Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 41-45

Capítulo 41
April 9, 2007

Esmeralda plans to go far away with her mother.

Zorro listens to Fernando and Montero.

Samaniego continues to eat.

Mariangel reminds Olmos of how she can reward him.

Kamba comforts Suplicios.

Diego pretends to be very sick.

The Viceroy threatens Montero.

Esmeralda and Diego kiss.

Alejandro and Almudena watch Montero's carriage approach.

Samaniego eats while Tobias speaks to Pizarro.

Pizarro views Samaniego with disgust.

Montero and Mariangel kiss.

Mariangel says she has something important to tell Montero.

Fernando discusses Sara Kalí, and Suplicios smuggles food to her room for Kamba.

Mariángel overhears Esmeralda say that after her mother is rescued, they will go far away out of Montero's reach.  She will then send a letter to Diego.  Mariángel swears that Esmeralda will not get her way.  Mariángel asks Dolores if she has seen Diego.

Montero demands to know about Sara Kalí, since he has to look after his own interests and will not destroy his career for Fernando.  Fernando agrees to tell him everything.  He reveals that Sara Kalí is of Spanish blood and that her real name is Mercedes.  Fernando explains that she wears a mask so that no one can see her resemblance to the Queen of Spain.  Fernando plans to claim a reward for finding Mercedes in due time and promises to share it with Montero.  After Montero leaves, Fernando tells himself that Montero will receive nothing.  Unknown to the two men, the entire conversation is overheard by Zorro.

Olmos assures Esmeralda that Sara Kalí is well-hidden and that they will eventually free her mother from prison.  Esmeralda asks Olmos who Samaniego is, and Olmos claims not to know.

Tobías introduces Samaniego as his uncle, who is a master of geography.  Tobías asks Samaniego if he recognizes anybody, but Samaniego just wants to go eat.

Olmos tells Mariángel that he will soon discover Zorro's identity.  He explains about Samaniego.  Mariángel orders him to prevent them from capturing Zorro.  Olmos says he can't stop them, but Mariángel suggestively reminds him of the reward she can give him if he can prevent Zorro's capture.

Zorro confronts the Viceroy and steals a gold chain.  The Viceroy calls Zorro a murderer, and Zorro points at Montero and Fernando, stating that they killed his inspector.  Zorro warns the Viceroy not to go anywhere without his guards, unless he wants to end up like his inspector.  Zorro thanks the Viceroy for his contribution, sets off some smoke bombs, and leaves.

Suplicios asks for double portions at dinner and says she will eat in her room.  The sisters wonder what is wrong with her.  Kamba is still hiding under her bed.  Suplicios gives him the food and says that it has been awhile since she has been around someone so pure as him.  Suplicios remarks that Kamba is fearful of being caught, and she is fearful of her thoughts.  She wonders why God has abandoned her.  Kamba comforts her.

The Cardinal wonders if María Pía will ever return and hopes she doesn't end up with Fernando.  Padre Tomás agrees and does not believe Fernando is sincere.  María Pía can't see it, because she is in love with a memory.  The Cardinal wants Padre Tomás to help him pick a new Mother Superior.

Diego tells Bernardo to have Esmeralda come to his room so that he can talk to her.  Diego goes to his room and pretends to be sick.  Alejandro agrees not to call Mariángel up to Diego's room but insists that Diego sleep with Mariángel that night.

María Pía tells Almudena that she may give Fernando another chance.  Almudena tells her not to sacrifice herself in expectation of a miracle.

Fernando apologizes to the Viceroy about Zorro.  The Viceroy states that he is now in charge of the prison, much to Montero's dismay.

Mariángel sees Esmeralda go with Bernardo, but Almudena prevents her from following.  Mariángel complains to Almudena about Diego's behavior.  Almudena tells her not to expect Diego to forget Esmeralda immediately and to stop playing victim.  She tells Mariángel that the situation is all her fault for forcing the marriage.

When Esmeralda goes to see Diego, she and Diego embrace and kiss.  Diego says he had to see her and kiss her.  Esmeralda states that she knows his heart still belongs to her.  Diego tells her everything he overheard in the prison.

Montero gives the Viceroy the prison's administrative book so that the Viceroy's secretary can review it.  The Viceroy advises Montero to capture Zorro before he does; otherwise, the Viceroy threatens to make Zorro the military commander of Los Angeles.

