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Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 74-76

Capítulo 74
May 25, 2007

Diego is asked where he is going.

Esmeralda arrives in the torture chamber.

Pizarro looks at the gypsy bracelet that Agapito found in the coffin.

Ana Camila Suplicios is thanked for everything she has done for Renzo.

Fernando watches Selenia.

Diego asks the prisoners whether they have seen a woman.

Sgt. Garcia leads the soldiers through a series of exercises.

Cifuentes shows up bound and gagged.

Montero warns Esmeralda that he can be very cruel.

The Queen endures more of the Duke's stalling.

Fernando asks for Selenia's help.

Aguirre opens the secret passage that leads to Esmeralda's cell.

Zorro prepares to leave the prison.

Esmeralda tells herself that nobody would come looking for her.

Montero wants to know where Pizarro has been.

Mariangel looks at her wooden box.

Olmos celebrates seeing Mariangel cry.

Montero orders Pizarro to kill Esmeralda.

Diego pretends to be a soldier, and Fernando makes a request of Selenia.

Diego is stopped by a soldier in a corridor of the prison and is asked where he is going.  Diego fools the soldier by disguising his voice and is left alone.

Aguirre leaves Esmeralda in the torture chamber with Montero.  Montero will have Esmeralda returned to her cell once she tells him what he wants to know.  Esmeralda states that she knows nothing.  Montero warns Esmeralda that he can be very cruel.  He asks where Esmeralda met Zorro.

Pizarro demands to know where Sara Kalí's body is.  What did Agapito do with her?  Agapito reminds Pizarro that he was present when Sara Kalí was buried and that Sara Kalí had no pulse.  Agapito finds a gypsy bracelet in Sara Kalí's coffin and suggests that her people probably took her body.  Pizarro will investigate whether this is true.

Azucena thanks Ana Camila, as the gypies call Suplicios, for everything she has done for Renzo.  Laisha remains silent, appearing to be very jealous.

María Pía insists that the only solution is for her to leave the convent.  Padre Tomás reluctantly agrees to the plan.  He will send a letter to his contacts in Mexico and will let María Pía know as soon as everything is ready.

Selenia enters the tavern and orders the strongest drink that is sold.  She sits by herself at a table.  Fernando sits at another table, watching her.

Diego walks the corridors of the prison, still dressed as a soldier.  He enters the dungeon, hoping to find Esmeralda.  Diego asks some of the prisoners where the woman is, and they think he is joking about a woman in the prison.

Sgt. García leads the men through exercises, telling them that they are overweight.  Cifuentes, who is bound and gagged, stumbles up to García. 

Esmeralda tells Montero that if he wishes to kill her today, nothing she can say will change his mind.  She suggests that he kill her.  Montero promises to make it slow and painful.

The Queen tells the Duke that she has been reading all of the books she can find that came from America.  She asks about the preparations for the journey.  The Duke replies that it takes time.  The Duke suggests that the Royal Council will not grant permission for the Queen to journey to America.  The Queen gives the Duke the responsibility of convincing the council to approve the journey.

Padre Tomás leads a meeting of the brotherhood.  He mentions that while the Marquesa is powerful in America, she is not powerful in Spain.  Furthermore, the battle for power has no borders and impacts America.  Padre Tomás announces that they must find a way to let the Queen know that Mercedes is alive. 

The Duke tells an advisor that the Royal Council cannot allow the Queen to voyage to America.  The advisor points out that the Queen's power is superior to that of the Royal Council.  The Duke tries to bribe the advisor, but the man will not budge.

Fernando has a waitress bring Selenia a glass of wine.  He wants Selenia to come sit at his table.  Selenia refuses but has the waitress take Fernando a bottle of fine wine along with the message that he will have to join her.  The waitress delivers the message to Fernando, who is quite pleased about the reaction.  He is certain that she is Selenia the sorceress.

Olmos hears Mariángel return to her room.  He looks through the peephole and sees her undressing.  He tells himself that she will soon be his. 

Montero begins torturing Esmeralda as he continues to ask who Zorro is.  A knock comes at the door.  Aguirre tells Montero that a soldier was assaulted and his uniform was stolen.  They believe that the assailant is inside the prison.  In disgust, Montero is forced to leave Esmeralda alone in the torture chamber.  Aguirre frees Esmeralda.

Montero orders Mejias to whip Cifuentes for allowing his uniform to be stolen.  He orders all of the doors locked and the main gate closed.  Additionally, the men are to assemble at the entrance.  Montero believes that Zorro is the man who entered the prison.

