Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 56-59

Capítulo 56
May 1, 2007

Esmeralda worries about what Pizarro told her.

Fernando's men are eager to work for Alejandro.

Diego looks at his medallion and thinks of another.

Montero and Mariangel discuss their baby.

Esmeralda scrapes at the prison wall.

Brother Aaron asks the Indians for food and water.

The sisters are happy to see Renzo.

Pizarro suffers an asthma attack.

The family sits down to dinner.

Mariangel suggests that Alejandro form a pact with Montero so that she can live in peace.

Pizarro tells Esmeralda that he was ordered to kill the de la Vegas

Gerardo is surprised that Olmos is in love.

Yumalay walks through the prison.

Fernando explains why he hates Indians.

Padre Tomas and Maria Pia discuss Fernando.

The Queen is displeased that the King's assassin has been killed.

Dolores and Esmeralda are removed from their cell.

Montero decides to help attack the de la Vega hacienda.

Almudena eavesdrops on Mariangel and Diego.

Pizarro reveals that their plans are threatened.

Mariangel kisses Diego.

Pizarro suffers an asthma attack, and Yumalay prepares for battle.

Montero suggests that Mariángel's baby could Diego's.  Mariángel admits that she never slept with Diego on the night that she tricked him.  Montero dismisses the baby as Mariángel's problem.  If she tells anybody that the baby is his, she will look like a slut.

Pizarro tells Esmeralda that he is just stating what he saw.  Dolores and Renzo both tell Esmeralda not to believe Pizarro.  Pizarro tells Esmeralda that Alejandro needs to join their side quickly, or Esmeralda is as good as dead.

Alejandro hires a group of men, including Prudencio Guzman, who worked for Fernando.  The men are fugitives and are running from Montero's men; they want to work for Alejandro and prove their worth.  Prudencio promises to be loyal to the death.

Diego looks at his medallion and thinks of another medallion.  He asks Bernardo if Zorro's medallion has ever been different.  When Bernardo responds negatively, Diego wonders why he pictures a medallion with an emerald in the center.

Esmeralda is happy that Diego is safe at home.  Diego must be pretending to be indifferent and is planning her rescue.  Renzo remarks that nobody except Zorro could get in and out of the prison.

Montero wants Mariángel to tell Diego that the baby is his.  Since Mariángel got him drunk, anything is possible.  Mariángel reminds Montero that he has the same problem with Esmeralda.  Montero replies that he can make Esmeralda lose her baby.

While Esmeralda continues scraping at the wall of her cell, she feels a sharp pain in her stomach.  She passes it off as nothing.  Esmeralda comments that the plan is for Pizarro to rescue them while Alejandro attacks the prison.  Renzo warns that Pizarro could betray them just like Olmos did.

Brother Aaron and Fernando come upon a group of Indians.  Fernando wants to leave, but Aaron asks an Indian for food and water.  Fernando stares at the Indian.  As he takes a bowl of water, he remembers killing Regina.  He throws the bowl of water at the Indian and runs away.  Aaron follows Fernando, pleading to know why he acts this way.

Suplicios is happy that María Pía will be Mother Superior.  Suplicios promises to be a loyal servant.  Suplicios learns that Kamba has returned and goes to see him.  She tells Kamba that he will stay at the convent.  Suplicios fails to notice Kamba's odd behavior.

Montero asks Pizarro if he has ended the rebellion.  Montero explodes when Pizarro replies that it was impossible to seize control of the hacienda.  Montero comments that all of Pizarro's orders are lately impossible to carry out.  Montero adds that Pizarro wants to be a comandante but will never achieve this goal; he has no backbone.  Montero orders Pizarro to go back and kill everybody at the hacienda.  While Montero berates him, Pizarro remembers his childhood, and someone telling him that he would never amount to anything because he is of mixed blood and weak.  After Pizarro leaves, he has an asthma attack.  He tries to calm himself by repeating that nobody is as strong as he.

