Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 68-70

Capítulo 68
May 17, 2007

Diego states that he will never love Mariangel.

Almudena confesses how much she loves Alejandro.

Sara Kali explains that Pizarro is a danger to both of them.

Esmeralda tries to feed Lucrecia.

Pizarro reveals that the Marquesa has returned.

Agapito discovers Facundo's body.

Garcia announces that the shipment of arms has arrived.

Maria Pia reacts to Fernando's kiss.

Aguirre gives Olmos Esmeralda's second letter.

Olmos hires a handwriting expert.

Montero and Fernando meet with the Marquesa.

Maria Pia tells Alejandro how Fernando attacked the mission.

The Marquesa announces that she is in control of the city.

Montero and Fernando protest the Marquesa's actions.

Fernando and Montero wonder where the Marquesa obtains her information.

Almudena is found unconscious.

Fernando forces his way into the de la Vega hacienda.

Esmeralda is happy that Diego sent her a response.

The Marquesa harasses Fernando and Montero, and Esmeralda's hopes are dashed.

Diego pulls away from Mariángel.  He cannot be with her.  Mariángel tells Diego that Esmeralda no longer exists.  Mariángel can understand Diego's feelings, but they are married.  She declares that no one marries for love anymore.  Mariángel would like to be half as important as Diego's memories.  She asks about their child, and Diego replies that he can take care of it so that she can do whatever she wants.  Diego tells Mariángel that he will never be able to make her happy.

Alejandro and Almudena bathe together.  She tells Alejandro that she could forgive him for just about anything.

White Buffalo tells Yumalay that Alejandro came asking for her.  He wants her to return home.  It is Yumalay's destiny to love Alejandro just like her sister did.

Sara Kalí believes that Pizarro wants to kill her.  Agapito disagrees.  Pizarro has ordered him to care for Sara Kalí.  Sara Kalí advises Agapito that Pizarro will end up killing him because he knows that she is alive.  Agapito realizes that she is right and decides to find a way to escape.

Esmeralda tries to get Lucrecia to eat.  Pizarro comes to the cell and tells her that the Marquesa has arrived, which could be good news.  Pizarro wants Esmeralda to understand that he is on her side.  He reveals that he has her mother under his control.  She was shot and is now in the care of a doctor in a hidden location.  He does not know who shot her.  When Pizarro found her, she was nearly dead.  Having her mother and the Marquesa is good news, and things should change soon for both of them.

Agapito climbs onto the roof and over the wall of the building.  He discovers Facundo's body.

García tells Pizarro that the shipment of arms has arrived at the port.  Pizarro expects that the shipment will be moved tonight.  He tells García that what is happening is good for both of them.  García wonders what Pizarro means.  Later, García discusses the shipment with another soldier in the tavern while Bernardo listens to the conversation.

María Pía enters Fernando's home and demands the return of her jewelry box.  Fernando replies that he understands why she took such good care of it.  He reads an excerpt from her diary aloud.  She tells him to either keep the things or destroy them.  Those times from her past were the best of her life but have now become a nightmare.  She will never be with Fernando.  Fernando grabs her and kisses her.  She slaps him as Montero enters the room.  After María Pía leaves, Montero mentions the meeting with the Marquesa.  Fernando states that they are both in the same position.  Montero vows that Fernando will not get him in trouble.

Aguirre tells Olmos that Montero found Esmeralda's paper and accused Aguirre of treason.  He does not think that Montero believes his excuse.  Aguirre tells Olmos that he told her that Diego thought the letter was fake.  Olmos laughs about the pain that Esmeralda must have felt.  Aguirre gives Olmos the second letter from Esmeralda.  Olmos decides to write a reply to the letter.

Pizarro tells Montero that they should move the shipment during the day.  Montero disagrees.  No one, not even Zorro, knows about the shipment.  After Montero leaves, Pizarro tells himself that Zorro can see at night.  It is fine, because the arms belong to Montero.

Sara Kalí begs Agapito to let her leave.  He replies that she would only last for a few hours in this weather.  He tells her that he has found a solution.

Mariángel wonders what she has to do to get Diego to kneel before her.  The idiot thinks he can take her child; she will never give it to him.  Her child is worth a lot of money.  Mariángel feels a sharp pain and worries about what is happening to her.

