Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 64-67

Capítulo 64
May 11, 2007

Diego understands how Almudena feels.

Alejandro wants Yumalay to come home.

The Duke stalls for time.

Mariangel pretends to be upset.

Mariangel smiles about her deception.

Pizarro finds Sara Kali.

Esmeralda asks whether Diego received her letter.

Pizarro takes Sara Kali to an abandoned building.

Fernando tells Montero that he has no real charges against the de la Vegas.

Olmos pays Aguirre.

Esmeralda finds Lucrecia in her cell.

Zorro prepares for his next attack on the prison.

Mariangel pretends to be sorry that Esmeralda is dead.

Prudencio admits that he was unable to find the body.

Pizarro orders Agapito to meet him outside of town.

Facundo follows Agapito.

Diego and Padre Tomas discuss Sara Kali.

Agapito examines Sara Kali.

Esmeralda admires Lucrecia.

Pizarro reacts after he pounds the life back into Sara Kali.

The Cardinal announces that he will leave right after the ceremony.

Montero wants to know what is wrong with Pizarro.

Fernando senses that someone is in the room.

Zorro sits calmly in a chair.

Mariángel manipulates Diego, and Pizarro rescues Sara Kalí.

Diego enters Almudena's room.  Almudena speaks of how she always wanted to protect Esmeralda.  She never thought this day would come.  Diego understands exactly how she feels because he feels just as devastated.  Diego tells her that Esmeralda would not want her to be this way.  Diego promises to help Almudena; the two of them can work through their grief together.

Alejandro tells White Buffalo that he must abide by the laws of her tribe.  It is his duty to protect Yumalay.  Alejandro has not told Almudena about Yumalay, but he will when the time is right.  White Buffalo says that Yumalay is in the mountains, and Alejandro requests that she tell Yumalay to please come home.

Olmos searches for a document written by Esmeralda.  He will take the letter to an expert to see if it is real.  Olmos thinks that if Sara Kalí reaches Spain that the Duke will get rid of her.  If alive, Esmeralda would then be the heir to the crown.

The Queen tells the Duke that she still wishes to visit America.  She wants to go in her late husband's honor.  The Duke warns her that America is a savage territory.  She wants to see how their culture and religion have influenced the region.  The Duke promises to prepare for the journey but that it may take some time.

As Sara Kalí lies motionless in the ravine, her hand begins to move.

Mariángel admits that she did take Esmeralda's letter out of jealousy.  Mariángel pretends to be very upset that Diego does not love her.  She says she loves Diego very much but will remove the burden from his shoulders.  In the hall, Mariángel stops crying abruptly and then approaches Dolores.  She tells Dolores that she must see a doctor.  After several questions from Dolores, Mariángel admits that she wants to lose the baby.  She can no longer endure carrying a child that Diego does not want.  Dolores pleads with Mariángel not to lose the baby.  Children are a gift from God.  Dolores tells her to give Diego some time.  Mariángel does not want the leftovers of an impossible love.

Diego tells Bernardo that Mariángel admitted to taking Esmeralda's letter.  As she left, she said she would take a weight off his shoulders.  It sounded like a threat.  Diego wonders if he was too harsh with Mariángel.

The handwriting expert tells Olmos that the letter and the document were both written by the same person.  Olmos is gleeful; he has the Duke right where he wants him.  Olmos is the only person who knows of Esmeralda's existence.

Prudencio assures Fernando that he prevented the gypsies from following him.  Fernando tells Prudencio where he can find the body of Mercedes.  He wants Prudencio to remove the body and all traces of it.  No evidence is to be left behind.

Dolores tells Diego that Mariángel wants to lose the baby because Diego does not love her.  Diego hurries after Mariángel.

Sara Kalí struggles to get up but collapses again, unconscious.  Pizarro finds her.

Diego catches up with Mariángel and requests that she not try to lose the baby.  Mariángel acts upset and insists upon going through with her plan.  Diego states that their problems can be solved, but Mariángel disagrees.  Mariángel was hurt when she discovered Esmeralda's letter.  Diego protests that Mariángel always knew about Esmeralda.  He is sorry if he insulted her with his doubts.  Finally, Mariángel agrees not to lose the pregnancy but only because he made the request.

