Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 51-55

Capítulo 51
April 23, 2007

Pizarro demands to know Sara Kali's whereabouts.

Sara Kali regrets escaping.

Mariangel wants to know why her father would want to kill himself.

Padre Tomas avoids telling Diego much about himself.

Alejandro barges into Fernando's home.

Fernando is bound and in a trance.

Maria Pia speaks to Almudena about Fernando.

Alejandro comes to visit Maria Pia.

Sgt. Garcia and Dolores speak about Montero's attack on the de la Vega hacienda.

Alejandro tells Maria Pia never to give up.

Olmos waves his hand in front of Fernando's face.

The gypsies are ambushed.

Brother Aaron prepares to begin the exorcism.

Suplicios thrashes and screams.

Kamba is highly disturbed by what is happening to Suplicios.

Agapito declares that a miracle has occurred.

Yumalay brings Alejandro's military uniform.

Montero reveals that his orders were to kill Esmeralda.

Esmeralda and Renzo are captured, and Fernando is tied up.

Esmeralda tells Pizarro that her horse ran away from her, stranding her in the woods.  Pizarro accuses Esmeralda of helping Sara Kalí escape.  Pizarro demands that Esmeralda reveal Sara Kalí's whereabouts.

Sara Kalí wants to turn herself in so that nobody will be killed.  The others say that they knew that there was great risk and that it was worth it.  Many men have stayed behind and will assist in rescuing the women.  Renzo goes to look for Esmeralda again.

Diego wakes up and tells Padre Tomás of a dream he had of a woman dancing.  He could not see her face, but seeing her gave him peace of mind.  Diego asks Padre Tomás about himself.  Padre Tomás tells Diego that he was injured because he has been accused of a crime.  He refuses to tell Diego anything more, saying that it would not be good to fill his head with ideas.

Esmeralda pretends not to know who Pizarro means.  Pizarro replies that everybody involved in the plan is condemned to death, including Esmeralda, if she does not reveal the location of her mother.  Pizarro holds a sword to Esmeralda's throat.

Mariángel struggles to get the gun away from Fernando.  Finally, she succeeds and asks why he wants to kill himself.  Fernando replies that he has killed the woman he loves and that he does not deserve to live.  Mariangel comments that María Pía has driven him crazy.

Alejandro tells Juan that he always considered Fernando a friend, in spite of the way he treated the Indians.  Alejandro cannot understand why Fernando did not tell him that he killed Regina.  Alejandro decides to confront Fernando.

Fernando tells Mariángel that she is too young to understand such an intense love as his for María Pía.  Fernando would have been happy with her, but she found out his secrets.  Mariángel tells him that he will get over it, no matter how terrible it is.  Fernando tells Mariángel that he loves her but suddenly yells, "Give it to me!"  He again struggles for the gun.  Soldiers arrive and help subdue Fernando.

Tobías is back home and tells Catalina that Pizarro is forcing him to make an appearance as Zorro.  Catalina tells him not to do it, but he replies that Pizarro has promised to throw him in jail if he refuses.  Tobías reflects that Pizarro always keeps his promises.

Padre Tomás decides to put Zorro's things out of sight where Diego cannot see them.  Diego awakens and again asks Padre Tomás about himself.  He wants to know if the accusation against him is true.  Padre Tomás tells him that it is a secret of confession.  Later, Padre Tomás tells Diego that he is leaving for a bit and that Diego should remain in the cave.

Pizarro promises to torture Esmeralda into telling him the truth.  Esmeralda slaps Pizarro.  Renzo appears and orders Pizarro not to touch Esmeralda.  Renzo and Pizarro begin to fight.  Pizarro's reinforcements show up, and Pizarro kicks Renzo repeatedly. 

Alejandro enters Fernando's home through a window.  He pulls a gun on a servant and then enters the study.  Mariángel tells him to leave, and Alejandro turns to see Fernando tied up and in a trance.  Mariángel explains that Fernando tried to kill himself.  Alejandro wants to know if Mariángel has seen any of his family.  Mariángel says Almudena is with María Pía at Agapito's home and that María Pía is hurt.

María Pía tells Almudena that she would have forgiven Fernando for anything except for lying to her.  Almudena wishes she had kept quiet so that María Pía would not have been hurt.  María Pía is glad to know the truth, as painful as it is.  María Pía sacrificed everything to be with him.  She tells Almudena that deep down he is not bad and that he has suffered.  Almudena should forgive him just as she has.

Alejandro asks Agapito about María Pía.  Agapito says that María Pía would bleed too much if he were to operate.  Agapito must prepare for María Pía's burial.  In disgust, Alejandro recommends that Agapito should try to save his patients' lives.  Almudena tells Alejandro that María Pía is in bad shape.  She explains the sequence of events that led to the shooting. 

