Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 46-50

Capítulo 46
April 16, 2007

Fernando cannot wait for the wedding.

Almudena offers to help Isidoro.

Adriel will take Yumalay to White Buffalo.

Esmeralda wants to know why the coach has stopped in the middle of nowhere.

Olmos bribes Aguirre.

Esmeralda realizes that Gerardo is no friend.

Diego is disturbed that Esmeralda said nothing about Olmos.

Jonas is hesitant to go along with Olmos' plan.

Aguirre shows the pearls to Machado.

Sara Kali is certain something bad is about to happen.

Esmeralda is at the mercy of Gerardo.

Fernando gives Maria Pia a bouquet of flowers.

Esmeralda is afraid that the gypsies will all die because of her stupidity.

The gypsies discuss their plan.

Adriel declares Yumalay a traitor.

Almudena races to stop a wedding, and Esmeralda's nightmare begins.

Esmeralda hesitates to go with Olmos in the carriage; she doesn't want to disappoint the gypsies.  Olmos promises to contact them later.  Esmeralda finally agrees to leave with Olmos and Gerardo.

Zorro enters the Sánchez de Moncada home and searches through Mariángel's belongings.  He discovers the potion and recognizes the smell as Dayanova.  He now has proof of what he suspected—that Mariángel drugged him.  He promises that Mariángel will pay dearly.

As Mariángel recovers from her hangover, she realizes that Diego is smarter than she thought; he got her drunk so that he wouldn't have to sleep with her.  She swears that Diego will pay for his lousy trick.

Bernardo sees Esmeralda talking to Olmos and reads their lips.  He figures out what is going on and sees Esmeralda leave with Olmos and Gerardo.  Bernardo unsuccessfully tries to stop Zorro as Zorro leaves the Sánchez de Moncada home.

Esmeralda is concerned when Olmos gets off the coach shortly after they start.  Olmos says he will talk to the gypsies and assures Esmeralda that he trusts Gerardo completely and that she should do whatever Gerardo says.  Esmeralda protests that she doesn't understand the plan, but the coach leaves with her on it.

María Pía and Fernando prepare for their wedding.  As they talk, the bells at the church begin tolling to summon them to their wedding.  Meanwhile, Almudena urges Isidoro to make the coach go faster.  The coach bumps, and Isidoro stops in time to prevent a wheel from coming off.  Almudena urges Isidoro to fix the wheel quickly.  Almudena thinks she hears church bells ringing.

The Indian, Adriel, does not want Alejandro to go with him and Yumalay on their journey, but Alejandro insists.  Right after Alejandro and Yumalay leave, Dolores orders one of Don Alejandro's men to get some of the other men and follow the Indians.  Dolores is afraid of what might happen.

The coach carrying Gerardo and Esmeralda stops on a deserted road and the two get out.  Esmeralda insists upon knowing what is going on.  Gerardo explains that the gypsies will attack the prison, and Sara Kalí will be freed at that time.  Gerardo explains that he has the key to unlock Sara Kalí's mask.  Esmeralda asks who Gerardo is, but he says that Olmos will tell her eventually.

Olmos bribes Aguirre with a string of valuable pearls.  Aguirre agrees to allow Sara Kalí to escape while the gypsies create a distraction by attacking the prison.  Olmos says that the signal will be two shots; the gypsies will attack and be killed by the soldiers while Sara Kalí is freed from her cell.  Aguirre is to make it look like Sara Kalí escaped in the confusion caused by the gypsies' attack.

Bernardo tells Diego what he saw in the plaza.  Diego doesn't understand why Esmeralda didn't tell him about Olmos.  Diego thinks it is very strange and dangerous; Olmos is not to be trusted.  He quickly leaves again as Zorro. 

Esmeralda becomes angry that she doesn't know every detail of the plan.  The coach driver takes off, leaving Esmeralda and Gerardo behind.  Esmeralda panics and screams for the driver to stop.  Gerardo threatens her and points a gun at her.  Esmeralda comes to the realization that the gypsies will die when they attack the prison.  Gerardo says it is a necessary sacrifice for their mission.

