Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 92-94

Capítulo 92
June 22, 2007

Esmeralda declares that she will avenge her baby and her mother.

Mariangel comments that her baby will learn to love her more than anything.

Mariangel looks in the mirror and sees Selenia telling her how much she loves Olmos.

Yumalay asks why Alejandro is avoiding her.

Almudena reveals that she knows about Alejandro's betrayal.

Agapito discovers poison in the medicine.

Maria Pia worries about Fernando.

Danny Gluck's ship is about to sail.

Mariangel promises to repair the damage she has done to Olmos.

Diego notices something odd about Esmeralda's medallion.

Esmeralda turns around to see the Amazon warrior women.

Esmeralda wonders whether the women are friends or enemies.

Two of the women introduce themselves.

Montero praises Leroy.

Duke Jacobo tries to enter the church.

The Queen confesses that there is a plot against her.

Diego finds the location indicated by the medallion.

Fernando is baptized.

Agapito tells Alejandro about the poison.

The gypsies learn about the masquerade.

The Duke is worried that the Queen is at the church.

Diego promises to make his son's life worthwhile.

Garcia and Kamba return with the cart.

Esmeralda has joined up with the Amazon warrior women.

The Queen learns the truth about Mercedes Mayorga de Aragón, and Esmeralda joins up with the Amazon female warriors.

Esmeralda swears to avenge her son and her mother.  Her mother was the best thing that ever happened to her; it was beautiful knowing her for those few months.  Her mother was taken away, and then her son after only a few moments.  García urges her not to torture herself.  Esmeralda declares that from this moment on she will seek justice.

Diego informs Mariángel that the baby will be named Alejandro.  Mariángel comments that Diego is already making decisions for the baby.  Mariángel tells her baby that he will learn to love her more than anything.

Yumalay wants to know why Alejandro is avoiding her.  Alejandro apologizes, but states that he does not understand what is happening with Almudena.  He does not want to talk about it.

Dolores asks Almudena what is wrong.  Almudena remembers that she taught Yumalay how to take care of Alejandro, but now she has learned of the worst betrayal.  Almudena reveals that she overheard Alejandro and Yumalay discussing the night they slept together.  Almudena realizes that Dolores already knew.  Dolores protests that she always wanted to throw Yumalay out, but now she realizes that Yumalay cares about Almudena.  Dolores tries to make excuses for Alejandro, but Almudena will have none of it.  Her death would have been convenient for Yumalay.

Agapito examines the medicine and is shocked to find that it contains a small amount of arsenic.  The amount present would make the victim die slowly.

Mariángel tells Olmos that Diego has no respect for her.  She comments that Montero will want to die when he sees the baby because the baby looks like Diego.  After Olmos leaves the room, Mariángel walks up to a mirror and wonders why she feels this way about Olmos.  Selenia's image looks back at Mariángel, telling her that Olmos is the perfect man for her.  Mariángel remarks that she feels strange, then wonders where Olmos is.

Almudena wanted Alejandro to have someone after she is gone, but she now feels betrayed.  Alejandro tried to tell her, but she stopped him.  She remarks that Indians are treacherous.  She knows that Yumalay's medicine was not a cure.

María Pía tells Alfonso that she is worried about Fernando.  He disappeared after visiting the hacienda yesterday, and no one has seen him.  Alfonso declares that María Pía will have to forget about him.  María Pía replies that she will try.

In a large, secluded pond, Brother Aaron begins baptizing Fernando.

Dolores informs Alejandro that Almudena knows about his betrayal.  She requests that Alejandro not admit to anything as it would break Almudena's heart.  Alejandro protests that he cannot lie about something that has happened.

Esmeralda tells Danny Gluck to hold on, that García and Kamba will be back soon.  Gluck realizes that he will not make it.  He warns Esmeralda that she must leave this area at once.  There is a legend that the area is inhabited by a tribe of female warriors.  Gluck reflects that he was born the son of a great captain, but his ship never arrived.  No one ever saw his ship.  Now he will steer his ship.  Gluck takes a few last gasping breaths and dies.  Esmeralda closes his eyes and wishes him a safe voyage.  She will never forget that he helped her find her mother's treasure.

