Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 83-85

Capítulo 83
June 11, 2007

Esmeralda collapses after the carriage passes.

Tobias tries to calm himself down.

Mariangel and Diego argue.

Montero finds Esmeralda.

Yumalay suggests that Maria Pia keep the medicine safe.

Mariangel begs Diego for forgiveness.

Montero chokes Esmeralda.

Montero pulls Esmeralda along, tied to his horse.

Catalina tells Tobias that Samaniego has been prepared for burial.

Pizarro tells Garcia to dry his tears.

Diego is furious that Padre Tomas knew that Fernando killed his mother.

Olmos has a bad dream.

Selenia wonders whether Mariangel would like to speak with Santiago Michelena.

Maria Pia wishes she could start over in a world without Fernando.

Yumalay brings Alejandro his coffee.

Fernando pauses as Diego calls out to him.

Garcia comforts Esmeralda.

Diego reveals that he remembers that Fernando killed his mother.

Pizarro confesses that he is nervous after what happened with the Marquesa.

Padre Tomas is proud that Diego did not kill Fernando.

Maria Pia asks how Diego is doing.

Maria Pia is surprised to run into Don Alfonso.

Garcia declares that he has something important to tell Diego.

Tobías chokes Catalina, and Diego attacks Fernando.

Esmeralda stands staring as Diego and Mariángel's carriage passes.

García and Pizarro follow Esmeralda's tracks towards the de la Vega hacienda.  Pizarro also notices Montero's tracks.  They must hurry.

Tobías continues choking Catalina, accusing her of wallowing around like a tramp.  He finally lets go and informs her that she should have ordered two coffins because Agapito will soon be burying him.  Catalina tries to deny the affair until Tobías tells her that he saw them together.  Catalina admits it is true but blames Tobías since he has never touched her.  She needed loving and kissing and had to go elsewhere.  Tobías tries to calm himself down, since he was raised to respect women.

Diego pulls himself away from Mariángel and tells her to stop.  The two argue, and Diego gets out of the carriage.  He orders Bernardo to take Mariángel to town while he goes back home.

Esmeralda tries to continue walking, but falls down.  She looks up to see Montero pointing a gun at her.

Yumalay teaches María Pía how to use her grandmother's medicine.  She wants María Pía to keep the medicine in her possession for safekeeping because María Pía is a very trustworthy person.  María Pía promises to take good care of the medicine.

As Diego walks home, Mariángel and the carriage follow.  Mariángel begs Diego for her forgiveness.  Juan rides along on his horse, and Diego asks to use the horse.  Diego rides off.

Montero chokes Esmeralda.  He wonders why both she and Mariángel are both so obsessed with Diego.  He comments that he sleeps with Diego's wife.

Catalina tells Tobías that Samaniego's body has been prepared for the funeral.  Tobías continues reading and tells Catalina that she knows where he keeps the money so that she can pay Agapito.  Catalina wants Tobías to go with her to the cemetery.  Tobías refuses, and Catalina asks him to reconsider because it will make them look bad.  Tobías decides to go with Catalina, but only so that he can make certain that she knows how a proper burial goes.  She will soon be burying Tobías, who will challenge Pizarro to a duel.

García and Pizarro see Montero on his horse, with Esmeralda pulled along by a rope.  García begins crying, and Pizarro tells him to dry his tears.

Diego tells Padre Tomás that María Pía told him that Fernando killed his mother.  Diego is shocked that Padre Tomás already knew.  Padre Tomás explains that it was a secret of confession.  He warns Diego that Zorro cannot take revenge against Fernando and that Diego must not use a sword should he confront Fernando.  Diego assures Padre Tomás that he will deal with Fernando in a way that will not betray the brotherhood.

Montero rides up to García with Esmeralda in tow.  Esmeralda faints, and García goes to her side to help her.  Montero allows García to place Esmeralda on his mule and orders him to take her back to the shack.

Raquel apologizes to Diego for the mess in the tavern.  Diego requests the strongest drink she has.  Diego wants to be told when the Governor leaves his office.  Raquel promises to have her nephew watch the Governor's office.

Mariángel drops off her letter to be mailed to Spain.  She learns that it will take 60 or 70 days for the letter to reach Spain, so she should receive a reply in five or six months.  Mariángel passes Selenia on the street, and Selenia compliments her on her perfume.  Selenia walks up to the mail dispatcher and eyes Mariángel's letter.

