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Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 80-82

Capítulo 80
June 6, 2007

Montero demands to know how they could have allowed Zorro to steal his fortune.

Mariangel gives Marianela's letter to Olmos.

The Marquesa prepares to leave.

Vicente asks who the victim is.

Montero reminds Esmeralda that she will receive no food until she reveals what she knows about Zorro.

Esmeralda suggests that Montero kill her now.

Olmos obtains Mariangel's tears.

The nuns say goodbye to Maria Pia.

Ana Camila Suplicios gives Jonas the letter of introduction to her family.

Mariangel continues to cry about Santiago.

Mariangel swears that she will always hate Esmeralda.

Olmos sees himself the way Mariangel will see him after she has taken the love potion.

Alejandro and Diego welcome Maria Pia home.

Pizarro demands to know who Agapito has told about Sara Kali.

Maria Pia feels like she is leaving her past behind.

Diego asks when the Marquesa left.

The Marquesa rides towards her doom.

Esmeralda decides to escape.

Pizarro reminds the men that they have only one chance.

Zorro announces that whether they will fail remains to be seen.

María Pía leaves the convent, and Olmos makes Mariángel cry.

Montero screams for his guards, punching the one who answers his call.  He questions how the idiots could have allowed Zorro to steal his fortune.  Montero prepares to shoot the guard, but Pizarro reminds him that Zorro wants him to lose control.  Pizarro promises to make certain that they find Zorro.  Montero screams again in fury.

Sgt. García tries to convince Esmeralda that Pizarro can rescue her.  He admits that Pizarro is not a saint, but he would advance in rank should he help the daughter of the true Queen of Spain.  Esmeralda disagrees, stating that she can no longer trust anybody.

Mariángel begins to read Marianela's letter.  She gets far enough to realize that the letter contains bad news and refuses to read any further.  Olmos takes the letter from her and reads the rest to her.  The letter states that Santiago is dead.  Mariángel is stunned and begins to cry.

The Marquesa bids Don Alejandro goodbye.  Alejandro thanks the Marquesa for everything she has done and reminds her that she should come visit, even when they do not have any problems.  The Marquesa hopes that her visit helped to put Montero and Fernando back in line.

Pizarro gives Vicente and the other men last minute directions regarding what they are to do.  Vicente asks who the victim is, and Pizarro refuses to say.  Vicente worries that they will not get paid, and Pizarro replies that he will be present when the explosion occurs.  The men will get paid after the carriage is destroyed.

Montero reminds Esmeralda that she will receive no food until she reveals what she knows about Zorro.  Esmeralda advises Montero to kill her now. 

Zorro gives Montero's money to the poor.  He is glad that Esmeralda's money is going to the people she wanted to help.

Renzo apologizes to Ana Camila for the way he acted.  She tells him that it is okay for him to feel pain.  Renzo mentions how much he loved Esmeralda.  Ana Camila comments that life has given them a second chance and that they should help each other.

Montero reminds García that his orders are to give Esmeralda no food.  Traitors are punished by death.  Montero tells his thugs to make certain that García does not leave a crumb of food anywhere.  After Montero leaves, García wonders how he can get out of this alive.

Mariángel lies on her bed, crying uncontrollably.  Olmos tries to calm her down and does not succeed.  Mariángel gets up and retrieves Santiago's letter which she has never opened.  Instead of reading the letter, Mariángel cries some more and passes out.  Olmos places her on the bed and then dabs her eyes with his handkerchief.  He tells himself that she will soon be his.

María Pía says farewell to the sisters.  They tell her that they realize that she is leaving only because of circumstance and not because of a lack of calling.  María Pía tells the sisters that all of her love and affection will remain with them.

Prudencio reports to Fernando that María Pía has left the convent and is on her way to the de la Vega hacienda.  María Pía's luggage is with her, and she is not dressed in religious clothing.  Fernando is pleased.  Sooner or later she will return to him.

Ana Camila Suplicios gives Jonás a letter to present to her family.  He should be able to get the money that the gypsies need by presenting her letter.  Laisha tells her that she will never become a gypsy by buying her way into the tribe.  Laisha is shushed, and Jonás makes certain that Ana Camila knows that she is welcome to stay with them.

Yumalay returns to the de la Vega hacienda, and Alejandro is happy to see her.  Alejandro tells Yumalay that the doctor has said that Almudena has no will to live.  Yumalay states that she has brought a medicine for Almudena that was prepared by her grandmother.

