Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 60-63

Capítulo 60
May 7, 2007

Mariangel pretends to be in pain.

Mariangel laughs about what has happened.

Pizarro kills the two soldiers.

Diego tells Alejandro that he feels nothing for Esmeralda.

Aguirre tells Esmeralda that she will soon learn to drink through the mask.

Laisha is captured.

Kamba whips himself.

Fernando declares that they are at war.

Montero suggests that there is a way Esmeralda can get her mask removed.

Diego orders Bernardo to write down everything he knows about Esmeralda.

Almudena begs Alejandro not to go.

Sara Kali arrives at the mission.

Esmeralda tells her baby not to worry.

Zorro confronts Montero.

Alejandro announces that he knows Fernando killed Regina.

Sgt. Garcia checks to make sure Pizarro is not a ghost.

Aguirre prepares to defend Esmeralda with his life.

Montero grimly praises Aguirre's defense of Esmeralda.

Suplicios tries to calm Kamba.

Kamba begins whipping himself again.

Suplicios collapses in Renzo's arms.

Montero finds Esmeralda's attire rather alluring.

Esmeralda is grieved by all, and Alejandro confronts Fernando.

Mariángel looks annoyed and impatient while Dolores continues to cry about Esmeralda's death.  Mariángel fakes a pain in her stomach and states that she must lie down.  After leaving, Mariángel laughingly tells herself that Almudena got what she deserves for meddling in her life.  Mariángel wonders what Montero did to Esmeralda.

Pizarro tells the two soldiers that they are the only two people other than the gypsies who know of the existence of the escaped woman's daughter.  He tells them that unlike Montero, he will spare them a feeling of terror.  Pizarro congratulates them on a job well done—and kills them.

Diego tells Alejandro that he found a letter from Esmeralda and feels nothing.  Diego asks about Esmeralda's baby, and Alejandro reveals that it was Diego's.  Alejandro apologizes for not explaining many things to him.  Diego leaves abruptly.

Aguirre gives Esmeralda something to drink, but she spills it.  Aguirre comforts her by saying that in time she will learn to drink through the mask.

The soldier leads Laisha along.  He finds a scarf that he believes belongs to her friends.  Suddenly, Renzo jumps the soldier and escapes with Laisha.

Suplicios sees Kamba whipping himself and remembers whipping herself in the past.  She wonders if Kamba has become like her.

Padre Tomás asks Jonás if the escaped prisoner is the Queen of Spain.  Jonás denies it and claims that Sara Kalí is only important because she is Fernando's wife.  Jonás says Montero wants to kill her, and the gypsies need his help.  Padre Tomás agrees to shelter Sara Kalí for awhile.

Fernando tells his men that they are at war.  They will be able to face Montero's army because they have the element of surprise behind them.  The men are to kill anyone who gets in their way.

Montero visits Esmeralda and offers a proposition to her.  He can have Esmeralda brought to his bedchamber.  Montero caresses Esmeralda's mask as he states that the way she behaves will determine if the mask is to be removed.

Diego is furious that many things were hidden from him.  He declares that there should be no more lies.  He orders Bernardo to write down everything about Esmeralda including why she was killed.

Juan tells Alejandro that Pizarro has been executed.  Alejandro replies that he will destroy Montero.

As García rides his donkey, he tells it that he must retire and leave the city.  Suddenly, Pizarro appears in front of García.

Almudena begs Alejandro not to go.  He replies that they must stop Montero's atrocities; it is their duty.

Esmeralda tells her baby not to worry, that Diego will rescue them soon.  At the same time, Mariángel tells her baby that he will be very useful and will secure her a life of luxury.

Montero looks over Fernando's assets and tells himself that he will become the richest man in the Americas.  Zorro suddenly appears and demands to see Esmeralda's body.  Montero and Zorro begin fighting.

Alejandro and Fernando come face to face.  Alejandro tells Fernando that they are not friends.  Alejandro reveals that he knows that Fernando killed Regina.  Alejandro punches Fernando several times.  Fernando admits that he killed Regina.  All Indians are the same to him, but he would not have attacked Regina's camp if he had known Regina was there.  Fernando respected Alejandro's wife and would not have harmed her.  Alejandro points a gun at Fernando.