Alejandro discovers that Yumalay has left; she has painted her face and taken her knife, apparently prepared for war.  Mariángel thinks that it is for the best.  Almudena disagrees and expresses concern about Yumalay.  Mariángel suggests that Almudena should stop caring about the lowlife Indians.  Alejandro interrupts to discuss their plans for tonight.  Mariángel wants him to make a pact with Montero; she has the right to live peacefully.  Diego asks how this conflict began.  Alejandro explains about Sara Kalí, but avoids mentioning any names that might help Diego remember things.

Pizarro tells Esmeralda that Montero ordered him to kill everyone in the de la Vega hacienda.  Pizarro states that it is important that Esmeralda obey him without questioning his actions.

Gerardo shows Olmos a house that he found, but Olmos protests that it is too close to the city.  Olmos explains that if the Duke discovers that he failed, he will come after him.  Olmos mentions sharing his future home with his love.  Gerardo expresses surprise that Olmos is in love, much to Olmos' annoyance.  Olmos asks Gerardo to find the most isolated house that he can.

Alejandro declares that they will attack Montero in his barracks tonight, thereby liberating Esmeralda and Dolores.  Diego reacts to the name Esmeralda, but everybody continues to avoid explaining anything to him.

Yumalay stealthily walks through the prison.  She hears Aguirre and Machado talking about Esmeralda, thus confirming that Esmeralda is alive.  Later, Yumalay is discovered by a soldier.

Brother Aaron doesn't understand why Fernando reacted so strongly with the Indians.  Fernando explains how his family was murdered by Indians when he was very young.  When Fernando was older, he took up weapons and did his best to kill them.  Brother Aaron insists that Fernando can find peace in his heart and forgive them.

Padre Tomás tells María Pía that Alejandro has taken up arms against Montero.  María Pía comments that she heard what happened to Fernando.  She still doesn't understand how Fernando could have deceived her.  Padre Tomás tells María Pía that the current problems between Alejandro and Montero were caused by Fernando's wife escaping from prison.  Mercedes, also known as Sara Kalí, is in grave danger.

Sara Kalí declares that she only wants the throne in order to help the gypsies.  Laisha questions how Sara Kalí can regain the throne with so many enemies.  Sara Kalí replies that she has many friends in Spain who will support her once they learn she is alive.  The only person she fears is Duke Jacobo.

The Duke tells the Queen that her husband's assassin has been caught—and executed.  The Queen is furious that he has already been killed, and she will never learn the motive.  After the Queen walks away, the Duke tells an attendant to send a letter to Mexico ordering the execution of the Marquesa.

García reports that Alejandro has accepted the plan.  Pizarro tells García to go back and tell Alejandro to attack the northern wall of the prison, which will be unprotected.  García is still concerned that Pizarro has planned a trap, but Pizarro assures him that he can be trusted.

Dolores and Esmeralda are removed from their cell under Pizarro's orders.  Esmeralda refuses to leave unless Renzo goes with them.

Alejandro gives final directions to his men.  Prudencio asks if they have enough men to face all of the soldiers at the prison.  Alejandro replies that they have the element of surprise on their side.  Bernardo is to stay behind to protect Diego and the women.  Prudencio returns to report that his men cannot find Yumalay anywhere.

Pizarro says his men are ready to attack the hacienda.  Montero orders everyone to be killed except for Mariángel.  Pizarro reports that he has redoubled the guards at the prison.  Unexpectedly, Montero decides to help Pizarro attack the hacienda.  Montero wants to get his share of the honors.

Mariángel tells Diego that they communicated well before their marriage.  She asks Diego to come up to their bedroom to hear something important she has to tell him.  Almudena overhears this conversation with deep concern.

Pizarro asks why Esmeralda refuses to switch cells.  She insists that she will not leave without Renzo and Dolores.  Pizarro comments that their plans are being threatened.  Montero plans to join the group that will attack the hacienda.  Esmeralda becomes distraught and believes that all of this was part of Pizarro's trap.  Esmeralda begs for Pizarro to save them and not do this to her.

Mariángel kisses Diego, but he comments that something doesn't feel right.  He keeps dreaming about another woman whose face he cannot see.  Mariángel insists that she is that woman.  She reveals that she is pregnant.

Capítulo 57
May 2, 2007

Diego is not thrilled that Mariangel is pregnant.