Mariángel wakes up and begins crying again.  She finally reads the letter that Santiago wrote to her years before.  In the letter, Santiago explains that he must leave because of Esmeralda.  He cannot get Esmeralda out of his mind and will never be able to forget her.  He does not want to hurt Mariángel or harm Esmeralda, so he is leaving.  Mariángel becomes angry and swears revenge upon Esmeralda.

García wonders how he can get food to Esmeralda.  She tells him not to take that risk.

Yumalay visits with Almudena, who tells Yumalay that she went to see Esmeralda's grave.  Almudena is now even more certain that she will die. 

Mariángel enters the basement of the shack and attacks Esmeralda, both verbally and physically.  Santiago's letter stated that he was leaving because of his feelings for Esmeralda.  Mariángel tells Esmeralda that she will wish she were dead.  Mariángel admits that she is Montero's lover and that even though Esmeralda married Montero, she couldn't take him away from her.  Mariángel swears that she will hate Esmeralda for the rest of her life and that Esmeralda will pay for what she has done.

Olmos requests proof of Selenia's great power.  She becomes greatly offended, and Olmos promises to pay her double.  Selenia tells Olmos to look in her mirror to view how Mariángel will see him after she is given the love potion.  Olmos looks in the mirror and sees himself as a debonair gentleman who could charm any woman.

María Pía arrives home and is greeted by Alejandro and Diego.  She feels like she didn't have any choice but to stop being a nun.  Diego reminds her that they love and support her.

Pizarro visits Agapito and wants to know who he has told about Sara Kalí.  Agapito swears that he has told no one.  Pizarro reveals that he was confronted by Zorro, but that he doesn't think that the man was actually Zorro.  Zorro would not be interested in his private life.  Pizarro warns Agapito that if he learns that Agapito is lying, he will cut out Agapito's tongue and make him swallow it.

Catalina walks in on Tobías while he is bathing.  Catalina removes her robe, and Tobías urges her to stop behaving like a slut.  He tells her to go away.  She has ruined his bath.

García asks who assaulted Esmeralda, and she reveals that it was Mariángel.  Mariángel has permission to visit Esmeralda whenever she wants.  García says that he has to do something to help Esmeralda.

María Pía tells Diego that she feels like she is leaving her past behind.  Diego feels like her decision is hasty and wants to know whether Fernando forced María Pía to leave the convent.  María Pía replies that her decision is her own.  She did not belong at the convent and feels like she has missed many years of her life.  Diego assures María Pía that her family will always be there for her.

Pizarro sees the Marquesa's carriage go past on the road and tells himself that she is riding towards her death.  Meanwhile, Alejandro tells Diego that the Marquesa has already left.  Diego regrets that he was not able to thank her for everything she has done for them.  Alejandro expresses fear that the Marquesa's enemies will do something to her.  Diego wants to know when she left.  Alejandro replies that she is already on her way to Mexico.

Esmeralda decides that she must escape.  She looks up at the skylight.  She climbs up and pulls on the bars of wood.  A piece moves, and Esmeralda smiles.

The men pour the gunpowder for the explosives.  Pizarro arrives and tells them that they do not have much time.  They need to be precise as they will only have one chance.  One of the men promises Pizarro that they will not fail.  Zorro announces that whether they will fail remains to be seen.

Capítulo 81
June 7, 2007

Leroy and his men check to see that Esmeralda has no food.

Zorro prevents Pizarro's men from lighting the explosives.

Pizarro wonders who the imbecile was who pretended to be Zorro.

The sight of Tobias as Zorro literally frightens Samaniego to death.

Tobias is horrified that he caused Samaniego to die.

Vicente tells Pizarro that nothing happened here.

Diego knows that they are messing up all of Montero's plans.

Montero asks to borrow money from Fernando.

Diego wonders what is wrong with Mariangel.

Mariangel writes a letter to Marianela.

Selenia gives the love potion to Olmos.

Fernando wonders how Maria Pia will react when he wears new clothes.

Esmeralda removes another bar from the sky light.

Yumalay does not like wearing lipstick.

Alejandro is annoyed that Olmos now lives in his house.

Maria Pia marvels that life is so different outside of the convent.

Suplicios remarks that her stepfather abused her.

Diego learns that Fernando killed his mother.

Montero discovers that Esmeralda has escaped.