García thinks Pizarro is a ghost.  Pizarro fires a gun over García's head and asks if a ghost can fire a gun.  Pizarro explains that the execution was fake.  Montero was testing his loyalty.  Pizarro reveals that he is still planning to save the Queen.  García states that he is disappointed in the military and plans to retire.  Pizarro asks him to stay and help save the Queen.  García agrees to the plan.

Padre Tomás introduces Sara Kalí to María Pía as a woman named Sara who is a good Christian.  Sara will be staying at the mission for awhile.  After María Pía leaves, Padre Tomás apologizes for lying.  She understands and is grateful for his help.

Zorro and Montero continue to fight a furious battle and are joined by a group of soldiers.

Alejandro states that only two things are saving Fernando's life.  First, Alejandro loves Almudena, and second, he is not a killer.  Fernando replies that God is already making him pay.  Alejandro will never forgive Fernando.  Fernando mentions that he is planning to reclaim his governorship.  Alejandro is surprised to learn that Fernando does not know that Montero killed Esmeralda.

Jonás meets up with Javier who tells him that Esmeralda is dead.

Laisha and Renzo speak about Esmeralda and Miguel.  Laisha resents that Renzo cannot understand how much she is suffering.  She hopes that Renzo will soon suffer like her.

Aguirre hears the fighting and enters Esmeralda's cell.  He will guard Esmeralda with his life.  The first person who comes near him is a dead man.

Zorro continues fighting Montero and the soldiers.  Montero tries to shoot Zorro but misses.  Zorro takes a few shots at Montero's feet and makes him dance.

Diego tells Bernardo that he didn't find out anything about Esmeralda.  She could be alive or dead.  He has many conflicting images in his mind.

Fernando will not believe that Esmeralda is dead until he has proof.  If Montero knows that Esmeralda is the daughter of the true Queen of Spain, he probably has locked her away somewhere.  Fernando will go forward with his plans.  Alejandro prefers not to help and decides to go home.  Prudencio receives Alejandro's permission to join Fernando.

Suplicios hears gunfire, and Kamba runs by.  Suplicios realizes that the slave traders have returned and chases after Kamba.

Azucena greets Renzo with great joy.  Renzo says he is going back for Esmeralda and then asks what is wrong.  He is told that Esmeralda is dead, that she was killed by Montero's men.  Renzo is devastated and runs away from the other gypsies.

Aguirre tells Esmeralda that the conflict is her fault.  He hears somebody coming and shoots.  Montero yells that Aguirre is an imbecile but comments that Aguirre follows his orders well.  Montero asks to be alone with Esmeralda.  He tells Esmeralda that Diego no longer cares about her.  Mariángel will soon have his child.  Esmeralda does not believe him.

Suplicios catches up with Kamba and they continue fleeing together.  Kamba stops and begins beating himself.  Suplicios cannot get him to keep moving.  Suplicios gets away, but Kamba is captured and tied up.

Diego asks Almudena to tell him all about Esmeralda and her origin.  Almudena does not know where to begin and finds it too difficult to speak of Esmeralda.

Esmeralda tells herself that what Montero said cannot be true.  Diego would not have betrayed her.

Alejandro tells Almudena that Fernando has returned.  Fernando wants to be governor again.  He has recruited a group of bandits who will help him reclaim the city.

Suplicios continues running and encounters Renzo.

Diego tells Alejandro that Almudena has not eaten since she learned of Esmeralda's death.  Diego wonders why Montero would kill Esmeralda.  Alejandro tells Diego that Fernando thinks Esmeralda is alive and detained somewhere.

Montero comes back again and enters Esmeralda's cell.  He orders Aguirre to leave.  Montero is drunk and wants to be with Esmeralda.  He licks her mask as she tries to fight him off.

Capítulo 61
May 8, 2007

Montero tries to force himself on Esmeralda.

Aguirre tells Montero that Fernando has returned.

Aguirre asks whether Esmeralda is okay.

Olmos approaches Mariangel and Diego.

Renzo and Suplicios hide from the slave traders.

