Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 86-88

Capítulo 86
June 14, 2007

The citizens await the arrival of the Queen.

Esmeralda announces that her baby is about to be born.

Mariangel plans to attend the Queen's ceremony.

Duke Jacobo announces the arrival of Queen Maria Luisa.

Selenia comments that giving Mariangel the potion now would endanger the baby.

Montero and Fernando feel certain that the Queen knows about Sara Kali.

Mariangel thinks she is going to die.

Esmeralda's baby is about to be born.

The Queen compliments Alejandro on his military career.

Esmeralda smiles after her baby is born.

Olmos blames himself for killing the baby.

Garcia is happy to have helped Diego's baby into the world.

Olmos calls himself a monster.

Esmeralda cringes as Montero approaches her and the baby.

Diego realizes that Mariangel is ill.

Garcia holds Esmeralda as she screams for her baby.

Agapito notices that Mariangel has already given birth.

Pizarro tells the baby that he has nothing against it.

Olmos decides to switch babies.

The babies are born, and the Queen of Spain arrives in Los Angeles.

The citizens of Los Angeles await the arrival of the Queen of Spain.

Esmeralda tells García that her child is about to be born, and she needs his help.  García does not know what to do, but Esmeralda comments that she once helped a woman deliver a baby.  She tells him to bring water and clean sheets.  García worries that Esmeralda is going to faint.

Mariángel tells Olmos that the pain was nothing.  She is determined to attend the ceremony for the Queen.  As Mariángel approaches the door, her water breaks, and Olmos assists her to her room.

Duke Jacobo announces the arrival of the Queen of Spain, Maria Luisa Burgos de Castilla.  Fernando and Montero appear to be very worried, while Tobías acts childishly excited.  Selenia wonders where Mariángel is.  Her servant, Tarsicio, suggests that Olmos has given her the love potion, and they are having fun together.  Selenia disagrees, since giving Mariángel the potion before the birth of her baby could be dangerous to the baby.

Olmos helps Mariángel to her bed.  Mariángel orders Olmos to call for help, and he panics because nobody else is at home.

Esmeralda gives García further instructions concerning the delivery of the baby.  As Esmeralda's labor worsens, García comforts her by singing to her.

Duke Jacobo makes a point of snubbing Fernando and Montero.  He greets Alejandro cordially and requests that the de la Vega family come to speak to the Queen at the Governor's home.  Tobías unsuccessfully tries to get the Duke's attention.

Montero and Fernando blame Sara Kalí for the way the Duke is treating them.  Fernando doubts that the Queen knows about Sara Kalí, but he is certain that the Duke is punishing them.

Mariángel feels like she is going to die, and Olmos assures her that she will be alright.  Olmos decides to help deliver the baby.  Mariángel worries that the baby is going to die.

The Queen compliments Don Alejandro on his military career and thanks him for agreeing to meet with her.  Diego watches the Duke warily.

García announces that the baby is coming.  He tells Esmeralda to be strong.  Soon, he tearfully announces that she did it, and the baby is a boy.  García gives the baby to Esmeralda, and she welcomes her little Tisha into the world.

Olmos is horrified that Mariángel's baby has been born dead.  He scolds himself for giving Mariángel the potion before the birth of her baby.  Olmos decides that he must get rid of the dead baby before Mariángel sees it.  He takes the baby to the cemetery.

Montero tells Pizarro that Esmeralda is about to have her baby.  They must make it disappear.

Ana Camila and Renzo watch Kamba participate in another fight.  Ana Camila intervenes and pleads with Kamba to stop fighting before he kills the other man.  The spectators leave while Ana Camila tells Kamba that there is no need for him to fight for money.

María Pía observes that the Queen seems like a sensible woman.  Alejandro asks Diego what is wrong.  Diego feels that they should use caution around the Duke.  He feels that the Duke controls the Queen, and Diego senses that the Duke is just like Montero.  Alejandro wonders why Mariángel did not come.  Diego becomes worried and leaves to look for her.

Esmeralda tells García that the baby is Diego's.  García is proud that he helped his friend Diego's child into the world.  Esmeralda worries about what will happen to the baby should something happen to her.  As García reassures Esmeralda, Montero enters the basement.

