Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 89-91

Capítulo 89
June 19, 2007

Olmos brings his captives to the slave traders.

Olmos reveals that he is under the orders of Duke Jacobo.

Alejandro notices that Diego has changed a great deal.

Montero tells Duke Jacobo about Zorro.

Diego cannot accept that Esmeralda is dead.

Kamba sings a song to himself.

Suplicios worries about Kamba.

Prudencio tells Fernando that they have Alfonso.

Danny Gluck supervises the prisoners.

Duke Jacobo tells the Queen that Zorro is a terrible bandit.

Garcia and Esmeralda comfort Kamba.

Montero orders Pizarro to search for Zorro.

Fernando threatens Alfonso.

Maria Pia declares that Fernando is making her hate him.

Maria Pia apologizes for all of the trouble she has caused Alfonso.

Montero asks for Fernando to loan him some of his men.

Agapito announces that the slave traders' ship has wrecked.

The survivor is wearing Esmeralda's medallion.

Diego cannot believe that the man has Esmeralda's medallion.

Esmeralda thanks God that she is alive.

Esmeralda and García are sold off as slaves, and Fernando abducts Alfonso.

The slave traders hesitate about buying García and Esmeralda, since one is old and the other a woman.  García complains that he does not want to be sold into slavery.  Olmos argues that they should be grateful as he saved their lives.  Olmos was paid to get rid of them.  After Esmeralda asks, Olmos reveals that he is under the orders of Duke Jacobo.

The Duke informs Montero that Zorro broke into the Queen's bedroom and that he started to tell her about Sara Kalí.  Zorro plans to tell the Queen everything he knows.

Alejandro reflects that Diego has changed a great deal.  He used to devote all of his time to literature, the arts, and chasing women.  Diego confesses that Esmeralda changed him.  Alejandro comments that Diego is now a brave, valiant man who has confronted Montero and Fernando.  Diego states that he can do much more than that but stops short of admitting that he is Zorro.  After Diego leaves, Alejandro tells Bernardo to keep an eye on Diego.  He is afraid of what Diego might do.

Montero explains that Zorro is not just any criminal; he is very well-trained.  Montero believes that Zorro studied in military school in Europe.  The Duke wonders who could be hiding behind the mask.  Montero admits that he has no idea.  The Duke reveals that Zorro is to pay the Queen another visit.  Montero must prevent Zorro from speaking to the Queen or else his military career will be over.

Diego thinks about Esmeralda and how she is constantly in his thoughts.  She was everything to him, and then he lost her.  The worst part is that he cannot accept that she is dead.

Olmos says that the Duke will leave things as they are so long as he thinks Esmeralda is dead.  Olmos is paid for the new slaves, then tells the men that they can do whatever they want with them, so long as they are eventually killed.

Suplicios and Renzo finish kissing and revel in their happiness.  Suplicios feels like she is flying, and Renzo tells her that she makes him feel calm.  Suplicios worries because she is not a gypsy.  Renzo tells her that it does not matter.

Kamba stands in a clearing, singing a song.  Some men sneak up behind him.  Kamba is attacked, and the leader plans to sell Kamba to the slave traders.

Laisha announces that the slave traders are in the area.  Jonás gives Kamba's necklace to Suplicios and explains that it was found in a clearing that was stained with blood.  Suplicios wants to search for Kamba, but the others tell her that it is too late.

Esmeralda and García are brutally dumped on board the slave traders' ship.  Kamba has also been brought onboard.  Kamba fights the men, but the boatswain, Danny Gluck, whips him into compliance.

Selenia tells Olmos that she has fulfilled her end of the deal.  Mariángel will now see Olmos in a new light.  Selenia demands payment, but Olmos protests that he must know for certain.  Selenia cautions Olmos that Mariángel will only give him love so long as he keeps the flame lit.

María Pía learns that Don Alfonso's friend, Manuel, is worried about Alfonso.  He has been captured and taken away.  Manuel believes that Fernando's men are responsible.  María Pía requests that Manuel wait for her to change her clothes and then they will go to the city.