Pizarro wants to know what is wrong with Yumalay.

The prisoners wait for the time to escape.

Pizarro suffers another asthma attack.

Montero declares that he will go alone.

The Duke's men catch up with Olmos.

Yumalay is left with the other prisoners.

Alejandro and Montero fight.

Machado calls Pizarro a traitor.

Agapito is afraid to help Tobias.

Yumalay saves Alejandro's life.

Brother Aaron decides that Fernando should ask the Indians for forgiveness.

Olmos ambushes the escaped prisoners.

Pizarro and Olmos point their guns at each other.

Gerardo points his gun at Esmeralda while Pizarro points his at Olmos.

Brother Aaron and Fernando approach the Indian settlement.

Maria Pia is welcomed home.

Kamba looks at his reflection.

Guns are pointed all around.

Alejandro attacks the prison, and guns are pointed all around.

Mariángel is so excited that she is going to be a mother.  Diego is shocked, and for some reason, unsettled.

García tells Alejandro that the plan is to attack the north wall of the prison while Pizarro frees the prisoners during the confusion.  Alejandro confesses that he is risking everything in this plan.  He asks García if he believes Pizarro.  García replies that he feels he should stay and watch the hacienda, just in case.

Pizarro tells the prisoners that they will have to escape through the crossfire.  He warns them not to do anything stupid.

Diego wonders how Mariángel could know she is pregnant so soon after marriage.  Mariángel tells Diego about the night he got her drunk.  She acts hurt that Diego doubts her word.

Almudena tells Alejandro that he must tell Diego the truth about Esmeralda.  Mariángel is telling Diego lies.  Alejandro says that the attack on the prison must come first.

Pizarro asks Yumalay what is wrong with her; she just added to his problems.  Pizarro brings Yumalay to where the others are and tells them not to let her do anything stupid.

Pizarro suffers a bad asthma attack and is unable to come while Montero calls for him.  Finally, Pizarro comes, and Montero asks if the soldiers are ready to attack.  Pizarro says that the soldiers are waiting halfway to the hacienda.  Montero comments that Pizarro's behavior is increasingly odd.  As Montero declares that he will go alone, Pizarro remembers being whipped as a child.  Montero prepares to leave, and Alejandro and his men begin the assault.

Olmos is approached by two men.  One man asks if he is Olmos Berroterrán de la Guardia.  After Olmos replies in the affirmative, the man states that they were sent by the Duke Jacobo.

Almudena warns Diego not to trust all of the people who get near him.  Diego tells her not to worry and that he will be guided by his instinct.  He will figure out who to believe.

Montero and Alejandro fight.  Montero warns Alejandro that he was appointed by the Crown and that if Alejandro is against him, he is against the Crown.  Alejandro calls him an embarrassment to the Crown.

Pizarro tells the prisoners to come with him, but as they try to leave, Machado confronts them with a gun.

Olmos and the two men go to Fernando's home.  The men tell Olmos that the Duke ordered them to watch over his mission in America.  Unfortunately, Olmos has failed.  The Duke will be very disappointed to learn that the woman is still alive.  Olmos tries to explain that he has the situation under control.  He has trustworthy men following her.  The plan was to let her escape so that he could kill her far away from the prison.

Machado now realizes that Pizarro is a traitor.  Aguirre sneaks up behind Machado and kills him.  Pizarro tells Aguirre that he knows what to say if Montero asks.

Catalina begs Agapito to help Tobías.  Tobías has an injury on his rear and is still in his Zorro clothes.  Agapito thinks Tobías is Zorro and is reluctant to help.  He doesn't want to get in trouble.

Pizarro leads the prisoners out of the prison.  Don Alejandro's men meet the group.  Dolores is to go to the hacienda while Esmeralda and Renzo go with Pizarro. 

Alejandro falls down, and Montero prepares to drive a sword through him.  Yumalay throws a rock at Montero, causing him to stagger.  One of Alejandro's men takes Montero away.  Yumalay notifies Alejandro that Pizarro has liberated the prisoners.  Alejandro orders his men to retreat.

