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Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 77-79

Capítulo 77
May 31, 2007

Almudena has a bad dream.

Yumalay speaks to Regina.

Mariangel threatens Montero.

Olmos opens Mariangel's letter.

Zorro prepares to leave for the prison.

Aguirre apologizes for what has happened.

Fernando learns that a nun has left the mission.

Maria Pia urges her driver to go faster.

Yumalay worries about Almudena.

Ana Camila asks Renzo about his past.

Laisha stares at Ana Camila.

Aguirre asks Olmos to help Esmeralda.

Tobias threatens Pizarro as he pretends to be Zorro.

Maria Pia reacts as Fernando catches up with her.

Zorro finds the secret passage.

Mariangel enters the basement to speak to Esmeralda.

Montero celebrates his triumph over Zorro.

Zorro gazes silently at Montero.

Esmeralda is removed from the prison. and Olmos learns the secret of Mariángel's box.

Esmeralda walks to the door of her cell to see whether Diego has come to rescue her.  The door comes open, and Leroy and his men hit her over the head and carry her away down the corridor.  Aguirre cautions the men to be careful with Esmeralda.  He hopes that she will not be tortured again.

Montero and Pizarro leave the prison without Montero's guards.  Mariángel watches and wonders where they would be going without the guards.  She follows them.

Bernardo tells Diego that Montero's soldiers moved his money from the shack to the prison.  Diego is astounded.  Diego plans another trip to the prison.  Instead of trying to find the money, Diego will again try to find Esmeralda.

Yumalay tells White Buffalo that she wants to speak to the spirit of her sister, Regina.

Pizarro warns Montero that it is dangerous to remove Esmeralda from the prison.  Montero argues that it will be safer to have Esmeralda outside of the prison.  Zorro will continue to look for her inside the prison.  Montero mentions that his thugs do not know who Esmeralda is or why Montero wants her removed from the prison.  Mariángel, who is listening nearby, hears Montero state that it is best that only a few people know that Esmeralda is still alive.  Mariángel is furious that Montero lied to her about Esmeralda's death.

Olmos finds a sealed letter in Mariángel's box.  He wonders why a letter would make Mariángel cry.

Bernardo helps Diego get ready to leave for the prison.  Diego thanks Bernardo for fixing his mask.

Montero warns his thugs that they and Pizarro are the only ones who know the location of the woman.  Montero will send Aguirre to guard her.  The men carry Esmeralda inside the shack and down to the basement.

Tobías is astounded that Pizarro betrayed Montero by not telling him about the woman.  Agapito replies that Pizarro is ambitious and would likely receive a hero's reward from the Crown for rescuing the woman.  Tobías tells Agapito that he will later accompany him to the leper colony.  Tobías will also make Pizarro pay for all of his crimes.

Pizarro tells Montero's men to leave Esmeralda alone in the basement.  Pizarro remarks to himself that he did not know about this place.  He thinks that Esmeralda will be more comfortable, but he does not trust Montero's men.

Almudena awakens after having a bad dream about Esmeralda. 

Yumalay smokes a pipe that gives her the ability to speak to the dead.  Yumalay sees Regina, who asks Yumalay what she wishes to know.

Montero returns home to find Mariángel on his bed.  She tells him that she wants to be with him, but he tells her that he has things to do.  She grabs Montero's gun and points it at his head.  She calls him a traitor and reveals that she knows about Esmeralda.

Olmos uses heat to loosen the seal on Mariángel's letter.  He reads it, learning that Mariángel was once in love with Santiago Michelina. 

Mariángel accuses Montero of deceiving her.  She wants to know what this is all about.  Montero refuses to explain his reasons but states that it is a political matter.  Mariángel replies that it is personal for her.  She wants to know why he has done this to her.  Montero pulls the gun away from Mariángel.  She promises to discover the truth even if he won't reveal it.  Montero explains how he pulled off the deception with the dead body.  Mariángel requests that Montero not keep secrets from her.  She also wishes to see Esmeralda.

María Pía departs for Mexico.  Fernando's men see her departure and leave to warn Fernando that a nun has left the mission.

Esmeralda awakens in the basement.  She wonders when her ordeal will be over.  Aguirre arrives, and Esmeralda is glad to see him.  Aguirre is sorry for everything that has happened.  He mentions that he has been unable to contact Olmos because he is living at the de la Vega hacienda.  Aguirre will not tell Esmeralda where she has been taken.  Esmeralda requests that Aguirre find Olmos.

Olmos is amazed that Mariángel has loved Santiago Michelina all this time, and he never knew.  Olmos tells himself that he will use the letter to his advantage.