María Pía drinks in the tavern, and Esmeralda escapes.

Zorro announces that he will not allow Pizarro to blow up the Marquesa.  As Pizarro orders Vincente to hurry, he and Zorro begin to fight.

Esmeralda pulls on the bars of the skylight and tells herself that she must get out.  She quickly gets down as Montero's thugs enter the basement.  They look around to make certain that Esmeralda has no food.  One of the men checks the window to make certain that Esmeralda cannot escape.  After the men leave, Esmeralda looks up at the skylight.

The Marquesa continues on her journey, oblivious to the danger.  Meanwhile, Zorro continues to fight Pizarro.  Zorro prevents the men from igniting the explosives for long enough to give the carriage time to pass.  The Marquesa gets past safely, unaware of the fate she narrowly missed.  Zorro rides off, and Pizarro asks himself who the imbecile was who pretended to be Zorro.

Tobías practices in his Zorro outfit and pretends to be confronting Pizarro.  Samaniego enters the room and thinks that Tobías is Zorro.  Samaniego suddenly collapses, apparently dead.  Tobías is shocked and tells himself that he didn't do it on purpose.

A group of soldiers follows the lepers around.  One of the soldiers says that one of the women is his girlfriend.  Sara Kalí punches the soldier and tells him to respect the women.  The soldiers leave.

Vicente complains to Pizarro about not being told that they were attacking the Marquesa.  Vincente tells Pizarro that they will pretend that nothing happened here.  As the men prepare to leave, Pizarro agrees that nothing happened—because the men no longer exist.  Pizarro fires his gun, setting off the explosives and killing the men.

Diego tells Bernardo that he is messing up all of Montero's plans and that he must remain on the alert.

Montero asks to borrow money from Fernando and advises him that the de la Vegas will end up breaking the terms of the pact.  Fernando refuses to fight the de la Vegas and wants to know why Montero needs money.  Montero admits that he has had setbacks.  Fernando comments that the de la Vegas have the Marquesa to support them, but Montero claims that the Marquesa has been eliminated.  Fernando is doubtful.

María Pía explains to Dolores why she has left the convent and that Fernando did not force her to do it.  She left because it is best for her.  Dolores is skeptical and remains convinced that María Pía will eventually end up with Fernando.

Diego enters Mariángel's room and finds her crying.  He wants to know whether the baby is causing her problems.  Mariángel is annoyed that Diego can only think of the baby.  She orders him to leave.  Mariángel asks herself why Santiago had to die.  She decides to write a letter to Marianela to find out what happened.

Selenia gives Olmos the love potion.  She reminds him to uncover it at night and to cover it at dawn for 111 days and nights.  Olmos wants to know how much he should give Mariángel.  Selenia replies that she will tell Olmos after she is paid.

Diego confesses that he loves María Pía like a mother; she raised him.  María Pía comments that it would be good for them to have a drink together.  Diego laughs, because María Pía never drinks.  She replies that there has to be a first time for everything.  María Pía persuades Diego to take her to the tavern for a drink.

Fernando requests that Agapito make him all new clothes.  Agapito explains that while he is a surgeon, a chemist, a dentist, a carpenter, and a gravedigger, he is not a tailor.  Fernando offers to pay Agapito a lot of money, so Agapito replies that he can bring someone who can make Fernando all new clothes.  Fernando agrees.  After Agapito leaves, Fernando tells himself that he will change his appearance for María Pía and wonders how she will react.

Diego and María Pía get a table in the tavern.  A stranger who is sitting at another table notices María Pía and exchanges glances with her.

Esmeralda continues working on the skylight and removes another bar.  She worries that they might discover her.

Almudena tells Yumalay that she has beautiful hair.  She puts some lipstick on Yumalay and comments how much she looks like Regina.  Almudena pleads for Yumalay to help her by taking her place should she die.  She does not want to leave Alejandro alone.

Alejandro wants Olmos to explain his presence at the hacienda.  Olmos is embarrassed that nobody told Alejandro.  Olmos apologizes and formally introduces himself.  Alejandro is concerned about Fernando's private secretary staying in his home.  Alejandro warns Olmos that he had better not report to Fernando about María Pía or anything else that happens in his home.

Yumalay finally agrees to take Almudena's place if something happens to her.  Almudena promises to show Yumalay everything she needs to do in order to make Alejandro happy.  First of all, Yumalay must start using the name Guadalupe.