Suplicios looks around for Kamba.

Jonas needs to tell Sara Kali that Esmeralda is dead.

Montero is brought before Fernando.

Fernando wants to know where Sara Kali and Esmeralda are.

Fernando orders Prudencio to keep a watch on Montero.

Olmos wants to know where Esmeralda's body is.

Mariangel wants to know why Montero wants her father's money.

Esmeralda hungrily eyes Aguirre's food.

Mariangel welcomes her father home.

Yumalay tells Almudena that her pain must give way to life.

Yumalay shows Alejandro her sorrow.

Diego's memory returns.

Diego tells Alejandro that his memory has returned.

Alejandro will not tell Diego why he is no longer friends with Fernando.

Almudena tells Mariangel that Diego has regained his memory.

The Governor returns, and Diego regains his memory.

Montero remarks that Esmeralda looks much better without the mask, and he continues to force himself on her.

Alejandro tells Diego that Esmeralda would be the true successor to the throne if Sara Kalí is the true Queen of Spain.  Esmeralda would be very important, and Montero may have her hidden somewhere.  Diego would give anything to see Esmeralda; he should try to help her if he loved her so much.

Montero and Esmeralda continue struggling as Aguirre arrives.  Aguirre announces that the government has been overthrown; Fernando Sánchez de Moncada has returned.  Montero complains about Fernando's bad timing.  As he leaves, he tells Esmeralda that her problem is not solved.  As Esmeralda sits quietly crying, Aguirre asks if she is okay.

Fernando orders Prudencio to guard his house and to bring Olmos.  Fulgencio wants to know whether they will capture Montero.  Fernando asks him to be patient.

Diego wonders about Mariángel's black dress.  She replies that she is mourning for Esmeralda.  Mariángel comments that Diego is more distant now that he knows about their baby.  Diego replies that he still doesn't know how to feel and cannot fake it.  Olmos arrives and tells Mariángel that he must speak to her about her father's properties.

Hortensia tells Fernando that María Pía survived and that she will be consecrated as a nun.

The Cardinal, María Pía, and Padre Tomás discuss where Suplicios may have gone.  Padre Tomás thinks that Suplicios may be lost and in danger.

The slave traders find Renzo and Suplicios hiding behind a bush.

Diego listens as Olmos tells Mariángel that Montero wants Fernando's fortune.  Diego interrupts to tell them that he is going out.  Mariángel wants to join Diego, but he refuses.  After Diego leaves, Mariángel tells Olmos to take her to her father's house.

Fernando's men apprehend Montero and bring him before Fernando.  Montero complains about Fernando's actions.  Fernando informs Montero that he is still governor, and as a result, Montero's superior officer.  Fernando orders Montero to be taken to the municipal prison.  After Montero complains some more, Fernando agrees to discuss terms.  He asks where Sara Kalí and Esmeralda are.

Jonás wants to speak to Sara Kalí; he has learned that Esmeralda is dead.  Padre Tomás finally convinces Jonás not to tell Sara Kalí about Esmeralda until they are certain of her fate.

Esmeralda tells Aguirre that he should not follow Montero's orders.  Aguirre will get in trouble because of his actions.  Esmeralda wants to pay Aguirre a fortune for his help, but Aguirre refuses.

Montero reveals that Sara Kalí escaped from the prison and her whereabouts are unknown.  Esmeralda was captured and shot when she tried to escape.  Fernando wants to see the body as proof.  Montero claims that the body fell into a gorge and cannot be recovered.  After Montero leaves, Fernando tells Prudencio to keep a watch on Montero and his soldiers.

Olmos accosts Aguirre as he walks home.  Olmos begs to know where Esmeralda's body is.  He wants to give Esmeralda's body back to the family and offers Aguirre a large sum of money.  Aguirre refuses to speak to him.  Olmos curses and tells himself that he must get the body to show to the Duke.

Mariángel asks Montero what is going on and why he wants her inheritance.  Montero claims that Olmos misunderstood him.  Montero wants the governor's wealth separated from the city's as a precaution due to his disappearance.  Mariángel complains about Montero doing things behind her back.  He keeps doing stupid things that will catch up with him.

