Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 95-97

Capítulo 95
June 27, 2007

Diego explains that they come in peace.

Diego tells the ladies that he and Bernardo are friends.

Santiago explains that Diego is an excellent fighter.

The Amazon warriors shoot arrows at Diego and Bernardo.

Mariangel demands to see Montero.

Montero tortures Laisha.

Diego and Bernardo cover themselves with mud.

The Queen asks Padre Tomas about Esmeralda.

Renzo and Ana Camila will try to get an invitation to the masquerade.

Diego breaks the ends off of the arrows.

Dania explains that two men were spotted near their camp.

Almudena declares that she wants to go on with her life.

Alejandro and Yumalay say farewell.

Montero wants to know what Sara Kali plans to do.

Alejandro annouces that Yumalay will be able to stay with her tribe.

Agapito confims that the vial contained poison.

Mariangel finds another poison to use on her aunt.

Catalina tells Pizarro that she is a woman, not an animal.

Montero informs Pizarro that Sara Kali is alive.

Mariangel asks Olmos to put the poison in Almudena's medicine.

The Duke warns Montero not to allow anyone near the Queen.

Fernando refuses to return to Los Angeles.

Laisha reveals that Sara Kalí is alive, and Mariángel deduces that Diego is Zorro.

Diego says "hi" to the ladies.  He states that they come in peace.  An arrow is shot at Diego, and he catches it.  He puts his arm around Bernardo and remarks that they are friends.  After no response, he tells Bernardo to run.  As the two men flee, Bernardo is shot in the back with two arrows.

Mariángel remarks that Santiago must be joking.  Santiago tells Mariángel that the last time he saw Diego he was fighting 12 sailors and beat them quickly.  Mariángel thinks about what Santiago just said and quickly excuses herself.  Santiago tells himself that if Mariángel won't help him then Diego will.  Meanwhile, Mariángel tells herself that it is crazy that Diego could be an expert swordsman.  She concludes that Diego might be Zorro.

Montero's guards inform Mariángel that he has ordered them not to disturb him for any reason.  Meanwhile, Montero interrogates Laisha.  He wants to know where the gypsies are.  After no response, Montero indicates that they can do this the easy way or the hard way.  Laisha calls Montero a disgusting pig and slaps him.  Montero ties Laisha up and orders her to tell him what he needs to know.

The Amazon warriors remain in close pursuit of Diego and Bernardo.  The two men smear mud all over themselves to cover their scent.  They hide as the Amazon warriors run past.

As the Duke makes arrangements in the plaza for the masquerade, the Queen speaks to Padre Tomás.  She asks about Esmeralda, and Padre Tomás comments that Diego de la Vega was in love with Esmeralda.  He had the task of identifying her body.  While he did identify the body as Esmeralda's, he believes that Montero used someone else's body.  The Queen asks whether it would be safe to discuss Esmeralda and Sara Kalí with Diego, and Padre Tomás assures her that Diego can be trusted.

Sara Kalí wants Montero, Fernando, and their henchmen brought to justice.  She wants the gypsies to be treated with dignity.  Jonás remarks that they will always be grateful to her.  Sara Kalí comments that attending the masquerade ball will be very dangerous.  It is decided that Renzo and Ana Camila will be the ones who will try to get somebody to sell them an invitation.

Montero tortures Laisha.  As she continues to deny knowing anything, Montero wonders whether Sara Kalí could be alive.  He asks whether Sara Kalí is alive.  Laisha finally answers yes and agrees to talk.

Diego tells Bernardo that he is going to cauterize the wound.  He breaks off the arrows first and tells Bernardo to hang in there.

Esmeralda hears the Amazon warriors discussing something and asks Dania what is going on.  Dania reveals that two men tried to reach their camp.  Esmeralda asks about the men, then tells her to forget about it.  She is worried about Kamba and García.  Dania assures her that they would not hurt her friends.

Diego tells Bernardo that he is taking him back to the city so that Agapito can treat him.

Almudena sits down in the dining room and declares that she no longer wants to be in bed.  After Esmeralda's death, she was very bitter and did not want to live.  Now she wants to get on with her life.  Dolores tells Almudena that there is no word from Alejandro, but they should hear something soon.  Almudena asks for a full plate of food.

Alejandro tells Yumalay that he has arranged everything so that she can live in White Buffalo's teepee.  He offers to send Yumalay some pelts so that she can get herself established, but Yumalay refuses the offer.  Alejandro and Yumalay say a few last words, and Alejandro leaves.

Montero asks Laisha where Sara Kalí is, and Laisha claims that she does not know.  The gypsies are constantly moving her from place to place so that she cannot be found.  Montero wants to know what the gypsies are planning to do.  Laisha reveals that Sara Kalí will go to see the Queen.