Jonás draws a map showing the route to the sea.  It is the longest route to the sea, so no one will suspect them of taking that path.  Sara Kalí thanks Jonás for planning everything so well.  Jonás gives the credit to Renzo.  Laisha comments that Renzo is probably dead.  Jonás tells Laisha to clear her thoughts.

Olmos tells Gerardo that the Duke's thugs were sent to kill him.  He explains that he fooled them by saying what has happened is part of his plan.  Olmos tells Gerardo that the Duke is the true ruler of Spain and that he will someday be King.  Facundo enters the tavern to tell everybody that Don Alejandro has attacked the prison and helped a woman escape.  Olmos realizes that Esmeralda has escaped and can lead him to Sara Kalí.

Montero is told that Alejandro's men murdered Machado and rescued Esmeralda.  Pizarro left town with the soldiers in order to chase after the fugitives.  Montero finds the situation rather strange.  He must find a way to control this disaster.

Brother Aaron can't stop thinking about the murder of Fernando's parents.  He asks Fernando for the name of the tribe—the Lipanes.  Aaron decides that he and Fernando will go visit the Lipanes and ask them to forgive Fernando.

Alejandro is welcomed home by Almudena.  Alejandro explains that Renzo and Esmeralda went with Pizarro.

Diego wakes with a start after dreaming of Mariángel telling him she will have his baby.

Bernardo tells Diego that his father has safely returned.  Diego goes downstairs to greet his father.  Alejandro decides to tell Diego the truth about his marriage, but quickly changes his mind when Diego tells him that Mariángel is pregnant.

Brother Aaron and Fernando are met on the road by Adriel.  Fernando is recognized, and the Indians attack.  Despite Brother Aaron's pleas, Fernando is taken hostage.  During the journey, Fernando remembers the Indian raid on his childhood home and the killing of his parents.

In the woods, Pizarro, Renzo, and Esmeralda argue about what to do and are suddenly held up by Olmos and Gerardo.  Pizarro and his men are forced to lay down their arms.  Olmos claims to be trying to help Sara Kalí.  Pizarro says that Olmos would not be threatening them if he weren't trying to kill Sara Kalí.  Esmeralda asks how she can know that it is not a trap.

Alejandro tells Almudena that Mariángel is pregnant.  Almudena feels that she is lying.  Mariángel does crazy things.  She is like her mother, who was disturbed, obsessive, and cruel.  She was insane when she died.  Mariángel may have inherited her illness.

The gypsies discover that Laisha has disappeared.  Javier leaves to search for her.

Diego wonders about Esmeralda.  Nobody will tell him anything.

The sisters gush over the fact that Kamba gets to stay with them.  They speak of how smart he is and how he seems to understand them although he doesn't speak their language.  In the dining room, Kamba sets the tables.  He picks up a platter and looks at his reflection in it, smiling wickedly.

While each person's gun is pointed at someone else, Esmeralda insists upon letting Renzo go alone to speak with Sara Kalí, while Esmeralda stays behind with Olmos, Gerardo, and Pizarro.  Nobody likes this plan, and the guns continue to be pointed all around.

Capítulo 58
May 3, 2007

Diego wants to know what everybody is hiding from him.

Montero and Mariangel discuss Esmeralda.

Renzo threatens the others with his gun.

Pizarro continues to point his gun at Olmos.

Olmos points his gun at Pizarro.

Brother Aaron is upset about what Fernando did to the Indians.

It is finally decided that Renzo will go to Sara Kali.

Maria Pia suggests that Suplicios head the convent.

Esmeralda asks for privacy.

Diego finds a letter written by Esmeralda.

Esmeralda runs straight into Montero's clutches.

Montero threatens to kill Esmeralda for her betrayal.

Alejandro asks Maria Pia how she is.

Pizarro, Olmos, and Gerardo listen to Montero's tirade.

Mariangel swears that she must get rid of Esmeralda.

Esmeralda believes that Pizarro has betrayed her.

Agapito finishes dressing Tobias' wound.

Sgt. Garcia tells Diego that he and Esmeralda were going to get married.

Montero considers what to do with Esmeralda.