Olmos has a bad dream in which he remembers asking his mother why he was born a hunchback.  His mother tells him that a jealous woman who was in love with his father paid a witch a large sum of money.  The witch, the Great Selenia, cursed her womb and caused Olmos to be deformed.  She tells Olmos that Selenia is said to be 130 years old but has the elixir of youth.  Olmos wakes up and tells himself that it was only a dream.  Olmos looks at the love potion, commenting that Mariángel will soon love him and then he'll get revenge on Selenia.

Selenia and Mariángel have tea together.  Selenia reveals that she can speak to the dead.  Mariángel is skeptical, and Selenia offers to prove to Mariángel that she is not lying.  Mariángel replies that she is not interested.  Selenia wants to know whether Mariángel would like to speak to Santiago Michelena.

The mail dispatcher discovers that a letter is missing.  It is found unsealed and on the ground nearby.

Mariángel becomes upset that Selenia knows about Santiago.  Selenia urges her to be calm, that the spirits told her about Santiago.  Mariángel agrees to come to Selenia's house for a seance.

Raquel tells Diego about the previous night's fight between Fernando and the stranger, Alfonso Díaz de Vergara.  She warns Diego that Fernando will be in a very bad mood.  Diego requests that Raquel bring him an entire bottle of the strong wine.

María Pía and Almudena speak of Regina and how difficult it is for Diego to learn the truth.  Almudena comments that Fernando brings pain to everybody.  She hopes that María Pía will stay away from Fernando.  María Pía replies that sometimes the heart will not listen to reason.  María Pía wishes that she could start over in a world without Fernando.

Yumalay brings Alejandro his coffee.  Alejandro notices that Almudena has taught her a lot.  Yumalay feels like Almudena senses that she is Alejandro's second wife.  Alejandro comments that he has not told Almudena about Yumalay since he doesn't want to bring her more pain.

Raquel informs Diego that Fernando has just left his office.  Diego finishes his drink and leaves the tavern.  Diego waits until Fernando passes and then calls out to him.  Fernando senses what Diego wants and requests that his men leave the two of them alone.  Fernando tells Diego that he didn't know that Regina belonged to that tribe.  Diego runs towards Fernando, knocking him down.

Pizarro tells Montero that he has fixed the basement so that it will be impossible for Esmeralda to escape.  Pizarro requests that he be put in charge of Leroy and his men.  Montero agrees, since Esmeralda is taking up too much of his time.

Diego chokes Fernando, telling him that he remembers seeing Fernando kill his mother.  The two men struggle and roll around in the dirt, exchanging blows.

Catalina begs Tobías to speak to her.  She begs for his forgiveness.  Tobías tells Catalina that the one thing she can do is break off her relationship with Pizarro.  Catalina wants to know how.  Tobías orders her to do it the same way that she got into the relationship.

Pizarro requests that Montero give him the authority to replace Leroy and his men with more trustworthy ones.  Pizarro is nervous after what happened with the Marquesa.  Montero wants to know whether there were any witnesses, and Pizarro assures him that he killed the three men who set up the explosives.  Montero decides that Esmeralda can be used as a shield if the Marquesa should attack them.  After Montero leaves, Pizarro tells García to make certain that Esmeralda has enough water; they cannot let her die.

Diego and Fernando continue to fight until María Pía intervenes.  Close on her heels are Padre Tomás and Bernardo, who notice that Diego is quite drunk.  Padre Tomás proudly tells Bernardo that Diego must have gotten himself drunk in order to reduce his chances of killing Fernando.

Catalina tells Pizarro that she wants to break off their relationship immediately.  Pizarro comments that she seems afraid.  Catalina replies that he is wrong and that he never meant anything to her.  She no longer wishes to be unfaithful.  Pizarro is angry and decides to kill Tobías that night.

María Pía asks how Diego is.  He wants to be left alone.  After another apology, María Pía leaves.  Outside, Don Alfonso asks María Pía whether she is okay.

Mariángel and Olmos arrive at Selenia's house.  Mariángel introduces Olmos to Selenia.

García approaches Diego and reveals that he needs to tell him something very important.

Capítulo 84
June 12, 2007

Pizarro insists that Catalina continue to be his woman.

Fernando returns home after Diego beat him up.

Don Alfonso insists upon talking to Maria Pia.