Aguirre tells Esmeralda that he gave the letter to Olmos.  Esmeralda is furious that Aguirre gave her letter to a traitor.  Aguirre protests that Olmos cannot hurt her.  Aguirre explains that the de la Vega hacienda is guarded and that he could not get to Diego to give him the letter.  Esmeralda regrets that she asked Aguirre for anything.

Pizarro places Sara Kalí in a barn.  He tells her that she is a Queen and that a Queen decides when she should die.

Fernando confronts Montero, telling him that his accusations against the de la Vegas are absurd.  Montero warns Fernando not to mess in his affairs.  Fernando threatens to become Alejandro's ally.

Olmos gives Aguirre the money.  Aguirre is thrilled that the money is far more than he requested.  Olmos orders Aguirre to tell no one about the letter.  Aguirre replies that he cannot discuss the letter because he is unable to read.  Olmos is thrilled about this excellent news.  Aguirre adds that Esmeralda is furious that the letter was given to Olmos.  Olmos replies that she will get over it; she has no one else to ask for help.

Esmeralda awakens to discover Lucrecia in her cell.  The rat must have been left behind in the prison when Sara Kalí was rescued.  Esmeralda feeds Lucrecia a few crumbs and tells her to get strong so that she can return to the gypsies.  Esmeralda is nervous about her mother and senses that her mother is in danger.

Hermes wants to search for Sara Kalí.  He would have given his life for her.  Zorro arrives and is told what happened to Sara Kalí.  Azucena fears that Sara Kalí is dead.

Olmos tells Gerardo that they should celebrate.  They no longer need to worry about finding Sara Kalí.  Olmos states that he is a man more capable of love than any other.  He will do anything for the one he loves.  His appearance is not a handicap and will not prevent him from having Mariángel.

Mariángel speaks to Almudena in her room.  She confides that she now understands the affection that Almudena had for Esmeralda.  Mariángel never figured out how to understand Esmeralda.  Mariángel must be crazy to have never cared about Esmeralda.  Almudena reveals that what is in Mariángel's heart has always been hidden from her.  Mariángel states that they should leave everything in the past.  Mariángel has matured because of her baby.  She wants to live in peace for everyone's good.

Jonás is certain that Sara Kalí is dead.  He wonders how Fernando found them.  Zorro leaves to find out what happened to Sara Kalí.

Prudencio tells Fernando that he was not able to recover the body.  All he found were tracks from someone's boots.  Sara Kalí was found by someone and taken away.  He followed the tracks of a horse, but the tracks disappeared in a gully.  Fernando orders Prudencio to hire all the men he needs and search for her.

Agapito comes home, exhausted after a long day of work.  Pizarro is waiting for him.  Pizarro holds a sword to Agapito's throat.  Pizarro tells him he will discretely leave with his medical bags and meet him outside of town.  He is not to talk to anyone or else the city will lose its surgeon and gravedigger.  When Agapito leaves for the meeting, Facundo follows him.  He wonders if Agapito will lead him to Zorro.

Padre Tomás remarks that it is terrible that Sara Kalí has been killed by Fernando.  Diego believes that it may not be true.  He found where Sara Kalí fell, but he discovered evidence that someone found her and carried her away.  What has happened to Esmeralda and Sara Kalí has taken a toll on Diego.  He will do everything he can to find Sara Kalí, and then he will make certain that Montero and Fernando both pay for their crimes.

Facundo wonders why Agapito is speaking to Pizarro.  He still feels that what is happening has something to do with Zorro.  He must get a share of the reward.

Fernando warns María Pía that the Cardinal now has just one day to leave California.

Pizarro leads Agapito into the barn blindfolded.  Agapito examines Sara Kalí and declares that it will be a miracle for her to survive.  She has a high fever and the bullet may have injured her organs.  Agapito asks Pizarro who the woman is.  After Pizarro does not answer, Agapito offers to bury Sara Kalí when she dies.