Alejandro returns home and tells María Pía that Yumalay has permission to stay with her tribe.  María Pía mentions Almudena's idea that Yumalay could live with her.  Alejandro urges her not to do it because it would offend Yumalay.

Diego carries Bernardo into Agapito's office.  He explains that they were attacked by Indians.  Agapito is glad that the arrows did not touch any vital organs, but observes that Bernardo is burning with fever.  Agapito announces that the substance Diego gave him did contain arsenic.  He is certain that it is the substance that poisoned Almudena.

Mariángel retrieves a vial from a drawer.  She tells herself that if she gives Almudena all of it, she will die.  Montero will get rid of Diego, and the only family member left will be Don Alejandro.

Diego greets Santiago Michelena with pleasure.  Santiago remarks that Diego must be a sword-fighting legend.  Diego replies that he just helps his father at the ranch.  Diego wonders why Santiago has come to America.  Santiago claims that he is there to try his luck.  Diego tries to excuse himself to get help for a friend, and Santiago invites himself to go along.

Catalina tells Pizarro that she is a woman, not an animal.  Catalina hides when a soldier appears.  He tells Pizarro that Montero wants to see him immediately.

Montero states that Pizarro has been looking for the gypsies for months.  Pizarro remarks that they are always moving from place to place.  Montero explains that he knows why they are constantly moving—Sara Kalí is alive.  Pizarro declares that it is impossible, so the men go visit Laisha.  Laisha announces that Sara Kalí is alive and is going to look for the Queen.  Montero orders Pizarro to incarcerate Laisha.

Agapito tells Bernardo that he was very brave.  He has a fever, and Agapito will put cold compresses on his head.  A couple of soldiers burst into the room, attack Agapito, and blindfold him.  They inform Agapito that Pizarro wants to see him.

Olmos embraces Mariángel while he tells her that every minute without her is an eternity.  Mariángel asks for his help.  The poison that she gave her aunt was discovered.  She needs Olmos to put something in whichever medicine she is now taking.  Mariángel declares that her aunt must die.  Olmos promises to help.

Alejandro and Almudena discuss Yumalay.  Alejandro is certain that Yumalay is innocent.  Almudena just wants to leave it all in the past.  Alejandro suggests that they start concentrating on each other.

Olmos places the poison in Almudena's medicine.

The Duke tells Montero that the Queen has agreed to limit who can come to the masquerade.  The Duke reminds Montero that he will be punished if Zorro gets near the Queen.

Fernando sits praying over Brother Aaron's grave.  Prudencio tries to convince Fernando to return to Los Angeles.  Fernando states calmly that his time has passed.  Fernando destroyed himself.  The man Prudencio is looking at has no earthly possessions; he is being held by the Lord's hand.  Fernando is not the governor; he is nothing.  He will live the rest of his life forgiving and seeking forgiveness.

Renzo and Ana Camila walk through the plaza.  They plan to ask Padre Tomás for help in obtaining an invitation.  Renzo worries that he should have come alone.  Ana Camila remarks that no one will recognize her the way she is dressed.  Suddenly, they cross paths with María Pía, who recognizes Ana Camila Suplicios.

Santiago congratulates Diego on his wedding.  He also remarks that he once knew Mariángel, and he saw her earlier.  Nervously, Diego requests that Santiago not tell Mariángel about his adventures in Spain.  Santiago announces that Diego should thank him for increasing his wife's admiration of him.  He told Mariángel that Diego is an expert swordsman.  Diego is worried.

Mariángel tells Montero that they have a mutual problem they need to eliminate.  She is married to Montero's biggest problem.  Mariángel announces that she is Zorro's wife.

Capítulo 96
June 28, 2007

Diego is upset that Santiago told Mariangel about his fencing skill.

Santiago is puzzled that Diego wants to hide his skill.

Montero suggests that Mariangel watch Diego's every move.

Diego asks Bernardo where Agapito went.

Pizarro declares that Agapito will die.

Montero orders surveillance of the governor's mansion.

Suplicios announces that she and Renzo are married.

Maria Pia is happy for Suplicios.

Santiago hopes to be invited to dinner.

Mariangel asks where Diego is.

Olmos informs Mariangel that he has put the poison in Almudena's medicine.

Dolores and Almudena learn that Bernardo is gravely ill.

Olmos and Mariangel hear Diego leaving.

Esmeralda practices her fighting and defense skills with the Amazon warriors.

Esmeralda brushes her amazingly straight hair.

Mariangel searches Diego's room for any sign that he could be Zorro.