Alejandro is captured by Montero's soldiers.

Renzo tells the gypsies that Esmeralda is being held hostage.

Pizarro announces that Esmeralda will now wear the iron mask.

Fernando attacks the Indians, and Montero captures Esmeralda.

Diego dresses like Zorro to try to remember things.  Diego and Bernardo practice fencing while Diego asks Bernardo what they are hiding from him.  Diego feels that someone important is waiting for his help.

Fernando breaks out of his bonds and single-handedly knocks out all of the Indians.  Brother Aaron pleads with Fernando to control himself.  Fernando flees, leaving Brother Aaron staring in distress.  Later, Fernando steals what he needs from a group of sleeping drunken travelers.

Jonás worries about Javier.  Meanwhile, Javier trips over a hidden rope, and Laisha knocks him out.  She comments that she cannot let him follow her.

Montero smirks that it must be a blow for Mariángel to learn that Esmeralda is a princess.  Montero is furious that Mariángel had not told him that Diego lost his memory.  Montero states that it is beneficial to him for Esmeralda to be in line to inherit the crown.  Mariángel wants Esmeralda dead.  Montero laughs at Mariángel, calling her cruel.  She calls him an imbecile.

After more discussion and much pointing of guns all around, it is finally decided that Renzo will go see Sara Kalí, and Esmeralda will stay behind with the rest of the group.  Esmeralda warns Renzo to be careful.

María Pía suggests that Suplicios head the convent.  The Cardinal replies that the position is rather important to be given to someone who just had an exorcism.  María Pía insists that Suplicios is an excellent example of someone overcoming affliction; Suplicios has never doubted God.

Kamba helps the sisters move heavy furniture.  Suplicios scolds them for taking advantage of Kamba.  Suplicios helps Kamba move the cupboard over a little more.  His hand touches hers, and Suplicios looks at Kamba.  Suplicios jerks her hand away and runs out of the room.  Kamba smiles.

Almudena scolds Mariángel for being out too much.  Mariángel claims that she went looking for Olmos and visited the Judge about her father's will.  Almudena states that Fernando is not dead, and Mariángel should not be thinking about his assets.  Almudena asks how far along her pregnancy is.

Esmeralda tells Pizarro that she needs privacy to use the restroom.  Pizarro tells her to be back quickly and not to betray him.  Esmeralda runs away—and straight to Montero.  He orders her to stay quiet, or he will cut her throat.

Diego finds a note from Esmeralda and reads it.  Diego wonders if Esmeralda is the woman in his dreams and why he hurts so much when he reads the note.  Dolores enters the room.

Almudena tells Mariángel that the dates don't match up.  Mariángel cannot be pregnant.  Mariángel laughs at Almudena, saying that she and Diego were together long before Almudena realizes.  Almudena tells Mariángel that she dedicated her entire life to raising Mariángel and Esmeralda.  Almudena apparently failed with Mariángel.  She is as greedy and haughty as her mother.  Mariángel needs to stop deceiving Diego.

Esmeralda tells Montero that her mother is on her way to Spain.  Montero guarantees that he will find Sara Kalí.

Alejandro asks María Pía how she feels.  He has been worried about her.  He asks her why she didn't tell him about Regina.  María Pía tells Alejandro the entire story about Fernando and how she tried to believe what he was telling her was true.

Montero drags Esmeralda into Pizarro's camp and threatens to kill everybody.  Pizarro claims that Montero just interrupted a secret operation to bring the masked woman back to the prison.  Esmeralda is devastated.

Dolores tells Diego that Esmeralda is the woman he loves.  Diego is grateful that someone has finally told him the truth.  She tells Diego that both of them have been through very difficult times.  She thinks Diego was involved in the escape of Esmeralda's mother.  Dolores pleads with Diego to be careful; she would die if something were to happen to him.

María Pía is upset that Diego has lost his memory.  Alejandro tells María Pía that Mariángel is telling Diego lies and that Mariángel says she is pregnant.

Diego wonders how he could have been intimate with Mariángel if he loved Esmeralda.  Diego thinks that God is punishing him with the memory loss and that he is trying to force Diego to do the right thing from now on.