Esmeralda and Renzo are taken to the prison and placed in separate cells.  Pizarro tells Esmeralda that Montero is away looking for her mother.  If Montero returns without Sara Kalí, then Pizarro will take Esmeralda to the torture chamber and force her to tell the truth.

Alejandro tells María Pía that the de la Vegas fight until the end and never give up.  As Alejandro leaves, he tells Almudena that he will confront Montero militarily.  Almudena will stay with María Pía.

Renzo tells Esmeralda that Pizarro will not dare hurt Esmeralda since she is carrying Montero's baby.  Esmeralda tells him that she is carrying Diego's baby.  Renzo is dismayed, but says he will come up with a plan so that Esmeralda will not be hurt.

Bernardo enters the cave, but Diego cannot understand his sign language.  Diego asks for him to use pencil and paper.

Olmos is amazed to find Fernando tied up and in a trance.  Mariángel explains that it is all María Pía's fault.  Olmos tells Mariángel that she is not alone.  She still has him and he will take care of her.  Somehow, the words do not comfort Mariángel.

The gypsies are ambushed by a group of soldiers.

Padre Tomás returns to the mission and finds that it was searched by Montero in his absence.  Padre Tomás wryly comments that he, too, must be under suspicion of helping in the escape. 

Brother Aaron begins the exorcism as the sisters stand outside the room praying and Kamba watches from outside the window.  Suplicios asks who Aaron is and then protests that she is not possessed—just confused.  As Brother Aaron orders the demons to be gone, Suplicios thrashes and in an unearthly voice commands Brother Aaron to save his soul and tells him that she has come for him.

Agapito tells Fernando that a miracle has taken place.

Yumalay brings Alejandro his military uniform.  Alejandro will show Montero what kind of soldier he was—and still is.

Through a written message, Bernardo tells Diego all about himself, mentioning nothing about Zorro.  Diego declares that he sounds like a complete imbecile.

Montero enters Esmeralda's cell, and she tells him that Pizarro has treated her horribly.  Montero replies that Pizarro will be punished for disobeying his orders.  He adds that Pizarro's orders were to shoot to kill.  Esmeralda is shocked.

Capítulo 52
April 24, 2007

Montero will make Esmeralda and her mother pay.

Montero reminds Pizarro that he must obey him.

Diego cannot figure out who he is.

Agapito brings Fernando to see Maria Pia.

Brother Aaron continues the exorcism.

Suplicios grabs Brother Aaron.

Alejandro tells Yumalay that he cannot have two wives.

Almudena prays for the Lord to protect all of them.

Fernando will pay whatever price he has to pay for his actions.

Montero calls Mariangel a tramp.

Suplicios frightens Brother Aaron.

Aguirre refuses to send a letter to Almudena for Esmeralda.

Diego looks at Zorro's mask.

Diego puts on the mask and tries out the sword.

Pizarro has a proposition for Esmeralda.

Renzo reacts in disbelief to Pizarro's offer of help.

Fernando gives all of his worldly possessions to the church.

Kamba becomes possessed with the demon.

Fernando wanders around the plaza naked.

Mariangel sees her naked father walking through the city.

Pizarro removes Esmeralda and Renzo from their cells.

Pizarro turns against Montero, and Fernando gives his money to God.

Montero is not surprised that Esmeralda betrayed him.  He thought it was strange that Esmeralda chose to stay with him when the Marquesa ordered their marriage annulled.  Now he knows that she did it in order to have a chance to free her mother.  Montero assures Esmeralda that she and her mother will pay.

Pizarro tells Montero of his plan to take Esmeralda to the torture chamber.  Montero forbids it; Esmeralda could be killed, and he needs Esmeralda alive.  Montero also tells Pizarro that he cannot kill the gypsies.  Pizarro protests that by not following through with their threats that they appear weak.  Montero orders Pizarro to obey him no matter what.  Pizarro points out that Montero must respect the hierarchy above him.  Montero calls them all idiots and states that he will not listen to anyone, not even the Queen of Spain.  Anyone who disobeys him will be killed.  After Montero leaves, Pizarro tells himself that his fears have come true and that Montero is crazy with power.  He must be stopped.

Diego tells Bernardo that he can't stay in the cave waiting for them to stop looking for him.  Bernardo tells Diego that he is in danger.  Diego insists upon leaving and finding out who he is.

Agapito tells Fernando that María Pía's bleeding has stopped. 

Brother Aaron continues the exorcism of Suplicios.  She grabs him and orders him to let her show him her power.