Santiago remarks that the fever will end up cooking Bernardo's brain.

Diego tells Santiago that his remark was in poor taste.

Fernando watches Maria Pia.

Maria Pia is certain that she imagined seeing Fernando.

The Amazon warriors hear intruders approaching.

Kamba and Garcia approach the Amazon camp with a white flag.

The Queen decides to appoint Don Alejandro as governor, and Esmeralda learns about the masquerade.

Montero scoffs at the ridiculousness of Diego being Zorro.  Mariángel calmly answers that Diego is Zorro.  She remarks that Santiago Michelena has arrived from Spain and told her that Diego was the best swordsman in all of Europe.  Montero begins to wonder whether Mariángel could be right.

Diego can't believe that Santiago told Mariángel about his prowess with a sword.  Santiago cannot understand why Diego would want to hide his skill with a sword.  Diego explains that they are living under a tyrannical regime in Los Angeles, and it is best that he not appear dangerous.  Diego just wants to help run his father's hacienda.  Santiago is puzzled but assures Diego that he only told Mariángel and is certain that his wife would keep Diego's secret.  Santiago promises to help Diego should his statement cause any trouble.  Santiago asks Diego for a favor.  He is broke and hopes Diego will let him stay at the hacienda.

Mariángel comments that Diego is the person wearing the mask of Zorro.  Montero replies that it must be a lie.  Santiago Michelena has to be lying.  Diego is an inept swordsman.  Mariángel reminds Montero that Diego was tortured in Callao prison.  An imbecile would not have been able to endure Montero's torture.  Montero is skeptical but wants Mariángel to watch everything Diego does.

Diego asks Bernardo where Agapito went.  Bernardo tells Diego that the soldiers took Agapito by force to see Pizarro.  Diego does not understand why Pizarro would have Agapito taken away.  Diego notices that Bernardo is in bad shape.  He leaves to go get Dolores.

The soldiers leave Pizarro alone with Agapito.  Pizarro announces that Agapito betrayed him, and he will die.  Pizarro knows that Sara Kalí is alive.  Agapito swears that he did not exhume her body.  He pleads with Pizarro to have mercy.  Pizarro declares that Agapito will die.  In desperation, Agapito reveals that Sara Kalí is alive, and he helped her.

Montero tells Leroy to select his best men for a delicate mission.  He wants Leroy to place undercover men around the Governor's house 24 hours a day.  Montero tells Leroy that Sara Kalí is alive and will be trying to see the Queen.  Leroy must make certain that it does not happen.  Montero remarks that he has had a recurring dream these last few days.  He sees blood covering everything and fears that the masquerade will be a real tragedy.  He is certain that his own blood will not spill.

María Pía is amazed to hear Suplicios' story and is happy that Suplicios and Renzo are married.  Suplicios asks about María Pía, who reveals that she has left the religious life and will marry a man named Alfonso.  María Pía invites them to her wedding.  Suplicios confesses that she and Renzo need a favor.

Diego requests that Santiago watch over Bernardo while he goes on an errand.  Before Diego leaves, Santiago asks for some money so that he can eat.  Santiago hopes that he will be invited to dinner later.

Dolores tells Mariángel that the baby is eating well.  Mariángel asks where Diego is, and Dolores does not know.  Mariángel asks whether Diego has always been a passive man.  Dolores verifies that he has been.  Mariángel comments that she hopes their son inherits his virtues.

Suplicios explains that Sara Kalí must meet with the Queen.  María Pía is surprised that Sara Kalí is alive.  Suplicios asks María Pía whether she has received an invitation to the masquerade.

Olmos informs Mariángel that he has put the poison in Almudena's medicine.  Mariángel wants Olmos to explain about her father's missing fortune.  Olmos comments that a few months ago her father made some investments that in his opinion were not very wise.  Mariángel laughs and tells Olmos that he is slick; he wants her father's fortune.  Olmos confesses that he did take money in the past but stopped after Mariángel caught him.  If Olmos had that money, he would invest in a love potion and use it on Mariángel.  Mariángel tells him that he doesn't need a love potion.  Mariángel announces that their plan to gain the de la Vega fortune is in place.

Diego tells Dolores and Almudena that Bernardo is very ill.  Dolores leaves with Diego.  Mariángel sees them leaving and wonders where they are going.  Mariángel asks Olmos whether Diego could be Zorro, and Olmos laughs.  Anybody but Diego could be Zorro.

Esmeralda continues training with the Amazon women.

Mariángel searches Diego's room for some sign that he is Zorro.

Diego tells Dolores that Mariángel is responsible for poisoning Almudena.