Duke Jacobo informs the Queen that Zorro is a bandit of the worst kind, then lists some of his crimes.  The Queen comments that this man sounds very different than the man who visited her.  The Duke warns the Queen not to meet with Zorro again.  The Queen reflects about the sincerity she saw in Zorro's eyes and insists upon meeting with him again.  She requests that her guards be kept ready in case something goes wrong.

Kamba is kicked in the stomach by one of the slave traders.  García and Esmeralda try to help him.

Fernando enters the barn where Alfonso is a prisoner.  Fernando announces that María Pía is his and punches Alfonso.  The men begin fighting.  Fernando asks what Alfonso wants with his woman, and Alfonso replies that he is going to marry her.

Montero swears that Zorro will pay for his visit to the Queen.  He orders Pizarro to have the surrounding area searched for any sign of Zorro.  Montero tells himself that he has a surprise for Zorro.

Fernando tells Alfonso that María Pía will never be his and continues beating him up.  Fernando suggests that Alfonso leave the city at once, because what is coming will be worse.  María Pía enters and screams for Fernando to stop.  Everything Fernando does is making her hate him more.  Each day she is more convinced that she should stay away from him.  María Pía apologizes for getting Alfonso involved in her problems.  Alfonso replies that her problems are his problems.  If necessary, Alfonso will endure a beating every night.  Fernando leaves, and María Pía apologizes again.

Diego dreams about Esmeralda and calls out to her in his dream.  He hears Esmeralda asking him for help and wakes up.  He is shaken by how real her voice sounded.

Renzo assures Suplicios that God will take care of Kamba.  Renzo and Suplicios discuss how Kamba is possessed by a demon, which is why he acts differently part of the time.

One of the slave traders rips Esmeralda's medallion from her neck.  As Esmeralda demands it back, Kamba goes berserk and attacks the man.  As the men scuffle, a lantern is knocked down, and the ship catches fire.

Montero asks Fernando for a favor.  He needs some of Fernando's men to retrieve a shipment from Mexico.  Montero's own men will be bringing a fake shipment in order to fool Zorro.  Montero reveals that Zorro visited with the Queen and will meet with her again in order to tell her about Sara Kalí.  Fernando agrees to lend Montero some of his men.

Alfonso and María Pía walk in the forest.  Alfonso hopes that he has helped her forget Fernando.  He comments that he has traveled the world, and the day he met her he figured out what he wants in life.  María Pía confesses that she is not quite ready for love.  Alfonso replies that he has been patient, but now may be the time for her to make a decision.

Olmos enters Mariángel's bedroom, and Mariángel greets him joyously.  She requests that Olmos have a seat, and he kisses her hand. Olmos exults in the knowledge that the potion has worked.

Alejandro and Alfonso are formally introduced to each other.  Alfonso asks Alejandro for María Pía's hand in marriage.  Fernando enters the hacienda and listens to the conversation.

Diego asks Raquel whether she has seen Sgt. García.  He feels badly about how he spoke to García the last time he saw him.  Raquel reports that she has not seen García in a couple of days.  Agapito rushes up with the news that the slave traders' ship was hit by a bolt of lightning and sank.  There were no survivors.  An old man suddenly stumbles around the corner and falls down in front of Diego and Raquel.  In disbelief, Diego sees Esmeralda's medallion hanging from the man's neck.

Esmeralda lies on a sandy beach amid the wreckage of the slave traders' ship.  She thanks God for her survival.

Capítulo 90
June 20, 2007

Esmeralda stares at her hand in surprise.

Esmeralda discovers that the image of her medallion is burned into her palm.

Diego demands to know where the man obtained the medallion.

Alfonso and Maria Pia announce their wedding plans.

Alejandro orders Fernando out of his home.

Mariangel wonders how she can repay Olmos.

Agapito watches Mariangel and Olmos in perplexity.

Diego shows the medallion to Padre Tomas.

Esmeralda finds Garcia sprawled on the beach.

The Queen announces that she will host a masquerade party.

Diego and Padre Tomas find it difficult to keep straight faces while speaking to Montero.

Kamba, Esmeralda, and Garcia celebrate their freedom.

Esmeralda shows her burned palm to Garcia.

Fernando holds Diego's son.

Fernando prepares to leave the hacienda.

Olmos declares that this is how he wishes to look.

Sara Kali declares that they must find her medallion.