Olmos begins digging a grave for Mariángel's baby.  He calls himself a monster.  He didn't want to kill the baby; he just wanted Mariángel to love him.

Diego discovers blood in the foyer and runs up to Mariángel's room.

Montero orders García out of the basement.  He congratulates Esmeralda; he never thought that she and the baby would make it this long.  Esmeralda calls him heartless.  Montero states that he is worried about the baby's health.  The basement is no place for a baby.  Montero feels that the baby would be better off with someone else.

Diego finds Mariángel in bed, unconscious.  He can tell that she is very sick and goes to get Agapito.

Outside the shack, Montero gives the baby to Pizarro.  He tells Pizarro to get rid of it.

García holds Esmeralda as she screams that they are going to kill her baby.  García hopes they are just trying to scare her.  García wishes he could take away her pain.

Olmos digs the baby's grave.  Suddenly, he hears a baby crying and at first thinks that it is the dead baby.  He grabs the dead baby and hides.  Pizarro enters the cemetery with Esmeralda's baby as Olmos watches from behind a tree.

The Duke angrily expresses his displeasure over the poor way that Montero handled the Mercedes Mayorga issue.  Her existence was supposed to be a state secret, and to make it worse, she escaped and has not been recaptured.  Montero tells the Duke that there is a good chance that Mercedes is dead and that the gypsies have her body.  The Duke orders Montero to make the gypsies return her body.  The Duke asks about Mercedes' daughter's whereabouts, and Montero reveals that Esmeralda is dead.  The Duke assures Montero that should the Queen learn about Mercedes, he will make certain that Montero is killed.

The gypsies discuss their present situation.  Renzo regrets that their Queen is dead.  Jonás tells them that they must go back to Los Angeles because the Queen of Spain has arrived.  They must tell the Queen about Sara Kalí and make certain that she meets with Sara Kalí.  Laisha points out that what Jonás is saying is absurd; Sara Kalí is dead.  Unexpectedly, Sara Kalí enters the room and announces that the moment of justice has arrived.

Agapito tells Diego that Mariángel is suffering from severe intoxication and that she just gave birth.  She must have had a difficult delivery.  Diego is shocked and wonders where the baby is.  Agapito replies that it must be with the person who helped deliver it.

Out in the rain, Diego concludes that Olmos must be the person who helped Mariángel.  He wonders where Olmos and the baby are.

Pizarro decides that he cannot kill the baby.  He decides to let fate decide what happens to it.  Pizarro lays the baby down in the cemetery and leaves.  Olmos retrieves Esmeralda's baby and tells himself that the destiny of Diego de la Vega's baby is now sealed forever.

Capítulo 87
June 15, 2007

Olmos comments that Diego will not know that he is raising his own son.

Sara Kali warns the gypsies that returning to Los Angeles will be dangerous.

Duke Jacobo warns Misael that Fernando and Montero cannot be allowed to speak to the Queen.

Esmeralda remains silent and unresponsive.

Almudena declares that she cannot live without Esmeralda.

Agapito tells Diego that Mariangel has been poisoned.

Agapito wonders who poisoned Mariangel.

Garcia is horrified that the baby is dead.

Diego brings his baby home.

Olmos blames Selenia for his deformity.

Selenia is amazed that Olmos already gave Mariangel the love potion.

Mariangel moans in pain.

Pizarro informs Montero that he carried out his orders.

Garcia brings Esmeralda a bouquet of flowers.

Esmeralda shows no reaction to the flowers.

Alejandro tells Diego that his son can help him forget his sadness.

Esmeralda daydreams about what might have been.

Leroy verifies that Esmeralda's baby is dead.

Pizarro does not want to discuss what is bothering him.

Maria Pia feels that the baby will bring happiness to the family.

Olmos tells Mariangel that she was poisoned.

Montero tells Esmeralda that she lost her baby and will soon lose her life.

The Queen is awakened by Zorro.

Diego meets his new son, and Pizarro regains Montero's trust.

Olmos places Mariángel's baby in the grave but does not cover it.  He tells himself that Mariángel would hate him if she knew that he killed her baby.  Diego will raise his own son and will not know it.  Olmos will take the baby to Mariángel and then will kill Selenia.