Cardinal Olivieri tells Padre Tomás that Brother Aaron is performing an exorcism on Suplicios.  Padre Tomás expresses doubt, but hopes that everything will somehow work out.

Yumalay remarks that Alejandro no longer looks at her when he speaks.  He has changed ever since White Buffalo united them.  He tells her that he is in love with Almudena.  Yumalay says that she can also be Alejandro's wife.  Alejandro replies that his customs do not allow for him to have two wives.

Almudena prays for the Lord to forgive Fernando and to turn him into a better man.  She prays for Him to protect Mercedes and Esmeralda and to heal María Pía.  She prays for Him to protect Diego and Alejandro and to give them all courage and strength.

María Pía tells Fernando that he has a void in his heart and that she was wrong in thinking that she could fill it.  Fernando replies that he only cares that María Pía is alive and he will pay whatever price he has to pay.  Soldiers arrive and order Fernando to Montero's office.

Mariángel orders Montero to quit acting like an animal and get off of her.  He replies that she likes it that way.  She retorts that she isn't a tramp.  After someone knocks on the door, Montero tells Mariángel that he has a present for her.  He opens the door so that she can see her father standing in front of the prison, under arrest.  Montero says he now controls the city and that no one will protect her, not even her father.

Still speaking in an unearthly voice, Suplicios tells Aaron that she knows him.  He killed his parents and is the worst murderer and sinner of all.  She adds that Brother Aaron forgot that one cannot look Satan in the eye:  he belongs to Satan.

Almudena is thankful that María Pía appears to be getting better.  She was afraid that the Lord had abandoned them, but María Pía's recovery is a good sign.  María Pía wants Almudena to find out about the soldiers who took Fernando away.

Montero tells Fernando that he will be relieved of his duties but that he can remain governor.  Fernando does not care and resigns his position.  Fernando tells Montero to give whatever he wants as explanation to his superior officer.  Fernando also doesn't care what Montero does with Sara Kalí.  Mariangel listens to this conversation in disbelief.  After Fernando leaves, Mariángel berates Montero for humiliating her father.  She promises that she will not allow her father to give Montero what he wants so easily.

Esmeralda asks Aguirre to help her send a letter to Almudena.  Aguirre refuses; he already was nearly beheaded for Sara Kalí's escape.

Diego wonders where Bernardo went.  Diego finds his medallion and wonders if it is his.  He finds his mask and wonders about it.  He concludes that Bernardo is not telling him the truth about himself.  Diego wonders who would wear a black costume.

Pizarro asks Olmos to reveal what he knows about Sara Kalí.  Olmos refuses to reveal anything, and Pizarro threatens to torture him.  Pizarro reveals that Fernando has resigned.  Pizarro offers Olmos a deal if he will tell what he knows.  Olmos proceeds to tell Pizarro all about Sara Kalí and why she is dangerous to the Crown.

Esmeralda wonders what her mother meant when she said that the medallion contains her fortune.  Renzo suggests that the guard could be bribed with the emerald in the medallion.  Esmeralda doesn't want to give the medallion away since it is all that she has from her mother.

Diego puts on the mask and picks up the sword.  He comments that wearing the mask gives him a sense of freedom.  Diego decides to put on the black shirt.  He rides Tornado out of the cave, laughing boisterously.

Pizarro removes Esmeralda from her cell and speaks to her privately.  He tells her that he knows the truth about her mother.  Pizarro says he can hide her and get her safely out of California.  Esmeralda wants to know why Montero's most loyal servant would want to help her.  Pizarro first states that if Esmeralda repeats what he says that he will deny it.  Since Montero has imposed martial law, he will remain in power forever.  This is not to Pizarro's benefit.  Pizarro has ambition and wants to rise in the ranks.

Olmos tells Mariángel that he doesn't know where Fernando went but that he was acting strange.  Olmos reveals that Fernando put on his best suit and jewelry and left with his chest of gold.  Mariángel orders him to find her father before they are penniless.

Pizarro wants Esmeralda to write a letter for him to take to Sara Kalí.  Esmeralda doesn't believe that he wants to help.  Pizarro promises not to betray her and adds that he will go unarmed.  Pizarro tells her to decide quickly because Montero soon will be hunting everywhere.  Back in her cell, Esmeralda tells Renzo of Pizarro's offer—that he wants to help her mother and be at her service.  Renzo is dumbfounded.

Fernando enters the church and stands before the altar, offering everything he has to God.  He thanks God for saving María Pía.  He had promised all of his belongings in exchange for María Pía's life and now he is fulfilling that promise.  He places his chest of valuables before the altar, takes off his jewelry, and begins taking off his clothes.