Esmeralda watches Aguirre eat, and Aguirre gives her his food.

Diego practices fencing with Padre Tomás and Bernardo.  Padre Tomás prepares to tell Diego about Esmeralda, but Diego states that he already knows.  He adds that Fernando is back as governor and that Esmeralda may not be dead.  Padre Tomás reveals that Sara Kalí is staying at the mission.  Diego decides that Zorro will go to the prison.

Mariángel embraces her father and is glad to see him.  Fernando will not discuss what happened.  Fernando believes that Esmeralda may be alive, but Mariángel states that they have to accept her death.  Mariángel wonders if Montero lied to her.

Yumalay comforts Almudena and tells her that her pain must give way to life.  Almudena has a man who loves her and she must not give up.  Later, Yumalay embraces Alejandro, telling him that it is how she shows her sorrow.  He needs consolation.  Yumalay and Alejandro kiss.  Yumalay tells Alejandro not to leave Almudena alone.

The Cardinal tells Padre Tomás that Suplicios and Kamba have not returned.  María Pía wants to go look for them.  Padre Tomás vetoes the idea and believes that Kamba will protect Suplicios.  The Cardinal mentions that the slave traders have returned.

At dinner, Almudena refuses to eat.  The family discusses where Yumalay and Mariángel have gone.  Diego says he is going to bed.  In his room, Diego thinks of the mysterious dancing woman.  He lies down to go to sleep.  In his dreams, Diego finally sees Esmeralda's face.  He awakens and realizes that the dancing woman is Esmeralda.  In flashes, Diego quickly begins to remember everything that has happened between him and Esmeralda.  He also remembers recent events including Esmeralda's death.

Pizarro visits Esmeralda.  He tells her that he is risking his life by coming to see her.  Esmeralda will not speak to him.  Pizarro tells Aguirre to get rid of the iron mask and to keep Esmeralda's cell clean.  Pizarro will speak to Esmeralda again later.

Diego tells Alejandro that he is beginning to remember everything.  Diego states that there must be some hope that Esmeralda is still alive.  Alejandro reminds Diego that Esmeralda may be dead and not to have false hopes.  Diego believes deep down inside that Esmeralda is alive.

Fernando visits María Pía.  Fernando explains what happened and why he left.  He tried to redeem himself, but his past drags him down.  Fernando loves María Pía more than ever.  María Pía answers that the man she loved no longer exists, and she is moving on with her life.  She will become Mother Superior.  Fernando promises to keep trying to win back María Pía's love.

Renzo and Suplicios remain captives of the slave traders.  Suplicios looks around for Kamba and sees him writhing and screaming as if possessed.

Alejandro wishes to have nothing to do with Fernando.  Diego asks why; he thought they were friends.  Alejandro evades the question, but he is willing to work with Fernando on behalf of Esmeralda.

Diego tells Bernardo that he now remembers everything.  Zorro has things to do.  He must speak to Montero.

Montero asks Pizarro where García is.  Pizarro replies that he needed an idiot to come with him to the de la Vega hacienda.  Montero hopes that everything Pizarro is doing is in Montero's best interest.  He will be watching Pizarro very carefully.

Almudena smilingly tells Mariángel that Diego has recovered his memory.

Capítulo 62
May 9, 2007

Pizarro tells the soldiers to go help Montero, but slowly.

Maria Pia thinks of Fernando.

Zorro prepares to cut a Z on Montero's chest.

Zorro promises to make Montero's life a living hell.

Almudena reveals how much she is suffering.

Agapito stiches up Montero's Z.

Diego tells Mariangel that he remembers everything.

Esmeralda cries over her plight.

Agapito is sorry that he cannot prevent the wound from scarring.

Montero thinks about his wound.

Padre Tomas rejoices that Diego can remember.

Sara Kali senses that something bad has happened to Esmeralda.

Dolores tells Alejandro that Almudena went to the city alone.

Montero vetoes Pizarro's suggestion about the shipment.

Zorro steals Montero's money.

Diego would love to see the look on Montero's face when he learns of the theft.

Montero suspects that Pizarro might just be enjoying his predicament.