Esmeralda cuddles Lucrecia, telling her that she is so pretty.  Esmeralda hears Montero coming and quickly hides Lucrecia.  Montero announces that Sara Kalí is either dead or hiding like a rat.  Esmeralda tells Montero that he will die.  Montero declares that Esmeralda's baby will make him the richest man in America.

Agapito tells Pizarro that he did everything he could to save her.  Pizarro shakes Sara Kalí and begins hitting her chest repeatedly.  Sara Kalí begins coughing.  Agapito is astonished that Pizarro was able to bring her back.

Zorro attacks Montero and his soldiers and then blows up the armory.  Zorro then disappears.

Agapito gives Sara Kalí some medicine.  Agapito is not certain if she will live, but it is possible if she doesn't swell up.  Pizarro leaves Sara Kalí in Agapito's care.  Agapito wonders whether Sara Kalí could be the woman who escaped from the prison—the true Queen of Spain.  It is just his luck to be healing bandits and then royalty.

The Cardinal tells María Pía that he will be leaving right after the ceremony.  He is worried about María Pía.  She feels like what is happening with Fernando is a test from God.

Montero asks what is wrong with Pizarro.  Pizarro replies that he was looking for Sara Kalí.  Montero accuses him of neglecting the security of the prison.  Pizarro suggests that Montero leave the de la Vegas alone.  Montero retorts that it would show weakness.  He orders Pizarro to execute the de la Vegas the next day.

Fernando turns around to discover Zorro calming sitting in a chair.  Zorro announces that they have a score to settle.

Capítulo 65
May 14, 2007

Zorro asks where Sara Kali is.

Fernando draws his sword.

Zorro and Fernando fight.

Montero becomes angry.

Judge Quintana arrives to speak with Montero.

Facundo thinks he has found Zorro's hideout.

Montero insists that Judge Quintana follow his orders.

Zorro defends himself from Fernando's men.

Zorro leaves a Z on Fernando's wall.

The Cardinal begins the consecration.

Maria Pia thinks of Fernando during her consecration.

Montero dumps a bucket of water on Esmeralda.

Agapito begs Pizarro not to kill them.

Pizarro prepares to kill Facundo.

Fernando begs Maria Pia to leave the mission.

Esmeralda shakes from a fever.

Olmos visits with Mariangel.

Diego and Alejandro discuss Almudena.

Agapito sleeps on the job.

Fernando requests that Prudencio find Brother Aaron.

Zorro confronts Fernando, and María Pía is consecrated.

Fernando questions whether Zorro has come to steal from him.  Zorro wants to know where Fernando has hidden Sara Kalí.  Instead of answering, Fernando begins to fight Zorro.  As Zorro and Fernando fight, Fernando's men enter and surround Zorro.

Pizarro asks whether Montero has considered the consequences of killing Alejando and Diego de la Vega.  Montero answers that any problems will be resolved down the road.  Pizarro points out that Alejandro has many men behind him; since Zorro has destroyed the arsenal, they are not prepared to defend themselves against an attack.  Montero informs Pizarro that the plan is for Pizarro to accompany Judge Quintana to the de la Vega estate.  Judge Quintana has issued a court order, and Pizarro will use the opportunity to kill Alejandro and Diego.

Agapito gives Sara Kalí some medicine.  Facundo enters, announcing that he must be at Zorro's hideout.  Agapito orders Facundo to leave or else Pizarro will kill him.  Facundo replies that he will only leave when Agapito reveals Zorro's identity.

Montero explains to Judge Quintana about the court order.  The de la Vegas are accused of conspiracy against the Crown.  Quintana protests that what Montero wants is tricky and not completely legal.  Montero insists, and Quintana is forced to go along with the plan.

Alejandro declares that Almudena's behavior is not normal.  She replies that her heart stopped when she heard of Esmeralda's death.  She feels frozen in time and has no strength.  Alejandro understands since he cannot imagine life without Diego.  However, Alejandro would find a way to keep living.