Hermes uses a nail to try to pick the lock on Sara Kalí's mask.

Almudena sees Montero's carriage approaching the de la Vega hacienda.  She warns Diego and Esmeralda of Montero's arrival.

Samaniego is introduced to Pizarro by Tobías.  Pizarro seems disgusted that he is the great fencing master.

Montero and Mariángel kiss passionately.  Montero has sent the soldiers away so that they will not be interrupted.  Mariángel pushes Montero away.  She reveals that she has news of his wife that could either ruin his night or make him very happy, depending upon what he chooses to do.

Capítulo 42
April 10, 2007

Esmeralda watches Diego during the reception.

Diego returns Esmeralda's longing gaze.

Maria Pia and Fernando speak privately.

Diego gestures for Mariangel to back off.

Catalina begs Samaniego to identify someone as Zorro.

Tobias reacts as he realizes that Samaniego has identified him as Zorro.

The Viceroy wants for the soldiers to increase their patrols of the prison.

Esmeralda and Montero react as Zorro appears.

Alejandro watches Maria Pia and Fernando with deep concern.

Zorro holds a sword to Montero's throat.

Montero threatens Zorro.

Tobias pleads his innocence.

Mariangel waits for Diego.

Fernando discovers that the key to the iron mask is missing.

Olmos gives the key to Gerardo.

Samaniego identifies Tobías as Zorro, and Zorro abducts Esmeralda.

Mariángel reveals that Esmeralda is expecting Diego's baby.  Montero laughs about the news, as he already knows.  Mariángel angers and informs him that Diego and Esmeralda were alone together for awhile.  Montero storms inside in a fit of rage.

Fernando tells María Pía that she gives his life meaning.  Fernando wants to travel the world with her.  She begs him not to ask anything of her yet.  Fernando and María Pía kiss.

Montero calls for everyone's attention and announces that he and Esmeralda are expecting a baby.  Esmeralda faints, and Montero carries her out.  Diego tries to follow, but Alejandro detains him.  Diego goes upstairs.  Almudena tries to leave with Montero and Esmeralda, but Montero will not allow it.  Almudena calls him a swine, and he accuses her of knowing that Esmeralda is carrying Diego's child.  Montero claims to be a gentleman who is saving Esmeralda's reputation.  Pizarro stays behind so that he can see what happens with Samaniego.

Alejandro enters Diego's room to find it empty.  He comments that it is strange; he is certain that Diego came upstairs.  After Alejandro leaves, Bernardo enters Zorro's cave.  Diego remarks that Zorro's mission has always been to fight injustice, but this time he will do it for himself.

María Pía pulls away from Fernando, stating that she doesn't want it to be this way.  She has matured and wants to make sure things work out right.  She needs a little more time.  Fernando promises that he will do anything for her as long as he can spend the rest of his life with her.  Fernando and María Pía kiss again.

Alejandro apologizes to Almudena about the way everything turned out that night.  Almudena reveals that Esmeralda's baby is Diego's

Pizarro asks Tobías if he has any information about Zorro.  Tobías remarks that it takes time, because Zorro's identity is not going to be obvious.  Pizarro urges him to hurry; they must deliver Zorro to the Viceroy.  Meanwhile, Samaniego is busy eating and is little interested in anything else.  Catalina asks him when he will stop eating, but he remarks that one is supposed to eat at a party.  Catalina asks him to say who Zorro is right now.  Samaniego looks around and suddenly points to where Pizarro and Tobías are standing.  Tobías reacts with horror as he realizes that Samaniego has identified him as Zorro.

The Viceroy orders extra guards at the prison.  He comments that the Marquesa had said that a woman is held in the prison but didn't know her identity.  The Viceroy is convinced that there are secret tunnels and hidden chambers.  If Mercedes is found, she must be killed, and all soldiers who are present must be shot immediately.

Hermes is unable to open the lock on Sara Kalí's mask.  Sara Kalí comments that the most painful part is that she can no longer remember her face.  Sara Kalí adds that all she wants is her daughter's love and will not reclaim the throne if she is ever able to escape.  Hermes is concerned that she will leave him behind, but Sara Kalí promises that Hermes will leave with her.

As Montero's carriage proceeds towards town, Zorro attacks.  He easily defeats the soldiers.