Diego playfully tells Almudena that he sees a hint of fire in her eyes.  Almudena changes the subject and asks Diego what he is going to do about her niece.  Diego must get Mariángel away from the baby.  She will be a bad influence on the baby and will destroy him as well.  Almudena stresses that Mariángel is evil.

Mariángel croons to Olmos that she will repair the damage she has done to him.  She kisses him, but he insists that they go somewhere else where they cannot be seen.

Diego looks at Esmeralda's medallion and thinks of what Almudena said about Mariángel.  He notices something odd about the medallion and makes an impression of it.  Diego discovers that the medallion contains a map.

One of the slave traders attacks an Amazon female warrior, and Esmeralda stumbles onto the scene.  She intervenes and is attacked by the man.  The warrior kills the man, and Esmeralda notices that she is surrounded by a tribe of female warriors.

Diego shows Bernardo that the medallion is a seal that contains a map.  He requests that Bernardo find some books that contain maps of California.  Diego feels certain that the medallion has a special significance.

Esmeralda and a couple of the female warriors formally introduce themselves to each other.

Duke Jacobo reads the Queen's letter.  He chides himself for not having the King assassinated sooner.  The King must have already told the Queen of his suspicions.  The Duke wonders what he should do now.  A guard informs him that the Queen is at the church.

The Queen tells Padre Tomás that she is not at the church to confess.  She wants to talk to him privately.  She suspects that she is surrounded by a conspiracy and that her husband's assassins are close to her.  She requests that he take the truth back to Spain should something happen to her.  She came to Los Angeles to find out what happened to the Mayorga de Aragón family.  Her husband told her something about them before he died, and Zorro has tried to tell her something.  Duke Jacobo would not let Zorro speak, and she no longer trusts the Duke.  Padre Tomás reveals that he knows the entire story.  He has met Mercedes Mayorga de Aragón.

Montero praises Leroy for his work.  He remarks that when Leroy completes this job and when Montero has destroyed all of his enemies, he will make Leroy very rich.  As for himself, he will be the governor.

Padre Tomás tells the Queen how Mercedes' father was assassinated because he wished to allow a woman to become ruler.  Her mother was forced to seek refuge with the gypsies.  She took Mercedes and all of the royal jewels.  The gypsies hid and protected Mercedes' mother.

The Duke tries to enter the church, but the royal guards keep him out.  The Duke worries about what is happening.

Padre Tomás states that the Queen contracted a strange illness and died.  Mercedes was raised by the gypsies.  In gratitude to her mother, the gypsies named her their Queen and called her Sara Kalí.  She grew up and fell in love with a gypsy named Yamil, whom she married.  Shortly thereafter, Fernando Sánchez de Moncada killed him.  Sara Kalí wanted revenge and married him in hope of using him to regain the Crown.  Fernando discovered her plan and sent her to America.  She was locked in prison for many years.  Sara Kalí's daughter was separated from her at birth.  Recently, Fernando killed Mercedes, and Montero killed Esmeralda.  Their bodies have not surfaced.  The Queen swears that she will seek justice, but Padre Tomás makes her promise to keep quiet for now.  Zorro will let her know when the time is right.

Diego discovers that the map shows a mountainous area north of San Diego.  He orders Bernardo to saddle two horses for them. They will investigate the area.

Alfonso remarks that he is counting down the days until María Pía becomes his wife.  After he leaves, Dolores tells María Pía that Alfonso is perfect for her.  María Pía tells Dolores that Fernando is missing.  Dolores orders her not to start this again.  María Pía worries that Fernando has done something crazy.

Fernando's baptism is completed.

Diego reminds Mariángel of his proposition that they separate.  He wants Mariángel to leave his home and let him raise their son.  Mariángel declares that she will not let Diego off that easily.

Agapito announces that it is a miracle that Almudena is alive.  The medicine contains arsenic.  Alejandro and Dolores are shocked.  Agapito tells Almudena that she should not continue taking the medicine.

Javier tells the gypsies about the masquerade.  Sara Kalí agrees that it will be a great opportunity to speak to the Queen.

The Duke orders Misael not to deliver any of the Queen's correspondence without him seeing it first.  Misael remarks that the Queen has gone to confession.  The Duke orders him to find out everything he can about the priest.