Suplicios tells María Pía where they are staying.  María Pía promises to bring them her invitation.  After María Pía leaves, she gives money to a monk.  He looks up at her, and María Pía is shocked to see Fernando.  María Pía runs away.

Dolores suggests that they place orange slices behind Bernardo's ears.  Santiago remarks that it won't do much good.  He comments that he has seen cases like Bernardo's, and the fever ends up cooking the brain.  In disgust, Diego tells Santiago that was not the right thing to say.  Dolores tells Diego to go get the native healer; Bernardo needs help immediately.

Outside, Santiago trails after Diego.  Diego tries to get rid of Santiago, but Santiago asks to stay at the hacienda.  Diego allows Santiago to come with him while he gets the native healer.

María Pía tells herself that the monk cannot be Fernando.  She must be seeing things.  Alfonso walks up and invites María Pía to a concert.  Fernando watches María Pía from across the plaza.

Pizarro wants to know how Sara Kalí ended up at the leper colony.  Agapito claims that he heard banging on the coffin while he buried her and opened it after Pizarro left.  Pizarro tells Agapito that he is a traitor and will die.  As Pizarro gets his gun, Agapito knocks him out and flees, declaring that Zorro will save him.

Tobías accuses Catalina of lying about seeing the Queen.  Catalina announces that she did see the Queen, who wants her to make a dress for the masquerade.  Catalina reflects that Pizarro must have figured out that she wants nothing to do with him.  Tobías tells her that he cannot forget what he saw and will never touch her again.  Catalina incredulously declares that Tobías has never touched her.

Pizarro wakes up and swears that Agapito is a dead man:  Pizarro will kill him.

Esmeralda tells Dania about her mother.  It hurt to see her mother suffer.  Dania wants to do something for Esmeralda.

The Indian healer chants over Bernardo.  Santiago declares that it is nonsense, and Diego states that it is all that they can do at this point in time.  Later, Diego tells Santiago that they will go to the hacienda.  On the way, he will inform Santiago what he may and may not tell Mariángel.  Diego continues to wonder where Agapito is.

Agapito seeks refuge in Tobías' home.  Agapito tells Tobías that Pizarro knows that Sara Kalí is alive and is going to kill him.  Agapito is certain that Tobías, Zorro, can help him.

Diego and Santiago arrive at the hacienda, and Diego cautions Mariángel not to believe everything that Santiago says as he has a habit of lying.  Diego asks to speak to Mariángel in their room.

Since Fernando Sánchez de Moncada has disappeared, the Queen plans to appoint Don Alejandro as the new governor.  The Duke tries to talk her out of it but does not succeed.

Diego tells Mariángel that he has evidence that she poisoned her aunt.  The poison matches the substance she gave him back when they were caught in bed.  Mariángel tells him that what he is saying is nonsense and that what she gave him was just a stimulant.  Mariángel acts hurt that he is accusing her of something so horrible.  Diego tells her that they are separating and to take her belongings and leave his house as soon as possible.

García and Kamba approach the Amazons' camp with a white flag, hoping not to be attacked.  García tells Esmeralda that he has important news.  There will be a masquerade in Los Angeles, and it is being organized by the Queen.  It will be the perfect opportunity to return without being caught.  Esmeralda receives this news with a big smile.

Capítulo 97
June 29, 2007

Esmeralda is certain they can get invitations to the masquerade.

The Queen wants the masquerade to be open to all citizens of Los Angeles.

Leroy is certain that he will recognize the woman Montero is seeking.

Esmeralda decides to return to Los Angeles.

Olmos eats while he celebrates Mariangel getting thrown out of the house.

Agapito explains who Sara Kali is.

Mariangel remarks that they will still seek the de la Vega fortune.

Alfonso and Maria Pia discuss the concert.

Fernando watches Alfonso and Maria Pia.

Diego urges Bernardo to wake up.

Diego suggests that bad things could happen to Montero.

Juan tells Santiago about Zorro.

The Indian healer chants over Bernardo.

Montero explains that Diego de la Vega is Zorro.

Diego explains how Bernardo was injured.

Esmeralda trains with the Amazon women.

Kamba and Garcia pause outside the Count of Bracamonte's house.

Duke Jacobo informs Montero that Alejandro will be appointed governor.

Montero gives Pizarro the bad news.

Alejandro decides to go get Yumalay.

Almudena decides to take more of her medicine.

Santiago declares that the letter was not written by his sister.

Renzo and Suplicios give the invitation to the handwriting expert.

Alejandro brings Yumalay.

Yumalay treats Bernardo.

Alejandro discovers that Almudena has fallen deathly ill.

Diego kicks Mariángel out of the house, and Yumalay returns to help Bernardo.