Renzo compliments Suplicios on her appearance.

Almudena refuses to take White Buffalo's medicine.

Fulgencio informs Montero that Fernando has disappeared.

Almudena overhears Yumalay and Alejandro talking.

The Duke assures the Queen that the guards will act at the first sign of danger.

Padre Tomas fears that Zorro will fall into an ambush.

Mariangel shows her affection for Olmos.

Esmeralda recalls that her medallion represents her mother's entire fortune.

Diego finds Esmeralda's medallion, and Esmeralda's hand becomes a map.

Esmeralda struggles to arise and feels a sharp pain in her palm.  She discovers that the image of her medallion has been burned into her palm.  She remembers grabbing it on the ship and getting burned.  Esmeralda apologizes to her mother for losing the medallion.

The old man tells Agapito that the slave traders' ship caught fire and sank in shark-infested waters.  Diego wants to know where the man got the medallion.  When the man claims it belongs to him, Diego promises to pay for the information.  The man reveals that a young, pretty woman was wearing it.  Diego takes the medallion and pays the man.

Alejandro gives his blessing to Alfonso and María Pía.  Fernando interrupts and accuses María Pía of betraying him.  He tells María Pía that she cannot marry Alfonso.  Alejandro orders Fernando out of his home.  The men are distracted when Diego and Mariángel's baby is brought into the room.  Fernando realizes that he is looking at his grandson.

Olmos explains how he helped Mariángel during her labor.  Blinded by love, Mariángel wonders how she can repay him.  Olmos confesses that Mariángel is his guiding light.  Mariángel is blown away by his love.  She comments that she is so fortunate to have him.  Agapito arrives to examine Mariángel, and Olmos decides to leave.  Mariángel urges him to stay.  Agapito watches the two in perplexity.

Diego shows Esmeralda's medallion to Padre Tomás and suggests that his suspicions are correct.  A female slave on the slave traders' ship was wearing the medallion.  Diego declares that it is the sign he was looking for.

Esmeralda discovers Sgt. García on the beach.  She tells him that he is stronger than anyone thinks, and they will not let adversity stop them.  García declares that God does not want them to die.  Esmeralda agrees.

Padre Tomás suggests that the discovery of the medallion does not prove that Esmeralda is alive.  Diego insists that it means something.  Changing the subject, Diego comments that he will tell the Queen everything tonight.  Montero interrupts the conversation with a greeting.

The Queen reveals that she wants to host a masquerade party.  The Duke declares that he is nervous about her staying any longer.  The Queen questions his attitude and tells him to relax.  She orders him to plan the best masquerade this city has ever had.

Montero congratulates Padre Tomás on being the Queen's confessor during her stay in the city.  Padre Tomás thanks him, but replies that the Queen is just another parishioner.  Padre Tomás smilingly wishes Montero would choose him as his confessor.  After Montero leaves, Padre Tomás cautions Diego to be careful during his meeting with the Queen.

Esmeralda and García find Kamba, who is writhing in fear.  They tell Kamba that they will not hurt him, and Kamba calms down.  García pantomimes a bird flying so that Kamba will understand that they are free.  Kamba jumps around in excitement.

Diego shows Esmeralda's medallion to Bernardo.  He explains that he bought it from a man who came from the slave traders' ship.  Diego is confused and wonders whether Esmeralda is alive.

Esmeralda, García, and Kamba struggle to drag a chest through the forest.  Esmeralda's palm continues to hurt, and García looks at the burn.  García insists that he and Kamba can drag the chest by themselves.

Fernando holds his grandson, and then Alejandro again orders him to leave.  Fernando comments that the child will bring them together as a family.  He reminds Alejandro that the baby has his blood because Mariángel is his real daughter, while Esmeralda was only his bastard daughter.  Diego angrily orders Fernando not to speak about Esmeralda that way while in his home.  Diego states that Esmeralda was loved for who she was, not her blood.  Alejandro orders Fernando to leave.

As Esmeralda looks for wood, she comes upon Danny Gluck, the cruel boatswain, who lies seriously injured in the woods.

Olmos pays Selenia for her services.  He tells her that her powers are limitless, but then points a gun at her, adding her that she will now pay for what she did to him.  Selenia reminds him that she can do whatever he wants.  She can make him normal.