Suplicios and Renzo watch as the slave traders bargain with the soldier.

Fernando orders Prudencio to bring Cardinal Olivieri.

Almudena will never forgive Fernando for Esmeralda's death.

Alejandro states that Diego seems like a different person.

Diego listens to his father.

Sara Kali learns that her daughter is dead.

Esmeralda wants Aguirre to let Diego know that she is alive.

Diego confronts Mariángel, and Zorro leaves his mark on Montero.

Montero wants Diego and Alejandro de la Vega arrested for taking part in Sara Kalí's rescue.  Pizarro warns that pressure is increasing.  Both Alejandro and Fernando have men who could unite to form an army.  Montero is not worried and tells himself that he will use Esmeralda's money to form a huge army.

Mariángel tells Almudena to leave her alone and reminds her that she is expecting Diego's child.  Almudena says that Diego still loves Esmeralda and will not get over her death easily.  Neither Almudena nor Diego will be at peace until Esmeralda has had a proper burial.

Zorro enters Montero's bedroom.  Montero asks what he wants.  Zorro wants to know what happened to Esmeralda.  Montero tries to attack Zorro, and Zorro punches Montero.

Olmos tells Fernando that the city has gone to hell since Fernando's departure.  Olmos tried to talk Esmeralda out of rescuing her mother, but Esmeralda would not listen.  Now, Montero has killed Esmeralda.  Fernando thinks that Montero kidnapped Esmeralda in order to negotiate with the Crown.  Olmos thinks that they would know by now if Esmeralda were still alive.  Fernando declares that Montero will pay for Esmeralda's death.

Alejandro tries to dissuade Almudena from visiting Fernando.  Alejandro finally relents and plans to follow her with an escort as a precaution.

Zorro throws Montero downstairs.  The two struggle, and Montero tries to remove Zorro's mask.  Zorro pulls away.  Meanwhile, Pizarro learns that Zorro has attacked Montero.  Pizarro tells García to summon the men and go to Montero's defense—and to do it very slowly.

Fernando looks over Esmeralda's room.  He requests that the servants empty it immediately.  Almudena arrives and tells Fernando how much she is suffering.  Esmeralda was the one person she loved the most.  He replies that the news has also been hard on him.  The servant asks Fernando whether he wants her to throw away or burn Esmeralda's things.

Zorro and Montero continue their fight in the plaza.  Zorro promises to make Montero's life a living hell.  Zorro cuts a 'Z' on Montero's chest.  Montero will think of Zorro every time he looks in the mirror.  García leads the soldiers slowly towards Montero and then slowly after Zorro.

Almudena is disgusted with Fernando.  He replies that he cannot carry that kind of pain in his heart.  Fernando asserts that Esmeralda was not his blood.  Almudena reminds him that Esmeralda was like a daughter to him.  She will never forgive Fernando for Esmeralda's death.  She will always hate him.

Agapito stitches up Montero's scar so that it will heal faster and be less visible.  Montero refuses to believe that he will have the scar for the rest of his life.

Pizarro tries to give Esmeralda coffee, but she won't take it.  Pizarro still wants to find Esmeralda's mother in order to protect her.  Esmeralda replies that she was naive and will not trust him again.

Zorro comes back to the cave and states that the final battle between Zorro and Montero has begun.  He has humiliated Montero in front of the entire town.  He is afraid that Esmeralda may truly be dead.  Montero will pay for the crime.

Esmeralda does not understand why Pizarro insists upon helping her.  She is certain that Diego de la Vega will find her.  Pizarro informs Esmeralda that Montero told everyone that Esmeralda is dead.  No one will know that Esmeralda needs to be rescued.

Diego tells Mariángel that he remembers everything.  He holds up the flask of love potion.  Mariángel denies knowing anything about the flask.  Diego replies that he found it among her things.  Diego will never forget Esmeralda.  She might be dead to the world but will never be dead to him.

Esmeralda is furious that everyone believes she is dead.  She hopes her mother is on her way to Spain.  Pizarro reminds Esmeralda that she will not be able to get out of the prison without help.  In time everyone will accept Esmeralda's death, and she will be forgotten.  Esmeralda cries uncontrollably.