Tobías is arrested by Pizarro.  As Tobías is dragged away, he protests that if he were Zorro, he would not have hired Samaniego.  Tobías pleads for Zorro to appear and help him.  Catalina asks Mariángel for help, but Mariángel is disinterested and says she can do nothing.  Catalina remarks that Mariángel is some friend.

Mariángel and Alejandro mention how absurd the charges against Tobías are, as absurd as when Diego was accused of being Zorro.  María Pía and Fernando come back from walking, giggling like youngsters.  Neither Alejandro nor Mariángel look very happy.  Mariángel comments that her father looks like a changed man.  Alejandro replies that he has become a different man.

Zorro and Montero fight, and Zorro disarms Montero.  Zorro ignites a few smoke bombs, and in the confusion, he abducts Esmeralda.

Fernando tells María Pía that she has the dignity and beauty of a true queen.  He bids her a lovely evening after he kisses her hand.

Pizarro questions Tobías, who explains again that he invited Samaniego to Los Angeles to identify Zorro.  Unfortunately, the old man spends his time either eating or choking on something.  Pizarro mentions that Tobías and Zorro are around the same height, more or less.  Tobías is flattered until he remembers that the charges are serious.  Pizarro tells him to get used to the idea that he is the prime suspect, and if they find evidence in his home, he will go to the gallows.

Montero discovers that Zorro kidnapped his wife.  Montero swears that he will kill Zorro.

Both Tobías and Samaniego are held at the prison.  Catalina asks if Pizarro believes that Tobías is Zorro.  Pizarro replies that he doesn't know what to believe and that Catalina could even be his accomplice.  Catalina wants Pizarro to come to her home to talk.  He refuses until Catalina agrees that they will do more than just talk.

Mariángel has a bottle of wine and awaits Diego in the bedroom.  She laughs, saying that Diego will not be able to escape from her.

Alejandro and Almudena speak of María Pía and Fernando, how cruel he is, and how he locked his wife up in prsion.  Alejandro says he will not let them keep seeing each other.

Fernando discovers that the key for the iron mask is missing.

Olmos gives the key to an accomplice and reveals that the key is to Sara Kali's mask.

Zorro takes Esmeralda to the secret cave.  He asks if what Montero said is true—whether she and Montero are expecting a child.

Capítulo 43
April 11, 2007

Alejandro apologizes for having to search for Diego.

Esmeralda and Diego rejoice in the news of their baby.

Montero explains how Zorro attacked his carriage and kidnapped Esmeralda.

As Esmeralda listens, Diego gives Bernardo directions for his mission.

Maria Pia finds it a strange experience to be at home.

Fernando asks if Olmos has seen what was kept in the box.

A soldier examines the skull and crossbones on Montero's bed.

Alejandro tries to keep Yumalay warm.

Pizarro tells Catalina that the Viceroy's honor is at stake.

Maria Pia and Almudena chat with each other.

Almudena worries about Maria Pia.

Mariangel decides to stop Esmeralda on her own.

Alejandro feels guilty about what just happened with Yumalay.

Maria Pia catches Suplicios as she faints.

Montero has a message for Zorro.

Diego surprises Esmeralda with a pair of baby moccasins.

Diego learns about the baby, and Fernando searches for a missing key.

Esmeralda assures Diego that she has not been with Montero, but that she is pregnant—with Diego's child. 

Alejandro apologizes to Almudena for not staying with her that night.  He must go find Diego.  They speak of María Pía and Fernando, and Alejandro furiously states that he cannot allow them to marry.  Alejandro is afraid that María Pía will end up just like Sara Kalí and be destroyed by Fernando.  Almudena says that she should be the one to speak to María Pía.

Diego is thrilled that he is to have a son.  Diego asks Esmeralda if she realizes how unfair it is that they cannot be together.  Diego is shocked when Esmeralda mentions that she plans to go far away once she frees her mother.

Montero tells Pizarro that Tobías cannot be Zorro because Zorro intercepted his coach and abducted Esmeralda.  Montero swears that he must capture Zorro somehow.

Esmeralda explains that she wants to help her mother recover and that she hopes to learn who her father is.  Diego wants to go with her as well, but Esmeralda says that he cannot abandon his mission as Zorro.  Esmeralda finally agrees to leave with him.  Bernardo enters the cave, and Diego tells him to get ready for his mission.

Alejandro encounters Yumalay while out riding at dawn.  Yumalay did not go to the reception because the man with one eye was there.  Alejandro tells Yumalay to return home for her safety.