Esmeralda eats some food that Garcia brought.

Selenia begins the seance.

Yumalay finds the Spanish clothing to be very uncomfortable.

Alejandro quickly leaves when Almudena enters the room.

Selenia announces that Santiago has left.

Mariangel and Olmos prepare to leave.

Pizarro requests that Montero reinstate Garcia to the rank of sergeant.

Esmeralda tells her baby that his father loves them very much.

Garcia becomes a sergeant again.

Diego watches the ceremony.

Tobias declares that he is not a commoner.

Alfonso and Maria Pia have tea together.

Tobias wonders whether Sara Kali is still at the leper colony.

Ana Camila is thrilled to see Kamba in a new suit.

Hermes seems to recognize Sara Kali.

Olmos learns that Mariangel is sleeping with Montero.

Mariangel smiles after placing the poison in Almudena's medicine.

Padre Tomas is pleased that Diego did not endanger Zorro's identity.

Almudena sees Yumalay place her arm around Alejandro.

Olmos cries when he sees Mariangel enter Montero's home.

Diego asks what really happened to Esmeralda.

María Pía gets a boyfriend, and Kamba becomes a fighter.

García tells Diego that he is like family to him, but that he has had to do bad things.  He wants Diego to know that he has not betrayed him and that someday he will understand.

Esmeralda remembers Diego and Mariángel's kiss.  She asks God not to let Diego get mixed up in Mariángel's lies.

Selenia comments that Olmos has an impressive name.  When asked, Olmos answers that he will stay for Mariángel's session.

Pizarro enters Catalina's home, followed by Catalina.  She pleads with him not to kill Tobías.  If Pizarro kills Tobías, Catalina will refuse to ever be with him.  Pizarro replies that she must continue to be his woman.  He kisses her.

Prudencio and his men help a battered Fernando into his home.  Prudencio wants to make Diego de la Vega and his family pay for what Diego did to Fernando.  Fernando replies that it was a debt he had with Diego.  Fernando tells himself that he would endure a thousand beatings for María Pía.

Don Alfonso insists upon talking to María Pía.  She states that she does not feel well and needs to go home.  As María Pía tries to excuse herself, Don Alfonso asks whether he can accompany her.

Padre Tomás tells Bernardo that it would be a good idea for Zorro to disappear for awhile.  He is very worried about Diego's state of mind and whether he could lose control.

García brings Esmeralda a few scraps of food.  He promises to bring her food whenever he can.  García worries about his predicament.

Selenia, Olmos, and Mariángel join hands, and Selenia requests that they close their eyes.  Selenia smiles and looks at both Olmos and Mariángel.  Selenia summons Santiago Michelena to the meeting.  She blows out the candle, and it relights.  In a deep voice, Selenia intones, "Mariángel."  Mariángel seems to recognize the voice.  Olmos wonders whether Santiago could actually be dead.

Almudena has Yumalay try on some of her undergarments in her bedroom.  Almudena leaves the room for a moment, and Alejandro enters.  He is surprised to see Yumalay dressed the way she is.  Almudena returns, and Alejandro quickly leaves the room.

Selenia announces that Santiago has left.  Olmos asks whether the voice was really that of Santiago.  Mariángel tearfully replies that it was him.  Mariángel wants to try again, but Selenia tells them that they will have to try again on another night.  Selenia winks at Olmos as they leave.  Selenia tells her servant that Olmos has no idea how hellish that woman is.

Pizarro requests that Montero reinstate García to the rank of sergeant.  He explains that García will be indebted to them.  Montero will think about it.  Pizarro mentions that they have still not found Sara Kalí and that she might be on her way to Spain.  Pizarro asks for permission to feed Esmeralda.  Montero forbids it; he wants her to reveal Zorro's identity.  Pizarro argues that Esmeralda may not know Zorro's identity, and she is the only card they have to use against the Crown.  Montero finally agrees to feed Esmeralda, but vows to take her baby when it is born.

Esmeralda tells her baby that she has tried everything she can but has failed.  If his father knew they were alive, he would do something for them because he loves them very much.

In a public ceremony, García is reinstated to the rank of sergeant.  Diego walks up during the ceremony and seems to give García a look of disgust.  García notices him as Montero asks him to swear his allegiance to the military.  García hesitates.  He crosses his fingers behind his back as he swears his loyalty.

