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Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 71-73

Capítulo 71
May 22, 2007

Montero looks at the body.

Fernando tries to kiss Maria Pia.

Olmos wants Selenia to make him a love potion.

Almudena welcomes Yumalay home.

Mariangel realizes that she will have to act sad about Esmeralda's death.

Aguirre asks Esmeralda how she is feeling.

Alejandro comforts Dolores.

Montero explains how he obtained the body.

The Marquesa's secretary warns her of her danger.

Almudena faints after hearing that Esmeralda's body has been found.

Diego prepares to view the body.

Alejandro refuses to shake Montero's hand.

Sgt. Garcia makes another profound statement.

Suplicios tells Renzo that she will go for help.

Olmos reads the list of ingredients for the love potion.

Alejandro requests that Agapito find his best coffin.

Yadira explains that Sara Kali must try to fit in with the other women.

Diego is certain that the body is not Esmeralda's.

Diego identifies Esmeralda's body, and Olmos needs a love potion.

Sgt. García tells Diego about the discovery of Esmeralda's body.  García was sent to search along the ocean for her body.  A fisherman pulled her out of the water.  After learning that Esmeralda's body is at the prison, Diego and Bernardo leave.

The fisherman explains to Montero that the body belongs to his wife, who drowned a couple days ago.  Montero comments that the body will work perfectly.  Montero makes certain that the man did not reveal any details to the soldiers.  Montero pays the man and orders him to tell nobody.  He chuckles about how Diego will mourn over the body.

Olmos wants Selenia to make a love potion for him.  Selenia makes certain that Olmos is able to pay well for her services.  Olmos promises to give Selenia half in advance and half after he sees the results.

Fernando again asks María Pía for her love, but she refuses.  Fernando tries to kiss her, but Padre Tomás enters the room and orders Fernando to leave María Pía alone.  Padre Tomás draws his sword.

Almudena joyfully welcomes Yumalay home.  Yumalay tells Almudena that she is not there to stay.  She will say goodbye and leave.  Almudena announces that she will not allow Yumalay to leave.

Selenia promises Olmos that once she finds the right potion, the woman will find Olmos the most attractive man in the world and will yearn for his love.  Olmos is so astounded that Selenia takes his reaction as an insult.  Olmos reassures Selenia that he believes in her power and will pay her well.

Dolores tells Mariángel that Esmeralda's body has been found.  Mariángel pretends to be shocked and asks to be excused.  Alone, she laughs but then sobers as she remembers that she will have to pretend to be sad.

Dolores tells Alejandro that Esmeralda's body has been found.  She thinks that Diego went to identify the body.  Alejandro makes Dolores promise not to upset Almudena with the news.  Alejandro leaves to be with Diego at the prison.

Montero explains to Pizarro about how he obtained the body.  Pizarro asks if it is wise to try to fool Diego de la Vega.  Montero insists that it will work since all bodies look alike.  Montero receives a message from Duke Jacobo, ordering the assassination of the Marquesa.

The Marquesa's secretary doesn't understand why she does not realize her danger.  The Duke is responsible for the massacre that drove Mercedes and her mother into hiding.  He will not hesitate to kill the Marquesa, who stands in his way.  The Marquesa insists that she will help Mercedes become Queen.  The Marquesa's secretary believes that the Duke has ordered someone to kill her.  The Marquesa wants to wait to see who will try to carry out the order.

Pizarro believes that killing the Marquesa will cause trouble.  Montero replies that they cannot disobey the order.  He decides to wait until she leaves the city before he kills her.  This way Montero can make certain that there are no witnesses.

Fernando insists that he will have María Pía no matter what.  Padre Tomás replies that María Pía has already made her decision.  After all of the sisters come to the door, Fernando agrees to leave.  He tells María Pía that God has everything, but Fernando only has her.

Agapito takes Sara Kalí to a leper colony.  He promises her that no one will look for her at the colony.  Sara Kalí is hesitant, but Agapito assures her that the disease is not contagious.

The stars tell Selenia of karma that Olmos has to pay back.  His karma is from his past lives.  The woman is his punishment, and she will destroy him.  She has evil in her soul and fire in her body.  Selenia will help Olmos, but when he gets his woman, he will fall into the deepest of hells.  Selenia asks for the woman's name, and Olmos replies that she is Mariángel.

Mariángel expresses surprise at seeing Almudena out of her room.  She comments that she must accompany Diego on that arduous task.  When Almudena seems puzzled, Mariángel mentions that Esmeralda's body has been found.  Almudena faints.