Diego warns María Pía not to drink her wine so quickly; she might get dizzy.  María Pía exclaims that life is so different outside of the convent.

Esmeralda tells herself that she cannot stop.  She frees another bar and tells her baby that they now have hope.

Renzo asks Ana Camila whether she is okay.  She replies that she cannot stop thinking about everything that has been done to her.  She is mostly thinking of her stepfather.  He abused her and managed to erase her father's beautiful image.  Her stepfather is the reason she sought refuge at the convent.  Renzo promises to help her get over her fears.  She replies that she is destined to suffer.

María Pía tells Diego that she needs to talk with him.  She has a secret that she has never told him, and he needs to know.  María Pía's secret has to do with his mother's death.  Diego and María Pía leave the tavern to talk.

Fernando enters the tavern as María Pía leaves and wonders why she was in the tavern.  Meanwhile, the stranger, Don Alfonso, tells a companion that María Pía has a perfect body and is everything a man could want.  Fernando approaches the man and confronts him for speaking about María Pía that way.  The two men begin to fight.

Outside, María Pía tells Diego how Regina went back to live with her tribe.  María Pía speaks of the attack on Regina's tribe.  Diego comments that he sometimes has vague dreams about the man who killed his mother.  María Pía reveals that she knows who killed his mother and asks for forgiveness for not telling Diego sooner.  Fernando Sánchez de Moncada is the man who killed Diego's mother.

Sgt. García enters the shack with water for Esmeralda.  The men search García to make certain that he has no food.  Montero also enters the shack and states that he will go down instead.  Montero descends into the basement, commenting that Zorro thwarted the attack on the Marquesa.  As a result, Esmeralda is to be punished.  Montero whips what appears to be Esmeralda sleeping and then realizes that she has escaped.  Montero looks up at the skylight.

Capítulo 82
June 8, 2007

Montero calls the thugs a bunch of idiots.

Maria Pia explains why she kept quiet about Fernando.

Diego swears revenge against Fernando.

Fernando orders the stranger to stay away from Maria Pia.

Catalina wonders why Samaniego died.

Mariangel is surprised to see Maria Pia.

Tobias is stuck with Samaniego's body.

Tobias watches Pizarro.

Olmos tries out his orange hairpiece.

Esmeralda eats by the lake.

Laisha watches Renzo and Suplicios.

Pizarro suggests that they get rid of Tobias.

Yumalay feels uncomfortable discussing her marriage to Alejandro.

Pizarro asks about Esmeralda's escape.

Tobias reveals that he knows about Pizarro and Catalina.

Garcia and Pizarro discuss Esmeralda's escape.

Mariangel kisses Diego.

Esmeralda stands frozen with shock.

Samaniego is declared dead, and Diego vows revenge against Fernando.

Montero is furious that Esmeralda has escaped.  He promises that she will not get far.  He tells his thugs that they are a bunch of idiots for allowing Esmeralda to escape.  Montero orders them to find Esmeralda or else be killed. 

Esmeralda tells herself that she must hurry.  They must be looking for her by now. 

Diego becomes angry as he realizes that Fernando killed his mother, and María Pía never told him.  María Pía explains that Fernando would have been sentenced to death, so she kept quiet.  She also wanted to protect the family.  María Pía reveals that Fernando did not know Regina was living with the tribe.  Fernando turned against Indians because his parents were killed by Indians.  Diego swears to make Fernando pay for what he did.  María Pía asks him to promise not to hurt Fernando.  Diego apologizes to María Pía because he cannot make that promise.

Fernando orders Don Alfonso to take back what he said about María Pía.  The two men fight until Fernando gains the upper hand.  Fernando warns Don Alfonso that he will kill him should he ever come near María Pía again.

Agapito declares that Samaniego is dead.  Catalina wonders what happened to him.  Agapito feels certain that Samaniego died because of a sudden shock.  Tobías requests that Agapito take Samaniego's body to his house to prepare for burial.  Agapito replies that he needs permission from a relative before he can move Samaniego.  Tobías does not know any of Samaniego's relatives and thinks that Samaniego fooled them all along as to his identity.  Agapito replies that they will need permission from the military. 

Sgt. García searches for Esmeralda and asks why she has done this to him.  He would have helped her escape if only she had asked.  Meanwhile, Esmeralda hides from the thugs and narrowly avoids detection.  Esmeralda calls her baby her little Zorro and decides that he will be named Diego.