Zorro puts away his sword and points two guns at Fernando.  Zorro once again demands to know where Sara Kalí is.  Fernando replies that Zorro might as well kill him, as he cannot answer the question.  Fernando states that someone rescued Sara Kalí from the bottom of the ravine.  He has no idea who took her or where she is.  Zorro tells Fernando that he will pay for his crimes and leaves.

Mejias reports that Zorro escaped again; Zorro is like a man from another world.  Montero scoffs at the ridiculousness of the statement.  Montero tells himself that he will take Zorro down but that he needs money.  He will take Esmeralda's fortune and use it to assemble an invincible army.

Prudencio tells Fernando that the city is in chaos; there was an explosion at the prison.  Prudencio does not know what happened.  Fernando replies that Montero has become a problem, and that this is the beginning of the end for Montero.  If Montero continues disobeying Fernando's orders, Fernando will have to join forces with Alejandro de la Vega.

Diego pounds his fist, promising himself that he will finish off everyone who hurt Esmeralda.

The Cardinal begins the consecration.  As María Pía states her consecration vows, she remembers how she almost married Fernando.  She tells herself that this is the end.

Prudencio reports that he has noticed a lot of activity at the mission.  The Cardinal has not left, and the sisters are in habits.  It appears that the Cardinal is doing the consecration tonight.  Fernando curses and heads for the mission.

Diego comments that he has fought Montero and the Governor and neither knows anything about Sara Kalí.  He feels tremendous rage.  He must do something to avenge Esmeralda.  Diego's pain only lessens when he fights criminals.  He swears that he will make them pay.

Montero dumps a bucket of water on Esmeralda's head.  He asks if she is cold and laughs ruthlessly.  Montero taunts Esmeralda by stating that her mother will soon join her in the prison.  Esmeralda begins to cry.

Pizarro enters the barn and wants to know what Facundo is doing there.  Agapito explains that Facundo is just looking after him.  Facundo promises to say nothing and leaves.  Pizarro follows Facundo outside and kills him.

Fernando arrives at the church.  He is furious that María Pía has dared to do it.  He pulls her outside.  He begs her to take off her religious clothing and leave with him.  María Pía replies that she has already been consecrated, and she now belongs to God.  María Pía goes back inside the church.

The next morning, Prudencio offers Fernando something to drink, commenting that he has not slept all night.  He reports that the Cardinal is leaving the city.  Fernando requests that Prudencio find Brother Aaron and bring him.

Aguirre finds Esmeralda shaking uncontrollably.  He discovers that she has a high fever.  He asks about the water and whether Montero is responsible.  Esmeralda asks for a blanket; she feels very cold.  Aguirre promises to find some blankets.

Alejandro tells Diego that Almudena has given up on life.  Diego feels that he is the best person to comfort her.  Alejandro is frustrated that they can do nothing legally against Montero.  Alejandro comments that Esmeralda died fighting for what she believed in.  They must do the same.  Diego admires how his father continues to carry on in spite of everything.  Diego thinks that God has sent Mariángel's child to fill a void or perhaps to remind him of Esmeralda's child.  Alejandro hopes that both Almudena and Diego can find comfort.

Olmos comes to speak to Mariángel.  She informs him that she is expecting Diego's child.  Olmos is taken aback but comments that she must be happy.  Mariángel mentions that her health is fragile and wants to know if Olmos will come work for her.  She wants someone who is not an Indian.  Olmos agrees to the plan.

Agapito is awakened by Pizarro, who demands that Agapito keep a constant watch on Sara Kalí.  If Sara Kalí dies, Agapito will also die.  Agapito protests that he has other patients who need him.  Pizarro gives Agapito no other option and informs him that his friend Facundo will never speak again.  Agapito is worried.

Diego tells Bernardo that Montero's back is against the wall.  Montero will have to use Esmeralda's money to buy more arms.  They must find out when Montero expects Esmeralda's money; Zorro must intercept it.