Olmos explains the plan to the gypsies, but Jonás is hesitant.  The gypsies wonder where Esmeralda is, and Olmos explains that she is with child and away for her safety.  To this, Renzo responds that he has no doubts.  Jonás reluctantly agrees that they will go with Olmos and assault the prison.

Aguirre offers some of the pearls to Machado if he will help Sara Kalí escape.  Machado protests that they will be killed if they let her go.  Aguirre replies that they can let her escape but then kill her once she crosses the threshold.

Hermes is thrilled about the amount of food that he and Sara Kalí were given.  Sara Kalí feels that the generous amount of food is a very bad sign of things to come.  She is certain that something dangerous is about to happen.

Gerardo forces Esmeralda to walk at gunpoint.  Esmeralda grabs some dirt and throws it in his face.  He shoots her in the arm, and she knocks him out with a rock.  Esmeralda escapes. 

María Pía emerges from her room in her wedding dress.  Fernando compliments her on her beauty.  The two head towards the church.

As Esmeralda continues her flight, she remembers everything that Olmos has said recently.  Esmeralda is devastated by his deception and knows that it will be her fault that the gypsies will be killed.  She sinks to the ground, crying uncontrollably.

Outside the prison, the gypsies prepare for their assault.  Renzo is to lead Javier and Jerko up the wall and into the prison.  Jonás describes how they will fight the soldiers, with the drawback being that they have no backup plan.  The gypsies are risking everything for Sara Kalí.  Renzo and the others begin scaling the wall.

Fernando and María Pía stand before the priest, and their wedding begins.

On their way again, Isidoro urges the horse to a gallop.  Almudena now clearly hears church bells ringing and is certain that a wedding is about to begin.  Suddenly, a wheel flies off the coach, and Isidoro and Almudena are violently thrown from the coach and knocked unconscious.

Olmos sneaks up behind Mariángel with a drugged handkerchief and knocks her unconscious.  Olmos says that if he should die during his mission, at least he will die with Mariángel by his side.

Shortly into the journey, the Indians attack Yumalay and Alejandro, taking them hostage.  Adriel tells Yumalay that she betrayed them by leaving with a white man and that her betrayal means death.

As Esmeralda tries to gather the strength to continue on her journey, Zorro arrives and holds her close.

Capítulo 47
April 17, 2007

Esmeralda explains what happened.

Montero reduces Garcia's rank.

Garcia sees the gypsies climb onto the prison roof.

Garcia tries to say something about the gypies but is ordered to shut up.

Bernardo will take Esmeralda to Piedra Grande.

Renzo thinks Garcia wants to help.

Alejandro fights Adriel.

Adriel is defeated.

Padre Tomas worries about Suplicios.

Olmos abducts Mariangel.

Olmos tells Mariangel that they will always be together.

Olmos tells Gerardo to hide.

Almudena interrupts Fernando and Maria Pia's wedding.

Aguirre and Machado are imprisoned inside Sara Kali's cell.

The gypsies prepare to attack the prison.

Kamba sings to Suplicios.

Renzo leads Sara Kali from the prison.

Zorro fights a group of soldiers.

María Pía learns the terrible truth, and Sara Kalí is rescued.

Zorro asks Esmeralda what happened.  She explains that a man hired by Olmos shot her when she tried to run away.  Olmos pressured her into not telling Diego about the plan.  Esmeralda chides herself for allowing herself to be used.  Now her mother and the gypsies are in danger.  Esmeralda loses consciousness, and Zorro promises that nothing will happen to Esmeralda's mother.

Montero tells Sgt. García that he will be demoted to a rank of ordinary soldier in punishment for his insubordination.  As Montero speaks, García sees the gypsies climb onto the prison's roof.  García tries to say something but is ordered to stay quiet.  Montero announces that García has lost all of his privileges.  If García disobeys one more time, he will be shot.  Up on the roof, Renzo is certain that García saw them and wonders why he didn't tell on them.  Renzo thinks García wants to help them.