Diego admires his son and promises to make his life worthwhile.

Kamba and García return with the wagon for the treasure.  They are shocked to discover that Esmeralda has joined up with the Amazon female warriors.

Capítulo 93
June 25, 2007

Esmeralda explains that there is no cause for worry.

Almudena causes a scene.

Duke Jacobo blames Montero for not making certain that Sara Kali is dead.

Danny Gluck is buried.

Mariangel flirts with Olmos.

Montero asks for a moment alone with Mariangel.

Kamba, Garcia, and Esmeralda arrive at the Amazon camp.

Dania reveals that she can speak Spanish.

Diego and Alejandro discuss who could have poisoned Almudena.

Sara Kali discusses the masquerade with the other gypsies.

Laisha swears to make all of them pay.

Mariangel and Olmos share a few kisses.

Brother Aaron and Fernando are given food.

Agapito cleanses Almudena's blood.

Diego requests that Agapito check whether the vial contains poison.

Diego assures Yumalay that he knows she is innocent.

Almudena orders Yumalay to leave and to never return.

Diego announces that he will be leaving for a few days.

Kamba watches the Amazon ladies dance.

Esmeralda is bathed in the river.

Diego comments that he knows that Esmeralda is alive.

Diego discovers Esmeralda's clothes.

Yumalay declares her innocence, and Diego has a suspicion.

Esmeralda explains that there is no cause for worry.  García is concerned because the women do not seem friendly.  Esmeralda agrees but believes that they are grateful to her and want to express their appreciation.  García reminds Esmeralda that according to Amazon legend, the women kill anyone who has the misfortune of seeing them.  Esmeralda hopes it does not turn out that way this time.  Kamba motions towards the women excitedly, and Esmeralda warns him to control himself.

Almudena comes downstairs, yelling for Yumalay to come.  Diego asks his father what is going on, and Alejandro guardedly replies that they are having a problem with Yumalay.  Alejandro asks Almudena to calm down and return to her room.  He tells Dolores to have Yumalay meet him in his study.  Agapito takes Almudena back upstairs.

The Duke tells Montero that the Queen has suspicions about Sara Kalí.  He blames Montero for not making certain that Sara Kalí is dead.  Montero reminds him that when the Duke contacted him, Fernando had already sent Sara Kalí to the prison under an order of total confinement.  The Duke reveals that the order was fake; Fernando was blackmailing him.  The Duke also blames Montero for marrying Esmeralda and allowing her to manipulate him.  He observes that Montero's affairs with women are well-known and will be his downfall.  The Duke warns Montero that should Zorro speak to the Queen, he will punish him.  They are walking on a tightrope, and the Duke will not be the first to fall.  To Montero's annoyance, the Duke notices the Z on his chest.

Esmeralda, García, and Kamba give Gluck a Christian burial.  Esmeralda comments that he was a man burdened with a terrible fate, just like them.  García informs Esmeralda that he has bread and cheese in the cart.  The coins worked wonders in the village.  García heard from the villagers that the Queen of Spain has arrived in Los Angeles.  Esmeralda realizes that García speaks the truth because Pizarro mentioned the Queen before she was removed from the shack.  Esmeralda declares that they must return to Los Angeles as soon as possible.

Diego states that what Almudena is telling him is worrisome.  Agapito cleanses Almudena's blood while Diego and Almudena continue to talk.  Diego has trouble believing that Yumalay is the one responsible.  He declares that he is going to find out who put the poison in the medicine.

Alejandro confronts Yumalay in his study.  He accuses her of trying to kill Almudena with White Buffalo's medicine.  Yumalay is dumbfounded and declares her innocence.  Yumalay realizes that this is the reason why both Alejandro and Almudena have changed towards her.  Alejandro demands to know how the poison ended up in the medicine.

Mariángel and Olmos find Montero waiting in Fernando's home.  Montero wants to know where Fernando is.  He has heard that Fernando has lost his mind again and disappeared.  Montero asks to speak to Mariángel alone and then tries to kiss her.  Mariángel insists that he leave her alone.

Dolores explains to Diego that Yumalay looks just like his mother.  Even though Alejandro loves Almudena, he also fell in love with Yumalay.  Almudena overheard Alejandro and Yumalay discussing their intimate encounter.