Mariángel calls Esmeralda a selfish person who stepped all over everyone else.  Mariángel is the woman who has been with Diego all this time and will have his child.  Diego states that he will be a good father to the child, and Mariángel will have his respect.  However, she will never have his love.  Mariángel promises herself that Diego will give in even if she has to give him a dozen of Montero's children.

Agapito regrets that Montero's scar will always be there.  Montero orders him to find a way to get rid of it, but Agapito insists that he can do nothing.  Montero warns Agapito that if anyone learns of the scar that he will cut out Agapito's tongue.  Agapito promises that he can keep a secret.  Montero would be surprised to learn of the people Agapito has treated, and Agapito has not revealed their identities.

Prudencio tells Fernando that Zorro threatened Montero.  Fernando is pleased.  The two men discuss how Zorro helped the gypsies rescue Sara Kalí.  Fernando thinks that Zorro might be a gypsy.  Fernando orders Prudencio to watch the gypsies for any sign of Mercedes.

Diego tells Padre Tomás that there are still things that he cannot remember.  Diego believes that Esmeralda may actually be dead.  With her death, Diego has died as well.  Padre Tomás reminds Diego that they must continue moving forward.  Diego requests that Padre Tomás tell Sara Kalí that Zorro will help her get to Spain.

Yumalay has disappeared again, and Alejandro decides to look for her.

Sara Kalí awakens after dreaming about Esmeralda.  She is certain that something bad has happened to Esmeralda.

Padre Tomás tells María Pía that the woman named Sara who arrived at the mission is somebody very important.  Esmeralda died while helping her.  María Pía is horrified to learn that Esmeralda is dead.  She wonders why the woman was so important to Esmeralda.  Padre Tomás reveals that the woman is Esmeralda's mother, astonishing María Pía.

Dolores tells Alejandro that Almudena went to the city again—this time alone.  Alejandro is upset that Almudena has no protection.

Montero tells Pizarro that some money is coming from a ship from Mexico and that it must be protected.  Pizarro warns Montero that they had agreed in the past to use civilians instead of the military in order not to arouse suspicion.  Montero disregards the suggestion.

The carriage containing Montero's money heads towards Los Angeles, guarded by soldiers.  Zorro rides up and attacks.  He steals all of the money and gives it to the poor.  He comments that Montero will miss the gold.

Montero gets on his horse and discovers that his wound has opened.  He calls for Agapito.

Sara Kalí tells Padre Tomás of her fears for her daughter.  She is certain that her daughter is gone.  Padre Tomás tells Sara Kalí that Esmeralda was shot and killed by Montero's soldiers.

Diego tells Bernardo that he has never seen a wagon surrounded by so many soldiers.  Montero must need the money badly.  He would love to see Montero's face when he learns about the theft.

When Montero learns of the stolen money, he realizes that he no longer has the money to buy weapons and acquire more soldiers.  He suggests that Pizarro is amused by his predicament.  They will be ruined without money to buy weapons.

Padre Tomás tells Sara Kalí that Esmeralda's body supposedly fell into the ocean.  Sara Kalí does not want to believe that the story is true.  Padre Tomás tells her that Zorro will help her get to Spain.  Sara Kalí states that Esmeralda's death is also her death.

Suplicios and Renzo discuss whether they can escape from the slave traders.  The slave traders encounter a group of soldiers who demand a high amount of money in order to let them pass.  The slave traders offer Suplicios as additional payment.  Kamba and Renzo look on in helpless horror.

Fernando orders Prudencio to fetch Cardinal Olivieri.  Almudena comes to see Fernando.  She asks Fernando to put a stop to Montero's violence.  Montero is threatening Alejandro.  Fernando replies that he is indebted to Almudena.  She states that he owes her nothing.  Rather, he will owe Alejandro for the rest of his life.  Almudena reveals that she is aware that Fernando killed Regina.  She orders him to put a stop to the violence immediately, and she does not care how he does it.

Alejandro comments that Diego seems like a different person.  They speak of Mariángel, and Diego tells Alejandro that his marriage is a farce and that he is only staying with Mariángel for the good of the child.  If Mariángel tells him one more lie, the marriage is over.