Mariángel tells herself that Almudena is putting ideas in Diego's head.  Montero must get rid of Esmeralda so that her son will be the sole heir of the de la Vega estate.  Esmeralda and her son must die.

Montero orders Pizarro not to call Esmeralda his wife.  Montero does not believe any of Pizarro's explanation.  Pizarro's military career is over.

Alejandro tells María Pía that he found out about Regina from White Buffalo.  Yumalay is the youngest grandchild of White Buffalo and is Regina's sister.  María Pía realizes that as a result Yumalay is Alejandro's second wife under Indian law.  Alejandro says that Almudena does not know.  Alejandro's feelings for Yumalay are very different than his feelings for Almudena.  He cannot imagine life without Almudena but he is obligated to Yumalay.  María Pía tells Alejandro that he will get an answer to his problems and that she will pray for him.

Agapito finishes taking care of Tobías.  He tells Tobías that he does not have to lie.  He secret will remain safe.  Tobías protests that he is not Zorro and that he is in a lot of trouble.

García tells Diego that he was going to marry Esmeralda.  Diego encourages García to tell him more about Esmeralda.  García tells Diego that Zorro and Esmeralda met each other at the prison and that their medallions became tangled.  Diego mentions that if Esmeralda were there he would remember everything.  García says that Diego should forget about Esmeralda.  She will soon go to Spain, and he will never see her again.

Alejandro and his men are ambushed, and Alejandro is captured.  Alejandro is told that he will be taken to the prison.

Montero orders Olmos executed.  He accuses Pizarro of being an enemy.  Pizarro claims that he took the initiative in finding Sara Kalí in order to regain his trust.  Montero calls Pizarro a traitor.  Pizarro accepts that his actions were not correct, but Montero is imagining enemies everywhere.

Montero tells Esmeralda that Fernando has lost his mind.  A soldier tells Montero that Olmos has a last wish before being executed.  He wants to talk to him.  Olmos claims to have suspected Esmeralda of scheming ever since she married Montero.  Montero asks about Fernando's fortune and what will happen to it.  Olmos suggests that if his life is spared he could find a way to hand the fortune over to Montero.  Montero orders everyone to be taken to the prison for interrogation.

Alejandro tells the soldiers that Montero is sending them all to hell.  Alejandro asks them to join his ranks and fight Montero.  The soldier replies that the only reward is for turning Alejandro in.

Diego learns that Alejandro has been captured.  He orders a group of men to be gathered to look for him.  Diego will not go as he would be in the way.

Renzo arrives at the gypsies' camp and tells them what happened.  Pizarro and the hunchback are holding Esmeralda hostage.  Renzo said that a soldier followed him, but he lost him.  Sara Kalí wants to turn herself in.  Jonás explains that Esmeralda will be kept alive as long as Sara Kalí is free.  Esmeralda is the second most important person after Sara Kalí.

Laisha is captured and brought to Montero.  Montero wants to know where Sara Kalí is.  Laisha refuses to say.  Montero menacingly suggests that he and Laisha can get to know each other again.

Diego dresses as Zorro and prepares to rescue his father.

Esmeralda is taken to a cell.  Pizarro asks Aguirre if he remembers how special prisoners are treated.  Aguirre replies that no one is to know of a special prisoner's presence.  Pizarro announces that Esmeralda will now be the woman in the iron mask.

Capítulo 59
May 4, 2007

Zorro rescues Alejandro.

Pizarro stands before the firing squad.

Sgt. Garcia is horrified to see Pizarro about to be executed.

Fernando recruits a group of men willing to attack Montero.

Esmeralda tries to get the mask off her head.

Padre Tomas presides over a meeting of the brotherhood.

Aguirre is shocked that Pizarro was put before a firing squad.

Facundo listens to Agapito talk about Zorro.

Zorro prepares to enter the prison.

Montero wants all of Fernando's assets transferred into his accounts.

Facundo buys Agapito a drink.

Montero hopes that Pizarro has learned his lesson.

Brother Aaron is furious that Fernando has resorted to violence.

Alejandro wants to discuss Zorro with Diego.