Brother Aaron continues praying over Suplicios.  Finally, Suplicios falls back onto the bed, apparently free of the demon.  Suplicios asks what happened to her.  Elsewhere in the convent, Kamba suddenly awakens and stands up with a crazed look in his eyes.

Alejandro tells Yumalay that he didn't mean to insult her.  He can't live two lives at once; he is married to Almudena. 

Fernando wanders around naked in the plaza.  Someone declares that Fernando Sánchez de Moncada is crazy, that there is a demon inside of him.  Mariángel sees her father and is horrified.

Tornado throws Diego off, and Diego decides that he will rest in the meadow.  Someone comes up behind him and places a sword to his shoulder.

Pizarro takes Esmeralda and Renzo to a room in which a feast awaits on a table.  Renzo thinks it is a trap.  Pizarro replies that it is politics.  Whoever saves the real Queen of Spain will have a thousand years of grace; Pizarro wants to be that person.  Pizarro asks for their decision.

Capítulo 53
April 25, 2007

Renzo expresses doubt about the legitimacy of Pizarro's offer.

Bernardo tries to convince Diego to go back to the cave.

Bernardo kicks Diego.

Pizarro explains why he wishes to help Esmeralda and Renzo.

Suplicios is happy for the first time in ages.

Diego gives the lady a silly grin.

Diego decides to help himself to the food.

Pizarro has Jimenez tell Esmeralda about Sara Kali.

Padre Tomas baptizes Suplicios.

Padre Tomas hopes that Diego is beginning to remember who he is.

Diego eats the ham that he stole.

Catalina warns Tobias not to appear as Zorro.

Montero calls Mariangel a loser.

Agapito brings Maria Pia up to date on everything that has happened.

Fernando leaves with Brother Aaron.

Alejandro prepares to take back his hacienda.

Alejandro declares victory.

Montero wonders whether Pizarro remains loyal.

Diego reads the reward notice for Zorro's capture.

Alejandro regains control of his estate, and Zorro raids a picnic.

Pizarro wants to help Sara Kalí so that he can become the comandante.  Renzo questions how they can trust the man who killed Miguel.  Pizarro reminds Esmeralda that Montero has begun searching everywhere for Sara Kalí.  If Esmeralda wants to save her mother's life, she should accept his offer.  Pizarro adds that Diego's life is also in danger.

Bernardo wants Diego to return to the cave.  Diego refuses to go back and doesn't understand why Bernardo doesn't want him to wear the mask.  He thinks that no one will recognize him.  Bernardo kicks Diego, and a swordfight begins.

Renzo and Esmeralda ask for time to discuss Pizarro's proposition.  While neither of them trusts Pizarro, Renzo thinks that there could be a rivalry between Pizarro and Montero.  Renzo feels that they should accept the offer since they do not have a plan of their own.

Alejandro tells Almudena that his plan is to take back the hacienda first and then to fight Montero.  Alejandro thanks Rafael for bringing Almudena, but Rafael replies that it was Yumalay's idea.

Mariángel follows her naked father around the plaza.  Olmos tries to place a poncho on Fernando and finally succeeds.  Mariángel sees a group of peasants in possession of Fernando's money and struggles to get it away from them.

Diego is amazed that he is so good with the sword.  He defeats Bernardo and tells Bernardo that he is not just mute but also stupid.  Diego rides away on Tornado.

Agapito assures Padre Tomás that María Pía is out of danger.  He tells Padre Tomás that strange things are happening; Fernando has gone crazy and left town naked.  Padre Tomás says he will go visit María Pía.  The Cardinal arrives and tells Padre Tomás that Suplicios has been cured.  The reason she has never found peace is because she has never been baptized.  Padre Tomás hopes the Cardinal is right.

Suplicios tells Padre Tomás that she is happy that he will baptize her.  Suplicios says she feels better than ever and feels free.  Brother Aaron notices that Padre Tomás is skeptical.  Brother Aaron adds that the one who was defeated will find another victim and will attack again.  The Cardinal wonders where the evil spirit is now.  At that exact moment, Kamba caresses a snake.

Renzo remarks that he saw vanity in Pizarro's eyes and ambition in his heart.  He thinks Pizarro would take their side in order to get power.  Esmeralda says it would be dangerous to put Pizarro in touch with her mother.  Renzo mentions that he can hide a secret message in the letter warning Sara Kalí of the possibility of betrayal.

Diego sees a group of people having a picnic and decides that he is hungry.  When everyone sees him, they become frightened and tell him to take whatever he wants.  After Diego is attacked by one man, he decides to rob everyone of their valuables.