María Pía tells Dolores that it is amazing to be back with her family.  Dolores is horrified to learn that María Pía is still in love with Fernando.  María Pía insists that Fernando didn't kill Regina.

Fernando tears apart his office, looking for the missing key.  Fernando asks if Olmos has seen the box but does not say what he is trying to find.  Olmos hesitates, but swears that he hasn't seen it.  Fernando comments that the person who took it knew the house very well.  Olmos asks Fernando what he is trying to find.  Fernando is taken aback, since Olmos usually never asks questions.

Dolores declares that the governor is a devil.  María Pía explains about the dagger and that she was mistaken.  Dolores suggests that María Pía's heart has softened with time and that what they did was not without reason.  Dolores has no answer when María Pía asks if there is any other proof than just the dagger.

Esmeralda is glad that Diego did not have a wedding night.  Diego promises to act like an imbecile with Mariángel.

Montero awakens to find a skull and crossbones in his bed.  Montero is enraged that this occurred without his guards noticing.  He finds a note stating that when Montero tells the Viceroy who killed the inspector, Zorro will return Montero's wife.  Montero curses and turns around to find a large Z cut in the door.

Alejandro and Yumalay go to the stable to seek refuge from a thunderstorm.  Alejandro holds Yumalay so that she will not catch cold.  Alejandro mentions how he missed his wedding night with Almudena and that it is not fair to her.  Yumalay remarks that Almudena has a pure soul unlike her brother.

Pizarro arrives at Catalina's home and begins kissing her.  Pizarro says he must investigate Tobías, especially after Samaniego identified him.  Catalina protests that her honor is at stake, but Pizarro replies that the Viceroy's honor is what is at stake.  In the meantime, he and Catalina can warm each other up.

Almudena tells María Pía that Esmeralda's baby is Diego's.  Almudena wants to know what caused María Pía not to marry Fernando years ago.  María Pía will not elaborate.

Fernando keeps searching for the key and tells Olmos to tell no one about his search.  Fernando asks if Olmos knows anything about crossbolt locks.  Olmos gives a detailed explanation, and Fernando admits that he is looking for the key to this type of lock.  Olmos helpfully suggests that the lock could be opened by heating the metal and then destroying the lock with a very large hammer.  Fernando discards this idea as impossible.  Fernando again seems suspicious of Olmos because he has access to his things.  Fernando apologizes after Olmos suggests that if he cannot be trusted then he should return to Spain.  Fernando tells himself that he must find that key, or he has lost everything.

Almudena pleads with María Pía not to marry Fernando.  Almudena says that María Pía does not know him.  Almudena does not believe what Fernando says and does not trust his sincerity.  Almudena doesn't want María Pía to get hurt.

Alejandro wakes up after dreaming of Regina.  Yumalay kisses him, saying that she belongs to him.

Mariángel visits Montero and blames him for ruining her wedding night by announcing his child.  Mariángel warns him that he will regret it if he keeps causing her problems.  Montero says he doesn't take threats well, especially from a whore.  Mariángel changes her mind about letting him know what she came to say.  Mariángel leaves, telling herself that she will not reveal Esmeralda's plan to rescue her mother.  She will take care of Esmeralda herself.

Alejandro feels guilty about the intimate experience that he and Yumalay just shared.  Yumalay doesn't care that Alejandro was not thinking of her, and she loves him anyway.  Alejandro replies that this cannot happen again.

Fernando tries to get the Viceroy to leave, but he wishes to continue searching the prison.  The Viceroy suggests that Fernando is involved in hiding the woman in the prison.  The Viceroy tells Fernando that his secretary found papers showing every hidden corridor in the prison.

Suplicios collects money for the poor and faints shortly after María Pía walks up and speaks to her.  María Pía cries out for somebody to help them.

Montero announces in the plaza that someone must know how to find Zorro.  He wants Zorro to get a certain message.

Diego performs a few magic tricks for Esmeralda, giving her flowers and shoes for the baby.  Bernardo enters the cave with the news that Montero has threatened to kill a family every hour until Zorro returns Esmeralda to him.

Capítulo 44
April 12, 2007

Fernando realizes that he did kill Regina.

Mariangel's beauty stuns Olmos.

Mariangel places her bare foot against Olmos' cheek.

Mariangel continues to use her seductive charms on Olmos.

Alejandro regrets not spending the night with Almudena.

Yumalay rejoices that she is Don Alejandro's Indian woman.