Fernando joins Selenia at her table.  He requested her to join him as a test.  He knew that Selenia the sorceress would refuse to join him.  Selenia reveals that she knows everything about Fernando.

María Pía tells Sister Carola that she will be the new Mother Superior after María Pía leaves.  She is the perfect person.  Carola is honored but very upset that María Pía will leave.  María Pía promises that God will put everything back in order.

Aguirre escorts Esmeralda into the secret passageway that leads to her cell.  Diego just misses seeing them and can find no trace of Esmeralda. 

Montero calls the soldiers a bunch of idiots for not noticing the intruder.  One of the men reveals that he did speak to the intruder, but he thought the man was Cifuentes.  Montero orders the men to kill Zorro on sight.

Back in her cell, Esmeralda questions Aguirre about what just happened in the prison.  Aguirre pretends that it was nothing serious.  They thought that a guard was missing, and Aguirre took the opportunity to see whether Esmeralda needed anything.  Esmeralda thinks that perhaps Zorro entered the prison.  After Aguirre leaves, Esmeralda tells herself that no one would come look for her as everyone thinks that she is dead.

Fernando wants to ask Selenia a few questions about his future.  They make an appointment, but Selenia warns Fernando that the cost will be very expensive.  Fernando declares that money means nothing to him.

As Montero's men continue to search for Zorro, Pizarro arrives.  He tells Montero that he was out on his break.  Pizarro goes with Montero.  As the two men leave, Zorro comes out of hiding.

For a moment, Olmos worries that Mariángel might have seen him.  He looks through the peephole again and sees Mariángel pick up a wooden box.  As she holds the box, she begins to cry.  Olmos becomes excited at the sight of Mariángel's tears.  He needs those tears for Selenia's spell.

Montero tells Pizarro that Zorro used a completely different strategy this time.  Zorro is trying to challenge Montero.  The uniform was discovered in the dungeon, and this suggests that Zorro was trying to find Esmeralda.  Montero vows to capture Zorro.  Since Esmeralda refuses to confess, Montero orders Pizarro to kill Esmeralda.  She is no longer of use to him.

Capítulo 75
May 29, 2007

Pizarro requests that Montero reconsider his order.

Diego asks whether Bernardo thinks that Esmeralda is dead.

Montero fears that Zorro may be listening.

Diego is glad that he stopped by Montero's house.

Montero calls his guards imbeciles.

Alejandro requests that the men go home but remain ready for battle.

Tobias feeds Samaniego.

Agapito needs Zorro's help.

Tobias insists that he is not Zorro.

Montero enters the shack.

Almudena looks for Yumalay.

Mariangel wants to see the ranch.

Olmos searches for Mariangel's box.

Esmeralda eats her dinner.

Esmeralda recognizes the gypsy bracelet.

Selenia predicts Fernando's future.

Selenia predicts what will happen with Maria Pia and Fernando.

Alejandro wants to know why Yumalay is leaving.

Azucena is happy that Renzo is back home.

Ana Camila goes for a swim.

Agapito reveals that he has asked for Zorro's help.

Olmos must discover the contents of Mariangel's box.

Zorro approaches the shack.

Zorro enters the basement.

Montero becomes paranoid, and Agapito tries to get help from Zorro.

Pizarro requests that Montero reconsider his order to kill Esmeralda.  They worked hard to pass Esmeralda off as dead, and they need her alive.  She can be used to negotiate with the Duke Jacobo or the Crown should they not find Sara Kalí.

Diego returns to the cave with Bernardo.  He comments that he looked everywhere in the prison for Esmeralda but could not find her.  Bernardo looks at Diego as if to tell him that Esmeralda must be dead.

Montero and Pizarro enter Montero's private quarters.  Montero feels like Zorro hears everything he says and knows his every move.  He orders Pizarro to lower his voice.  Pizarro replies that no one is infallible, and Zorro will soon fall.  Montero wants his guards redoubled.  Pizarro promises that Zorro will not come near him.  Montero suddenly comments that someone has been there.  He pulls down the covers to his bed and finds a Z cut into the bed sheets.

Diego remarks that it was a good idea to stop by Montero's house on the way to the prison.  Diego plans to drive Montero insane.  He tells Bernardo to keep watching Montero.  Diego wants to learn where Montero hides his personal fortune.  Diego's goal is to bring Montero to his knees, begging for mercy.