Prudencio tells Fernando that a nun has left the mission.  Fernando thinks that it must be María Pía.  On the road, María Pía tells the driver to go faster.  Fernando orders Prudencio to send men both north and south so that the wagon can be stopped regardless of where it is going.

After her conversation with Regina, Yumalay seems exhausted.  White Buffalo comments that Regina must have told Yumalay what she did not want to hear.  Yumalay replies that the spirit does not lie.  She is worried that Almudena will cross the big river before knowing happiness with Alejandro.

Renzo tells Ana Camila that the gypsies will be going west towards the ocean.  She receives permission for her and Kamba to journey with them.  After prompting from her, Renzo reveals that he was in love with a woman named Esmeralda, but she did not return his love.  Now she is dead.  Ana Camila comforts Renzo while Laisha watches them.

Aguirre tells Olmos that Esmeralda has been removed from the prison.  Olmos is concerned enough to decide to negotiate with Pizarro.

Dressed as Zorro, Tobías holds a gun to Pizarro's head.  "Zorro" reveals that he has the woman who escaped from the prison.  He revived her from the dead.  "Zorro" asks whether Pizarro is sleeping with Catalina.  Pizarro wants to know what that has to do with Sara Kalí.  "Zorro" makes fun of Pizarro and tells him that he will die.

Fernando and Prudencio catch up with María Pía's wagon.

Zorro enters the prison and soon discovers the secret passage that leads to Esmeralda's former cell. 

"Zorro" wants to know why Pizarro is not afraid of death.  Pizarro replies that he is no longer afraid because he has faced it many times.  "Zorro" warns Pizarro that if he learns that Pizarro has been with Catalina again, he will give Sara Kalí to Montero.  Pizarro doesn't understand why Zorro cares who he sleeps with.  "Zorro" attempts to cut a Z on Pizarro's back and then escapes.  Pizarro tells himself that Zorro will regret what he has done.

Mariángel enters the basement.  Esmeralda is shocked but pleased to see her.

Zorro discovers Esmeralda's old cell and enters it.  Montero slams the door shut and celebrates his victory.

Capítulo 78
June 1, 2007

Zorro comments that it is about time Montero caught him.

Montero prepares to remove Zorro's mask.

Maria Pia declares that Fernando has no right to detain her.

Olmos finds record of the Michelena family.

Mariangel accuses Esmeralda of ruining her life.

Diego tells Bernardo what happened at the prison.

Padre Tomas searches for Maria Pia.

Maria Pia feels that she might as well die.

Tobias is repulsed by Catalina's kisses.

Padre Tomas tells Alejandro that Fernando abducted Maria Pia.

Olmos is pleased with the forged letter.

Alejandro confronts Fernando.

Maria Pia pleads with Alejandro to stop.

Aguirre brings Esmeralda food - for the last time.

Mariangel is discovered praying at Esmeralda's grave.

Almudena and Mariangel decide to pray together.

Pizarro wants to know who told Olmos about Esmeralda.

Hermes insists that he has a right to speak.

Ana Camila reveals that she is wealthy and can help the gypsies.

Aguirre reveals that he knows a secret about Esmeralda.

Almudena faints.

Mariángel reveals the great hurt of her life, and María Pía finally admits that she loves Fernando.

Montero smugly remarks that the most wanted bandit in all of California is behind bars in his prison.  Zorro sits down, admitting that it was about time Montero caught him.  Zorro asks where Esmeralda Sánchez is.  Montero replies that she is dead and opens the cell door.  Montero removes Zorro's mask only to find that another mask is underneath the first one.  Zorro sets off a smoke bomb and escapes.

Esmeralda tells Mariángel that they must leave.  Mariángel orders her to stay away; she didn't come to get her out.  Mariángel only came to see how close to death Esmeralda is.

María Pía protests that Fernando has no right to detain her.  If Fernando loves her, he should leave her alone.  Fernando forcibly removes María Pía from the wagon and carries her off.

Esmeralda begs for Mariángel to have mercy on her child.  Mariángel replies that Diego's only child will be the one that she gives him.  Esmeralda asks why she hates her so much.  Mariángel replies because Esmeralda exists—and because of Santiago Michelena, the only man she has ever loved.  The man she lost because of Esmeralda.  Mariángel slaps Esmeralda.

Olmos looks through an accounting book for mention of Santiago Michelena.  He learns that Don Fernando had dealings with the Michelena family.  He will use the information in his favor; Mariángel will receive a letter from the Michelena family.