Montero states that he didn't order anyone to kill his wife.  Diego comments that it is a little late for explanations.  Montero pretends to be upset about the death of his wife.  He pledges to give her a dignified burial.  Diego walks up to the covered body and lifts the blanket.

Esmeralda reads Diego's letter again.  She tells herself that the letter does not sound right.  It must be a trick.  Pizarro arrives and tells Esmeralda that he is sorry that Montero whipped her.  Pizarro also regrets to inform Esmeralda that her mother has died.  Esmeralda becomes angry and refuses to believe Pizarro.  She wants proof that her mother is dead.

Montero tells Diego that he warned him about the condition of the body.  Alejandro arrives, and Diego tells him that the body definitely is Esmeralda.  Diego leaves, and Alejandro warns Montero that he will someday pay for Esmeralda's death.  Montero replies that it is not the right time for them to insult each other.  Alejandro makes it clear that he only agreed to the pact because the Marquesa wanted him to do it.  He will order his men to drop their arms but just for now.  After Alejandro leaves, Montero tells himself that after he kills the Marquesa, he will kill Alejandro and Diego.

Outside the prison, Alejandro comments that it must have been difficult for Diego.  Diego replies that he will have to deal with it.  Alejandro promises to take care of the funeral arrangements.

Suplicios and Kamba assist Renzo.  Suplicios declares that he is burning with fever.  She must find help, or Renzo will die.

Selenia gives Olmos a list of things that he must obtain for the spell.  Olmos can easily obtain a lock of hair and perfume, but he wonders how he can possibly get Mariángel's tears.  He has never seen Mariángel cry.

Esmeralda tells herself that her mother cannot be dead.  Diego would not have been unfaithful to her.  Aguirre asks how Esmeralda is doing.  Esmeralda requests that Aguirre find out whether Mariángel is pregnant.

Yadira tells Sara Kalí that she will feel disoriented at first, but she will soon feel comfortable.  The Sisters of the Poor help the leper colony, so Sara Kalí must act like the rest of the women so that the sisters do not become suspicious.

Alejandro requests that Agapito take care of Esmeralda's body.  He wants Agapito to use his best coffin.  After Alejandro leaves, Pizarro enters and announces that he and Agapito will go to where Sara Kalí is buried.  They must dig up Sara Kalí's body.

Padre Tomás is exasperated when Diego informs him that the body does not belong to Esmeralda.  Diego comments that Montero thinks he is an idiot, but all Montero did was get Diego's hopes up.  Diego plans to go to the prison to search for Esmeralda.

Capítulo 72
May 23, 2007

Aguirre does not want to risk helping Esmeralda any longer.

Yumalay insists that Almudena will not die from grief.

Esmeralda remembers how her life became a disaster.

Olmos promises his loyalty to Mariangel.

Padre Tomas and Bernardo warn Diego of the dangers of investigating the prison.

Diego will pretend that the body is Esmeralda's, even though it will devastate Almudena.

Almudena cannot bear to go to Esmeralda's burial.

Diego comforts Dolores.

Pizarro announces that they will dig up Sara Kali's body.

Maria Pia distributes food to the leper colony.

Montero pretends to be heartbroken over the loss of his beloved wife, Esmeralda.

Yumalay thinks of how much she cares about Alejandro.

Maria Pia decides that she must leave the convent.

Sara Kali tells Yadira that she always brings problems to the people around her.

Azucena worries about Renzo's wound.

Mariangel insists upon going with Diego to Esmeralda's burial.

Pizarro would love to put Montero in his place.

Sgt. Garcia and Aguirre watch the family approach Esmeralda's coffin.

Padre Tomas begins the service.

The service continues with the family gathered around the grave.

Almudena arrives at the service, seething with rage.

Pizarro decides to dig up Sara Kalí, and Almudena interrupts Esmeralda's funeral.

Diego declares that Montero wants him to believe Esmeralda is dead.  He could have gotten a corpse from anywhere.  Padre Tomás argues that their contacts would have told them something.  There were many witnesses who have verified that Esmeralda was shot by a soldier.  Diego insists that the corpse is not Esmeralda and that she could be hidden in the prison.

Aguirre refuses to find out whether Mariángel is pregnant.  He does not want to get into trouble.  Esmeralda thinks of Diego and remembers that he married Mariángel because he was found in her bed.

Almudena requests that Yumalay take care of Alejandro should she die.  Yumalay insists that Almudena will not die.

Esmeralda tells Aguirre that she thought that life had paid her back for her suffering when she met Diego.  Then everything changed and her life fell apart.  Aguirre does not understand why Esmeralda is obsessed with Diego, since she chose to marry Montero instead.