Adriel has the other Indians tie up Alejandro and Yumalay.  Adriel says Yumalay is a traitor and deserves to die.  Suddenly, Alejandro's men arrive and fight the Indians, defeating them.  Alejandro says they will take Adriel to White Buffalo for judgement.

Suplicios is in bad shape, and Padre Tomás fears she will need to be tied down so as not to hurt herself.  The Cardinal wants to perform an exorcism.  Padre Tomás objects, saying that it would only make Suplicios worse.  The Cardinal insists that if Suplicios does not get better, then he will not consecrate the convent.  Padre Tomás wishes María Pía were there to take care of Suplicios.  Kamba watches from outside the room.

Olmos carries Mariángel out of the de la Vega hacienda but has to duck out of sight when Dolores approaches.  Olmos knocks something over, and Dolores thinks the hacienda is haunted.

Bernardo arrives, and Zorro tells Esmeralda that Bernardo will take her to Piedra Grande, where there is a house they use to shelter refugees.  Esmeralda tries to give the key to Sara Kalí's mask to Zorro, but he wants her to have the honor of opening it.  Zorro leaves for the prison.

Olmos tells the unconscious Mariángel that he will devote all of his time to her once his job is completed.  He places her in a carriage and covers her with a blanket.  He tells her that they will be together forever.  Gerardo approaches with the news that Esmeralda has escaped.  Olmos calls him an idiot.  Gerardo explains that Esmeralda figured out the plan and must be found immediately.  Olmos tells him to hide and that they can only hope that the soldiers kill Sara Kalí.  Olmos is furious that he will not get what is most precious to him.

The guards change at the prison, and the gypsies get ready.  Inside the prison, Renzo and Javier attack Aguirre and Machado and demand to know Sara Kalí's whereabouts.

The wedding of María Pía and Fernando continues, with María Pía placing the ring on Fernando's finger.

Kamba enters Suplicios' room with a bunch of leaves and a fire lit in a bowl.  Kamba unties her and brushes the leaves across Suplicios, all the while chanting and singing to her.

The priest states that under the circumstances, there is no reason to ask if anyone opposes the marriage.  Suddenly, Almudena bursts into the church demanding for the wedding to stop.

Bernardo and Esmeralda arrive at the house at Piedra Grande.  Bernardo cleans Esmeralda's wounds.  She tells him how eager she is to see her mother.  Esmeralda worries about what might happen at the prison.

Zorro subdues a couple of soldiers outside the prison and is spotted by García.  García is happy to see Zorro.  García reflects that he would rather be a common soldier than have a dirty conscience.  García was punished because he does not tolerate injustice.

Renzo, Javier, and Jerko enter Sara Kalí's cell.  Hermes wants to fight them off, but Sara Kalí joyously declares that the gypsies have arrived.  Aguirre and Machado are chained to the wall inside the cell.  Sara Kalí insists that Hermes come with them.  Aguirre and Machado furiously wonder why they did not get the signal indicating the beginning of the gypsies' attack.  They are certain that Montero will have them shot.  Outside the prison, Jonás wonders what is happening.  He doesn't trust the hunchback and hopes that his plan to have Renzo find Sara Kalí first helps them to be successful.

Olmos returns Mariángel to the de la Vega hacienda.  He tells her goodbye, kisses her lips, and swears that she will someday belong to him.

Kamba continues chanting over Suplicios.  She hears him and dreams that she is in a white dress dancing joyfully in a meadow.  She begins to cry and awakens.  Suplicios thanks Kamba for singing to her.  Kamba continues to sing.

Fernando demands to know why Almudena insists upon ruining his life.  Almudena doesn't want Fernando to make any more mistakes and reminds him that she loves him very much.  Almudena tells María Pía that she doesn't want to hurt her.  María Pía begins to panic, wanting to know what Fernando is hiding.  Almudena tells María Pía that Fernando cannot marry her because he is already married—Esmeralda's mother, Mercedes, is still alive.