As Aguirre places a blanket on Esmeralda, he comments that he cannot buy medicine for her.  If Montero finds out that he is helping her, he will be killed.  Aguirre gives Esmeralda a cup of warm tea to drink.

As Pizarro arrives at the de la Vega hacienda, Montero comments that Pizarro is late again.  Pizarro offers an excuse that Montero does not believe.  He orders Pizarro to enter the hacienda with the Judge and to kill both Diego and Alejandro when they are in front of him.  Montero will be watching every move of Pizarro's.  Montero tells himself that he hopes Pizarro does not come back alive.

Mariángel asks Diego for a kiss, and he kisses her on the cheek.  Suddenly Mariángel feels faint and asks to be excused.  Diego helps her to her room. 

Juan tells Alejandro that Judge Quintana has arrived with a military escort.  Alejandro is concerned and orders the men on alert.

Diego asks Mariángel whether if she feels better.  She tells him that he is the most wonderful man imaginable.  Even though he hates her, she feels secure at his side.  Mariángel suddenly claims that her baby is moving.

Alejandro greets Judge Quintana.  The Judge is uncomfortable about the situation.  He states that Alejandro and Diego will have to answer a few questions.  Meanwhile, Montero watches the scene through a spyglass and waits for Pizarro to kill Alejandro.

Capítulo 66
May 15, 2007

Montero watches Pizarro through his spyglass.

Montero cannot believe Pizarro has not shot Alejandro yet.

Dolores coaxes Almudena to eat a little more.

Alejandro refuses to allow Pizarro inside his home.

Diego greets the Marquesa.

Alejandro tears up the order.

Fernando wants Brother Aaron to speak to Maria Pia on his behalf.

Olmos gets on the table to demonstrate how he chased the chickens.

Montero questions Pizarro's loyalty.

Padre Tomas and the nuns build a barricade.

Fernando wants to know why Montero has changed his mind.

The Marquesa discusses Mercedes.

Agapito reports on Sara Kali's condition.

The Marquesa is very sorry that Esmeralda died.

Fernando and Montero insult each other.

Olmos suggests that Aguirre lie to Esmeralda.

Renzo and Suplicios run from the slave catchers.

Renzo and Suplicios watch as Kamba struggles to catch up with them.

Maria Pia promises to defend the church with her life.

Aguirre tells Esmeralda that Diego wants nothing to do with her.

The Marquesa returns, and Padre Tomás receives an eviction notice.

Alejandro refuses to obey the order.  Pizarro apologizes to Alejandro and requests that they discuss the order inside the house.  Alejandro notices that Pizarro is ill at ease.  Montero watches the scene through his spyglass and waits for Pizarro to shoot Alejandro.  He hopes Pizarro will be killed by Alejandro's men.

Diego wants to separate from Mariángel.  He cannot fake a relationship with someone he does not love.

Alejandro will not allow a military man inside his home.  Pizarro continues to try to convince Alejandro to let him inside to talk.  Montero watches and suspects that Pizarro is betraying him.

Diego walks up and asks why Montero has sent them an order in writing.  It is not necessary.  Diego asks Pizarro what else is behind the order.  Montero tells himself that now is the perfect moment for Pizarro to eliminate both Alejandro and Diego.

Almudena eats a little.  Dolores coaxes her to eat more, but Almudena feels sick.

Pizarro again requests to go inside the house.  The Judge feels that they should leave.  Diego sees the Marquesa arriving in her carriage and goes to meet her.  Montero sees the carriage and curses.  He wonders why the hag doesn't disappear forever.  Montero orders his men back to the barracks.

Padre Tomás and María Pía discuss Suplicios and Kamba, who are still in the hands of the slave traders.  Suplicios does not deserve what has happened to her.  Prudencio arrives with news from the Governor.  The mission is to be vacated immediately.  Fernando has reclaimed the lands that he once donated to the mission.

Brother Aaron observes that Fernando has regained control of his property but has no control of himself.  Fernando is grateful for everything that Aaron did for him.  However, Fernando cannot change.  He requests for Aaron to convince María Pía that she made a mistake and that she should return to Fernando.