Sara Kalí tells the gypsies about what she has gone through in recent months.  She plans to return to Los Angeles, and it will be dangerous.  Each gypsy will need to decide whether he wishes to take that risk.  She will speak to the Queen and reveal the events that led to her becoming the Queen of Spain.

Duke Jacobo warns Misael that neither Don Fernando nor Montero can be allowed to speak to the Queen.  The Duke worries about whether Mercedes is truly dead.  If the existence of Mercedes becomes public knowledge, the Duke will have Fernando and Montero killed.

García brings Esmeralda some soup, but she remains silent and unresponsive.  García believes that Pizarro would not have done anything bad to the baby.  Garcia promises that nothing will happen to Esmeralda's son.

Diego approaches Olmos on the street and wants to know where Olmos is taking the baby.  Olmos evades the question and gives Diego the baby.  Olmos claims that he became scared that the baby was dead, so he decided to take it to the doctor.  The baby finally cried, so he decided to come back.

Almudena awakens, and Alejandro tells her that she must try to survive.  Almudena explains that she cannot live without Esmeralda.

Yumalay tells Dolores that White Buffalo's medicine is not helping Almudena.  She comments that she misses her grandmother greatly and that her grandmother knew how to make someone better.  Yumalay does not understand why the medicine is not working.  Dolores suggests that perhaps Esmeralda is lonely in heaven and needs Almudena to join her.

García tells Pizarro that Esmeralda cannot stop crying.  He wants to know what Pizarro did with the baby so that he can care for it.  He promises not to get Pizarro in trouble.  Pizarro reveals that he left the baby in a cemetery.  He warns García not to look for the baby.

Agapito tells Diego that Mariángel has a very high level of poisoning and is still unconscious.  Diego asks Olmos whether Mariángel was drinking, but Olmos replies that she was not.  Diego does not understand why the baby was born so soon.  Agapito examines the baby and declares it to be healthy.  He suggests that Diego find a nanny to feed the baby.  Mariángel will not be able to do it because of the poison in her body.  Diego tells Olmos that he will take the baby to the hacienda and requests that Olmos stay with Mariángel.  Agapito wonders what poisoned Mariángel.

García enters the cemetery and hears dogs barking.  He chases them away and then discovers the baby's grave.  He is utterly horrified to discover that the dogs tore up the baby's body.  He cannot believe that Pizarro was so heartless.  He damns Pizarro and Montero.  García cries as he buries the baby.

Diego brings the baby home and explains that it came early.  Mariángel is intoxicated and cannot feed the baby.  Dolores leaves to find an Indian who can feed the baby.  María Pía takes the baby to find clothes for it.

Selenia reads her runes and learns that something bad will happen.  Tarsicio warns her that he doesn't trust Mariángel or the hunchback.  Selenia decides to ask her rune about them.  Olmos comes up behind the two of them and points a gun at Selenia.  He announces that they will settle their account right now.

García runs back to Pizarro, screaming that he abandoned the baby.  There were other options, and Pizarro should have used kindness.  Pizarro tells him to get it into his head that they didn't have any other choice but to follow Montero's orders.

Olmos blames Selenia for his deformity and explains how he knows that Selenia cursed his mother's womb.  Selenia claims not to know anything about it and suggests that Olmos is deformed due to God's will.  Olmos blames Selenia for Mariángel nearly dying that night.  Selenia is amazed that Olmos gave Mariángel the potion while she was pregnant.  She comments that his obsession will drive him crazy.  Mariángel's life hangs on a thread, and Selenia is the only person who can save her.

Mariángel begins moaning, and Agapito checks on her.  He concludes that she must be having a nightmare.

Pizarro reports to Montero that he has obeyed orders; the baby is buried in a cemetery.  Montero warns Pizarro to stay away from the Duke, who is pressuring him to produce Sara Kalí's body.  After Pizarro leaves, Montero tells Leroy to go to the cemetery to find out whether Pizarro told him the truth.

García brings Esmeralda a bouquet of flowers.  He tells her that he heard that her son is fine.  He was given to someone who will take care of him.  Esmeralda remains unresponsive. 