Mariángel saw Esmeralda try to seduce Santiago.  Esmeralda protests that Santiago tried to force his affections on her.  She tells Mariángel that she is mistaken.  She never had anything to do with Santiago.  Mariángel calls her a liar and begins choking her.  Aguirre enters and makes her stop.  He suggests that she leave.  Mariángel tells Esmeralda that she and Diego are happily married and sleep together every night.  Esmeralda will soon be only a bad memory.

Esmeralda reflects that Mariángel will soon have a child just like she will.  And if Esmeralda kept quiet about Santiago's offers, it is only because she didn't want to hurt Mariángel.

Diego tells Bernardo that he found a secret passage but was trapped by Montero.  Fortunately, he was able to escape.  Sometimes he thinks he is only clinging to hope where Esmeralda is concerned.

Aguirre tells Pizarro that Montero allowed Mariángel to visit her sister.  He does not understand why Mariángel was allowed to visit, but he noticed that she hates Esmeralda.  Aguirre reveals that he brings a message from Olmos.  Olmos knows that Esmeralda is alive and wants to speak to her.  Pizarro becomes angry, asking whether Aguirre told Olmos about Esmeralda.  Aguirre denies it and suggests that Mariángel might have told Olmos.  Pizarro suggests that Aguirre tell Olmos that if he wishes to speak with Esmeralda, he should go to the cemetery.

María Pía walks through the desert, followed by Fernando.  He wonders why she entered the desert.  She states that she might as well die.  Fernando finally tells María Pía what made him such a bitter person.  He reveals how the Indians scalped his parents and how he has hated Indians from that day forward.  Fernando pleads with María Pía, telling her that she is the only one who can save him.

Catalina asks Tobías why he looks at her that way and where he was last night.  He asks her what she would do if she were to learn that he was with another woman.  She replies that she would kill him.  He states that he should then do the same should he discover that she had another man.  Catalina begs Tobías kill her with passion.  She kisses him, and he resists.  He tells her to stay away from him.  She is a sullied woman and should be given a bath in cold water.

Padre Tomás looks for María Pía but is unable to find her.  He goes to the de la Vega hacienda and tells Alejandro that Fernando has abducted María Pía again.

María Pía wants to know why Fernando didn't tell her about his parents.  He replies that he didn't care once he met her.  María Pía is sympathetic and now understands why Fernando has been the way he is.  Fernando wants her to understand that she is the only important thing in his life.  She tells him that he has to forget her so that he can continue living.  María Pía requests that Fernando take her back to the mission.  She promises not to leave again, but he must respect her wishes.  Fernando finally agrees.

Almudena asks Diego to take her to Esmeralda's grave.  Mariángel stands out in the hall listening to the conversation.  She smiles and walks away.

Olmos summons the handwriting expert and pays him to write a letter to Mariángel.  The letter is to be signed by Marianela Michelena and should have a very feminine script.  After the letter is finished, Olmos is pleased with the results.

Fernando and María Pía begin their journey back to the mission, and Alejandro rides up.  Alejandro refuses to listen to what either Fernando or María Pía have to say and insists upon fighting Fernando.  The men draw their swords.

Aguirre tells Esmeralda not to believe what Mariángel said.  He tells her to eat for her baby's sake and to have faith.  He thinks that Olmos will talk to Pizarro and that they will get her out.  Esmeralda is worried that Aguirre will be killed by Montero and warns him to be careful.

Diego and Almudena walk up to Esmeralda's grave and find Mariángel kneeled at the grave in prayer.  Mariángel pretends to be grieving, and she and Almudena pray together while Diego stands behind them.

After a brief fight, Alejandro disarms Fernando and holds his sword to Fernando's chest.  María Pía pleads for Alejandro not to kill Fernando.

Pizarro asks what Olmos has to do with Sara Kalí.  Olmos only knows that she was murdered.  His duty was to save Sara Kalí, and now his duty is to save Esmeralda.  Pizarro wants to know whether Aguirre told Olmos about Esmeralda.  Olmos claims that he has nothing to do with that soldier.  Olmos will not reveal who he works for but insists that he and Pizarro are on the same side.  He hopes that Pizarro will help him.

Azucena remarks that they need resources in order to buy weapons.  Ana Camila Suplicios suggests that she can help.  Laisha cuts her off, stating that she is not a gypsy and has no place in a gypsy council.  Hermes suggests that they listen to Ana Camila, and Hermes feels that the rest should listen to him since Sara Kalí shared a cell with him and confided in him.  Ana Camila reveals that she came from a noble family, but she joined the convent to overcome her fears.  She is wealthy and would like to use her resources to help the gypsies.  Jonás warns her that their plans will put her in danger, but she insists upon helping them.