As Alfonso and María Pía discuss where they will go on their honeymoon, Fernando leaves the hacienda.  Prudencio tries to tell Fernando something, but he orders him to leave him alone.

Selenia explains that since she cursed Olmos, she can also reverse it.  She tells Olmos to look in the mirror to show her how he wants to look.  She will give him the opportunity to be reborn.  Olmos sees himself normal and handsome.  Selenia replies that his wish is her command.

Diego shows Alejandro the medallion.  They wonder whether Esmeralda could have been given to the slave traders.  Alejandro reminds Diego that Montero had every reason to kill Esmeralda.  Diego insists that this must be more than a coincidence.

Esmeralda places a tourniquet on Danny Gluck's leg.  She tells him that he has lost a lot of blood.  Gluck wishes Esmeralda would not speak to him in such an unkind tone.  He was just doing his job.  Esmeralda cries out in pain, and Gluck notices her hand.  He wants to see it, but she pulls her hand away, stating that it is just a burn.  Gluck observes that it looks like she was burned by a map's seal.  Gluck tells her that he is an expert navigator and that he could easily take her to the location on her map.

Sara Kalí tells Jonás and Azucena that her medallion contains a map to her mother's fortune.  They must find that medallion so that they can locate the treasure.  Jonás points out that the medallion could be anywhere.  Sara Kalí promises to try to draw the map from her memory.

As Esmeralda returns to camp, García worries that some of the slave traders may have survived and could be near.  Esmeralda tells him that she has already encountered one of them, who is seriously injured.  Esmeralda reveals that Gluck told her that her burn is a map.  García looks at the burn.  Esmeralda comments that she never saw those lines on her medallion.  The map apparently can only be seen when imprinted on something.

Zorro rides through the countryside, wondering where Esmeralda is.

Laisha tells Renzo that all of their misfortunes have been caused by people who are not gypsies.  She scolds him for making Ana Camila his woman, which is against gypsy law.  Renzo urges Laisha to leave her anger in the past.  Laisha promises to try, but only for Renzo's sake.

Almudena refuses to take White Buffalo's medicine.  She tells Yumalay to leave her alone.

Fulgencio tells Montero that Fernando has disappeared.  Montero becomes angry and decides that Fulgencio will have to help him complete his mission.  Fulgencio will be responsible for bringing the arms shipment to the prison.  Pizarro reports that preparations have been made for Zorro's meeting with the Queen.  He states that should Zorro escape, it will prove that he is not human.

Fernando stops in the woods underneath a tree.  He remembers how harshly María Pía spoke to him.  He tells himself that if he is such a nuisance to her, then he will end his life.  Fernando gets out a rope and loops it over a limb, preparing a noose.

Yumalay and Alejandro speak about Almudena's health and how worried they are about her.  They speak of when they slept together on Alejandro's wedding night.  Unknown to them, Almudena overhears the conversation.

The Duke tells the Queen that the guards will be watching Zorro carefully.  At the slightest sign that the Queen's life is in danger, the guards will act.

Pizarro checks the guards who stand on alert outside the prison.  Nearby, Padre Tomás is told by Mejias that they are conducting a dangerous operation, and he should go back to the church.  Padre Tomás looks around at the guards and tells himself that Zorro will fall into an ambush.

Selenia regrets that she must abandon her business.  Olmos will come back to kill her after he realizes that he was tricked.  Tarsicio wishes that Olmos had not gotten his way.  Selenia tells him that Mariángel's hypnosis will end the moment after she makes love to him.  She will surely punish Olmos for his brazenness.

Olmos brings Mariángel some flowers.  She thanks him.  Olmos suggests that she might want to see her son.  She replies that she wasn't thinking about that.  Mariángel locks the door and kisses Olmos.

Esmeralda remembers her mother telling her that the medallion represents her entire fortune.

The candles suddenly go out in the Queen's room.  Zorro enters and states that the Queen will soon be seeing everything much clearer.

Capítulo 91
June 21, 2007

Danny Gluck states that he can lead Esmeralda to her treasure.

Maria Pia announces that she will marry Don Alfonso.

Fernando hangs himself.