Yumalay declares that the truth is in her eyes.  Alejandro replies that Almudena found out about the time they slept together, then the poison was discovered.  Tears fall from Yumalay's eyes as she comments that the medicine was a gift of love, not of death.

Padre Tomás tells Diego that he has told the Queen everything about Sara Kalí.  He cautions Diego that Zorro must stay away from the Queen for now.  Diego states that he is leaving Los Angeles for a few days so that he can look for Esmeralda.

Esmeralda, García, and Kamba arrive at the Amazon women's camp.  Kamba is again excited and wants to be near the ladies.  García cautions him that the legend states that the ladies kill their men in order to eat them later.  Dania takes Esmeralda to a cave and reveals that she can speak Spanish.  Esmeralda thanks her for their help.  She comments that all she can feel is the need for revenge, and it is keeping her alive.  It is decided that Esmeralda and her friends will spend the night at the Amazon ladies' camp.

Alejandro is certain that Yumalay did not know about the poison.  Diego wonders who could be responsible.  Alejandro comments that Yumalay and Almudena love each other, which makes it even more difficult for both of them.  Diego and Alejandro discuss Alejandro's predicament of loving two women.  Alejandro cannot turn Yumalay in nor ask her to leave the hacienda.

Laisha tells Ana Camila Suplicios that she is making a mistake, and she should not marry Renzo. She will never be a gypsy and cannot run away from her life.  Ana Camila points out that Laisha is the person trying to run away.  She wonders why Laisha is so hateful and resentful.  Ana Camila agrees that she will never be a gypsy but she will never leave Renzo.

Hermes tells Sara Kalí that he knows how to make costumes.  Jonás decides that Sara Kalí will be the only one to speak to the Queen.  The others will act as guards in case anything goes wrong.

Laisha gathers her belongings and prepares to leave the gypsy camp.  She looks back and swears that Miguel's death will be avenged.  The gypsies will pay for choosing ones that are not gypsies over their own kind.

María Pía looks for Fernando at his home.  The maid has not seen him but comments that Olmos and Mariángel are in her room.  Meanwhile, Mariángel and Olmos kiss in Mariángel's room and panic when María Pía knocks on the door.  Olmos hides, and Mariángel opens the door.  María Pía wants to know where Fernando is.  Mariángel is unconcerned and informs María Pía that if something happens to her father, it is María Pía's fault.  Mariángel states that she does not care what happens to him.

Brother Aaron and Fernando stand in a village eating food that has been given to them by the poor.

Agapito explains to Almudena how the process of purifying her blood works.  The arsenic is partially removed from her blood, and she will live.  Almudena is relieved and declares that she wants to live more than anything.

Diego apologizes to Yumalay for what has happened.  He knows that she is not responsible.  He comments that he has an idea about what has happened.  He will be leaving for a few days, and he hopes to have an answer when he returns.

Alejandro tells Almudena that the color has returned to her cheeks.  Agapito takes his leave, and Almudena wants to know whether Alejandro spoke to Yumalay.  Alejandro replies that Yumalay denies the accusation, and he believes her.  Yumalay enters the room.

Diego looks at Mariángel's flask of love potion.  He tells himself that if what he suspects is true, Mariángel will pay dearly.

Mariángel tells Olmos that she has not recovered from her pregnancy and needs more time.  Olmos apologizes for being impatient.  After Mariángel leaves the room, Olmos tells himself that Mariángel loves him.

Diego gives Agapito the flask of love potion.  He wants Agapito to determine whether the flask contains arsenic.  He requests that Agapito give only him the results.

Yumalay declares that she did not try to kill Almudena.  Almudena comments that she doesn't know which hurts more—that Yumalay tried to kill her or that she slept with Alejandro on their wedding night.  Yumalay admits that she did sleep with Alejandro.  She begs for forgiveness and insists that there was no evil in what happened.  Almudena tells her that there is no excuse and refuses to forgive her.  She orders Yumalay to leave and never to return.

Diego tells Dolores that he hopes to know who poisoned Almudena soon.  He will be leaving for a few days.  Dolores asks him not to leave.  Diego replies that if he finds what he is looking for, their lives will change.