Tobías tells Catalina that Pizarro wanted to kill him, and she did nothing.  Catalina informs Tobías that he is not a normal man.  Tobías replies that he is not a commoner; he is the son of the Count of Valle.  He doesn't deserve a woman like her—he even introduced her to society.  Catalina retorts that all she wanted was for Tobías to go crazy over her.  Tobías orders her to stay away from him.  He will get revenge against Pizarro.  Catalina cautions him to be careful.

Diego tells Alejandro that he confronted Fernando about killing his mother.  Alejandro comments that he only found out a short time ago.  Diego wonders why María Pía never told him.  Alejandro states that it was because she loves Fernando.  Alejandro admits that he already confronted Fernando but did not kill him.  Their name will never be stained with blood.

Don Alfonso and María Pía have tea together.  Don Alfonso asks whether Fernando is her boyfriend.  María Pía replies that they had a relationship many years ago, but it is over.  Don Alfonso tells María Pía that he likes Los Angeles, and he likes her.  He has decided to stay in Los Angeles.

Renzo asks Ana Camila about her foot, and she replies that it feels better.  Renzo comments that he will buy a violin the next day when they arrive in the city.  Ana Camila tells him that the violin is one of the few good memories she has of her father.  He played the violin masterfully.  Renzo promises to play the violin for her, and she will reward him with her smiles.  Azucena brings them food, and Kamba is mentioned.  Azucena hasn't seen him for quite awhile and wonders where he is.

A group of men place bets on a fight between Kamba and another man.  Kamba's eyes are white, and he looks possessed.  The men attack each other, and the other man appears to win.  Kamba makes a comeback, and the other man attacks Kamba with a pitchfork.  Kamba whacks the man in the head with a shovel, knocking him out.  Kamba puts his foot on the man's head and screams.  The crowd chants, "Kamba!  Kamba!  Kamba!"

Tobías asks Agapito whether Sara Kalí is still at the leper colony.  He then asks whether Pizarro disobeyed Montero's orders, and Agapito replies that Pizarro ordered him to cure Sara Kalí behind Montero's back.  Pizarro believed that Sara Kalí was somebody very important.  Tobías realizes that Pizarro did it out of ambition.  Agapito comments that Pizarro would face a death sentence if Sara Kalí came to light.  Tobías is pleased and tells Agapito to bring Sara Kalí to him tomorrow.

The gypsies arrive in the city and perform tricks for the natives.  Ana Camila sees Kamba walk onto the street, dressed in a new suit and hat.  She compliments Kamba on his new clothes.  A man tells the gypsies that he bought the clothes for Kamba and tells them that Kamba is a great fighter.  Meanwhile, Sara Kalí walks around nearby and sees the gypsies.  She realizes that she must not let them recognize her, as it would put them in danger if they knew she were alive.  She turns away, but Hermes watches her and seems to recognize her.

Tobías is disappointed to learn that Sara Kalí has left the leper colony.  Agapito was just there, and she escaped.  Tobías laments that he has lost his only defense against Pizarro.  Agapito wonders why he is so upset; after all, Tobías is Zorro.  Tobías wonders what he is going to do—he is too young to die.

Olmos tells Pizarro that he must get Esmeralda away from Montero.  Pizarro replies that it is impossible.  Olmos insists that he cannot help Esmeralda while she is in Montero's hands.  Olmos observes that Montero seems to be trying to get revenge for Esmeralda running off with Diego.  Pizarro replies that Montero has already gotten revenge.  After much prompting from Olmos, Pizarro tells him that Montero is having an affair with Diego's wife, Mariángel.  They are lovers.

María Pía and Yumalay discuss how well Almudena is doing because of the medicine.  The medicine is left on the table after they leave the room.  Mariángel enters and pours something into the flask.  She tells herself that if her aunt wants to die, then she will help her achieve that goal.

Diego and Padre Tomás discuss Diego's fight with Fernando.  Padre Tomás is pleased that Diego did not endanger Zorro's identity.  He reveals that there is a rumor that Montero is purchasing weapons in Mexico.  Someone, probably Fernando, must be helping Montero financially.  Diego concludes that they are planning to defend themselves should the de la Vegas attack.  Diego vows to destroy them.

Fernando approaches María Pía and Don Alfonso in the plaza.  She tells Fernando that Don Alfonso is her boyfriend.