Alejandro tells Diego that he now has a new reason to live.  His son can help him forget his sadness.  Dolores comments that it is obvious who the father is; the baby looks just like Diego.

Esmeralda thinks about what might have been.  She sees herself holding her baby with Diego admiring him.  Years later, Diego is teaching their son to fence as Esmeralda watches.

Leroy investigates the cemetery and confirms that Pizarro carried out his orders.  He comments that it is strange that the baby looks as though it was torn apart by animals.  Leroy is disappointed that he has lost the opportunity to make Pizarro look bad.  Leroy intends to put the arrogant Pizarro in his place sometime soon.

Pizarro throws stones against Catalina's window and tells her to come down to speak to him.  Tobías wakes up but does not let on that he heard anything.

Alejandro tells Diego that Regina's murder was the worst thing that has ever happened to him.  He regrets that he was unable to help Regina when she needed it the most.  He tells Diego that it is unhealthy for him to hold on to his grief.  He needs to summon the strength to move on.  Alejandro summoned his strength from Diego, and Diego should summon his from his new son.

Pizarro kisses Catalina, and she asks him to stop.  Tobías could see them at any time.  Catalina senses that something is bothering Pizarro, but he does not wish to discuss it.  He wants to kiss her and forget about it.

Leroy reports that Pizarro followed orders.  Montero orders Leroy to hire more men to protect the perimeter of his home.  Montero will tell everyone that the new soldiers were hired as additional protection for the Queen.  Montero tells himself that he is glad that Pizarro obeyed his orders.  He now has one more task for him.

Dolores reflects about how sad Diego must feel.  He would have wanted to have that baby with Esmeralda.  María Pía comments that they all have Esmeralda in their hearts.  María Pía is certain that the baby will bring peace and happiness to the family.

Mariángel awakens.  She asks Olmos where the baby is, and Olmos explains that Diego took it to the hacienda in order to take proper care of it.  Mariángel becomes worried that she will never see the baby again, but Olmos tells her that she ate something poisonous and cannot nurse the baby.  This is why Diego took the baby home.  Mariángel wants Olmos to have the baby brought back the next day.  The baby is very important, and she wants him with her.

Sara Kalí tells the gypsies that she has found documents that prove her legal identity.  Her enemies will probably try to prove the documents false.  Sara Kalí explains that the Queen is her cousin, and she hopes that Maria Luisa is a fair woman.  She was not involved in the conspiracy.  The Duke is the person responsible, and he will kill all of them in order to prevent her from seeing the Queen.

The Duke's men bring Pizarro before Duke Jacobo.  The Duke wants Pizarro to tell him many things about his commander, Ricardo Montero.

Montero enters the basement to see Esmeralda.  He discusses how she betrayed him and how her biggest mistake was becoming an ally to his biggest enemy, Zorro.  He has made her pay for each of her betrayals.  She has lost her son and will soon lose her life.

The Queen awakens to find an intruder in her room.  Zorro wishes her a good evening.

Capítulo 88
June 18, 2007

Zorro speaks to the Queen.

Montero tells Esmeralda that he wants her to die hating him.

Duke Jacobo wants Pizarro to tell him the truth about Sara Kali.

Lightning flashes on Selenia's face as she enters Mariangel's bedroom.

Mariangel refuses to take her medicine.

Pizarro states that they can do nothing for Esmeralda.

Selenia uses her ring to hypnotize Mariangel.

Mariangel thinks lovingly of Olmos.

Diego names his son Alejandro.

Garcia requests that Pizarro protect Esmeralda.

Montero kisses Esmeralda goodbye.

Esmeralda remains limp and unresponsive.

Diego asks for a sign that Esmeralda is alive.

The Queen reveals what Zorro told her.

Montero orders Pizarro to kill Esmeralda.

Renzo wants to escape his pain and suffering.

Esmeralda laughs when she speaks of her medallion.

Pizarro looks at Esmeralda's medallion.

Padre Tomas reminds Diego that Zorro seeks justice, not revenge.

Garcia holds up Pizarro as he prepares to kill Esmeralda.