Renzo says it is strange that Diego hasn't tried to save Esmeralda and that perhaps he doesn't love her.  Esmeralda is certain that Diego has reasons for not coming.  When Renzo says that Zorro is probably dead by now, Esmeralda becomes quite upset.  Renzo notices and wonders why her love for Zorro seems to equal her love for Diego.

Jimenez tells Pizarro that he saw Sara Kalí and knows her location.  Pizarro wants him to repeat his story to a few people.  Shortly, Jimenez tells Esmeralda and Renzo what he told Pizarro.  After Jimenez is dismissed, Pizarro remarks that he would be able to find Sara Kalí and kill her.  However, Pizarro would prefer to help Sara Kalí in order to further his own interests.  Esmeralda finally agrees to go along with Pizarro's plan but insists that she and Renzo go with him.  Pizarro agrees and comments that they must hurry.

Padre Tomás baptizes Suplicios.  Bernardo arrives during the baptism.  In private, Bernardo tells Padre Tomás that Diego is dressed as Zorro and riding around the countryside.  While worried, Padre Tomás is also pleased that Diego fought Bernardo.  Diego must be beginning to remember who he is.

Diego eats the ham he stole.  He reads the name Gaspar de Santorreal from a document that is part of his loot.  Diego comments that he doesn't know the horse's name and decides to call him Gaspar.  Diego remembers that the people called him Zorro and wonders if maybe his ears are pointed.  Diego also reflects that the important part is that they gave him what he needed.

Catalina protests as Tobías dresses himself up as Zorro.  She fears that Tobías will be killed.  Tobías reminds her that Pizarro promised to tell the soldiers not to kill him.  Tobías suggests that he will go down in history as the man who helped destroy Zorro.

Montero laughs at Mariángel because of what her father did in the plaza.  He calls Fernando a loser who lost all of his power because of a woman.  Montero comments that women lead men to destruction and that they are only good for a man's pleasure.  Montero also calls Mariángel a loser.  Alone, Mariángel tells herself that she will never be a loser.

Brother Aaron finds Fernando at the side of the road.  Fernando tells him that he is searching for God.  Aaron is also searching for God and suggests that they search for God together

María Pía asks Agapito about her family.  Agapito tells her that the situation is serious and that Diego and Alejandro are running from the law.  However, they may already be in prison since he heard reports that Dolores was taken to the prison.  Agapito says Montero is insane.  Fernando was arrested but then released.  Fernando later left the church naked and not speaking to anybody.  María Pía wonders what is wrong with Fernando.

Esmeralda and Renzo wait for Pizarro.  Renzo says it is like entering the lion's den but they have no choice.  If Pizarro tricks them, Renzo will make him pay.

Pizarro tells Jimenez that he wants to explain about the prisoners.  Jimenez assures him that he doesn't need to explain and that he would never betray Pizarro.  Pizarro replies that Jimenez is a good soldier—and kills him.

Alejandro and his men attack the soldiers who guard the de la Vega estate.  In a glorious battle, Alejandro and his men defeat the soldiers and regain control of the estate.  Alejandro rejoices and declares that Montero should prepare himself for Alejandro's attack.

Montero asks Pizarro if there is any news of Sara Kalí.  Pizarro claims to have heard nothing, and Montero wonders about him.  Pizarro has always been so good with obtaining results.  Montero places Pizarro on probation until Sara Kalí is found.  Mejias enters and reports that Jimenez came with news of Sara Kalí but wanted to speak to Pizarro first.  Montero questions why Pizarro said nothing about Jimenez.  Pizarro replies that he has not seen Jimenez.  Mejias explains that the just found Jimenez dead behind the prison.  Montero turns and stares at Pizarro.

Pizarro tells Renzo and Esmeralda that Montero is suspicious of him.  He will have trouble getting Esmeralda and Renzo out of the prison.  He thinks that perhaps Alejandro de la Vega can help him by calling in some type of distraction.  Esmeralda wants Pizarro to get Diego, but Pizarro has no idea where Diego is.

Bernardo tells Alejandro that Diego has lost his memory and is missing.  Alejandro states that they must find Diego before Montero does.

Diego rides into the plaza, still dressed as Zorro, and reads a reward notice for Zorro's capture.  At the same time, Tobías rides into the plaza, also dressed as Zorro.  The two Zorros see each other.

Capítulo 54
April 27, 2007

Esmeralda worries about Diego.

Alejandro decides to organize a search party for Diego.

Tobias makes a face at Diego.

Diego makes a face at Tobias.

Diego and Tobias find themselves surrounded by soldiers.

Padre Tomas yells that his horse has been stolen.

Mariangel searches through her father's belongings.

Olmos and Gerardo make plans to flee.