Alejandro apologizes for walking in on Yumalay like he did.  She tells him that he has no need to apologize and that she will never be embarrassed around him.  She tells Alejandro that Almudena is doing better because of the medicine.  However, Almudena still thinks she is going to die.  Yumalay puts her arm around Alejandro, and Almudena walks up behind them.

Olmos follows Mariángel and hopes that she will not enter Montero's home.  He is devastated when she goes inside.  With tears in his eyes, Olmos concludes that Mariángel's baby must be Montero's.

Diego approaches García in the tavern.  He requests that García tell him what really happened to Esmeralda.

Capítulo 85
June 13, 2007

Diego is disgusted with Garcia's lack of response.

Montero asks Mariangel for some money.

Mariangel and Montero flaunt their affair in front of Esmeralda.

Esmeralda makes a point of not watching Mariangel and Montero kiss.

Fernando asks how Maria Pia can have a boyfriend.

Diego asks what is going on.

Almudena dreams that Esmeralda has returned.

Almudena realizes that Esmeralda was just a dream.

Kamba gives Ana Camila some of his money.

Jonas offers Sara Kali a coin.

Prudencio points out that Brother Aaron is following Fernando.

Tobias wonders how he can get rid of Pizarro.

Olmos suggests that Pizarro eliminate Montero.

Sara Kali tells Jonas that she must remain in hiding.

Ana Camila gives Renzo a new violin.

Duke Jacobo informs the Queen that she will be in America in six months.

Montero finds it odd that the Queen has chosen to visit Los Angeles.

Mariangel tells Diego that she is going out.

Olmos announces that the love potion is ready.

Mariangel drinks the love potion.

The love potion causes Mariangel to go into labor.

Esmeralda is thrilled that her son is about to be born.

Montero and Mariángel flaunt their affair, and 111 days somehow becomes 6 months.

García evades Diego's question and makes a comment about feeling bad about Montero hating Diego's family.  Diego wonders why García does not feel bad about Esmeralda's death.  Diego needs to know the truth about Esmeralda.  García wants Diego to forget what he said last night.  He just became a sergeant again and cannot risk saying anything.  Diego is disgusted and leaves.  García tells himself that he is sorry for lying to Diego.

Montero asks Mariángel for a small favor.  He needs some money.  Mariángel wants to know why he needs money.  Montero admits that he is broke because of a major mishap.  Mariángel replies that it will not be difficult; Diego is offering her money in return for a separation and the privilege of raising her child.  Montero agrees to the plan, even though he doesn't want to sell Diego the child.

Almudena walks away as Alejandro and Yumalay continue talking.  Alejandro tells Yumalay that he will never be able to love another woman.  He doesn't want to be alone.  Yumalay promises him that she will always be by his side.

Dolores asks Almudena what is wrong with her.  Almudena knows that she will soon be leaving.  Almudena requests that Dolores help her get everything in order.

Montero brings Mariángel to see Esmeralda.  Esmeralda is surprised that a man with Montero's abilities would get tangled up with a woman like her.  Montero replies that Mariángel knew how to earn her place, unlike Esmeralda.  Montero smiles as Mariángel taunts Esmeralda.  Mariángel tells Esmeralda that she cheats on Diego because she has the best lover in the world.  She is married to Diego only because he is the richest man in the city.  Mariángel and Montero kiss, and Montero leaves.  Mariángel tells Esmeralda that Diego has no idea who he is married to.  Esmeralda questions whether Mariángel is certain that the baby is Diego's.  Mariángel laughingly reveals that all that matters is that Diego thinks the baby is his.  Montero does not care whether Diego raises his child.  No one is going to tell Diego the truth.

Fernando does not understand how María Pía can suddenly have a boyfriend.  Fernando and Alfonso begin to argue, and a duel is suggested.  Diego walks up, smiles, and asks what is going on.

Yumalay gives Almudena her medicine, but Almudena does not want to drink it.  It now tastes bitter.  After Yumalay insists, Almudena drinks it.

Alejandro wants to know why Dolores is crying.  Dolores admits that she is upset about Almudena, who looks worse each day.  Alejandro is worried as well.

Almudena dreams that Esmeralda is in her bedroom and then wakes up.

Alfonso tells Diego that Fernando is upset that he is associating with María Pía.  Diego wonders how they can make Fernando understand.  Fernando decides to leave, but warns Alfonso to stay away from María Pía—or die.  Alfonso states that Fernando can do nothing to keep them apart.