Mariángel is surprised to see María Pía at the hacienda.  Mariángel asks why María Pía left the convent, and Diego requests that Mariángel let María Pía rest.  Mariángel apologizes for her behavior earlier that day but then begins protesting Diego's treatment of her.  Diego tells Mariángel that she should quit acting like a victim and that her tears are fake.

Catalina offers to talk to Pizarro in order to obtain permission for Samaniego's burial.  Tobías wonders why she will do it instead of him.  Catalina replies that Tobías is always too busy, and Tobías retorts that it was Samaniego who kept him busy. 

Olmos watches Mariángel through his peephole.  He reminds himself that he must be patient and wait for the potion to be ready.  Mariángel will belong to him.

In a dream, Diego remembers how his mother died and wakes up suddenly.  Diego can remember everything.  He remembers Fernando as the assassin.  Diego vows to avenge his mother's death.

As Tobías listens from nearby, Pizarro tells a soldier that he is going to help in the search.  Montero will know what he means.  Tobías follows Pizarro to see where he goes.

Esmeralda decides to go to the de la Vega hacienda for help.  As she continues her journey, she becomes very thirsty and struggles to find water.  After first seeing a mirage, Esmeralda finally reaches the lake and is able to quench her thirst.

The de la Vega family endures a tense breakfast together.  Dolores comments that Diego looks awful.  Alejandro proposes that the entire family go on an outing.  Diego declines, stating that he has business in town.  Mariángel decides to go with Diego so that she can mail a letter.

María Pía advises Diego to treat his wife better.  Diego protests that he has good reason for feeling the way he does about Mariángel.  Diego then reveals that he can now remember his mother's face and Fernando killing her. 

Mariángel walks in upon Olmos while he is wearing his orange hairpiece.  As Mariángel laughs at Olmos, he quickly puts on his usual hairpiece.  Mariángel tells Olmos that she has a second request for the Indian who made the love potion.  Olmos wonders what Mariángel needs, and she replies that he knows less about her than he thinks.  She mocks Olmos and laughs at him some more.  She tells Olmos that his hairpiece needs to be fixed as it looks like a dead dog.  After Mariángel leaves, Olmos tells himself that he would go to hell for Mariángel.  In 110 days she will be his slave.

Esmeralda eats fruit by the side of the lake.  She tells her baby that they have hope.

The gypsies walk along the road, and Ana Camila suddenly falls.  She appears to have sprained her foot, so Renzo carries her to their destination.  Laisha watches disapprovingly. 

Tobías listens as Pizarro tells Catalina that he would love for Tobías to see them.  He would love for the opportunity to kill Tobías.  Catalina receives permission to bury Samaniego, and Pizarro suggests that they bury Tobías along with him.  Catalina protests and pleads for Pizarro not to hurt him.

Yumalay tells Diego that she has something for Almudena that will help her become stronger.  Diego comments that Yumalay looks very much like his mother.  Diego reveals that he knows of her tribe's traditions.  When his mother died, Alejandro inherited Yumalay as his wife.  Yumalay is very uncomfortable and starts to say something.  Diego interrupts that he just wanted her to be aware that he understands the situation.  Mariángel, who was listening, interrupts the conversation and then leaves with Diego.

Pizarro speaks to Montero's thugs about Esmeralda's escape.  Pizarro is certain that Esmeralda cannot be far away. 

Catalina informs Tobías that she has received permission from Pizarro to bury Samaniego.  Tobías replies that he was unable to find Pizarro and wonders how Catalina did.  She claims to have bumped into Pizarro on the street and asked for permission at that time.  It was the only way to get rid of Samaniego.  Tobías adds that she could also get rid of him.  Tobías tells Catalina that she is a tramp.  He wants to know how she could betray him with Pizarro.

García tells Pizarro that Esmeralda escaped by herself.  Pizarro feels certain that Esmeralda would go to the de la Vega hacienda.  He also feels that Montero would be thinking the same thing.  It will be fatal should Montero catch up with Esmeralda.

As Mariángel and Diego ride towards town, Mariángel forces a kiss upon Diego.  Meanwhile, Esmeralda sees the carriage and realizes that Bernardo is driving.  Esmeralda is about to step onto the road when she sees Diego and Mariángel kissing.  Esmeralda remains frozen in place while the carriage drives past.

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