Diego reveals that he still cannot remember anything.

Mariangel is pleased that Diego has lost his memory.

Pizarro states that they need the de la Vegas to help them.

Padre Tomas and Alejandro react as Diego mentions that he must know Mariangel quite well if he married her.

Suplicios comforts Maria Pia.

Fernando states that he searches for God because of what happened to the woman he loves.

Suplicios tells Maria Pia not to blame herself.

Mariangel promises to help Diego recover.

Esmeralda comforts Dolores.

Pizarro suggests that Garcia help him start a rebellion against Montero.

Esmeralda learns that Zorro is alive.

Suplicios comforts María Pía, and Pizarro plans a rebellion.

Tobías wonders why the other Zorro is not wearing his full disguise.  Tobías and Diego attack each other while the soldiers try to shoot them.

Esmeralda tells Renzo that she completely trusts Diego but is also afraid for him.  Renzo feels that Diego is blessed to have her love.

Bernardo tells Alejandro that Diego was riding in the mountains when he hit his head.  Alejandro decides to put together a search party.  Yumalay wants to help search but Alejandro forbids her.  Alejandro hopes Diego is okay.

The two Zorros make faces at each other while they fight.  The soldiers surround them and they fight side by side.  Tobías sneaks away, and Diego is aided by Padre Tomás.

Montero puts Dolores in Esmeralda's cell.  Dolores has been tortured, and Montero says that what happened to Dolores is a warning about what Esmeralda will soon face from Montero.  Esmeralda will be forced to talk.

Padre Tomás tells Diego that Montero is his worst enemy, because he oppresses the poor and is a tyrant.  Padre Tomás also reveals that Diego is Zorro.  He fights injustice and has great abilities.  His mother was an Indian warrior and when he was born he was named Tisha.  Tisha means little restless fox.  Padre Tomás tells Diego that it is a secret that he is Zorro, that not even the brotherhood knows who Zorro is.  Diego must be careful that nobody sees his wound, since it is Zorro's wound.  Diego doubts anybody would see him naked until Padre Tomás mentions that Diego has a wife.

A soldier tells Montero about Alejandro taking back the de la Vega hacienda.

Mariángel desperately searches through her father's papers.  She cannot believe that she will be penniless and at the mercy of that miserable hunchback.

Padre Tomás tells Diego that he is in love with another woman.  Diego doesn't like combat or weapons; he likes literature and can tell love stories.  He pretends to be refined so that nobody realizes he is Zorro.  Diego asks why his horse misbehaves.  Padre Tomás replies that the horse doesn't like being called Gaspar; his name is Tornado.  The story told to him is that Tornado's family was sucked into the sky, and Tornado escaped because of his fierceness and speed.  Tornado was a gift from a member of the brotherhood.

Montero tests Pizarro by asking about the de la Vegas.  Pizarro reports that there was a minor scuffle near the estate.  Montero calls him a liar.  Pizarro explains that he didn't want to worry Montero.  Montero orders Pizarro to form a squad and attack the estate.  Pizarro is to take García and have him lead the squad so that he will be killed.  Montero warns Pizarro about what will happen if he fails.

Diego is welcomed home but still remembers nothing.  Diego doesn't recognize Alejandro.  Padre Tomás comments that they will have to be patient with Diego.

Mariángel calls her father an imbecile.  She finds a document and comments that now Olmos cannot bribe her.

Olmos tells Gerardo that they will have to flee soon.  Olmos prefers to be far away when the Duke finds out about the failed plan.  When Olmos leaves, he will take something precious with him that he has always wanted.

Mariángel prepares to go home to the de la Vega hacienda.  She asks Olmos to find her father's will.  Olmos claims that he has never seen it.  After Mariángel leaves, Olmos tells himself that he respects her but does not trust her.  Of course Olmos has her father's will, and when he dies, Olmos will run everything and have Mariángel as his wife.

Alejandro tells Diego about his mother and his wife.  Diego thought that coming home would help him remember but nothing is coming back to him.

Juan tells Mariángel that Diego has lost his memory.  Mariángel is rather pleased.  She feels like she has a new husband who doesn't remember Esmeralda.

Pizarro assures Esmeralda that he had nothing to do with torturing Dolores.  He will get Dolores food and water.  Pizarro again says that they need the de la Vegas' help.

Suplicios tells María Pía that she was always ashamed that she had never been baptized.  She was embarrassed that she was born from sin.  María Pía assures her that they were all born for a reason.  María Pía finds it ironic that she is now the one who feels alone and dirty.  She followed an illusion that brought her face to face with death and destroyed a man's life.

Brother Aaron asks what made Fernando embrace God.  Fernando replies that he had passion for a woman.  He now realizes that he can never have her.  She is not his and never will be.