Olmos holds up Garcia as he leaves with Esmeralda.

Diego insists that he can change things.

Olmos forces Esmeralda and Garcia to walk through the woods at gunpoint.

Zorro visits with the Queen, and Olmos becomes Mariángel's hero.

Zorro introduces himself to the Queen.  She accuses him of stealing from her convoys.  Zorro explains that he gives the money to the poor.  Zorro informs the Queen that there has been much criminal activity in the city, and he needs to know whether she is responsible.  He asks whether she ordered the death of Mercedes Mayorga de Aragón.  The Queen is surprised.

Montero tells Esmeralda that he has been with many women and has never been humiliated.  He was not going to allow a gypsy to spoil his plans.  Esmeralda's mother died, and Esmeralda will soon join her.  Montero asks whether Esmeralda wants to know what happened to her baby.  He wants to see her cry, and he wants her to die hating him.

The Duke wants Pizarro to tell him whether it is true that Sara Kalí died.  Pizarro explains that Sara Kalí escaped from the prison and was killed.  Her body was not recovered, and they think the gypsies took it.  The Duke wonders how he can know that Pizarro is not lying.  Pizarro states that he has no reason to lie; he is loyal to Montero and to the Crown. 

The Queen asks why Zorro mentioned her cousin, Mercedes Mayorga de Aragón.  Zorro explains that he recently met her; the Queen replies that this is impossible since Mercedes died as a baby.  Zorro informs the Queen that others have lied to her.  Mercedes lived in Los Angeles until recently and had a daughter named Esmeralda.  Unfortunately, both Mercedes and her daughter have been murdered. 

The Duke tells his Misael that Pizarro's story matched that of Montero.  However, he is not certain that he believes Pizarro.  There is something odd about him, and he suspects that Pizarro is lying.

The Queen comments that she has never heard any such story about the Mayorga de Aragón family.  Zorro tries to explain further, but the Queen does not want him to continue without a witness.  Zorro promises to come again the next night, and he will let the Queen choose her witness.  She decides that Duke Jacobo will hear what Zorro has to say.

Montero tells García to take two days vacation.  García protests, but Montero tells him that Pizarro will take charge of Esmeralda.  García is to find Pizarro and have him come see Montero.  García leaves with the unsettled feeling that something bad is about to happen to Esmeralda.

Diego tells Bernardo that he believes that the Queen is not involved in the conspiracy.  The Duke is probably the one responsible.  Diego plans to expose the Duke for what he is.

Selenia enters Mariángel's room and asks to see her alone.  Agapito tries to give Mariángel a dose of medicine before leaving, but she won't take it.  Selenia promises to give it to her.  Selenia announces that she has a message from Santiago Michelena.

Pizarro is concerned that the Duke does not believe the story about Sara Kalí.  Olmos comments that it would help if a body would show up.  Pizarro is certain that Montero will want Esmeralda killed.  Olmos protests, but Pizarro declares that they must be careful.  There is nothing they can do to help Esmeralda.  García arrives and tells Pizarro that Montero needs to see him.  Olmos listens with interest.

Mariángel protests that the seance upset her, and she doesn't want to visit with Santiango again.  Selenia flashes her ring at Mariángel, hypnotizing her.  When Mariángel awakens, she seems much more content.  Mariángel asks what happened.  Selenia replies that they were speaking of Olmos' virtues.  Mariángel pronounces his name lovingly, commenting that she had never realized her feelings before.  Selenia knowingly replies that the right person is often in front of us the entire time, and we do not realize it.  Mariángel asks to see Olmos.  Selenia tells her that he will be with her soon.

Diego looks at his son and thinks of what he had with Esmeralda.  He comments that it is a shame that it couldn't have been.  Diego decides to name his son Alejandro de la Vega, and tells him that he will someday be Zorro.

García fears that Montero will try to kill Esmeralda.  Pizarro replies that if Esmeralda is to die, then so be it.  García protests that she should be protected because she is the daughter of the true Queen of Spain.  Pizarro agrees to ask Montero, but stresses that it is out of his hands.