The next day, the ladies undress Esmeralda and bathe her in the river.  Esmeralda's boots float downstream.  Meanwhile, Diego and Bernardo rest downstream near the river.  Diego comments that he is certain that Esmeralda is alive.  Suddenly, Diego sees the boots in the river.  Diego enters the water and retrieves them.  With wonder, he declares that they belong to Esmeralda.

Capítulo 94
June 26, 2007

Esmeralda is trained in different fighting techniques.

Alejandro tells Yumalay that he knows she would not hurt Almudena.

Diego declares that he will find Esmeralda.

Kamba spends some quality time with a couple of the Amazon ladies.

Garcia warns Esmeralda that the Amazon women could be dangerous.

Renzo and Ana Camila's wedding begins.

The Duke comments that he is worried about the Queen's safety.

Diego decides to scale the cliff.

Agapito explains that Almudena was poisoned.

Almudena worries about Yumalay.

Brother Aaron's exorcism fails.

Brother Aaron realizes that he will die.

Alfonso and Maria Pia discuss their wedding.

Mariangel pretends to be happy that Almudena is feeling better.

Olmos reflects that he would have compensated Selenia well for her services.

Esmeralda tells Garcia to take care of her mother's treasure.

Diego and Bernardo find a hole in the place indicated by the medallion.

Montero demands to know why Laisha is following him.

Santiago explains how he ended up in California.

Dania explains that they are forbidden to live with men.

Diego hears something.

Diego and Bernardo see a group of Amazon warrier women near the top of the hill, ready to attack.

Suplicios gets married, and Santiago Michelena returns from the dead.

Diego insists that the boots belong to Esmeralda.  He is about to prove that Esmeralda is alive.  Bernardo is skeptical, but follows Diego.

The Amazon warriors train Esmeralda in different fighting techniques.  Esmeralda tells herself that she is doing this for Diego.

Dolores remarks that Almudena looks great today.  She tells Almudena that Alejandro has departed with Yumalay in order to return her to her tribe.  Almudena asks what will happen to Yumalay.  Dolores reveals that the Indians will look down upon her, and Yumalay may end up dying of hunger.

Alejandro tells Yumalay that he knows she would never hurt Almudena.  Yumalay states that Almudena taught her to forgive.  Even though she did not give Almudena the poison, she poisoned her in a worse way.  She slept with the man she loves, and she fell in love with him.  Yumalay remarks that Alejandro will always be in her heart, and she will always love Almudena.

Agapito tests the love potion.  He discovers that it does contain arsenic.  He marvels that he has never seen anything like it, and it may even be an aphrodisiac.

Diego reflects that he and Esmeralda were meant to be together.  He knows she is alive because if she were dead he would be dead as well.  Their destinies became intertwined when their medallions became tangled.  He is certain that Montero showed him someone else's body.  He will find her no matter what.

García reminds Esmeralda that if the legends are true, the Amazon women are dangerous.  They kidnap men in order to procreate and then cannibalize them.  Esmeralda laughs.  Meanwhile, two of the ladies mess around with Kamba near the river.

Renzo and Ana Camila's wedding begins.  After a brief ceremony, the two become husband and wife, and the gypsies celebrate.  Hermes asks Sara Kalí why the gypsies all take a piece of the broken jar, and she explains that it is a symbol of good luck.  It represents plentitude and happiness.  Sara Kalí hopes that life gives Hermes back everything that it has taken.  Hermes tells Sara Kalí that he owes her for his life.

Laisha walks through the city.  She dodges Montero, who seems to recognize her.

Tobías wants to know why Catalina is getting dressed up.  She explains that the Queen wishes to have her make a costume for the party.  Pizarro gave her name to the Queen.  Tobías becomes angry and wants to know why Catalina has not broken off her relationship.  Catalina protests that she has tried but cannot.

The Queen remarks that the drawings look splendid.  She requests that Duke Jacobo make certain that the decorations look identical to the drawings.  She observes that Jacobo seems unhappy about the party.  He comments that he is worried about her safety.  He suggests that the party be by invitation only, and the Queen agrees.  However, she feels that Zorro will still find a way to come.