Esmeralda promises her baby that he will be the happiest child in the world.  Aguirre arrives and tells Esmeralda that he gave the letter to Olmos.  Olmos has promised to bring a reply to the letter no matter what.  Sometimes Esmeralda thinks that Olmos might be a good man.  Aguirre agrees that Olmos is a genius.

Fernando and Montero meet with the Marquesa.  Serious rumors have reached Mexico about the events in Los Angeles.  The Marquesa represents the Crown, and both men must obey her.  Their positions will be under her supervision.

María Pía visits Alejandro and tells him that she is now Mother Superior.  She didn't tell them about the consecration because it was rushed.  The Cardinal was forced to leave town quickly after Fernando threatened him.  María Pía reveals that Fernando tried to kick them out of the mission.  Alejandro begins yelling with rage.  He plans to confront Fernando immediately.

The Marquesa cheerfully presents Fernando and Montero with the order she has compiled against them.  She will not tolerate any more abuse against the de la Vegas.  Montero protests that the de la Vegas helped a prisoner escape.  The Marquesa comments that he must mean Mercedes Mayorga de Aragón.  The two men are nonplussed and deny the accusation.  They state that they do not know anything about Mercedes.  The Marquesa does not have any proof but will soon.  For now, she is in control; their duties are purely administrative.

Esmeralda hopes that it is true that her mother is alive.  If Pizarro is right, things will soon change.  When Diego reads her letter, he will come to rescue them.

Fernando and Montero discuss how the Marquesa can know everything about them.  Montero reveals that he will get the munitions he needs to destroy de la Vegas tonight.  Fernando wants to take care of the de la Vegas himself.  He knows what should be done.

María Pía and Alejandro discover Almudena unconscious on the floor.  After Almudena is revived, she congratulates María Pía on her consecration.  Almudena tells María Pía that nobody understands how she feels.  María Pía tells her to be strong.

Montero orders Pizarro and García to stay behind at the prison.  He will personally oversee the shipment of arms.  After Montero leaves, Pizarro puts García in charge of the prison, as he has things to do.

Olmos asks a man to forge a letter for him.  After the letter is completed, Olmos is highly pleased with the result.  He pays the man and warns him to keep what he did a secret.

Fernando forces his way into the de la Vega hacienda.  He orders Alejandro to keep the Marquesa off his back.  Alejandro reveals that he knows what happened at the mission.  The two men fight.

Olmos gives Aguirre the forged letter from Diego.  He wants Aguirre to tell Esmeralda that Diego gave it to him in person.

Montero and his soldiers find Zorro waiting for them on the road.

Aguirre gives the letter to Esmeralda.  She excitedly reads the letter, but her excitement quickly changes to devastation.  Esmeralda begins to cry and moans that it is not possible.

Capítulo 69
May 18, 2007

Zorro greets Montero.

Agapito declares that Sara Kali is dead.

Maria Pia tries to comfort Almudena.

Almudena tries to prevent Alejandro and Fernando from fighting.

Pizarro declares that he is going to kill Agapito.

Aguirre forces Esmeralda to remain quiet.

Diego is pleased about destroying Montero's shipment.

Padre Tomas and Maria Pia discuss Fernando.

Alejandro and Fernando listen while Mariangel explains how Fernando became so bitter.

Pizarro makes Agapito nail Sara Kali's coffin shut.

Renzo and Suplicios ask for food.

Agapito finishes burying Sara Kali.

Kamba is discovered by the slave traders.

Agapito frantically begins digging up Sara Kali's grave.

Mariangel unsuccessfully tries to entice Diego.

Montero prepares to whip Esmeralda.

Sara Kalí is buried, and Zorro destroys Montero's arms.

Esmeralda sobs that it can't be true.  She laughs, accusing Aguirre of playing a joke on her.  She cries again and collapses.  Aguirre unlocks the cell to check on her.

Montero threatens Zorro and dismounts to fight him.  He observes that Zorro's constant attacks must be of a personal nature.  Bernardo sits hidden waiting for the proper moment to light the fuse to the explosives.  Montero and Zorro lock swords.