Esmeralda is found bound and gagged in her bedroom.

Zorro rallies a group of supporters.

Sgt. Garcia blocks Montero from shooting a family.

Tobias realizes that Samaniego may be an imposter.

Esmeralda reports that Zorro said, 'Montero es un imbécil.'

Zorro asks for the support of the brotherhood.

Padre Tomas and Diego speak of Esmeralda.

Esmeralda is told that Mariangel knows about her mother.

Fernando begs Maria Pia to marry him.

Diego presents Mariangel with flowers.

Fernando realizes that he did kill Regina, and María Pía agrees to marry Fernando.

Diego agrees to let Esmeralda go back to Montero, since she promises that she can handle him.

Montero forces García to pick which family to kill first—and to pick one with lots of children.

Fernando dreams of the first time he met Regina.  He then dreams of when Regina stabbed him in the eye, and in return, he killed her.  Fernando awakens with the sudden realization that he did indeed kill Regina.  He tells himself that Regina had no reason to be in that Indian settlement.  Fernando swears that María Pía will be his even if he has to sell his soul to the devil.

Zorro leaves Esmeralda just outside Montero's home.  They both promise to remain true to each other.

Olmos awakens to discover Mariángel in his bedroom, scantily clad.  Mariángel wants to know about Esmeralda's mother.  Olmos tells her that Esmeralda's mother died in childbirth.  Mariángel reveals that Esmeralda's mother is alive and promises to fulfill his dreams if he will tell her what he knows.  Mariángel places her bare foot against his cheek, sorely tempting Olmos.

Olmos admits that Fernando found out that Esmeralda's mother was a gypsy and banished her from Spain.  Mariángel feels sure that Olmos knows more.  Olmos swears that he doesn't know where Esmeralda's mother is.  Olmos adds that he dreams that Mariángel will sigh when she touches him.  Mariángel laughs at Olmos and leaves, saying she'll get more information from him eventually.

Alejandro enters his bedroom to see Almudena sleeping.  He is remorseful for what happened with Yumalay.

Yumalay rejoices about what happened.  She tells herself that she is Alejandro's Indian woman while Almudena is his white woman.

Zorro rallies a group of citizens to gather their guns and come with him to attack Montero.

Montero's guards find Esmeralda tied up on her bed.  Esmeralda scolds them for not seeing anything and orders them to find her husband immediately.

Montero orders Sgt. García to kill the first family.  García won't do it, and Montero seizes his weapon.  Mejias runs up to tell Montero that Esmeralda has been returned by Zorro.  Montero decides to kill the family anyway.  As Montero prepares to fire, García blocks him.  Suddenly Zorro appears with the men he has rallied together, and the families are freed.  Esmeralda watches with approval from Montero's home.

Tobías begs to be let out of detainment.  He asks how they can think he is Zorro.  Tobías thinks of Samaniego and how the letter was sent to Spain, but received by Samaniego in Mexico.  He gasps.  Could Samaniego be an imposter?

Catalina begs her father to use his influence to save Tobías.  The Judge says it is a military matter.  Catalina is also worried about Samaniego's refusal to leave her home.

Montero asks Esmeralda if she has any clue to Zorro's identity.  Esmeralda acts angry that Montero hasn't asked her if she is okay.  Pizarro enters and reports that the people in the plaza have been controlled.  Montero orders García arrested for what he did in the plaza.  Montero continues questioning Esmeralda.  She finally mentions that Zorro did say something as he left, but that it won't help.  Montero insists on knowing.  Esmeralda leans close to reveal that Zorro said, "Montero es un imbécil."  Montero is annoyed.

Padre Tomás leads a meeting of the brotherhood.  Zorro arrives at the meeting and asks for the fraternity's support in freeing the woman from the prison.  Zorro tells the men all about Mercedes Sánchez and how Montero and Fernando have conspired against her.  Zorro mentions that the Viceroy is on the side of the King of Spain—a King who is harmful to America.  The brotherhood approves of the plan to rescue Mercedes.

Olmos presents Esmeralda with the papers to sign, transferring her money to Montero.  Olmos reveals that Mariángel has found out about Esmeralda's mother.

Almudena tells Alejandro that she missed him last night.  He tells her that she is the perfect wife.