Renzo wants to wait until the other gypsies create the disturbance and then they will exit through the main prison door.  Sara Kalí has a bad feeling about the plan.  Meanwhile, Zorro finds Javier and tells him that Olmos has tricked them.  Zorro knows of a secret door that the gypsies must use.  They should not return to their camp, but go to a place called Piedra Grande where they will find somebody who will help them.  Zorro will take care of the soldiers.

María Pía screams at Fernando, begging to know if what Almudena said is true.  She runs out of the church in hysterics.  Fernando begins to cry, telling Almudena that she has just ruined his life.

Montero is angry when a soldier reports that Esmeralda is not at home.  Montero gives him one hour to find Esmeralda or else face the firing squad.  Montero tells himself that she had better not be with Diego or he will kill her.

Esmeralda remembers when she first learned that her mother is alive and everything that has happened since that wonderful revelation.  Esmeralda prays that the gypsies do not fall into the trap and that Diego will be protected from danger.

Zorro fights off a group of soldiers as Renzo and Javier successfully get Sara Kalí out of the prison via the secret door.  Javier tells Jonás that Zorro said it was a trap and that they should take Sara Kalí to Piedra Grande.  Renzo stays behind with Jonás and a few others to help Zorro escape.  They arrive on the scene in time to see Pizarro shoot Zorro in the back.  Zorro falls to the ground and appears to be dead.

Capítulo 48
April 18, 2007

Pizarro and Renzo lock swords.

Pizarro discovers that Sara Kali has been rescued.

Montero learns about the attack on the prison.

Sara Kali arrives at Piedra Grande.

Javier speaks to Bernardo.

The Queen speaks to the Duke.

Esmeralda unlocks Sara Kali's mask.

Esmeralda and Hermes gaze at Sara Kali's face.

White Buffalo greets Alejandro and Yumalay.

Alejandro reacts to the news that Fernando killed Regina.

Almudena and Maria Pia speak about Fernando's lies.

Fernando threatens Maria Pia and Almudena.

Esmeralda and her mother become acquainted.

Sara Kali speaks to her daughter.

Maria Pia tells Fernando that she never wants to see him again.

Fernando decides to kill himself.

Sara Kalí is unmasked, and Zorro hits his head.

Zorro lies on the pavement, seemingly dead.  The gypsies attack the soldiers.  Zorro gets up, calls Pizarro a coward, and collapses again.  Renzo helps him get away.  Zorro tells the gypsies that he will distract the guards while they get Sara Kalí to safety.

Pizarro wonders if the gypsies' attack has something to do with Sara Kalí.  Pizarro checks Sara Kalí's cell and finds Aguirre and Machado in her cell.  Pizarro curses and demands to know what happened.  Pizarro calls them cowards and says they will pay with their lives.

Montero demands to know why Mejias did not come with Esmeralda.  Mejias explains that he did not find her, but more importantly, the prison has been attacked by gypsies and that Zorro was there.  Montero is convinced that Esmeralda's disappearance and the attack on the prison are connected.

The gypsies arrive at Piedra Grande.  They explain to Sara Kalí who Zorro is.  Bernardo arrives with a note from Zorro.  Bernardo is worried when he learns that Zorro stayed behind at the prison.

As García watches the confusion from his cell, he comments that Montero's luck has run out.  Meanwhile, Pizarro apologizes to Montero for the loss of Sara Kalí.  Montero swears that her disappearance will ruin them. 

Sara Kalí and Esmeralda are reunited at Piedra Grande.  Sara Kalí is happy to finally see Esmeralda but wishes she didn't have the mask on.  Esmeralda announces that she has the key to the mask.

Pizarro comments that the gypsies reached the cell too easily.  Montero suspects that both Esmeralda and the de la Vegas are involved in passing information to the gypsies.   Pizarro informs Montero that he wounded Zorro badly and that Zorro is probably dead by now.  Montero orders Pizarro to search every building for Zorro and to arrest Diego and Alejandro de la Vega.