Montero informs Esmeralda that her end is near.  He has sent García away because he would not have followed orders.  Montero lifts Esmeralda, who remains limp and unresponsive, into an upright position.  Montero ties her hands together and kisses her goodbye.  He notices her medallion and rips it off of her neck.  He drops it to the floor, announcing that she no longer needs it.

Diego writhes in bed, hearing Esmeralda calling for his help.  He awakens, telling himself that he cannot keep living like this.  He asks Esmeralda for a sign.

The Duke tells the royal guards that they will be punished for allowing an intruder into the Queen's bedroom.  The Queen tells the Duke that Zorro has stolen her peace of mind.  Zorro told her a story about Mercedes Mayorga de Aragón—that she lived and had a daughter.  The Duke insists that Zorro's story is a lie.  The Queen remembers how the entire Mayorga de Aragón family died at the same time—and how odd it was.  The Queen reveals that Zorro is to meet with her again, and she wants the Duke present as a witness.

Montero orders Pizarro to kill Esmeralda immediately.  Pizarro tries to put in a word for Esmeralda, but Montero insists that she be killed.  Pizarro is to dispose of the body so that no trace remains.  Montero requests that Pizarro bring him Esmeralda's heart as proof that his orders were followed.

Renzo wants to rid his heart of all the pain and bitterness.  Ana Camila assures him that he will have a second chance at happiness.  He wonders how it can happen.  Ana Camila kisses Renzo, and then apologizes for her impulsiveness.  Renzo replies that he will now have to apologize, and the two become locked in a heated embrace.

Sara Kalí requests that the gypsies retrieve her daughter's remains once they arrive in the city.  After she speaks to the Queen, she wishes to take her daughter's body back to Spain with her.  Since she was unable to spend time with her daughter in life, she wishes to be buried next to her daughter.

Pizarro tells Esmeralda that it is time.  The Queen and Duke have arrived, and Montero has ordered Pizarro to make Esmeralda disappear.  Esmeralda wants to know where her son is.  Pizarro replies that he is dead.  Esmeralda remains strangely unresponsive.  Pizarro finds the medallion and asks whether it belongs to Esmeralda.  She looks at it, states that it is the one gift she received from her mother, and laughs.  Pizarro places the medallion in her hands.

Diego tells Padre Tomás about his meeting with the Queen.  Diego is certain that the Duke is responsible for what happened to Sara Kali.  Padre Tomás replies that they must open the Queen's eyes and seek justice.  Diego swears that Zorro will punish all of them.  Padre Tomás reminds Diego that Zorro seeks justice, not revenge.  Diego confesses that he has not been the same since Esmeralda died.

Out in the woods, Pizarro apologizes to Esmeralda for not helping her and then prepares to shoot her.  Suddenly, García appears with a shotgun, ordering Pizarro to stop.  Pizarro lays down his gun and tells García that he is an idiot.  García begins to lead Esmeralda away, but Olmos arrives with two guns pointed at García and Pizarro.

Fernando apologizes for not coming to see Mariángel sooner.  He tells her that she looks beautiful and wants to know what happened.  Mariángel explains that Olmos helped her give birth to the baby and that he is a hero.  Fernando is incredulous.  Mariángel declares that Olmos is very special.

Guns are pointed all around as Pizarro orders the others to back off.  Olmos states that he has special plans, and García insists upon rescuing Esmeralda himself.  Esmeralda stands silently, not caring what happens.  Olmos suggests that Pizarro will have no trouble finding a heart to give Montero.  Esmeralda requests that García drop his gun; she does not want him to be hurt.  García and Pizarro both lower their weapons.  Pizarro allows Olmos to take both Esmeralda and García hostage.  Olmos informs his prisoners that their destiny has been sealed.

Diego tells his father that he is tired of tyranny and oppression.  He wants things to be different for his son.  Diego announces that he can change things himself.  He is not the man his father thinks he is.

Pizarro delivers a bag containing a heart to Montero and informs him that his orders were followed.  Montero assures Pizarro that he will be rewarded.  Both Esmeralda and Sara Kalí will now disappear into oblivion.

Olmos follows Esmeralda and García through the woods, keeping them at gunpoint.  Olmos whistles, and the slave traders enter the scene.  Olmos offers the slave traders both hostages for the price of one.

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