Padre Tomás and Diego speak of Esmeralda's mother.  Diego reports how he found out about his baby and kidnapped Esmeralda.  Padre Tomás is upset that Zorro is taking on Diego's personal problems.  Padre Tomás also tells Diego that María Pía has fallen into Fernando's trap.  Padre Tomás is afraid of what will happen to María Pía when she learns that Fernando's wife is still alive and in prison.

Fernando sees María Pía with Suplicios at the doctor.  Fernando reveals that he has ordered an increase in the funding to the convent.

Esmeralda wonders how Mariángel could have found out about her mother, since only Almudena and Diego know her secret.  Olmos is upset that Diego knows; he does not trust Diego.  Olmos says they must move fast once the Viceroy leaves.

The Viceroy laughs about what Zorro did to Montero in the plaza.  The Viceroy comments that Zorro is smarter than Montero.  The Viceroy's secretary enters to report that a recently-blocked tunnel has been discovered.

María Pía tells Fernando that Almudena told her not to marry him.  Fernando doesn't understand what his sister is doing.  He mentions that his past is dark, but he wants to change.  María Pía finally agrees to be Fernando's wife.  Fernando is ecstatic and promises to make the new congregation the most important one in America.

Hermes tells Sara Kalí that she should seek revenge against Fernando, but all she wants is her daughter.  The two prisoners hear someone break through into the tunnel.  Sara Kalí wonders if they are the Viceroy's men.

Fernando confronts Almudena about what she said to María Pía and demands to know why Almudena insists upon ruining his life.

Mariángel asks where Diego was last night, and Diego replies that he had to reflect upon his life.  Mariángel is skeptical.  Diego says that he realizes that he must make the best of their situation.  Diego presents Mariángel with flowers.

Capítulo 45
April 13, 2007

Diego and Mariangel share a toast.

Fernando threatens to banish Almudena from his life.

The soldiers try to break through the barrier into the sewage pipe.

Sara Kali and Hermes discuss whether the Viceroy is a friend.

The Viceroy calls into the pipe, hoping for an answer.

Montero hopes that Sara Kali and Hermes stay quiet.

Diego makes a glass of champagne disappear.

Fernando is certain that the disappearance of the key is a bad sign.

Sara Kali and Hermes keep quiet behind a turn in the tunnel.

Esmeralda warns against telling Maria Pia of her mother's imprisonment.

Mariangel passes out.

Tobias thinks Olmos is going to rescue him.

Catalina tells Samaniego that he is hopeless.

The Viceroy decides to abandon the search.

Fernando and Maria Pia leave for their elopement.

Mariangel has a hangover.

Olmos asks Montero if the Viceroy has left.

Fernando and Maria Pia make preparations for their wedding.

Diego gets Mariángel drunk, and the Viceroy searches the prison.

Diego tells Mariángel that he is a bit shy and needs champagne to loosen up.  He promises to make the evening unforgettable.

Esmeralda signs the papers transferring her assets to Montero.  Olmos reminds her that her jewels are her fortune.  Esmeralda asks who will be helping rescue her mother.  Olmos replies that it is someone he trusts who has the key to her mother's mask.  Olmos will explain no further.

Fernando threatens to banish Almudena from his life because of her interference.  Almudena replies that he banished her from his life many years before when their parents were killed.  Fernando yells that the Indians had no compassion for their parents.  Almudena observes that Fernando has had no compassion since their parents died, not even for himself.  Almudena declares that Fernando will not deceive her about María Pía.  After she leaves, Fernando wonders if she could have stolen the key.

The soldiers begin to break through the barrier to Sara Kalí and Hermes.  Sara Kalí fears that it is the Viceroy and that he will kill her.  Hermes mentions that she could be wrong and miss her chance for freedom.  Sara Kalí says that she would feel better if her daughter were with her.  Hermes wants to call out to the soldiers.

The men break into the pipe and are sickened by the stench.  Montero explains that it is just a sewage pipe and that nothing will be found in it.  The hole is opened wider, and the Viceroy calls into the tunnel, hoping someone will answer.

Olmos tells Esmeralda to be ready for further instructions.  Almudena fears that Esmeralda will regret trusting Olmos.

Mariángel tells Diego that he has made this dreadful place a paradise.  Diego performs a magic trick, making a glass of champagne disappear.  Mariángel makes a glass of champagne disappear by gulping it down.  Diego gives her more to drink.

Fernando is certain that the stolen key is a bad sign.  Fernando tells himself that he cares more about Sara Kalí's power than María Pía's love.  Once he has María Pía, then he will have everything else.