Padre Tomás refuses to be evicted.  The lands were donated long ago.  Prudencio apologizes but must follow orders.  María Pía vows that she will continue on as Mother Superior no matter what happens.  Padre Tomás declares that they will fight to the end.

Brother Aaron warns Fernando that he is about to commit sacrilege.  God will unleash His fury upon Fernando.  Fernando replies that María Pía loves him.  She acts as though she hates him, but she continues to love him.  Fernando begs Aaron to persuade María Pía to give up her religious life.  Brother Aaron dedicates himself to fighting the evil in the world and will not be an accomplice to Fernando's evil plan.

Pizarro promises to speak to Alejandro some other time.  Alejandro tears the document into pieces and tells Pizarro to give that as his message to Montero.  Pizarro and the Judge leave.

Alejandro is pleased to see the Marquesa.  She heard they were having problems and has arrived to make Montero pay for his misdeeds.

Olmos tells the men drinking in the tavern that women have always made him suffer.  In his childhood, his mother died of spasms, and he went to live with an aunt.  His aunt was disgusted by Olmos and forced him to sleep in the horse stable.  Olmos hated her and was glad when she died.  After his aunt died, Olmos went to live with a neighbor, who only wanted someone to take care of her animals.  The animals made Olmos happy; he loved chasing the chickens.  Olmos demonstrates by running around on the table.  Olmos begins to cry.  His suffering became a thing of the past until he met her, the woman who constantly reminds him that he came into this world just to suffer.  Looking at her is like looking at the sun; his eyes burn, but he cannot help it.

Prudencio reports to Fernando that Padre Tomás and María Pía plan to resist.  Fernando orders his men to burn the mission.

María Pía warns the nuns that they must defend themselves against the Governor, who is continuing his campaign against her.  María Pía comments that it is like an endless nightmare.  The nuns build a barricade outside the mission.  María Pía feels awful that she has involved everybody else in her dispute with Fernando.

Kamba meets up with Suplicios and Renzo.  Suplicios tries to comfort Kamba. 

Montero tells Fernando that he will come to an agreement with Alejandro de la Vega, but he needs Fernando's help.  He wants Fernando to come with him to speak to Alejandro.  Fernando wants to know what has happened to change Montero's attitude.

Diego tells the Marquesa about Sara Kalí, and the Marquesa verifies that Sara Kalí is the heir to the throne.  The Marquesa once knew Mercedes Mayorga de Aragón's mother.  In answer to Alejandro's question about how all the trouble began, the Marquesa explains that a law was passed barring any woman from governing.  Even though the law was soon cancelled, only men were able to govern.  Around that time Fernando Sánchez de Moncada appeared and married Mercedes; he later betrayed her.  The Queen of Spain is unaware of the plot that brought her to the Crown.  If Mercedes were to ever try to reclaim her right to the Crown, there would be much bloodshed.  All of those who know the secret of Mercedes are condemned to death and must keep quiet at all cost.

Agapito tells Pizarro that Sara Kalí is still alive but very weak.  She has not swallowed anything.  Agapito wants to know if Sara Kalí is the woman who escaped from the prison.  Pizarro tells Agapito to stop asking ridiculous questions and do his job.  Pizarro threatens Agapito with death should Sara Kalí die.  Pizarro leaves, locking the door behind him.

Esmeralda asks Aguirre if he has spoken to Olmos about the letter.  Aguirre has not spoken to Olmos.  After he leaves, Esmeralda tells her baby not to worry.  His father will come for them soon.

The Marquesa is very sorry that Diego lost Esmeralda.  She was such a beautiful young lady.  Diego explains how Esmeralda was killed.  She had found out about her mother Mercedes, and with the help of the gypsies and a bandit named Zorro, Esmeralda rescued her mother.  One of Montero's soldiers shot and killed Esmeralda.  The Marquesa vows that Esmeralda's death will not go unpunished.