Zorro enters the cave and collapses, unconscious and bleeding.

Dolores is happy that Juan has returned.  She has been nervous ever since she saw the shadow of a midget in the hacienda.  Juan explains what happened with the Indians.

White Buffalo greets Alejandro and Yumalay with great pleasure and confirms that Yumalay is Regina's younger sister.

Olmos enters the tavern and asks for a strong drink.  He tells himself that there is nothing left for him to do but wait.  He is certain that Sara Kalí must be dead.  When his superior, the Duke of Castellon finds out, he will probably build Olmos a statue.

In Spain, the Duke Jacobo Almagro de Castellon speaks to the Queen of Spain.  The Queen asks the Duke to explain about the obstacles that face them in some of the colonies.  He mentions that there are revolutionary ideas, but that he has them under control.  The Queen mentions that it would then be fine for her to visit Los Angeles.  The Duke looks worried and expresses concern about the Queen's safety.

Esmeralda unlocks and removes Sara Kalí's mask.  Sara Kalí views her face in a mirror for the first time in 20 years.

The soldiers arrive at the de la Vega hacienda looking for Diego and Alejandro.  They don't believe Dolores when she insists that she doesn't know where either one of them is.

As Zorro lies unconscious in the cave, he remembers when he first became Zorro.

White Buffalo tells Alejandro and Yumalay that she did want to see Yumalay but that she did not want Adriel to kill Yumalay.  White Buffalo says that Yumalay never betrayed her.  Alejandro asks why they let everyone believe that they were all dead.  White Buffalo explains that they decided to hide in order to remain safe.  Alejandro mentions that he met Yumalay while she was trying to kill the governor.  White Buffalo responds that she never agreed with Yumalay's hatred of the man that killed many of their people, including Alejandro's wife.  Alejandro reacts with horror at the news that Fernando killed Regina.

Almudena explains to María Pía that she couldn't let her marry Fernando.  Fernando arrives, pounding on the door and yelling to be let in.

Sara Kalí explains that Fernando locked her up because he discovered her true origin.  Sara Kalí says that Esmeralda's grandmother escaped with her in order to save her life.  They were trying to kill Sara Kalí's mother in order to prevent her from becoming the Queen.  Fernando kept her alive in order to blackmail the court.

Fernando storms into the room, ordering María Pía to come with him.  Fernando shoves and hits Almudena, knocking her out.  He pulls María Pía out of the room with him.

Sara Kalí calls Fernando an animal.  Now she just wants to make up for lost time with Esmeralda.

The soldiers go on the rampage, attacking everyone in their search for Zorro and Sara Kalí.  The soldiers report to Pizarro that the gypsies' camp is deserted and that they left their belongings behind.

A soldier reports to Montero that the de la Vegas are not at home.  Montero says that they must have kidnapped his wife and taken part in the attack at the prison.  Montero orders his soldiers to take over the de la Vega estate.  If Don Alejandro and Don Diego are found, they are to be locked up in the prison.

Zorro gets up and tries to walk further into the cave.  He collapses and hits his head hard on a rock.

Fernando tries to drag María Pía out of his home.  María Pía says that she cannot keep loving him and wants never to see him again.  Fernando explains that he had to lie to her to get her to be his wife.  Fernando pulls out his gun.  María Pía scoffingly claps at this solution.  Fernando states that his life is not worth living and prepares to kill himself.  María Pía struggles to get the gun away from him, and it goes off.

Esmeralda asks Renzo where Zorro is.  Renzo tells her that Pizarro shot him in the back and that by now he must be dead.  Esmeralda and Bernardo are horrified.

Capítulo 49
April 19, 2007

Maria Pia collapses from the gunshot wound.

White Buffalo insists that Yumalay and Alejandro be united in marriage.

Mariangel continues to sleep as a result of the drug Olmos gave her.

Dolores is arrested by the soldiers.

Padre Tomas wakes up suddenly.

Olmos and Gerardo discuss their options.