Montero yells for his guards.  He wants to know how Zorro entered his quarters without anyone noticing.  The guards have no idea, so Montero calls them imbeciles and throws them out.  Montero orders Pizarro to take away Esmeralda's food but to give her a little water.  Esmeralda will either tell him about Zorro or starve to death.

Esmeralda dreams of Mariángel and Diego with their son.  The three appear to be a happy family.  Esmeralda wakes up, looking troubled.

Alejandro orders Juan to gather the men so that he can say goodbye before they leave.  Alejandro will let them know when he needs them again.  Dolores enters and suggests that Yumalay begin eating with the servants.  Alejandro protests that Yumalay is his wife by the laws of her tribe.  Dolores suggests that Yumalay be asked to leave, but Alejandro points out that she will be unable to marry and will have to live alone.

Almudena tells Yumalay about her dream in which Regina spoke to her.  Almudena thinks that the dream may be a sign of her death.  Although Yumalay insists that Almudena is wrong, she becomes very upset and runs away quickly.

Alejandro tells Diego that he will go to the city to sign a pact with Montero.  Diego does not think that he should.  Alejandro reminds Diego that the Marquesa suggested the pact.  She wants to use the pact in her campaign to get Montero and Fernando removed from office.  Diego comments that in the meantime, Fernando will continue to harass María Pía.  Alejandro swears that he will not tolerate Fernando getting near María Pía again.  Diego suggests that Alejandro keep his men ready just in case Montero causes problems.  Diego tells himself that Montero will kneel at Alejandro's feet when Zorro is finished with him.

As Montero leaves on his horse, he refuses to allow his guards to follow him.  Montero rides off, again calling the guards imbeciles.

Pizarro tells Catalina that he needs her right now.  Catalina protests that she feels like an object.  Pizarro claims that he wants to take Catalina away with him so that she can be his whenever he wants.  Catalina protests that she does not want to run away with a soldier like a slut.

Tobías feeds Samaniego, who complains about the way he is treated.  Samaniego claims that he might go home soon because of his unhappiness.  "Oooh la la," Tobías exclaims, quickly asking Samaniego when he will be leaving.  Samaniego suddenly seems to have forgotten what he just said, asking Tobías what he is talking about.

Agapito arrives, telling Tobías that he has an important secret to reveal:  the woman is alive.  Tobías does not understand who Agapito means.  Agapito explains that he refers to the woman who Tobías rescued from Callao prison.  Agapito realizes that Tobías must pretend not to be Zorro but insists that he does not have to pretend with him.  Agapito tells Tobías that Zorro cannot allow Pizarro or Montero to find the woman or she will be killed.  Zorro must protect her.

Montero arrives at Esmeralda's cell and asks whether Aguirre is obeying his orders.  Aguirre repeats that Esmeralda is to have no food and only a little water.  Montero informs Esmeralda that she will soon kneel before him.

Tobías protests that he is not Zorro.  Agapito reminds him that he healed him while he was dressed as Zorro.  Tobías becomes further agitated, stating that Apapito is going to get him into serious trouble.  Tobías wonders how he can ever convince Agapito of the truth.  Agapito reveals that the woman is hidden in a leper colony.  As Agapito leaves, he cautions "Zorro" to say that Agapito came to shave him should anyone ask.

Montero enters a shack in the woods.  Bernardo watches him.

Almudena tells Alejandro that he must find Yumalay.  Almudena told her about a dream, and Yumalay became upset.  Meanwhile, Yumalay sits in her room telling herself that Almudena's dream means that Almudena is going to die and that Regina will take her.

Mariángel questions Diego about the de la Vega assets.  She wants to take a tour of the hacienda, but Diego advises against it.  After Mariángel insists, Diego states that he will have a walk arranged for her.  Bernardo gestures to Diego, and Diego leaves to talk to him.  Diego learns about Montero's shack in the woods.  He wonders whether Montero keeps his fortune in the shack.

Olmos tries to find Mariángel's box.  He must find the box so that he can get her tears for Selenia's spell.

Pizarro tells Esmeralda that they will be giving her food whenever they are certain that Montero is not around.  Esmeralda refuses to believe that Pizarro is on her side.  Pizarro gives Esmeralda the gypsy bracelet found in Sara Kalí's coffin.  He asks whether she recognizes it.  Tears form in Esmeralda's eyes, and Pizarro comments that perhaps Esmeralda will trust him now.