Montero and Jacobo confront Zorro.

Zorro is surprised to find more soldiers in front of him.

Brother Aaron wonders what Fernando has done now.

Mariangel and Olmos look up in surprise at Catalina enters the bedroom.

Catalina is horrified to see Mariangel and Olmos together.

Selenia regrets that she must abandon her business.

Jonas feels that there must be a way for them to get near the Queen.

Zorro is chagrined to learn that he has been tricked.

Renzo announces that he wishes to marry Ana Camila.

Laisha is devastated that Renzo will marry Ana Camila.

The Queen is annoyed that Jacobo disobeyed her orders.

Diego remarks about how happy Maria Pia is.

Prudencio wants to know whether they have seen Fernando.

Mariangel tells Olmos that she could not stop thinking about him.

Mariangel and Olmos plot to steal the de la Vega fortune.

Danny Gluck points the way to the treasure.

Jacobo asks Misael where he is going.

Esmeralda, Kamba, and Garcia begin digging.

A chest is unearthed.

Esmeralda views her mother's treasure.

Esmeralda follows her map to treasure, and Fernando hangs himself.

Duke Jacobo threatens Zorro at sword point.  Zorro declares that the Duke does not want the Queen to learn the truth about Mercedes and Esmeralda.  The Duke calls in the guards, and Montero storms into the room.

Danny Gluck remarks that he can guide Esmeralda to the treasure.  Gluck looks at Esmeralda's palm again and states that she is lucky that the ship was wrecked here.  Her mother's treasure is waiting nearby.

María Pía visits the sisters at the mission.  They are thrilled to learn that she plans to marry Don Alfonso.

Fernando places the noose around his neck.  He declares that he is not worthy of María Pía's love.  Fernando urges his horse forward, and he is hanged.

The Duke declares that he will protect the Queen from the lying bandit.  Zorro is forced to barricade himself in the next room.  Montero screams insults at his soldiers as they attempt to break down the door.  Finally, the soldiers succeed, but Zorro has disappeared.  Outside, Zorro is forced to fight off more soldiers.  Padre Tomás sets a wagon of hay on fire to provide a distraction, and Zorro escapes.

Alejandro is surprised to find Almudena awake and even more surprised by her attitude.  Almudena requests that Alejandro tell Yumalay to leave.  She does not wish to see her in their house again.

Brother Aaron frees Fernando from the noose.  He wonders what insanity Fernando has committed now.  He remarks that Fernando deserves to be saved, in spite of everything he has done.

Mariángel plants kisses on Olmos as she tells him that her aunt will die soon, thanks to the poison she placed in Almudena's medicine.  She wants the two of them to make plans to take over the de la Vega hacienda.  Olmos tells Mariángel that she is shrewd and that he would do anything for her.  Olmos and Mariángel continue kissing, and Catalina walks into the bedroom.

Alejandro tries to understand why Almudena wants Yumalay to leave.  Almudena states that she no longer wants Yumalay around, and she no longer wants to take Yumalay's medicine.  Alejandro remarks that Yumalay has taken care of Almudena all this time.  Almudena replies that she does not trust that medicine.  She thinks it has made her ill.  She wants Alejandro to have Agapito come to analyze the medicine.  After Alejandro leaves, Almudena reflects that the two of them betrayed her on her wedding night.

Selenia wishes she did not have to abandon her business just as it was becoming profitable.  Tarsicio blames it on the hunchback.  Selenia states that she had no way of knowing that the son of the woman her mother cursed is living in the city.  Selenia is certain that her mother is the person who cursed Olmos' mother because she recognizes her mother's work.  She also knows what substance her mother used and comments that it is similar to the love potion she gave Olmos.  Selenia is certain that Olmos will be punished.  Once Mariángel awakens from the hypnotism, she will hate Olmos, and everyone will learn about the hunchback who raped the beautiful woman.

Olmos tells Mariángel that he will take her to the de la Vega hacienda tomorrow so that she can see the baby.  Catalina watches in disbelief.  As soon as Olmos leaves, Catalina asks whether there is something going on between Mariángel and Olmos.  Mariángel smiles broadly and replies that it should be obvious.  Catalina wonders whether something is wrong with Mariángel.  Mariángel replies that she burns with passion each time she looks at Olmos.  Catalina declares that Mariángel is going crazy.