María Pía suggests that Esmeralda had completed her mission on earth and perhaps this is why God has taken her.  Almudena has tried to think that way but she can't fool herself.  Dolores enters to tell the ladies that Fernando and Alejandro are fighting.

Fernando and Alejandro exchange blows.  Almudena enters, protesting that this is not the way to solve their problems.  Alejandro agrees that there are other ways.  Outside, María Pía prepares to leave, praying for the pain facing their family to end.

Agapito sadly declares that Sara Kalí is dead.  Pizarro checks to see if Sara Kalí is breathing.  His knife does not fog up.  Agapito announces that Sara Kalí has no pulse.  Pizarro violently points a gun at Agapito and declares that he is going to die.  Agapito pleads for his life.  He never reveals his patients' secrets, and Pizarro needs a gravedigger to bury Sara Kalí.

Aguirre begs Esmeralda to wake up.  Suddenly, she opens her eyes and punches him.  Esmeralda leaves the cell, telling herself that Diego must tell her face to face.  She flees down the corridor of the prison.  Aguirre grabs her from behind and orders her to stay quiet.  Two soldiers pass by in the next corridor.

Fernando accuses Alejandro of bringing the Marquesa back.  Alejandro replies that the Marquesa has come because of Fernando's own actions.  Almudena tries to come between the two men and collapses.  Alejandro carries her upstairs.

Aguirre tells Esmeralda that they are both prisoners.  If she escapes, both of them will be killed.  Esmeralda agrees to go back to her cell.

Agapito covers Sara Kalí with a sheet.  Pizarro tells him where to bury her.  Agapito protests that they need a coffin so that the body will not attract animals.  Finally, Pizarro agrees to accompany Agapito back to town to get a coffin.

Montero and Zorro continue to fight.  Bernardo lights the fuse.  Zorro uses his whip to pull Montero away from the arms shipment just in time to prevent him from getting killed in the explosion.  Zorro quickly rides away.

Olmos walks along and sees a coach coming.  A cat hisses.  Olmos is shocked to see that Selenia the sorceress has come to Los Angeles.

Alejandro gets Almudena settled in bed and goes back downstairs to speak to Fernando.  Fernando tells Alejandro that Esmeralda caused her own death.  Alejandro remarks that everything around Fernando dies.  Fernando reveals that he came to make a deal with Alejandro.  Fernando reminds Alejandro that until the Marquesa calls in the Mexican army, Montero will continue to do whatever he wants.

Agapito finds a suitable coffin, and Pizarro will meet him outside of town.  Agapito looks at his watch and tells himself that Sara Kalí must hold on a little longer.

Zorro gives Montero's money to the gypsies.  He tells them that he doesn't know what happened to Sara Kalí, but that all signs indicate that she is still alive.  As Zorro rides away, Laisha bitterly comments that Zorro is a real man unlike Diego de la Vega.

Aguirre comments that he cannot trust Esmeralda again.  Esmeralda asks him to forgive her.  Aguirre tells her that she should be grateful that he is the one watching her.  Esmeralda tells herself that she must learn to live without Diego.

Diego and Bernardo return to the cave pleased about the success of their mission.  Diego remarks that the best part was that Montero lost his mens' respect.  Montero will have no peace from now on.

Esmeralda rereads Diego's letter.  She tells herself that there must be a mistake; someone is trying to fool her.

Diego finds a white rose on his bed along with a note from Mariángel.  Diego remembers the white rose that Esmeralda brought him on the night she sneaked into his room.

Padre Tomás and María Pía speak of Fernando and their problems.  Padre Tomás remarks that they should move the mission to a place where Fernando has no jurisdiction.  María Pía protests that they must stay and help the poor.  Padre Tomás suggests that María Pía wants to stay to be near Fernando.  She comments that deep down inside, Fernando is still a good man.

Alejandro declares that he will never call Fernando a friend again.  Fernando begins to explain why he acts the way he does, but Mariángel interrupts.  She tells Alejandro how much it embarrassed Fernando when he learned that Mercedes was pregnant by another man.  He was forced to care for a child that was not his own.  Mariángel recounts the rest of the story about Mercedes.  Fernando admits that the story is true.  Alejandro maintains that nothing justifies Fernando's actions. 