María Pía says she made a mistake in trying to return to Fernando.  She tried to forget the reason she left him.  She tried to trust him again.  Suplicios tells her not to blame herself.  Suplicios reminds María Pía that she has always said that God will lead a person on the right path.

Mariángel promises to help Diego recover.  Diego pledges to be on his best behavior.  Diego wants to help Alejandro attack Montero, even though he knows nothing of war.  Alejandro replies that Diego needs to stay home and let Mariángel care for him.

Dolores says that Montero thought Diego ran away with Esmeralda.  García told her that they found a woman in the prison who turned out to be Esmeralda's mother.  Esmeralda promises to tell Dolores everything after she rests.  Dolores asks if Esmeralda knows anything about Alejandro and Diego.  Esmeralda knows that Alejandro took back his estate but knows nothing about Diego.

Pizarro tells García that times change and so do people's interests.  He is starting a rebellion against Montero.  Pizarro confides that he is being completely honest and by doing so is putting his entire career and life on the line.  Pizarro has been ordered to take back the de la Vega estate and kill the de la Vegas, but he plans to ask for their help in overthrowing Montero.  Pizarro wants to know if García will help him.  García promises to be at Pizarro's service.

Sara Kalí worries about Hermes, who just wants her to make it back to Spain.  She replies that it will not be easy.  Behind the King is the Duke, and he is the one who has all of the power.  The Duke is the person who ordered Sara Kalí's father and brother's deaths as well as the persecution against Sara Kalí and her mother.  The Duke is cruel and ambitious and capable of killing anyone in order to remain in power.  At that moment in Spain, the Queen screams that someone has killed her husband.  The Duke comforts her and tells her that nothing will happen to her so long as he stays by her side.

Esmeralda overhears the soldiers speaking of the two Zorros fighting in the plaza.  Esmeralda is relieved to know that Zorro is still alive.

Mariángel shows Diego their bedroom and mentions the magical moments they have shared together.  She kisses Diego and says that she will now show him why he married her.

Capítulo 55
April 30, 2007

Dolores cautions Esmeralda not to make deals with Pizarro.

Renzo argues that it is their only choice.

Pizarro and Garcia begin to ride towards the de la Vega estate.

Alejandro orders the provisions hidden.

Almudena suggests that Diego come see Pizarro and Garcia.

Pizarro speaks to Alejandro.

Fernando begs to be shown the path to God.

Dolores rejoices that Esmeralda is pregnant.

The Cardinal asks Maria Pia how she is.

Padre Tomas reminds Diego that he is not known as a man of weapons.

Almudena learns that Esmeralda is in prison.

Yumalay prepares for battle.

Padre Tomas and Diego practice fencing.

Diego asks about the gypsy woman in his dreams.

Mariangel figures out that she is pregnant.

Alejandro tells Almudena that Fernando killed Regina.

Pizarro tells Esmeralda that Diego seemed strange and distant.

Mariangel tells Montero that she is pregnant.

Fernando seeks God, and Pizarro negotiates with Alejandro.

As Diego responds to Mariángel's kisses, he remembers the mysterious dancing woman.  He asks Mariángel whether she dances flamenco.  He resumes kissing Mariángel but then comments that everything seems strange.

Dolores tells Esmeralda to make no deals with Pizarro.  Esmeralda responds that they don't have a choice, and Renzo adds that they must do it in order to get out.  Dolores insists that Esmeralda's mother will be killed without remorse.

Diego hears a gunshot and breaks away from Mariángel.  He insists upon investigating the gunshot but remarks that he now knows why he married such a beautiful and sensual woman.

Alejandro's men fire at García and Pizarro.  Pizarro tells García to get out the white flag, but Garcia wants to retreat.  He fears that Pizarro cannot be trusted and only wants to see how many men Alejandro has.  Pizarro insists that he came to negotiate, but does want to see how many men Alejandro has so that they can take down Montero.  García comments that if he learns that Pizarro is lying, he will change sides and fight with Alejandro.

Rafael tells Alejandro that two of Montero's men want to speak with him.  Alejandro orders the provisions hidden so that Montero's men do not see them.

Pizarro insists that he and García boldly ride up to the hacienda so that Alejandro does not see how weak they are.  Pizarro says to be prepared to shoot if they shoot first.

Almudena introduces herself to Diego, since he cannot remember her.  She suggests that he come see Pizarro and García as he might remember them.  Almudena tells Diego about Pizarro and García and that Montero has a grudge against the de la Vegas.  Diego fails to recognize Pizarro but comments that his blood boils when he looks at him.