Sara Kalí is frustrated that she cannot draw an accurate map from memory.  The treasure was their only chance to get close to the Queen of Spain.  Jonás declares that there must be some other way.

Esmeralda repeats what Gluck told her about her medallion.  García is skeptical, but Esmeralda believes what Gluck said.  Esmeralda remarks that her heart tells her that her mother might be alive.  If what Gluck says is true, Esmeralda will use the treasure to get revenge against all who have wronged her.  García promises to help her however he can.

Zorro attacks what he believes to be the arms shipment.  He defeats the soldiers and checks the contents of the wagon.  Zorro is shocked to find nothing but dirt.  He realizes that he has been tricked.  The weapons must have come by another route.

Fulgencio reports that Montero's weapons have been delivered to a safe place.  Montero tells himself that Zorro fell into his trap and attacked the wrong wagon.  Montero plans to build a huge army and defeat all of his enemies.

Padre Tomás is overjoyed to learn that Alfonso and María Pía plan to wed.  He tells Alfonso that María Pía is the sincerest and most pure woman in the city.  He hopes that María Pía can once again experience happiness.

Brother Aaron gives Fernando some water.  Fernando begs to die.  Aaron replies that it is not his decision to make.  Aaron reminds Fernando that God loves him, and he should ask for forgiveness.  Aaron promises to help Fernando save himself.

Renzo announces that he wishes to marry Ana Camila.  Jonás asks whether Renzo is certain, and he is.  Laisha protests that Ana Camila is not a gypsy, therefore Renzo cannot marry her.  Jonás declares that Ana Camila's origin is not important, so he gives his blessing to the union.  Laisha wipes tears from her face.

Kamba and García carry Gluck on a stretcher while he gives them directions to the treasure.

The Queen chides the Duke for disobeying her orders.  He claims that he only cares about her safety, and he became worried about what Zorro would do.  After the Duke leaves, the Queen writes a letter to her sister.  In it, she states that her suspicions have been confirmed.  A man named Zorro tried to tell her about the Mayorga de Aragóns.  The Duke reacted rather oddly, and the Queen now has doubts about him.  If what she suspects is true, she will punish the Duke.

Javier and one of the gypsy women notice a poster announcing the upcoming masquerade.  They realize that the masquerade will give them the chance to get close to the Queen.

Bernardo shows Diego the notice about the masquerade.  Diego remarks that it will provide an opportunity for Zorro to speak to the Queen.  Diego tells Bernardo to go to the city and find out about a shipment of arms.

Agapito takes a sample of Yumalay's medicine for analysis.  Almudena wants to be certain of its contents.  Agapito promises to let Almudena knows the results immediately. 

In the hallway, Dolores and Yumalay wonder why they are being kept out of Almudena's room.

Alejandro remarks that he feels badly about the situation.  He has not yet asked Yumalay to leave since he does not have a valid reason.  Almudena replies that he should have a good reason once Agapito returns with the analysis.

Diego observes that María Pía is very happy about her upcoming wedding.  María Pía wishes that Diego were happier.  Diego remarks that he sometimes feels like Esmeralda is still around.  Prudencio enters, looking for Fernando.  He announces that Fernando has disappeared.

Mariángel tells Olmos that she could not sleep all night thinking of having him in her room again.  Mariángel makes Olmos promise that no one will ever come between them.  Olmos declares that they will be the sole owners of the de la Vega fortune.  Mariángel is thrilled.

Gluck announces that he can smell the treasure in the air.  He points to the treasure's location. 

The Duke asks where Misael is going.  When Misael informs him that he has a letter that the Queen wants mailed immediately, the Duke demands that it be given to him.

Olmos and Mariángel arrive to see the baby.  Mariángel takes turns admiring the baby and admiring Olmos.  Mariángel declares that the baby will bring Diego and her closer together, but turns to give Olmos a secret look.

Esmeralda, García, and Kamba dig up a chest.  Esmeralda opens it and beholds a Queen's treasure.  Esmeralda swears that she will use all of her fortune to punish the ones who killed her mother and her son.  Esmeralda declares that her revenge begins now.

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