Agapito puts the lid on Sara Kalí's coffin.  Pizarro orders him to nail it shut while he goes outside to dig the grave.  Later, Agapito finishes burying Sara Kalí and convinces Pizarro to go ahead of him while he places a few plants around the grave.  After Pizarro disappears, Agapito frantically begins digging up the grave, telling Sara Kalí to hold on while he saves her.

Renzo and Suplicios ask for food in an inn while Kamba waits outside.  Meanwhile, one of the slave traders discovers Kamba.

Montero approaches Esmeralda's cell, hitting the prison walls violently with a whip.  He forces Aguirre to chain Esmeralda outside the cell and prepares to whip her.

Capítulo 70
May 21, 2007

Montero threatens Esmeralda.

Esmeralda passes out.

Mariangel wants to know what is wrong.

Diego tells Mariangel to back off.

Mariangel reacts to Diego's rudeness.

Diego wonders whether he is going insane.

Dolores tries to find out what is wrong with Diego.

Agapito struggles to pull Sara Kali's coffin out of the grave.

Diego wants Montero to produce Esmeralda's body before they negotiate.

Aguirre thinks Esmeralda has been killed.

Montero states that she is fine.

Carola and Maria Pia pray.

Kamba goes berserk.

Agapito explains what he did to rescue Sara Kali from Pizarro.

Padre Tomas reacts as Diego announces that Esmeralda is alive.

Padre Tomas reminds Diego that he must control his emotions.

Montero declares that the baby belongs to him.

Montero and Mariangel seem to be in love in their own sick, twisted way.

Maria Pia suggests that Diego look to the future.

Aguirre wants to help Esmeralda escape.

Olmos asks Selenia for help.

Sara Kalí is dug up, and Diego has a vision.

Aguirre reminds Montero that Esmeralda is carrying his child.  Montero tells Aguirre to shut up and whips Esmeralda.  He declares that Esmeralda knows Zorro's identity, and she is going to reveal it.

Mariángel wonders if Diego is afraid to have a good time with her.  Diego is distracted by sudden images of Esmeralda's beating.  Diego hastily excuses himself to be alone.

Esmeralda swears that she does not know Zorro's identity and that if she knew, she wouldn't tell Montero.  Montero wonders why Zorro is so angry about Esmeralda's death.  He vows that whenever Zorro attacks, Esmeralda will pay for it.

Diego recalls when Pizarro whipped him.  Mariángel enters the room to ask what is wrong.  Diego yells for her to leave him alone.  Diego wonders whether he is going insane.

Mariángel tells Dolores that she is worried about Diego.  Dolores declares that she will not allow sick people in her house and goes to see Diego.  Diego remarks to Dolores that he just wants to be left alone.  He sometimes feels like Esmeralda is alive.

Agapito pulls Sara Kalí's coffin out of the ground.  He hopes she hasn't regained consciousness.  Agapito opens the lid and panics as he realizes that Sara Kalí woke up while buried.

The Marquesa signs an order for Montero to turn over Esmeralda's body.  The Marquesa thinks that Mercedes is likely to visit Esmeralda's grave, so she wants Esmeralda to have a grave.  She will watch Esmeralda's grave for Sara Kalí and will take on the responsibility of protecting her.

Montero dumps a bucket of water on Esmeralda's head and asks where Zorro is.  He whips Esmeralda again when she refuses to answer.

Alejandro asks Diego what he thinks about him negotiating with Montero.  Diego has another vision of Esmeralda being whipped and doesn't answer immediately.  Alejandro wants to know what is wrong with Diego.

When Aguirre expresses concern, Montero assures him that it is not to his advantage for Esmeralda to die.  By tomorrow, she will reveal what Montero wants to know.  After Montero leaves, Aguirre asks himself how Montero can be so cruel to the woman who is carrying his child.  He concludes that Montero has lost his mind.

Alejandro again asks Diego what they should do.  Diego insists that they have Esmeralda's body before they negotiate.  Alejandro decides to also discuss the situation with Almudena.  The decision to negotiate must come from all of them.