Montero suggests that Almudena helped rescue Sara Kali.

Agapito remarks that Maria Pia's wound is very serious.

Padre Tomas removes the bullet from Diego's back.

Bernardo subdues the soldiers.

Sara Kali tells Esmeralda about her father.

The Queen asks the Duke why he pays Olmos so much money.

Juan reports that Montero's soldiers have taken over the hacienda.

Pizarro tells Laisha that she is free to leave.

Mariangel explains why she didn't tell Montero about Esmeralda's plan.

Montero and Pizarro discuss how to solve the problem of Zorro.

Esmeralda and her mother continue talking.

Diego runs from Padre Tomas.

María Pía is shot, and Diego loses his memory.

Renzo tells Esmeralda that Zorro looked very bad and is surely dead by now.  Esmeralda is devastated.

María Pía collapses from a gunshot wound.  Fernando panics and begs her to open her eyes.  He carries her out of his home.

Alejandro announces that he must leave immediately and confront Fernando about killing Regina.  White Buffalo tells Alejandro that when he married Regina that he took in their customs.  Yumalay is his sister-in-law and that under their customs he must now take her as his wife or else White Buffalo will be offended.

Pizarro and his men continue searching the de la Vega hacienda.  Pizarro searches Mariángel's room as she continues to lie unconscious from the drug Olmos gave her.  Later, Pizarro hits a de la Vega employee.  When Dolores protests, she is arrested.  Pizarro declares that the property now belongs to the government.

As Zorro lies unconscious, Padre Tomás suddenly awakens, sensing that something serious is wrong with Diego.  He leaves to investigate, knowing that he will not be able to sleep that night.

Mariángel finally wakes up, wondering why she is not dressed.  She can't remember what happened.  She hears soldiers outside and is shocked to see the strong military presence.

Gerardo meets Olmos in the tavern and tells Olmos that he is worried about what is happening.  He thinks that the soldiers are likely to capture Esmeralda.  Olmos hopes that he is right as Esmeralda has become a major inconvenience for them.

Almudena wakes up and goes looking for María Pía and Fernando.  The servants tell her that they heard a gunshot and saw Fernando carrying María Pía in his arms.  Montero arrives and orders a search of the house.  He asks Almudena where Fernando is.

Fernando carries María Pía to Agapito's house.  Agapito remarks that it is very serious.  Fernando begs for him to save her.

Almudena doesn't know where her brother is.  Montero asks about the blood on the floor, and Almudena replies that it is none of his business.  Montero warns her not to leave as his men have taken over the de la Vega estate because of an important prisoner who escaped from the prison.  Almudena suggests that he is talking about an important female prisoner.  Montero reacts with surprise.  He suggests that Almudena is also an accomplice.

Padre Tomás enters the cave, finding Diego unconscious.  He is horrified about Diego's condition.

Pizarro reports that the gypsies have disappeared.  He says he found the governor in Agapito's house with María Pía, who is in grave condition.  Montero orders Pizarro to find Bernardo, as he seems to be very trusted.  Montero wants to know what happened with Zorro.  Pizarro replies that if Zorro isn't dead yet, then Tobías will be able to help them out.

Padre Tomás laments about what was done to Diego.  He feels that Diego must have been thinking of Esmeralda or else he wouldn't have been taken off guard.  Padre Tomás hopes that he has not helped Sara Kalí escape or else there will be serious consequences for all of them.

Two soldiers see Bernardo on the road.  Bernardo does a coin trick in order to distract the men.  He kicks and knocks out the soldiers so that he can get away.

Sara Kalí wants to know everything about Diego and Esmeralda's life.  Esmeralda confesses that she is carrying Diego's baby. 

Padre Tomás prays for God to guide his hand in finding the bullet.  After removing the bullet, he discovers that Diego has a serious head injury.  Bernardo arrives to tell Padre Tomás what happened.  Padre Tomás is upset to learn that Zorro helped with Sara Kalí's rescue.