Aguirre brings Esmeralda a meal.  She begs for him to help her.  All she wants is for him to let Diego know that she is alive.

Capítulo 63
May 10, 2007

Zorro warns Padre Tomas and Sara Kali of Montero's presence.

Montero prepares to search the mission.

Padre Tomas tries to prevent Montero from entering the mission.

Renzo takes charge of Suplicios after her assault.

Zorro promises to take Sara Kali to the gypsies.

Aguirre brings Esmeralda enough food for two days.

Olmos is pleased that the Duke's men are dead.

Esmeralda writes a letter to Diego.

The Queen wants the Duke to be her personal advisor.

Aguirre needs to speak to Olmos.

Sara Kali is welcomed to the gypsies' camp.

Montero threatens Maria Pia.

Montero threatens to kill Padre Tomas.

Aguirre tells Olmos that Esmeralda is alive.

Esmeralda is thrilled that Aguirre came on his day off.

Diego realizes that Esmeralda's letter is missing.

Mariangel laughs and Montero sulks about Esmeralda's letter.

Suplicios feels dirty.

Aguirre gives Esmeralda's letter to Olmos.

Fernando prepares to kill Sara Kali.

Sara Kali cries out that Esmeralda was her only reason to live.

Esmeralda writes a letter to Diego, and Fernando shoots Mercedes.

Aguirre cannot afford to help Esmeralda.  He requests that she not insist.

Zorro warns Padre Tomás and Sara Kalí that Montero is preparing to search the mission.  Sara Kalí protests, but Zorro insists that she leave with him.  Zorro promises that he will make Montero pay for Esmeralda's death.

María Pía asks Montero to respect God's house.  Montero ignores her and forces his way inside.  Padre Tomás is knocked unconscious by a soldier as he tries to stop Montero.

Suplicios is left bedraggled and despondent after she is assaulted by the soldier.  Renzo tries to comfort her.

Padre Tomás is tied up.  Montero strikes him and demands to know if he has received an order to protect the Queen of the Gypsies.  When Padre Tomás refuses to answer, Montero orders him to be taken to the prison.  A soldier enters with a gypsy handkerchief that was found in one of the rooms in the mission.

Sara Kalí tells Zorro that she feels like she is abandoning her daughter.  Zorro tells her that Esmeralda will remain in their hearts.  She mentions that he acts as if he knew her.  Zorro admits that he met Esmeralda and was impressed by her beauty and her personality.  He tells Sara Kalí that all she can do is escape.  He will take her to the gypsies.

Aguirre brings Esmeralda enough food for two days since he has the next day off.  He tells her that neither one of them is in a position to negotiate.  He casually mentions that he left a pen and paper in her basket.  Perhaps she can amuse herself by drawing or writing.  More loudly, he tells her not to take it too personally.

Gerardo reports that he has killed the Duke's men so that they will no longer be a problem for Olmos.  He told the men that he was sent by the King, but the men replied that the King had been murdered.  Olmos speculates that perhaps the Duke has murdered the King.  Olmos is certain that the Duke will become the owner of America.  They must find Sara Kalí or else be killed by the Duke.

The Queen feels miserable without her husband.  She wants the Duke to continue on as her personal advisor.  The Duke announces that he is honored to be of service to the Queen.

Alejandro tells Almudena that he was very worried about her.

Fernando orders the Cardinal to leave within three days, supposedly for reasons of security.  The Cardinal replies that it is because of María Pía.  The Cardinal plans to report Fernando to the Pope.  Fernando is unaffected.

Esmeralda writes a letter to Diego.  The letter explains that Esmeralda is alive and in in Callao Prison.

Mariángel searches Diego's room, hoping to discover his secrets.  She finds one of Esmeralda's letters and takes it.  Bernardo enters the room and stays in order to prevent Mariángel from searching further.

María Pía is brought before Montero.  Padre Tomás shakes his head to warn María Pía to say nothing.  Padre Tomás states that Montero will get nothing from them.  María Pía explains that the handkerchief belongs to a gypsy they helped in the past.  María Pía does not remember her name.  Montero warns María Pía that her family could die.  María Pía replies that Montero will pay for his sins on Judgement Day.  Montero points a gun at Padre Tomás' head.