Aguirre tells Sgt. García that he knows a great secret—a secret so important that two soldiers were killed a week ago in order to keep the secret.  Sgt. García is shocked that Montero is responsible for the deaths of the soldiers.  Aguirre wishes to tell Sgt. García the secret.  García protests, but Aguirre tells him that he is worried about his family.  Aguirre believes that the secret will cost him his life, and he wants García to take his family out of the city to safety should anything happen to him.  García relents and asks what the secret is.  Aguirre reveals that the secret concerns Lady Esmeralda.

Fernando tells Alejandro to kill him.  María Pía pleads with Alejandro not to kill Fernando.  She cannot live without Fernando—she loves him.  She asks Alejandro to please forgive her, but she loves Fernando.

After Mariángel and Almudena finish praying for Esmeralda, Almudena faints, and Diego catches her.

Capítulo 79
June 4, 2007

Maria Pia swears that she loves Fernando.

Montero discovers Esmeralda's food and water.

Aguirre warns Garcia of the seriousness of the situation.

Diego and Mariangel take Almudena to Agapito's office.

Almudena is revived.

Maria Pia does not know what she will do.

Garcia promises to do what Aguirre has requested.

Esmeralda worries about Aguirre.

Aguirre realizes that he is in danger.

Selenia insists that the tears are the most important ingredient.

Diego mentions his proposition again.

Aguirre begs for his life.

The men bury Aguirre.

Montero orders a replacement for Aguirre.

Pizarro reacts to Aguirre's death.

Fernando suggests that Mercedes would not be a successful queen.

The Queen is disappointed that she has been denied permission to depart.

Aguirre's wife wants to know what happened to him.

Mariangel is amazed that she has received a letter from Marianela Michelina.

Montero anticipates the Marquesa's fate.

Sgt. Garcia promises his loyalty to Esmeralda.

Montero discovers that Zorro has stolen his fortune.

Aguirre loses his life, and Montero loses his fortune.

After Diego cannot get Almudena to stir, he yells for Isidoro to get the carriage.  Mariángel pretends to be very upset.

María Pía apologizes to Alejandro, but she cannot deny that she loves Fernando in spite of everything.  She exclaims that she is not worthy of anything.  As she runs away, Alejandro tells Fernando that he will not kill him out of respect for María Pía.  However, should Fernando get near María Pía again, Alejandro will kill him.

Sgt. García is thrilled and amazed that Esmeralda is alive.  Aguirre cautions him not to speak so loud.  Aguirre explains that Esmeralda is kept in a shack that is watched by Montero's thugs.  Aguirre is her guard.

Montero visits Esmeralda, and she tells him that he will pay for his actions.  Montero begins to strike Esmeralda and discovers the food and wine.  Montero vows to kill Aguirre for disobeying orders.  As Montero leaves, Esmeralda cries out that it wasn't him.

García exclaims that they must tell Diego that Esmeralda is alive.  Aguirre warns García that nobody can know and forces him to swear to keep quiet.  Aguirre reveals that he has some money buried.  Should anything happen to him, Aguirre wants García to find the money and get his family out of the city.  García promises that he will come through for Aguirre.

Almudena is taken to Agapito's office, where Agapito gives her some medicine to revive her.  Agapito tells Diego that Almudena will only survive if she tries.

As Diego, Almudena, and Mariángel ride home, Mariángel thinks of Diego and Almudena and how they are suffering because of Esmeralda.  She hopes that Montero gets rid of Esmeralda soon.

Fernando thinks happily of María Pía's declaration of love.  He wonders what will happen now that she has revealed her feelings.  She will not be able to run away from him.

María Pía apologizes to Alejandro.  He promises that Fernando will never bother her again.  María Pía replies that she can no longer run away.  She does not know what she is going to do. 

Esmeralda thinks of her aunt and of Diego.  She hopes that she will see Diego again.  Later, Esmeralda worries about Aguirre and becomes quite upset.

Aguirre returns to the shack, and Montero's thugs approach him.  Aguirre realizes that he is in danger and draws his sword.

Diego asks whether Mariángel would like to sit and have a drink with him.  He asks her how the baby is doing and then whether Mariángel has thought about what he proposed.  Diego thinks that a separation would be the best solution.  Mariángel goes to her room and swears that she will not take a miserable pittance.  She wants all of Diego's money.

Olmos brings Selenia the ingredients for the spell.  Selenia points out that Olmos has not brought the tears, which are quite necessary.  In the meantime, Olmos will be given a vial that he must open at night and close at dawn for 111 days and nights.  Olmos protests that 111 days is too long.  Selenia urges him to calm down as the potion is worth the wait.