Diego and Bernardo climb a rock wall in order to save time in reaching their destination.  Meanwhile, Esmeralda continues her training.  After her training, Esmeralda wonders whether there is still hope for her and Diego.

Mariángel looks through her father's papers.  She is most annoyed that her only inheritance is two houses in Madrid and some land in Barcelona.  As Mariángel cries out in fury, she feels a sharp pain in her stomach.  Olmos and Agapito enter the room, and Agapito chides Mariángel for getting up so soon.  Mariángel comments that Diego is away, and Agapito remarks that it is most inconvenient.  He needs to tell Diego about the poison.  Mariángel questions Agapito, who explains that Almudena was poisoned with arsenic and he cleansed her blood.

Almudena asks María Pía whether she could let Yumalay live with her once she is married.  María Pía agrees, but cannot make any promises.  She doesn't know whether the Indians will let Yumalay come back.

Alejandro tells Yumalay that he will talk to her tribe and will insist that she be allowed to live in White Buffalo's teepee.  Yumalay remarks that it is not important; she will follow her destiny.  Alejandro requests that Yumalay not act like it is the end.  Yumalay wishes she could remove the pain from Almudena's heart.

Brother Aaron conducts an exorcism of a woman while Fernando assists him.  The woman screams that Brother Aaron is going to die and shoves him to the ground.  The woman chokes Brother Aaron and flees.  Brother Aaron grabs his chest and comments that the evil one was bound to defeat him eventually.  Fernando asks Brother Aaron to hang on, but Aaron dies.

María Pía insists that she and Alfonso get married in the mission chapel.  Padre Tomás believes that she should be married at the cathedral.  María Pía feels more at home at the mission and believes it is the right decision.  After Alfonso leaves, María Pía comments that she is worried about Fernando.  Padre Tomás observes that Fernando is still deep within María Pía's heart.

Prudencio and Fulgencio see Fernando hurry by with Brother Aaron's body.  In amazement, Prudencio remarks that either Fernando has totally lost his mind, or a miracle has occurred and he has become a monk.

Mariángel enters Almudena's room, pretending to be happy that she is feeling better.  Mariángel remarks that she knew that the Indian girl was planning something and is certain that she will try to do it again.  Almudena requests that Mariángel not talk about it.  Almudena observes that Mariángel is not saying it because she cares but because she hates Indians.  Mariángel insists that Yumalay will try again and will end up succeeding at her goal.

Olmos discovers that Selenia has abandoned her business.  He thinks his threats have scared her away.  It is too bad since he was going to compensate her generously for her services.

Esmeralda warns García to take good care of her mother's treasure.  García tells her not to worry and that he will prepare for her arrival in San Diego.  He warns her to keep an eye on the Amazon warriors, even though they have behaved well so far.

Diego discovers the location indicated by the medallion and notices that something has been dug up.  Bernardo discovers tracks, which they follow.  Diego hopes the tracks will lead them to Esmeralda.

Javier reports that the masquerade will be by invitation only.  Sara Kalí wonders what they can do.  Jonás suggests that money can buy anything and that they can find a military officer who will sell an invitation.  They will falsify additional invitations.

Laisha runs straight into Montero, who recognizes her.  He comments that she was with him to save her husband.  He wants to know why she is following him.

Mariángel is shocked when Santiago Michelena walks up to her in the plaza.  She tells him that he is supposed to be dead and that his sister, Marianela, sent her a letter telling of his death.  Santiago exclaims that it is impossible since Marianela died several years ago.  She became sick after their father went bankrupt and killed himself.  Santiago inherited his father's debt, paid a few bills, and came looking for Mariángel.  Santiago remarks that he hasn't forgotten Mariángel.  She replies coldly that her life has changed.  She is married to Diego de la Vega.  Santiago is surprised to hear Diego's name and comments that he has no chance against an expert swordsman like Diego.

Dania tells Esmeralda that they are forbidden to live with men but join them twice a year to procreate.  Esmeralda realizes that they do not know what love is.  She remarks that she is in love with a wonderful man but they have been kept apart.  Esmeralda wants to go back to Los Angeles, look him in the eye, and find out whether he still loves her.

Diego and Bernardo continue following the tracks.  They sit down to rest and then discover that they are surrounded by a group of Amazon female warriors who are preparing to attack.

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