Facundo assists a very drunk Agapito home.

Aguirre advises Esmeralda to get used to the mask.

Mariangel tells the family that Esmeralda is dead.

Olmos asks Aguirre whether Esmeralda is really dead.

Almudena is shocked to hear of Esmeralda's death.

Sgt. Garcia announces that Pizarro has been killed.

Almudena regains consciousness.

Diego is not certan that Esmeralda is dead.

Almudena is stricken with grief.

Zorro rescues Alejandro, and Esmeralda begins wearing the iron mask.

Esmeralda tearfully pleads with Pizarro not to put the mask on her.  Pizarro tells her to accept her destiny and places the mask on her head.

Sara Kalí continues to want to turn herself in.  Renzo promises to find a way to help Esmeralda.  Sara Kalí replies that Renzo is blinded by love and not as powerful as he thinks.  Renzo stays behind as the rest continue towards the sea.

Montero tells Mariángel that Esmeralda is dead.  Mariángel is shocked.  Montero claims that a soldier had to shoot her because she tried to escape.  Mariángel bristles when Montero mentions that he is going to kill the de la Vegas.  He suggests that she should not mind since she will be left with their fortune.

Montero kisses Laisha on the torture table, and she begs him not to touch her.  She refuses to say where Sara Kalí is, but then suggests that she can exchange the lives of the imprisoned gypsy women for that of Sara Kalí.  Montero accepts the deal.  However, to guarantee her compliance, Montero has a soldier torture Laisha with a hot brand.

As the soldiers escort Alejandro through a canyon, Zorro rides up behind them and attacks.  After the soldiers are defeated, Alejandro asks Zorro why he helps him.  Zorro turns to leave, and Alejandro asks why Zorro will not speak.

Pizarro gives the key to the iron mask to Montero and suggests that they look for Sara Kalí.  Montero instead has Pizarro disarm himself and summons the firing squad.  Pizarro is blindfolded.  As the men fire their guns, Pizarro sags against the wall.  García sees the preparations and leaves before the actual shooting.  He is devastated that Pizarro has been killed.

A group of men discuss going to Los Angeles to loot the city.  The Governor has disappeared, and Montero has lost his mind.  The men can do whatever they want.  Fernando sits at the next table and hears the conversation.  He demands to know if what they say is true.  When he learns that it is, he pulls a gun and declares that he is going back to reclaim control of Los Angeles.  He needs allies who want a better life by being on the Governor's side.  After a small amount of hesitation, the men agree to go with Fernando.  They yell, "Down with Comandante Montero!"

Pizarro is not dead.  Montero laughingly taunts Pizarro; the bullets were blanks.  Pizarro needs to realize that Montero is the one in control.

Esmeralda wakes up and touches the iron mask.  She starts crying.  She prays that the Lord will protect her mother.

Sara Kalí insists upon going back; a mother will do anything for her child.  She must find a way to rescue the gypsies.  Sara Kalí wants to reach San Gabriel.

Padre Tomás tells the brotherhood that what has happened reflects a struggle for control of the Crown.  Padre Tomás states that if the people rise up in arms, they will support them.  One man suggests that Zorro is best suited for the job, and another man speculates that he is dead.  Padre Tomás declares that Zorro is alive and ready for battle.

Zorro can't stop thinking about what he has learned about Esmeralda.  He wants to go places where she has been, so he decides to go to the prison.

Lopez tells Aguirre that Montero stood Pizarro before the firing squad and shot blanks at him.  Lopez says Montero did it to humiliate him in front of the soldiers.

Pizarro suffers a bad asthma attack and tries to calm himself down.  He tells himself that the time was not right, but it will come.

Mariángel tells Catalina that Esmeralda is dead.  After Catalina leaves, Mariángel smilingly comments that Catalina will tell everyone in town the news.

Catalina tells Tobías that Esmeralda is dead.  Tobías is horrified; he has to leave town immediately.  Matters are worse than he thought.  Unfortunately, his wound opens again, and Catalina has to help him.

Agapito tells Raquel, the barmaid, that he knows who Zorro is.  Facundo overhears Agapito and is very interested.  He offers Agapito a drink.

