds kissing Mariangel to be very distasteful.

Kamba shows off his new attire.

Kamba becomes frightened.

Esmeralda pretends to sprain her ankle.

Diego tells Bernardo to make up an excuse for his absence.

Laisha believes Esmeralda is making up excuses in order to delay rescuing Sara Kali.

Zorro listens to Montero and Fernando.

Mariangel listens to Esmeralda and Almudena.

The Viceroy arrives, and Mariángel learns that Esmeralda is pregnant.

Yumalay arrives at the church to play a flute outside the double wedding ceremony.  Alejandro and Almudena are declared husband and wife.

Sara Kalí promises the soldier, Aguirre, that her treasure is grand, more than he can possibly imagine.  Aguirre is tempted, but he refuses because Montero would surely have him killed.

Suplicios hears water running and investigates.  She finds the runaway slave, Kamba, taking a bath in the convent.  With difficulty, Suplicios gets Kamba to place a sheet around himself to cover his body.

Sara Kalí and Hermes are shoved into the prison's old sewer system.  Sara Kalí tells Hermes that she is not certain whose side the Viceroy is on.  Part of her mother's family wants her to return while the other part would do anything to see her dead.

Pizarro tells the Viceroy's secretary that Montero is at an important social event.  The Viceroy's secretary demands that Montero come to the prison immediately.  The Viceroy is at the prison and is probably already inspecting it.  Olmos overhears this conversation and tells himself that Sara Kalí's life is in danger.

Tobías tells Samaniego that it is too late to make the wedding ceremony.   Tobías asks how he created such a harmonious technique.  Samaniego does not know what Tobías means.

With great reluctance, Diego promises to be faithful to Mariángel, and Padre Tomás declares them husband and wife.  The guests leave the church.  Padre Tomás shakes his head at the sight of María Pía leaving the church on Fernando's arm.

Kamba follows Suplicios to her room.  He becomes frightened and hides under her bed.  Suplicios is distressed.

Montero learns of the Viceroy's arrival and heads to the prison.  Pizarro assures him that Sara Kalí has been moved.

Olmos coughs when Esmeralda passes, and Esmeralda pretends to have sprained her ankle.  She asks for a cane so that the soldiers will disappear.  Olmos asks Esmeralda not to rescue her mother yet, because the Viceroy has arrived.  Olmos informs Esmeralda that the Viceroy will kill Sara Kalí if he finds her.

Fernando speaks to María Pía as if she is certain to marry him.  She remarks that she needs more time.  Congratulations are given to both of the newly-married couples.  Fernando abruptly leaves when he is told of the Viceroy's arrival.  Diego is highly interested to hear that the Viceroy has arrived.

Montero greets the Viceroy, Don Enrique de Castillo y León.  Don Enrique mentions the murder of his inspector by Zorro.  He remarks that this is very odd, since Zorro is not known as a murderer.  Don Enrique comments that he is certain that a woman is held prisoner at Callao.  Montero looks appropriately surprised and denies the accusation.  Don Enrique insists that his information is correct and warns that Montero will regret it if he is found to be lying.

Esmeralda is given a cane, and she limps towards home.  Esmeralda disappears when the soldiers aren't looking.

Laisha demands that the gypsies free Sara Kalí that day so that they can leave this dreadful place.  Laisha declares that Esmeralda will use any excuse to delay freeing her mother.  Laisha is seemingly proved correct when Esmeralda arrives and tells the gypsies that it is not safe to rescue Sara Kalí that day.  Jonás trusts Esmeralda and agrees to wait.

Diego slips away from the reception so that he can make an appearance as Zorro.  Diego tells Bernardo to make up anything he wants to explain his disappearance.

Don Enrique tries to bribe Montero with riches and a title that only one with Royal blood would normally have.  Montero's face lights up.

María Pía admits to Cardinal Olivieri that she still loves Fernando.  The Cardinal is greatly disappointed in the turn of events.

Fernando and Montero discuss the Viceroy and Sara Kalí, little realizing that Zorro is listening.  Zorro learns that Sara Kalí is hidden in the sewers of the prision and hears Montero ask Fernando to tell him why Sara Kalí is so important to the Royal Family.

At the exact same moment, Mariángel listens to part of a conversation between Almudena and Esmeralda.  To her shock, she learns that Esmeralda is pregnant with Diego's child.

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