Mariángel insists that Olmos move into the hacienda immediately.  She questions his loyalty and Olmos assures her that he will do anything for her.  Mariángel tells him to get his things.

Padre Tomás knows that Diego has a great intuition and will act upon it.  He hopes that Diego knows what he is doing.  Padre Tomás warns Diego about the guards.  Bernardo tells them that the guards have all changed since the last time Diego entered the prison.  Diego replies that he will be fine.  He will not enter the prison as either Diego or Zorro.

Montero gloats over the look on Diego's face when he saw the corpse.  He tells himself that he doesn't like the fact that Diego is sleeping with his lover.  He wonders what Mariángel is thinking.  Someday Montero will kill both Diego and Zorro.

Diego plans to tell everybody that the body is Esmeralda's.  He will fool Montero into believing that he fell for the trick.  It will give Diego time to investigate.

Almudena does not wish to attend the funeral.  She wants to remember Esmeralda as she was the last time she saw her.  Yumalay performs an Indian rite over Almudena in order to make her go to sleep.

Diego tells Dolores that the body is Esmeralda's.  Dolores states that Almudena knows and is devastated.  She will not attend the burial.

Agapito is shocked that Pizarro wishes to dig up Sara Kalí.  Pizarro replies that he needs a piece of jewelry or clothing from her body.  Agapito stalls with the excuse that he must take care of Esmeralda's badly decomposed body first.  After Pizarro leaves, Agapito worries about what will happen when Pizarro learns that Sara Kali is missing from her grave.

María Pía gives food to the lepers.  She notices Sara Kalí's hands and comments that she is nearly healed.  Sara Kalí quickly moves away from María Pía.

Alejandro tells Diego that Agapito will take care of the burial.  Since Montero was Esmeralda's husband, Alejandro must allow Montero to oversee the preparations.  Alejandro becomes angry when he learns that Almudena already knows about the body.  Mariángel enters and admits that she told Almudena.  She was unaware of Alejandro's order of silence.

A seemingly sad and weary Montero tells Agapito to choose his best coffin and to put a floral arrangement on the coffin.  Esmeralda should be buried with full honors.  Montero requests that the coffin be sealed so that nobody can see Esmeralda's body.  Montero asks why Agapito is so nervous; he doesn't want the nervousness to cause Agapito to do a bad job.  Agapito claims that he is not nervous.

Aguirre advises Esmeralda to eat so that she will get strong.  Esmeralda fears that her mother is dead.  Everyone thinks that she is dead.  Deep down she wishes it were true.  Aguirre advises Esmeralda to think of her child.  Aguirre promises Esmeralda that if she eats all of the food he brought, he will find out whether Mariángel is pregnant.

Diego tells Mariángel that he would rather go to the burial alone.  Mariángel insists upon going with Diego.  She tells herself that she wants to make certain that Esmeralda is buried very deeply.

Yumalay successfully gets Almudena to go to sleep.  Alejandro enters the room, and Yumalay indicates that he must stay quiet.  Alejandro thanks Yumalay for taking care of Almudena, who has missed Yumalay.  After a question from Yumalay, Alejandro admits that he also has missed Yumalay.

Agapito prepares the body for burial.  He comments that the body must have been dead for several days.  He finds the stench to be unbearable.

Montero lets Fernando know that Alejandro has agreed to a pact.  However, Alejandro continues to blame him for Esmeralda's death.  Montero also advises Fernando to bathe before the burial; he smells like alcohol.

Olmos arrives at the de la Vega hacienda with his things.  Dolores is appalled to learn that he will live there.  She asks Mariángel about Olmos, and Mariángel replies that Dolores should prepare a room for him.  Dolores makes her disapproval of the situation clear.  Mariángel requests that Olmos be given the room next to hers.

María Pía tells Sister Carola of a new patient at the leper colony who appears to be cured.  She considers it strange that the woman shows no signs of the illness.  Mar Pía and Carola then discuss Fernando.  María Pía feels that there is one thing she can do to stop Fernando's abuse.  She needs to leave the convent.

Yadira asks Sara Kalí who she is and why Agapito wants her to stay at the leper colony.  Sara Kalí must be somebody very important.  Sara Kalí states that it is better for Yadira not to know anything about her; she will not even reveal her name.  She only brings problems to the people around her.  She would be better off dead.

Suplicios struggles to go for help.  She collapses just outside the gypsies' camp, and the gypsies come to her aid.  Suplicios leads the gypsies to where Renzo and Kamba are waiting.  The gypsies are overjoyed that Renzo is alive, but Azucena worries about the bullet wound.