Fernando enjoys knowing that Montero is in deep trouble with the Marquesa back in town.  Since the Marquesa likely knows that Fernando imprisoned his wife, Montero proposes that they help each other.  Fernando wants to wait for the Marquesa's first move.  The two men trade insults with each other.

Aguirre asks Olmos what to do about Esmeralda.  She is asking questions about the letter and Diego.  Olmos tells Aguirre to make something up and fool her.

Kamba, Suplicios, and Renzo continue running with the slave traders in hot pursuit.  The three get on a raft that is floating downstream.

Fernando arrives at the church and orders everyone to leave.  María Pía warns Fernando that they will defend the building with their lives.

Esmeralda asks what Olmos told Aguirre.  Looking guilty, Aguirre states that he has bad news.  Diego has read her letter and wants to have nothing to do with her.

Capítulo 67
May 16, 2007

Esmeralda believes that Olmos is lying.

The Marquesa gives her condolences to Almudena.

Fernando prepares to attack the mission.

Padre Tomas attempts to prevent Fernando's attack.

The Marquesa suggests that they use diplomacy.

Esmeralda reads her second letter to Diego.

Montero wants to know how Esmeralda obtained paper.

Fernando and Padre Tomas lock swords.

Maria Pia tries to get her box back.

Agapito tells Sara Kali to rest.

The Queen asks about the preparations for her trip.

Carola, Maria Pia, and Fernando watch as Zorro rides away.

Alejandro tries to get Almudena to eat.

Suplicios explains that Kamba is possessed by a demon.

The Marquesa's secretary notifies Montero of the meeting.

Fernando learns of the meeting with the Marquesa.

Sara Kali wants Agapito to help her escape.

Aguirre promises to deliver Esmeralda's second letter.

Mariangel tries to seduce Diego.

Fernando's men loot the mission, and the Marquesa suggests diplomacy.

According to Aguirre, Diego believes that Esmeralda's letter is fake.  Esmeralda declares that Olmos is lying.  She begs for Aguirre to try again.  Diego may believe that someone was playing a trick on her.  Esmeralda begins writing another letter.

The Marquesa gives her condolences to Almudena.  Almudena feels like a mother whose only daughter has been taken away.  She would give her life for Esmeralda to be alive again.  Almudena feels guilty that she was not able to protect Esmeralda.

Fernando and his men attack the mission, in spite of the pleas by Padre Tomás and María Pía. 

The Marquesa explains that the assassination that occurred many years ago was spoken about much, but many people now believe it never happened.  Diego comments that Mercedes could still become Queen.  The Marquesa agrees; however, Mercedes could not become Queen without much bloodshed.  It is necessary for those who know of her existence to continue to keep it a secret.

Fernando and María Pía struggle outside of the mission, as a furious battle rages around them.  Fernando swears that María Pía will be his whether she likes it or not.  Fernando orders his men to destroy everything.

Esmeralda finishes writing a new letter to Diego.  Montero approaches the cell, and Esmeralda quickly hides the letter.  Montero sees the writing paper and seizes it, calling Esmeralda a wretch.

The Marquesa insists that they use diplomacy instead of force to remove Montero from power.  Alejandro agrees to go along with the Marquesa's plan, although he has reservations.  Diego leaves to speak to Bernardo.  Bernardo tells Diego about a ship that will arrive tomorrow with a large amount of arms and explosives.  Diego plans to blow up the shipment.  Bernardo also reports that Fernando and his men were seen heading towards the church.

Esmeralda tells Montero that she was just entertaining herself with her own thoughts and dreams.  Montero calls for Aguirre and orders him to explain how Esmeralda got the paper.

Fernando orders his men to burn everything.  They loot the mission, taking whatever they want.  María Pía tries to prevent Prudencio from taking a certain box.  Prudencio gives the box to Fernando as María Pía pleads with them to give it back.

Agapito tells Sara Kalí to rest.  He explains that he is her friend.  He needs for her to be strong and to take the medicine that he gives her.  Their lives are linked, and if she dies, he will die as well.