One of Montero's thugs enters the shack to watch over Esmeralda.  He tells Esmeralda that he will watch her until they get a replacement.  Aguirre is on another mission and will be gone for a very long time.  Meanwhile, Aguirre backs away from the men and stumbles into a freshly-dug grave.  He pleads for his life.  One of the men states that Montero ordered his death since he disobeyed orders.  Aguirre is shot several times and falls into the grave.  The men bury him.

Montero tells Pizarro that he must find a replacement for Aguirre.  Aguirre disobeyed orders.  Pizarro hesitantly asks what Montero did with Aguirre.  Montero replies that he was killed, like all traitors.  Pizarro replies loudly that Montero made a good decision.  Montero requests that Aguirre's replacement be somebody very loyal.  As Pizarro leaves Montero's office, he touches his chest.  In the corridor, Pizarro suffers an asthma attack.  He tells himself that someday he will make the orders and will have Montero executed.

Diego tells Alejandro what happened to Almudena at the cemetery.  In return, Alejandro explains what happened with Fernando and María Pía.  Alejandro was going to kill Fernando until María Pía declared her love for him.  Alejandro believes that María Pía plans to leave the mission.

María Pía tells Padre Tomás that she can no longer deny her love for Fernando.  She understands that Fernando has done horrible things but she cannot stop loving him.  She vows that just as God cannot have her as his wife, neither will Fernando Sánchez.

As the Marquesa prepares to make her departure, Fernando wonders why the Marquesa is so determined to help Mercedes.  Fernando points out that the Marquesa cannot be certain that Mercedes would be a successful Queen.  She was educated by gypsies and would be unlikely to be able to control a haughty Court.  In that event, the Marquesa would certainly lose all of her privileges.  Though disconcerted, the Marquesa vows that Mercedes will become Queen.

The Queen is amazed that the council denied her request to travel to America.  The Duke claims that he tried to intercede on her behalf but was unable to sway them.  The Queen swears that she will depart on her trip and orders him to make arrangements for her departure immediately.

Pizarro tells García that he has a new job for him.  It is a secret mission and of great importance.  Pizarro promises that should García do his new job well, he will once again be promoted to sergeant.  García is to guard a very important prisoner.  García asks who had the job before, and Pizarro replies that the guard was Aguirre.  García gulps as Pizarro adds that Aguirre failed in his job and that García knows what Montero does with people who fail.  García assures Pizarro that he will not fail.

Almudena dreams of Regina, who tells her that her time is coming soon.  She must get everything in order quickly.  Almudena wakes up and tells Alejandro that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her.  She wants to make him happy.

Olmos discusses the de la Vega assets with Mariángel and how they would be dispersed.  Olmos also mentions that he has a letter for Mariángel that arrived with the mail at her father's house.  Mariángel is interested.  Olmos leaves to go get the letter.

Aguirre's wife questions why they must leave.  García replies that Aguirre told him to get his family out of the city should he disappear—or something.  She wants to know whether Aguirre has been killed.  García does not know but promises to tell her as soon as he finds out.  The family departs after García gives Aguirre's wife the money that he dug up.

The Marquesa promises that Montero's crimes will be punished.  Montero cheerfully states that nobody in Spain has a problem with the way he does his job.  Montero wishes the Marquesa a good trip.  After she leaves, he declares that she will never come back; she will be blown into a thousand pieces.

Olmos brings the letter to Mariángel, telling her that it is from Marianela Michelina.  Mariángel looks at the letter, declaring that it is not possible.  The letter is from Santiago's sister.

Diego heads to the prison to fulfill a promise that he once made to Montero.

García begins his job as Esmeralda's guard.  Esmeralda wants to know where Aguirre is.  García replies that he is on a new mission, and he doubts that he will survive it.  García tells Esmeralda that he is glad to be her guard and hopes that he will be of use to her.  He promises to help her however he can.

Montero is annoyed that García was appointed as Esmeralda's guard.  Pizarro replies that García knows that he is out of favor with Montero and will make certain to do a good job.  Montero fears that García will reveal his secret, but Pizarro assures Montero that García has been warned.  Montero promises to hold Pizarro responsible should García fail.  Montero asks whether the explosives are ready.  The men will be given an advance on their pay, but Pizarro will retrieve the money after the men are killed.  Montero opens the secret room which now holds his personal fortune.  The room is empty, and a black cloth hangs on the wall—a jagged Z cut through it.  Montero curses, and Pizarro's face shows just a ghost of a smile.

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