Sara Kalí arrives at the gypsy camp.  A man who is watching the camp leaves to tell Fernando what he saw.  Jonás thanks Zorro for saving Sara Kalí.  After Zorro leaves, Sara Kalí states that she wants to have a funeral for her daughter even though they do not have a body.

Prudencio reports that one of the men saw Sara Kalí dropped off at the gypsy camp.  Fernando gets a gun and prepares to visit the camp.

Aguirre tells Olmos that he needs to speak to him.  Olmos wants to know where Esmeralda's body is.  Aguirre asks for money.  Aguirre tells Olmos that Esmeralda is still alive.  She is a prisoner, and he is her guard.  Olmos requests proof that Esmeralda is still alive, and Aguirre promises to bring proof as long as Olmos pays the amount he wants.

Montero comments that Padre Tomás seems ready to die but that he will not kill him yet.  Padre Tomás warns Montero that he is traveling down a one-way street.  Montero decides to watch Padre Tomás and will kill him if he discovers that he has lied.

Yumalay tells White Buffalo that she left Alejandro because she does not want to hurt Almudena.  She wants Alejandro to be able to give Almudena all of his love.  Meanwhile, Alejandro tells Almudena how much he needs her.  Almudena regrets that she is so stricken by grief that she cannot act as his wife.

Diego returns, and Bernardo warns him that Mariángel searched his room.  Diego tells Bernardo that he will take Sara Kalí to the port as soon as possible.

Suplicios remains silent and unresponsive.  Renzo tries to get her to snap out of it.  Kamba goes into convulsions and breaks out of his bonds.  Kamba runs away, and in the confusion, Renzo grabs Suplicios and escapes.

The Cardinal wants to tell the Vatican of their problems.  Padre Tomás replies that they are the ones who must deal with the problems.  The Cardinal plans to go ahead with the consecration.  María Pía worries that Suplicios has still not appeared.  She will miss the consecration.  The Cardinal insists that the consecration must be completed immediately, with or without Suplicios.

Fernando and his men attack the gypsy camp.  Fernando and Mercedes come face-to-face, and he states that she has caused him many headaches.  He shoots Jonás when Jonás tries to protect Mercedes.  Fernando leaves with Mercedes.

Olmos tells Gerardo that Esmeralda is still alive.  This means that they can take control of her and use her to protect them from the Duke.

Esmeralda is surprised that Aguirre came on his day off.  Aguirre promises to tell Diego that she is still alive.  He states that he needs proof.  Esmeralda gives him the letter she wrote to Diego.

Diego looks through his things and realizes that Mariángel took Esmeralda's letter.  Meanwhile, Mariángel laughs as Montero reads the letter.  She tells him that Esmeralda never belonged to him.

Padre Tomás tells Diego that he was tortured by Montero.  Padre Tomás wants to know where Diego took Sara Kalí.  He states that they cannot allow Montero or Fernando to find Sara Kalí.

María Pía asks the sisters to be strong.  The governor opposes the consecration, so the ceremony must be completed quickly in order to prevent any disruption.  The sisters agree that nobody will stop them.

Suplicios calls herself dirty.  Renzo encourages her to fight for justice.  Renzo picks up Suplicios and begins running after he hears the dogs pursuing them.

Aguirre gives Olmos the letter.  Olmos is skeptical that the letter is real, so he plans to get a sample of Esmeralda's handwriting so that an expert can compare the handwriting on both samples.

Dolores frets that Almudena refuses to eat.  Diego says to give her time to get over Esmeralda's death.  Diego asks Dolores about Mariángel.  Dolores declares that Mariángel is a very strange person but that likely she is pregnant.

Fernando stops on a deserted road by the side of a cliff.  Mercedes sobs that Esmeralda was her only reason to live.  Fernando will be relieved to be rid of Mercedes.  He loves another woman, and Mercedes is a nuisance to him.  As Mercedes screams that Fernando killed the man she loved as well as her daughter, Fernando shoots her, and she falls over the edge of the cliff.

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