Yadira observes that Sara Kalí is doing quite well.  Sara Kalí promises that she will fight for her strength from now on.  She cannot let the gypsies down.  She doesn't know where they are, but she will find them.  The gypsies have always called her Queen, and it is time to show them that she is their Queen.

Pizarro tells Esmeralda that since Sara Kalí is gone, Esmeralda is the one who must get to Spain and denounce her enemies.  She must bring charges against Montero and Fernando.  Esmeralda replies that God will make them pay.

Selenia tells Fernando that he has felt much pain and caused much pain.  She tells him that he is bitter.  Fernando wants to know about the future and whether María Pía will ever be his.  Selenia asks the stars what destiny María Pía de la Vega has with Fernando.

María Pía insists that she must leave as soon as possible.  She will take the chance of not having Padre Casas accept her at the mission in Mexico.

Selenia reveals that María Pía's heart does belong to Fernando; she loves him.  She turned him into a different person, but their relationship ended because he betrayed her.  Selenia sees blood and death surrounding both Fernando and María Pía.  Selenia reveals that María Pía will go far away from him soon and that he will lose her forever.

Alejandro asks Yumalay what is wrong.  Yumalay will not answer.  Yumalay states that she must go see White Buffalo, but she will come back.  Yumalay will explain everything to Almudena.

Azucena is so glad that Renzo is with them.  Renzo asks where Ana Camila is and leaves to go find her.  Laisha acts jealous.

Ana Camila Suplicios removes her dress and gets into the water.  As she swims, Renzo watches her.

Agapito tells Sara Kalí that she needs to rest.  She replies that there is no time.  He reveals that he has told Zorro where she is.  Sara Kalí is not certain that telling Zorro was a good idea.  Agapito assures Sara Kalí that it will work out okay.

As Pizarro begins undressing Catalina, she asks him if he is serious about leaving with her.  Pizarro replies that he does not fool around.  Tobías walks onto the balcony and sees Catalina and Pizarro kissing.  Tears form in his eyes.

Olmos watches as Mariángel enters her room.  He sees where her box is hidden.  He will find out what she is hiding and what makes her cry.

Zorro arrives at Montero's shack.  He knocks a board off of a window and enters.  Zorro finds a trapdoor and walks down a staircase to the basement.  Zorro smiles, saying that he now has Montero.

Capítulo 76
May 30, 2007

Zorro discovers Montero's fortune.

Aguirre gives Esmeralda something to eat.

Olmos opens Mariangel's box.

Catalina and Pizarro are unaware that Tobias is watching them.

Zorro knocks down the thugs.

Tobias decides to kill Pizarro.

Zorro is pleased about what he found.

Montero visits Esmeralda's grave.

Alejandro is pleased to see Almudena eating.

Dolores requests that Yumalay never come back.

Fernando orders Prudencio to send two men to the mission to spy.

Ana Camila and Kamba play around in the water.

Diego promises to become Montero's worst nightmare.

Alejandro, Fernando, and Montero sign the pact for the Marquesa.

Tobias has a bad headache.

Mariangel laughs at Olmos.

Agapito tells Tobias all about Sara Kali.

Montero worries about his problems.

Tobías discovers Catalina's indiscretion, and Alejandro signs a pact.

Zorro searches the basement for what Montero is hiding.  Zorro discovers that Montero has amassed a huge fortune that must include money that belongs to the Crown.  Zorro hears a noise upstairs followed by someone ordering the building surrounded.

Aguirre promises that he and Pizarro will not allow Montero to kill Esmeralda.  She wonders how they can prevent it.  Aguirre insists that Esmeralda calm down and think only of her baby.  Esmeralda wants Aguirre to ask Olmos for help.  Aguirre feels that it would be a bad idea.

Olmos finds Mariángel's box and opens it.

Pizarro undresses Catalina as she protests that Tobías might see them.  Pizarro replies that he would like for Tobías to discover them.  Up on the balcony, Tobías wipes tears from his eyes.

Ana Camila Suplicios swims in the water, thanking God for a second chance.  Renzo watches her from the shore, thinking of Esmeralda.

Montero's thugs surround the shack.  As they wait outside the door, Zorro bursts through, knocking them down.  Zorro asks whether they were looking for him.  Zorro fights the men and escapes.

Tobías cries about his beloved wife sleeping with that animal, Pizarro.  It is an insult upon his honor.  Tobías draws his sword but decides that he needs something better.  He finds a gun and swears that he will kill Pizarro.  Tobías remarks that he now understands why Pizarro had him dress as Zorro; Pizarro wanted Tobías to be killed.