Montero taunts Esmeralda by telling her she will never see her face again.  He has the key to the iron mask.  She says she will be rescued and he will pay.  Montero wants Esmeralda to stay calm; he doesn't want her to lose her baby just yet.  Montero states that Esmeralda will soon have company when her mother joins her.

Zorro begins to climb up the wall of the prison while Bernardo looks worried.  Bernardo warns Zorro to use a different tone of voice.  Zorro looks down from the roof of the prison.  He sees the release of the gypsy women.  Zorro tells himself that the gypsies were mistreated.  Azucena is told by one of the soldiers that Esmeralda is dead.  She fears that Renzo may also be dead.

Montero needs Olmos to transfer all of Fernando's assets to his name.  On second thought, Montero does not wish to deal with Olmos.  He tells Olmos that Esmeralda is dead and that Olmos may end up with the same fate.  He still has to explain his role in the escape of Sara Kalí.  Olmos insists that he will transfer Fernando's assets to Montero.  After leaving, Olmos tells himself that he must do whatever Montero wants; Montero is an animal.

Montero hopes that Pizarro has learned his lesson.  Pizarro replies that if he is not to be trusted then he would rather be executed.  Montero tells Pizarro that they must be united.  They cannot allow Sara Kalí to reach the ocean.  Montero orders Pizarro to kill all of the soldiers who were with him and Esmeralda; they cannot be allowed to learn that Esmeralda is still alive.  Pizarro protests that his soldiers are loyal and can stay quiet.  Montero refuses to spare anyone other than the one watching Esmeralda's cell.

Fernando orders his new allies to act quickly and to kill anyone who gets in their way.  Brother Aaron arrives and asks Fernando what he is doing.  He pleads with Fernando to stop.  Fernando replies that his anger has not abated, and the woman he loves is in danger.  He must go back.  He is not ready to serve God.

Alejandro tells Diego that they need to have a serious conversation about Zorro.  Alejandro was rescued by Zorro and saw him up close.  Alejandro has always wondered who Zorro is; Zorro is very talented and defeated Montero's men very easily.  Alejandro was unable to thank Zorro before he left.  Diego states that he feels like an idiot next to Zorro.  Alejandro replies that he does not want Diego to be like Zorro; he wants Diego to be a worthy heir.

Fernando declares that María Pía is all he cares about, and he must protect her.  Brother Aaron is angry that Fernando has armed himself.  Fernando shoves Brother Aaron and quickly apologizes.  Brother Aaron tells Fernando that the devil is taking hold of him.  Brother Aaron will follow Fernando wherever he goes in order to combat the evil that threatens him.

Agapito heads home, quite drunk, and assisted by Facundo.  Agapito begins speaking of Zorro and how he cared for him.  Facundo asks who Zorro is.  Agapito is about to reveal Zorro's identity when he gets sick to his stomach.

Mariángel overhears Dolores telling Almudena that Diego found a letter from Esmeralda and is asking many questions about her.  Almudena states that Alejandro was going to tell Diego that Esmeralda is pregnant, but he learned that Mariángel is also pregnant.  Mariángel smiles.

Esmeralda tries to take the mask off of her head.  Aguirre comes and cautions her to get used to the mask or else she will hurt herself.  He suggests that Esmeralda accept her fate.  Perhaps she will not have to wear the mask for too long.  Esmeralda prays for Diego to please come and help her and their son.

Almudena insists that Yumalay eat with them at the table.  Mariángel enters the room, crying.  She tells the group that Esmeralda is dead.

Olmos asks Aguirre if Esmeralda is truly dead.  He asks for her body so that he can deliver it to her family.  Aguirre refuses to give Olmos any information.  He wonders why Olmos cares so much.

García arrives at the ranch and tells Prudencio and Juan that Pizarro has been executed.

The family is devastated that Esmeralda is dead.  Mariángel tells them that she heard the news from Montero.  Almudena faints.  Later, Diego states that he does not think that Esmeralda is dead.  Almudena cries out that Esmeralda was going to have her first baby, and they killed her.  Diego reacts oddly to Almudena's statement.

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