Pizarro tells Montero that he will bring in an expert to oversee the explosives that they will use to kill the Marquesa.  Montero protests that it is too risky to have another person involved.  Pizarro suggests that he kill the expert after the explosives are prepared.  Montero likes this suggestion but notices the way Pizarro looks at him.  Montero suggests that Pizarro still cannot be trusted.

Montero tells Esmeralda that she is to be buried that day.  Her body was found in the sea.  He enjoys telling Esmeralda that Diego identified the body.  Esmeralda warns Montero that the Lord will not forgive him for his misdeeds.

As Esmeralda's family and friends approach the cemetery, Aguirre and García watch from a distance.  Aguirre asks about the woman who is with Diego.  García responds that the lady is Mariángel, wife of Diego de la Vega.  Aguirre tells himself that it must be true.

María Pía insists that she will attend the burial with Padre Tomás, despite his protests.  Padre Tomás hopes that Fernando will not cause a disturbance.

During Esmeralda's burial, Montero acts appropriately devastated.  He wishes to say a few words about his wonderful wife, Esmeralda.  She was honorable and has touched all of them.  Aguirre shakes his head in disgust.  Montero is cut off by Almudena, who walks up to the grave.  Almudena sharply orders Montero to shut up and calls him a hypocrite.

Capítulo 73
May 24, 2007

Almudena tells Montero what she really thinks about him.

Yadira worries that Sara Kali may kill herself.

Olmos searches Mariangel's room for the needed items for Selenia's spell.

Selenia predicts that Olmos will have a miserable fate.

Olmos discovers that the wall has a hollow sound.

Almudena apologizes for her outburst.

The Marquesa warns Alejandro that Montero was appointed by a powerful person.

Sgt. Garcia explains how the guards change shifts.

Pizarro demands that Agapito help him dig up Sara Kali.

Sara Kali wishes she had the courage to kill herself.

Alejandro remarks that the situation is not fair to Yumalay.

Regina speaks to Almudena in a dream.

Fernando realizes that he has an audience.

Dolores reacts to Alejandro's confession.

Diego plans his next trip to the prison.

Mariangel finds Montero's Z rather amusing.

Esmeralda languishes in her cell.

Montero orders Aguirre to take Esmeralda to the torture chamber.

Agapito digs up Sara Kali's grave.

Diego enters the prison disguised as a soldier.

Olmos creates a peephole, and Pizarro learns that Sara Kalí has risen from her grave.

Almudena confronts Montero about his actions.  How dare he say good things about Esmeralda; he never cared about her.  He is responsible for her death and is a murderer.  Both Fernando and Alejandro unsuccessfully try to quiet Almudena.  Almudena continues to cause a scene, telling everyone that Esmeralda did not deserve to die.  She will despise Montero for the rest of her life.  God will make him pay.

Esmeralda tells herself that Montero wants to bury her alive.  Someday Diego will come for her.  She will tell the entire world that she is alive.

Yadira confides in Agapito that she is concerned about Sara Kalí.  She seems depressed and refuses to speak to anybody.  She wonders whether Agapito has chosen the best place for her.  Agapito replies that no one will look for her in the leper colony, since people are afraid of disease.

Selenia declares that Olmos Berroterran has a strange astrological chart.  The stars foretell a miserable fate with the woman he loves.  He is a deformed man in love with a beautiful woman.  It is like throwing caviar to the pigs.  She warned Olmos that Mariangel came into this world to make him suffer.  She will be his damnation.

Olmos searches Mariángel's room for the things he needs for the love potion.  He wonders how he can get Mariángel to cry.  He notices that there is nothing in the room that belongs to Diego.  He is ecstatic that Diego does not sleep with Mariángel.  Best of all, Olmos is only separated from Mariángel by a wall.  In his joy, Olmos pounds on the wall and hears a hollow sound.

Aguirre tells himself that Benito Aguirre will not allow them to kill Esmeralda.  He must follow Pizarro's orders.

Yadira tells Agapito that Sara Kalí does not wish to go on living.  She blames herself for the fate of others.  Agapito regrets that he left her alone.  Yadira fears that she might do something foolish.  Agapito wonders what he should do.