Catalina comments that Pizarro is cruel.  Pizarro remarks that if Tobías were to find them then he would have an excuse to kill him.  Catalina protests that Tobías is a good man even though he doesn't know how to treat a lady.  Pizarro insists that Catalina will leave Tobías when the time is right.  Tobías, who is listening, decides to find another way to obtain his revenge.

Montero visits Esmeralda's grave and wonders how Zorro seems to know his every move.  Montero promises that if Zorro continues harassing him, he will kill Esmeralda.

Alejandro tells Almudena that Yumalay has to leave for a few days, but her decision has nothing to do with what Almudena told her.  Almudena reveals that in her dream, Regina came to take her away.  Alejandro warns Almudena never to say anything like that to Yumalay again.

Yumalay tells Dolores that she is leaving to speak to White Buffalo.  Dolores tells Yumalay not to come back after her visit.  Yumalay swears that should she return to the hacienda, it will be to save Almudena.  Yumalay then speaks to Almudena and tells her that she must see her grandmother again while she is still alive.  Almudena tells Yumalay that she should help Alejandro in his suffering should Almudena die.  Yumalay disagrees and promises that Almudena will not die.

María Pía tells Padre Tomás that she will leave before nightfall. 

Fernando tells Prudencio to have a couple of men go to the mission, pretending to be Indians.  The men should act hungry and in need of work.  They are to watch the activities at the mission and report to him should one of the nuns leave the mission.

Kamba bursts up out of the water as Ana Camila continues her swim.  He playfully tries to come near her, and she orders him away.  She comments that she is going to teach Kamba Spanish.  He plays around in the water, acting silly.  She tells herself that she cannot let any man get near her.

Montero, Fernando, and Alejandro appear before the Marquesa.  Both Montero and Fernando claim that they know nothing about Mercedes, but the Marquesa remains unconvinced. 

Diego tells Bernardo that Montero's entire fortune is hidden in that shack.  Diego knows that Montero will move the money now that it has been found.  However, Diego will be able to find it again.  He promises to become Montero's worst nightmare.

Fernando and Alejandro trade insults while the Marquesa points out that they do not seem to understand the severity of the situation.  The Marquesa presents the men with the documents that they are to sign.

Catalina asks Tobías why he acts like a stranger with her.  He tells her that he has a knot in his stomach and a strong headache.  As Catalina tries to touch him in order to comfort him, Tobías orders her to leave.  He tells himself that she does not consider him a real man.  She has no idea how much he loves her.  He cannot understand how Catalina can be involved with such an animal.  Tobías suddenly remembers what Agapito told him about the woman and keeping her away from Pizarro.  Tobías has found a way to obtain his revenge.

Fernando's men arrive at the mission.  Sister Carola finds them a job to do and promises to get them something to eat.

Both Montero and Fernando agree to the terms of the pact and take their leave.  The Marquesa comments that diplomacy is much more effective than arms.  Alejandro believes that neither man will honor the terms of the pact.

Olmos, minus his hairpiece, dries himself off after a bath.  Mariángel enters his room, laughing uncontrollably when she sees him.  She requests that Olmos find a way to look at Alejandro's books.  She wants to know how much gold the family has.  As Mariángel leaves, she suggests that Olmos keep his door locked when he takes his bath.  She is not certain when she will be able to forget his horrendous appearance.

Montero is furious to learn that Zorro entered his shack but pleased that he did not take the money.  Montero wonders how Zorro knew that the money was there.  Montero tells Leroy that he has a task for him to complete.

Mariángel asks Diego how long it will take for him to forget Esmeralda.  Diego states that he cannot live without Esmeralda's memory.

Tobías goes to Agapito's house in order to speak with him.  He asks whether the woman is the one who escaped from the prison—the one who belongs to the Crown.  Agapito verifies that she is but wonders why Zorro had to ask.  Tobías quickly explains that he was verifying what Agapito knows.  Agapito reveals that the woman is hidden in a leper colony.  Everybody believes that the woman is dead, including Pizarro, as Agapito fooled him into thinking that the woman is dead.  Tobías promises that Pizarro will receive a very big surprise from Zorro.

Montero tells Pizarro that they must get Esmeralda out of the prison that night.  Meanwhile, someone approaches Esmeralda's cell, and she thinks that it must be Diego.

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