Aguirre states that he thought it was convenient for Esmeralda to have amusement.  Montero mocks Aguirre, calling him a moron.  Esmeralda interrupts to say that it was her idea.  Montero threatens Aguirre.  He will find out if a single letter has left the prison.

The Marquesa tells her secretary that she has learned that Mercedes is alive and is hidden nearby.  They must find her and protect her.  The secretary has bad news for the Marquesa.  The King has been assassinated.

The Duke is furious to learn that Mercedes was freed by Zorro.  The hunchback was supposed to have her killed.  The Duke cannot allow any more mistakes to happen.  The Queen asks the Duke about the preparations for the trip to America.  The Duke tries to stall, but the Queen tells him that she is losing her patience.  The Duke asks an advisor whether the Marquesa has been killed yet.  The advisor has not heard any news, but the order was sent.  The Duke comments that the Marquesa is the only person who can help Mercedes.

The Marquesa warns her secretary not to tell Alejandro or Diego about the assassination of the King.  They will be in less danger so long as they know less.  The Marquesa is not worried about herself; she thinks that the conspiracy can't hurt her.

Prudencio prepares to burn the mission, but Zorro arrives.  With one look at Zorro, all of Fernando's men retreat.

Alejandro tells Almudena that the Marquesa promised to put Montero in his place.  Almudena does not want revenge; it would not bring Esmeralda back.  Alejandro is surprised to hear Almudena's opinion.  Alejandro again tries to get Almudena to eat.

María Pía tells Padre Tomás that she is sorry about what happened.  She never could have imagined how far Fernando would go.  Padre Tomás is certain that they haven't seen the end of it.  María Pía feels violated that a box containing very personal keepsakes is now in the hands of Fernando.

Fernando opens María Pía's box.  He finds the tulip he gave her when he serenaded her and other mementos of the times they shared together.  Fernando reads some of María Pía's diary.  He concludes that María Pía still loves him.  There is no other reason that she would keep these things.

Renzo asks Suplicios why Kamba's eyes sometimes turn white.  Suplicios replies that Kamba suffers from the same disease of the soul that she once did.  The demon that was inside of her is now inside of Kamba.  Her struggle against the demon is what drove her to go to the mission to become a nun.  She can't go back now after what those lowlifes did to her.

The Marquesa's secretary forces his way into Montero's office.  He gives Montero the notice of a meeting with the Marquesa in two hours in the Governor's office.  The meeting is about changes that will be made to the administration of the city.

Bernardo has prepared the explosives that will destroy Montero's shipment of arms.  Diego hopes Montero decides to meet the shipment; perhaps he will get blown up too.

Montero visits Esmeralda in her cell.  He hopes the arrival of the Marquesa is not her fault.  If anything bad happens, the chances of Esmeralda's child of being born will reduce.  Esmeralda replies that she is happy that Montero has problems.  Montero enters the cell and tries to force himself on Esmeralda.  His shirt opens to reveal the Z cut on his chest.  Esmeralda smiles, and Montero quickly leaves the cell.  Esmeralda tells herself that she must find a way to let Diego know that she is alive.

Alejandro insists upon Almudena taking a bath with him.  Almudena resists, but Alejandro will not take no for an answer.

Fernando learns about the meeting with the Marquesa.  He is not happy but agrees to be present.

Sara Kalí asks Agapito to help her escape.  He replies that she is in no condition to escape.  Sara Kalí wants to know who is having Agapito care for her.  Sara Kalí becomes very upset when she is told that Agapito is under Pizarro's orders.

Aguirre brings Esmeralda more food.  He has to be careful since Montero suspects that he is helping Esmeralda.  She promises not to say anything that will implicate him.  She tells Aguirre that if Olmos wishes to protect her, then he must prove it.  Esmeralda gives Aguirre another letter to Diego.  Olmos must prove himself by giving the letter to Diego.

Diego thinks of the good times he shared with Esmeralda.  Mariángel enters the room and announces that she wants to be with her husband.  She kisses Diego passionately.

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