The Viceroy continues calling into the tunnel but receives no answer.  Hermes urges Sara Kalí to answer, but she refuses.  The Viceroy decides to send his secretary into the tunnel but changes his mind.  Surely a woman born of royalty would not be kept in a sewage pipe.  After the other men leave, Aguirre tells himself that he must speed up the plan, for it is getting too dangerous.

Esmeralda is upset that Diego will see Mariángel every day and share the same room with her.  Almudena thinks that Diego will sleep with Mariángel.  Esmeralda begins to feel jealous.

Mariángel tries to kiss Diego but he forces more champagne on her.  He says she can take it because she got him drunk.  Mariángel finally passes out.

Olmos visits Tobías at the prison.  He asks Tobías if Samaniego does have the same technique as Zorro.  Tobías replies that the only technique Samaniego possesses is that of carving a ham.  Olmos suggests that Samaniego is an imposter.  Tobías wants Olmos to get him out of the prison, but Olmos says it is out of his control.  Olmos does promise that whenever Tobías discovers Zorro's identity that he will still pay Tobías for the information.

Catalina feeds a very irritable Samaniego.  He chokes on his food and asks for Tobías to come feed him.  Catalina reminds him of what happened at the reception, but he has forgotten.

The Viceroy comments that Montero has hidden Mercedes very well.  The Viceroy gives control of the prison back to Montero and plans to depart for Mexico.  The Viceroy warns Montero to capture Zorro or that Zorro will be his downfall.  As the Viceroy leaves, he tells his secretary that the Marquesa lied to them and that she will pay for it.  He plans to make certain that the Marquesa is banished and has her privileges taken away.

Montero congratulates Pizarro on his fine job.  Pizarro advises they wait before moving Sara Kalí and Hermes.  Montero feels that he still doesn't have the entire truth about Sara Kalí.  Montero says that either Fernando will tell him everything—or he will kill Sara Kalí.

Fernando urges María Pía to leave with him to get married immediately.  She thinks he's crazy and worries that her family can't come to the wedding.

Almudena tells Esmeralda that she will have to tell María Pía about Sara Kalí if María Pía agrees to Fernando's proposal.  Esmeralda protests that María Pía will tell Fernando and then he will know that they know about Sara Kalí.

Fernando says that his family does not understand.  María Pía replies that it is normal for them to have doubts.  After more pleading, María Pía finally agrees to leave with Fernando.

Esmeralda sees Diego in the plaza.  Almudena requests a private room for Esmeralda and Diego to talk and fetches Diego for Esmeralda.  Almudena sees Fernando and María Pía leaving in a carriage and Fernando giving her a kiss.  Almudena quickly gets Isidoro to follow the carriage.

Several Indians arrive at the de la Vega hacienda, looking for Don Alejandro.

Diego and Esmeralda kiss.  Esmeralda tells Diego that Montero has been very busy since the Viceroy arrived.  Diego tells Esmeralda that he got Mariángel drunk so he wouldn't have to sleep with her.

Mariángel wakes up, feeling horrible and sick to her stomach.  She realizes that Diego purposely made her drink too much.

Esmeralda warns Diego that Mariángel will not rest until she has him.  Diego wants to know about the plan for rescuing Sara Kalí.  Unfortunately, Esmeralda does not disclose anything about Olmos and the current plan.

Montero wishes the Viceroy a good trip back to Mexico.  Olmos approaches, asking if the Viceroy is leaving.  Olmos gives Montero the papers that transfer Esmeralda's fortune to him.  Olmos chatters about how happy he is for Montero's happiness, how he hopes that his fortune will grow, and how happy Esmeralda will be.  Montero finally cuts him off.  Pizarro gives Olmos an odd look as the two men leave.  Olmos tells himself that Montero will soon lose everything.

The Indians asks about Yumalay, who is part of their clan.  They would have come sooner, but they were hiding from white men who were chasing them.  The Indians tell Alejandro that Yumalay's grandmother, White Buffalo, will soon die, and she wants to see Yumalay one last time.

María Pía worries about getting married away from their families.  Fernando reassures her that they can have a huge reception when they return.

Don Alejandro tells Dolores that Yumalay's grandmother is White Buffalo—Yumalay and Regina are sisters.

Olmos urges Esmeralda to come with him.  It is the perfect moment to rescue her mother.

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