Agapito tells Fernando that the bullet has caused much damage and that infection will follow.  Agapito says that only prayer can help María Pía.

Esmeralda asks her mother about her father.  Yamil was the most handsome gypsy Sara Kalí had ever known.  He was going to be the patriarch of the tribe until she discovered her true origin.  Esmeralda asks why she married Fernando.  Sara Kalí replies that Fernando killed Yamil, and she married him in order to seek revenge.

The Queen questions why Jacobo pays Olmos so much money.  Jacobo assures her that Olmos can be trusted and is an important spy.  The Queen warns him to be careful, as so much money in the hands of an ally could make him turn against them.

Esmeralda asks why Fernando was so cruel to her.  Sara Kalí replies that he has always been that way.  She married him for revenge and so that she could gain her place in the Crown and help the gypsies.  Her ordeal began when Fernando found out she was pregnant.  Sara Kalí tells Esmeralda that she fears for her, since Esmeralda is in the same position.  She adds that the medallion Esmeralda wears represents Sara Kali's entire fortune—everything that she is and everything she owns.

Yumalay promises Alejandro that Almudena will not find out what happened with White Buffalo.  Juan arrives with the news that the hacienda has been overrun with soldiers. 

Bernardo tells Padre Tomás about the soldiers in the hacienda and how they arrested Dolores and the servants.  Padre Tomás has Bernardo leave to warn Alejandro.

The soldiers have captured all of the gypsy women.  Pizarro orders them to be locked in the dungeon.  Pizarro leers at Laisha and decides to set her free.  Laisha is to return to the others and tell them that they must return the person they rescued immediately or else Pizarro will start killing the women.

Montero demands that Mariángel tell him where Diego is.  She doesn't know, and Montero accuses Mariángel and Diego of being in league with Esmeralda in the rescue of a valuable prisoner.  Montero is taken aback when Mariángel says that he must mean Esmeralda's mother.  Mariángel says she knew about the plan but didn't tell him because of the way he treated her on her wedding day.  Montero advises Mariángel to get ready to mourn Diego's death, as he will be killed when he is accused of treason.

Renzo tells Esmeralda that the de la Vega estate has been taken over by soldiers.  Esmeralda is frightened.  Jonás arrives with the news that the gypsy women have been captured.

Montero says that they have to be careful; if everyone believes that they killed Zorro, then the people might rebel.  They need to kill Zorro but should wait until everyone stops believing in him.  They will then be heroes.  Pizarro plans to use Tobías in their plan.

Diego wakes up but runs away from Padre Tomás.  Padre Tomás tries to explain what happened and discovers that Diego has lost his memory.

Capítulo 50
April 20, 2007

Diego refuses to trust Padre Tomas.

The gypsies discuss their options.

Sgt. Garcia and Dolores speak of Montero.

Fernando stays by Maria Pia's bed.

Sara Kali considers turning herself in.

The Cardinal prays as Brother Aaron prepares to begin the exorcism.

Brother Aaron looks Suplicios in the eyes.

Padre Tomas worries about the consequences of Diego having no memory.

Bernardo uses a fake insect to distract the soldier.

Esmeralda hides from the soldiers.

Catalina worries about Tobias.

Tobias refuses to impersonate Zorro.

Fernando agrees to leave Maria Pia alone.

Fernando decides to kill himself.

Esmeralda is captured by Pizarro.

Padre Tomás worries about Zorro, and Brother Aaron arrives.

Diego tells Padre Tomás that he has never seen him before and that he is not Diego.

Hermes confesses that he did not believe Sara Kalí when she first told him that she was the Queen.  He is ashamed of himself, but he pretended to believe her.  Sara Kalí smiles and says she will reward him for being her companion, even if he believed she was crazy.

Dolores is locked in a cell with García.  She screams that Montero is the devil while García tries to calm her down.

Fernando continues his vigil by María Pía's bed.  Fernando admits his guilt and asks for God to heal her.

Bernardo tells Alejandro that Montero's men have taken over the estate and arrested Dolores and some of the other employees.