The slave traders decide to teach Kamba, Suplicios, and Renzo a lesson.  Renzo offers himself in return for the slave traders leaving Suplicios alone.  One of the men shoots Renzo.  Kamba suddenly goes berserk and kills one of the men before escaping.

Fernando enters the church to talk to María Pía.  He wants to know if she likes what he has become.  He will suffer any kind of humiliation in order to be with her.  Fernando will not accept her desperate attempts to escape from her feelings.  He becomes very suggestive, and María Pía orders him to leave.  No matter what he does, he will never have her.

Olmos watches Selenia, commenting that she was the woman who cursed his mother's womb in return for money.  Selenia has the gray hair of an old woman but the smooth skin of youth.  Olmos declares that he will find out if she is as powerful as is rumored.

Sara Kalí coughs, and Agapito thanks God that she is alive.  Agapito apologizes for not removing her from the grave sooner; Pizarro would not leave.  Agapito promises to find a place for Sara Kalí to hide.

Esmeralda dreams of Zorro and repeats Diego's name several times.  At the same time, Diego dreams of Esmeralda's funeral.  In his dream he places a red rose in her hand, and she sits up and kisses him.  Diego wakes up.

Montero greets Diego in the plaza.  Diego demands to know the location where Esmeralda fell into the ocean.  Montero replies that the body will turn up soon; he has men looking for it.  After Diego leaves, Montero tells himself that if Diego wants a body, then he will give it to him.

Almudena comments that Yumalay's presence would comfort her.  Almudena does not understand why Yumalay left but knows that she must have had a good reason.  Alejandro asks whether he can be the one to comfort her.  He promises to look for Yumalay within the next few days if he is not able to keep her smiling.

Diego tells Padre Tomás that the Indians taught him how to sense things, and he now senses that Esmeralda is still alive.  Padre Tomás cautions Diego not to harbor that kind of hope.  He worries that Diego will do something that will reveal Zorro's identity.  He reminds Diego that he is trained to control his emotions.  Diego replies that while he cannot do anything to Montero, Zorro can.

Diego congratulates María Pía on her consecration.  María Pía asks how Diego is.  He confides that he hears and sees Esmeralda at times and senses that she is alive.  María Pía recommends that Diego pray a lot in order to overcome this tragedy.  María Pía is also worried that Diego will take revenge on Montero.  He replies that the Marquesa is taking care of Montero.  María Pía advises Diego that he needs to look to the future.

Aguirre apologizes to Pizarro for not protecting Esmeralda from Montero.  Pizarro advises Aguirre to notify him immediately the next time Montero decides to punish Esmeralda.  Pizarro will kill Montero before he allows him to kill Esmeralda.

Montero tells Mariángel that Diego wants to see Esmeralda's body.  He laughs, saying that the body has been eaten by fish.  Mariángel states that she is tired of discussing Esmeralda's body.  She must go home to have a crib made for the baby.  Montero declares that he will make the crib.  It is his baby.  Mariángel and the baby will always belong to him.

Esmeralda tells her baby to hang on a little longer.  He is strong like his father.  Diego will rescue them soon.

Aguirre tells Olmos that Montero whipped Esmeralda.  He thinks that Zorro did something to Montero and that Montero took it out on Esmeralda.  Olmos comments that Montero is crazy.  Aguirre has a proposal; he knows that both Olmos and Pizarro want to help Esmeralda.  He feels terrible for Esmeralda and wants to help her to escape.  Aguirre knew Esmeralda's mother, and it is terrible to see Esmeralda going through the same ordeal.

Diego tells Dolores that he can't stop thinking about Esmeralda.  Dolores feels so bad for Diego and Almudena.  Dolores does not know how much more pain Almudena can endure.  Diego comments that they need to bury Esmeralda or else he will always expect her to come back.

Olmos goes to Selenia's home and tells her that he is a man who needs her help.

Fernando enters María Pía's room, and she orders him to leave.  Fernando refuses to leave until María Pía is able to tell him that she does not love him.

Alejandro wants Almudena's opinion about negotiating with Montero.  The conversation breaks off when Almudena sees Yumalay arrive on her horse.  Almudena is overjoyed.

Diego wants Bernardo to find out where Montero keeps his personal fortune.  García enters with a message for Diego.  Montero has found Esmeralda's body.

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