Ana Camila insists that Kamba not disappear or fight again.  Kamba gives her some of his money, and she takes it, stating that she will buy food for everyone as well as something special for Renzo.

Jonás stops a group of children from throwing things at Sara Kalí.  She hides her face while Jonás offers her a coin.  She takes it and walks away.

Ana Camila buys Renzo a violin with Kamba's money.

Almudena asks Yumalay what she and Alejandro were speaking of when she saw Yumalay hug Alejandro.  Yumalay replies that Alejandro was upset because he is afraid he will lose her.  Yumalay apologizes, but Almudena tells her that she was right to console him.

Brother Aaron follows Fernando and Prudencio around in the plaza.

María Pía hopes that Diego will not fill his heart with hate for Fernando.  Diego promises to leave Fernando alone so long as Fernando does nothing to provoke him.

Montero tells Fernando that he has purchased an arsenal of weapons which will arrive in a few months.  Fernando is concerned about what might happen with the de la Vegas.  He suggests that they may have to destroy the de la Vegas.

Tobías wonders how he can get Montero to turn against Pizarro.  Agapito points out that Tobías seems to have a personal dispute with Pizarro.  He comments that people are saying things.  They have noticed that Pizarro goes to his house at odd times of the day, particularly when he is not at home.  Tobías yells that they are mistaken.  Zorro would not tolerate anything like that.

Olmos suggests that Pizarro eliminate Montero.  Pizarro replies that the time is not right.  Pizarro wonders why Olmos hates Montero so much.  Olmos claims that it is because of his ambition.  Pizarro tells him that Montero will die, but in time.  He reveals that Montero has told him to kill Esmeralda's baby when it is born.

Mariángel requests another seance.  Selenia asks Mariángel to have a seat.

García brings Esmeralda some food.  Esmeralda tells him that Mariángel was there with Montero—her lover.  García is surprised.  Esmeralda says they wanted her to know how well they have fooled Diego.  She wonders why they want to hurt her.  García explains that it is because she is smart and pretty and has Diego's love.  He tells her to have faith that she will see Diego again.

Sara Kalí comes up behind Jonás and returns his coin.  He refuses it.  She replies that she now understands why her mother wanted to help the gypsies.  Jonás is overjoyed that Sara Kalí is alive and wants her to rejoin the gypsies.  She tells him that she cannot because her enemies are still looking for her.

Ana Camila brings Renzo his new violin.  Renzo hugs her.

Olmos gets out the love potion and caresses it lovingly.  He will wait patiently these 111 days but will give the potion to Mariángel at the first opportunity.

Santiago's spirit speaks to Mariángel through Selenia.  Mariángel wants to know why he liked Esmeralda.  He replies that it is no longer important.  Mariángel is angry and hopes that Santiago died like a miserable dog.  Santiago's spirit leaves without providing any answers.

The Duke informs the Queen that he has good news:  she will be in the Americas in six months.  The Queen announces that she wants to visit Los Angeles first.  She wonders what surprises that city will have for her.

Six Months Later—

Montero and Fernando prepare for the imminent arrival of the Queen.  Montero finds it odd that the Queen chose to visit Los Angeles, an insignificant place.  All Fernando knows is that news of Sara Kalí has not reached Spain or their heads would have rolled.  Fernando breaks off when María Pía and Alfonso walk by.

Diego tells Mariángel that she should say home since the baby is due at any time.  Mariángel says that she has a dress that needs adjusting, and it is being done at her father's home.  It is decided that Olmos will go with her, and Diego goes to get him.  Mariángel tells herself that little by little Diego's attitude is changing towards her.  Soon he will be completely hers.

Olmos announces that today makes 111 days.  He gets out the love potion and looks at it.  Diego knocks on the door, telling him that Mariángel is waiting for him.

Alejandro and Yumalay speak about Almudena's health.  Yumalay chides Alejandro for not taking care of himself.  She accuses him of wanting to die as well.

As Mariángel is fitted, she asks Olmos for a drink of water.  He pours the love potion into the cup and gives it to her.  Mariángel drinks all of it.  She orders the seamstress out of the room and then asks Olmos what he is staring at.  Suddenly, Mariángel gasps and writhes in pain.

García brings Esmeralda something to eat.  Esmeralda cries out in pain.  She announces that her baby is coming.

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