María Pía awakens, and Fernando asks for her to forgive him.  She says that it is no longer important; she is going to die.  Fernando promises to go away and leave her alone, if she will only live.

Esmeralda blames herself for believing Olmos.  Sara Kali tells Esmeralda that it would be safer for Esmeralda to stay behind.

Padre Tomás worries about the consequences of Diego forgetting his identity.  Many people will be in danger with no help possible from Zorro.

The Cardinal welcomes Father Aaron to the convent.  The new arrival asks to be called Brother Aaron; the devil once touched him and he is not a consecrated priest.  The Cardinal is uncomfortable but agrees to let Brother Aaron have a look at Suplicios.  The Cardinal and Brother Aaron enter her room.  Brother Aaron states that if the devil is inside Suplicios, he will recognize Brother Aaron.  Suplicios screams when Brother Aaron looks into her eyes.

Montero tells Fernando that the gypsies have taken Sara Kalí.  Fernando tells Montero that it is his problem to find her and orders Montero to leave.  Montero is baffled that Fernando does not care.  Fernando responds that a pig like Montero cannot understand what he is going through.  Montero tells Pizarro that Fernando will not become involved.  Pizarro has put out notices for the bounty hunters, who are usually very helpful in finding fugitives.

The gypsies' carriage is stopped by bounty hunters.  The men tell the gypsies that they are looking for a woman and her daughter.  They want to search the carriage.

Bernardo tells Alejandro that Olmos was the cause of the problems.  Alejandro wonders why Olmos would want to kill Esmeralda's mother.  Alejandro plans to find any of his employees who escaped and confront Montero.  Bernardo and Yumalay sneak into the hacienda to find weapons.

Mariángel leaves the hacienda in spite of the soldiers' orders.

Padre Tomás tries to explain to Diego who he is.  He asks Diego if Diego will trust him.  Diego finally agrees, and Padre Tomás tells him to rest.

Esmeralda decides to get out of the carriage in order to distract the bounty hunters.  As Esmeralda runs away, the gypsies are able to defeat the bounty hunters.  Renzo leaves to look for Esmeralda but instead finds Laisha.  Laisha relays the news that the gypsy women have been captured and will be killed by Pizarro if Sara Kalí is not returned.

Esmeralda hides from a group of soldiers who are looking for the gypsies and Sara Kalí.  The soldiers find her shawl but decide that no one is around and leave.

In Catalina's bedroom, Pizarro is annoyed that Catalina is not interested in being with him.  Catalina protests that she doesn't like being married to a prisoner.  Catalina asks when Tobías will be released.  Pizarro replies that it depends upon how cooperative Tobías decides to be.

Tobías refuses to impersonate Zorro, thinking that Zorro will kill him.  Pizarro replies that Zorro is probably dead by now, because Pizarro shot him.  Tobías doesn't think it would be necessary, then, for him to appear as Zorro.  Pizarro explains that he needs for the people to stop believing in Zorro.  Tobías still won't agree and thinks the soldiers might shoot him.  Pizarro finally says that Tobías doesn't have any choice in the matter.

Almudena begs for Fernando to leave María Pía alone in her final hours.  After much pleading on Almudena's part, Fernando goes home.

Renzo carries Laisha back to the others and tells everyone what Pizarro told Laisha.  Sara Kalí feels that she should turn herself in so that nobody will be killed.

Bernardo tells Padre Tomás that Alejandro plans to attack Montero.  Padre Tomás plans to stay with Diego until he gets better.  Later, Padre Tomás will try to get in touch with the brotherhood so that they can help.

Brother Aaron tells the sisters that Suplicios is possessed by demons and will require an exorcism.  He needs for all of the sisters to help him perform the exorcism.

Mariángel arrives at the Sánchez de Moncada home looking for her father.  She bursts into his study in time to see him putting a gun to his chin.  Mariángel screams for him to stop.

Esmeralda runs through the woods, stumbles, and falls.  She looks up to see Pizarro on his horse, watching her.

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