Brother Aaron wants to know if Fernando wishes to be ordained and join Aaron's missionary order.  Fernando replies that he has betrayed and killed—how can he become a son of God?  Brother Aaron promises love, redemption, and joy for anyone who follows God.  Fernando begs for Aaron to show him that path.

Esmeralda begins to scrape a hole in the mortar of her cell wall.  They will make Pizarro think that they are going along with his plan but will escape when the time is right.  Esmeralda tells Dolores that she is doing it for her baby.  Dolores is overjoyed to learn that Esmeralda will give Diego a child.

Alejandro orders Pizarro to salute him, as he is a general.  Pizarro salutes, and the men go inside to talk.  Pizarro tells Alejandro that he is at the hacienda of his own free will, but Alejandro is skeptical.  Pizarro explains that he plans to revolt against Montero.  He is a career soldier and what Montero is doing is unacceptable.  Pizarro would have revolted sooner if he had known that Sara Kalí was heir to the crown.

Almudena asks Mariángel where Fernando is.  Mariángel tells Almudena what happened to Fernando.  Almudena is angry that Mariángel allowed her father to leave.  Mariángel resents that her father lied about the reason for coming to America.  He said it was for a better future but it was really so that he could find María Pía.  Mariángel remarks that it is not her fault that María Pía showed her vicious side.  Almudena remarks that she will not accept losing Fernando.  Mariángel replies that Almudena and her father are both stupid.

Brother Aaron wants Fernando to be certain that he is not just turning to religion because he is hurting.  Fernando replies that he must change his life of cruelty; he just destroyed the life of a wonderful woman.  Fernando is certain that God is asking him to do it.  Fernando must become a monk—or die.

The Cardinal asks how María Pía is.  She replies that she has never been more certain of what she wants, which is to be consecrated as a nun.  The Cardinal gives his consent for María Pía to return to the convent and become Mother Superior.  María Pía has been approved by the Vatican for the position.

Pizarro reveals that he knows everything about Sara Kalí.  He gives Alejandro a letter from Esmeralda as proof that he is telling the truth.  Alejandro is furious to learn that Esmeralda is locked up in the prison.  Pizarro tells Alejandro that Esmeralda will be killed by Montero unless they rescue her.

Diego and Bernardo enter the secret cave.  Diego wonders how Padre Tomás arrived so quickly.  Padre Tomás explains that a tunnel leads from the cave directly to the mission.  Diego tells him that he wants to fight for his family.  Padre Tomás reminds Diego that he is not known as a man of weapons and that he must instead complete Zorro's mission.

Montero tells Esmeralda that he has found the deed to the property upon which the gypsies sought refuge.  The property once belonged to Diego, and he gave it to some farmers who later died.  The house is abandoned but legally belongs to Diego.  Esmeralda swears that Diego had nothing to do with the rescue.  Montero suggests that Esmeralda might have an accident and lose her baby while in the prison.  Montero adds that if Esmeralda will cooperate, then nothing will happen to her baby.

Alejandro finds Almudena crying.  She asks about Pizarro.  Alejandro reveals what Pizarro said, and Almudena thinks it is absurd.  Alejandro knows he cannot trust Pizarro, but he made a lot of sense.  While it could be a trap, it is possible that Pizarro will help.  Almudena becomes hysterical when Alejandro reveals that Esmeralda is locked inside the prison.  Unknown to them, Yumalay listens to the conversation.  Later, she puts war paint on her face and plans to rescue Esmeralda.

Diego disarms Padre Tomás during a fencing match.  Padre Tomás is thrilled that Diego still has his skill.  Diego asks Padre Tomás about the gypsy woman in his dreams.  Padre Tomás refuses to give any details.  He tells Diego to rest and not to pull any pranks.  Diego keeps wondering who the gypsy woman is.

Mariángel feels sick to her stomach and realizes that she is pregnant.  She tells herself that she is so unlucky.

Almudena is sorry that she lost control, but she cannot bear more sorrow.  Almudena tells Alejandro that Mariángel told her what happened to Fernando.  Alejandro reveals that the reason María Pía never married Fernando years before is because Fernando killed Regina.  Fernando somehow convinced María Pía that he was not the murderer.  White Buffalo, who was present the night Fernando killed Regina, told Alejandro what happened.  White Buffalo is Yumalay's grandmother, and Yumalay is Regina's sister.  Almudena tries to absorb this information.

Pizarro tells Esmeralda that he just met with Alejandro.  Esmeralda asks about Diego.  Pizarro saw him, but he seemed strange and distant.  Diego did not ask about Esmeralda.

Mariángel informs Montero that they have a sensitive matter to discuss:  she is pregnant.

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