Almudena apologizes to the rest of the family for causing them to have to leave the burial early.  Diego reassures Almudena that what is most important is that Esmeralda will always be with them.  Presently, Alejandro comments that he is considering breaking his pact with Montero.  Alejandro thanks the Marquesa for her advice, but he wants to fight Montero.  The Marquesa cautions him that Montero was placed in power by someone important.  The Marquesa advises Alejandro to wait a little longer.  She has people who could change their destiny when Mercedes becomes Queen.  She only hopes that Mercedes is on her way to Spain.

Montero laughs about the sight of Diego and Almudena with their faces full of pain.  Pizarro and Montero discuss Esmeralda and how Montero plans to keep Esmeralda in prison forever.  Montero might even negotiate with the Duke at some point in the future.

Diego buys wine for Sgt. García.  He mentions that his father is going to have a meeting with Montero at the time of the guards' shift change.  However, Montero did not give the time.  Diego asks whether García knows when the guards change shifts.  García comments that the change occurs at 10 P.M., which is a very strange time for a meeting.  Diego replies that his father probably made a mistake.

Pizarro awakens Agapito and wants to know why he did not come see him after Esmeralda's burial.  Agapito replies that he was tired.  Pizarro states that they must go dig up Sara Kalí.  Agapito fears that his end is near, for surely Pizarro will kill him when he discovers that the grave is empty.

Yadira is glad that Sara Kalí has returned, as she was worried about her.  Sara Kalí reveals that she tried to kill herself but could not go through with it.

Azucena cares for Renzo, and Suplicios checks to see how he is doing.  Azucena compliments Ana Camila on her beauty.  Suplicios tells the story of how they were captured by the slave hunters.  She asks where the gypsies are from, and Laisha rudely answers that they must be careful not to reveal anything.  Suplicios could betray them.

Alejandro tells Yumalay that he learned so much from Regina.  He loved her very much.  Yumalay confides in Alejandro that she wishes she had been born before Regina.  It hurts that she looks so much like Regina.  Alejandro admits that when he first saw Yumalay, he saw Regina in her.  Alejandro remarks that Yumalay is patient and generous but that this situation is not fair to her.  Alejandro does not want Yumalay to lose her youthful looks and beauty while he remains faithful to another woman.  Yumalay states that she is content to live off of her memories of the time she was with Alejandro.

Almudena has a dream about Regina.  Regina advises Almudena that death is only another life.  When the time comes, Almudena will see the light.  Almudena wakes up with the feeling that she has had a premonition about her death.

Fernando approaches María Pía outside the mission, wanting to talk with her.  He wants her to understand that all of his crazy actions have been because of her.  He has been aggressive because she has refused all of his advances.  María Pía orders him to leave; he should be mourning his daughter.  Fernando replies that Esmeralda was not his daughter.  María Pía is amazed that nothing can soften Fernando's heart.  Fernando tells María Pía that only she can save him.  She tells him that she cannot forgive him.

Alejandro and Dolores share a drink together.  Alejandro reveals that White Buffalo made Yumalay his wife.  He had to accept out of respect for her people.  It will be very difficult for him to tell Almudena about the marriage, but it will be even more difficult for him to tell Almudena that he slept with Yumalay on their wedding night.  Dolores urges him not to tell Almudena as it would only hurt her.  Alejandro cries as he states that he feels that the secret is coming between them.  Dolores reminds Alejandro that the truth is not more important than love and that he should not ruin what he has with Almudena.

Aguirre tells Esmeralda about the burial and how Almudena insulted Montero.  He also reveals that Diego was there with his wife, Mariángel.  He comments that it was strange that they left before the burial.  Diego was the first to leave.  Esmeralda wants to know whether Diego and Mariángel seemed like they were in love.  Aguirre was not able to tell, but Mariángel is pregnant.

Olmos looks into Mariángel's room through the hole he has created in the wall.  He wonders where Mariángel is and why she has not returned.

Mariángel and Montero kiss and discuss how pathetic everyone else acted at the burial.  Mariángel opens Montero's shirt and sees the scar on his chest.  She laughs about how Montero has the mark of Zorro on his chest.  Montero throws her out, calling her a whore.  Mariángel continues laughing as she leaves.

Esmeralda tells herself that Diego slept with Mariángel, whether drunk or not.  Mariángel has Diego, and Esmeralda has nothing.

Zorro and Bernardo approach the prison.  Zorro requests that Bernardo stay near just in case something goes wrong.

Montero awakens Esmeralda, demanding information.  After Esmeralda refuses to talk, Montero orders Aguirre to take her to the torture chamber.

Agapito opens Sara Kalí's coffin, revealing that it is empty.  Pizarro yells for Agapito to reveal where Sara Kalí is.

Diego walks inside the prison with a group of soldiers, dressed as one of them.

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