Esmeralda remarks that the masquerade is the perfect opportunity for her to make an appearance without showing her face.  García points out that they do have a problem.  They need an invitation.  Esmeralda is certain that they can get invitations.  Esmeralda tells García and Kamba to go into town and buy a title of nobility.  Esmeralda wishes to appear before the Queen as a noblewoman.

The Queen remarks that she wishes the masquerade could be open to all citizens of Los Angeles since she will probably never return to the city.  The Queen wonders why the Duke is acting as though they are at war.  She does not want the guards at the party to interfere with her guests' enjoyment.  The Duke asks whether she has reconsidered her appointment of Don Alejandro as governor.  The Queen states that she will only reconsider if the Duke presents a convincing argument and finds a suitable alternative who is not Montero. 

Leroy questions a family entering the city to see whether one of them is the woman Montero wants him to find.  He lets them pass and remarks that he is certain that he will know the woman when he sees her.

Mariángel protests that Diego cannot throw her out of the house.  Diego replies that he has no choice after she poisoned Almudena.  Mariángel insists that the Indian is the one responsible.  Diego states that Mariángel is a threat to him and their son.  He wants her to leave.  Mariángel insists upon taking her son.  Diego warns her that their son stays.

Esmeralda announces that she is going back.  She lists all of the bad things that have happened to her and how she wishes to get revenge.

Diego reminds Mariángel that he has enough evidence to take her to court.  Mariángel thinks he wants revenge.  Diego comments that marrying her was a mistake, but he cares about their son.  Diego insists that Mariángel leave immediately or suffer the consequences.  Mariángel warns Diego that he is making a grave mistake, and he will pay.  Olmos watches through the peephole, thrilled that Diego has kicked Mariángel out.  Olmos will now have Mariángel to himself.

Agapito explains to Tobías that Sara Kalí is the Queen of Spain.  He nearly lost his life because of her.  Agapito declares that Tobías is the only person who can save him from Pizarro.  Tobías replies that Pizarro is an intruder of people's lives and beds.  Agapito wants Zorro to make Pizarro disappear.  Tobías tells Agapito to stay hidden at his house.

Diego tells the nanny that he wants her to stay locked in the room with the baby and to only leave when Juan lets her.  Diego does not wish for the baby's mother to see him.

Diego tells Juan that Mariángel will be leaving the house.  He wants Juan to firmly, but politely, keep Mariángel from seeing the baby.  As Diego prepares to leave, an invitation to the masquerade arrives.  Diego comments that the masquerade will be the day after María Pía's wedding.

Olmos asks Mariángel why she is packing, and Mariángel explains that Diego has kicked her out because Agapito told him about the poison.  Mariángel promises that she still plans for them to take over the de la Vega fortune.  Almudena will die soon, and Diego will soon follow.  She does not yet know how they will get rid of Alejandro and María Pía.

María Pía tells Alfonso that she enjoyed the concert.  Alfonso promises to keep music in their lives.  Alfonso tells María Pía how much he loves her, and she remarks that she isn't used to hearing flattery after spending so many years in the convent.  From across the plaza, Fernando watches them.

Diego visits Bernardo and tells him that he must recover.  They have faced much more difficult situations than this.  Bernardo slips into unconsciousness, and Diego urges him to wake up.  Dolores worries that Bernardo will die.

Santiago wants to know why Mariángel is leaving the hacienda, and she explains that she is having problems with her husband.  Mariángel introduces Santiago Michelena to Olmos, who is dumbfounded.  Mariángel states that she explained to Santiago that she received a letter from someone pretending to be his sister, and Santiago adds that it was apparently a joke.  Olmos nervously excuses himself.  Santiago remarks that he really wanted to speak to her.  Mariángel comments that he will know where to find her; she will be at her father's house.  She hints that she has a proposition that he will love.

Diego is awakened by the tavern owner and Raquel, after spending the night in the tavern.  Diego thanks them for letting him stay and leaves to check on Bernardo.  Outside, Montero greets Diego and scolds him for drinking so early.  Montero does not want Diego to hurt himself; he hopes to be the one to kill him someday.  Diego retorts that perhaps someone else will meet that fate.  Montero suggests that Diego is threatening him, and Diego replies that when you wish bad on someone else that sometimes it comes back to you.

Juan informs Santiago that it is time for breakfast.  Santiago remarks that this city is strange, including the criminals.  He asks Juan about Zorro.  Juan explains that Zorro is just.  There is much injustice and tyranny around town.  Zorro is the only one who defends the poor and the weak.  He is a master swordsman.  There is no one like him and no one can stop him.  He is a good man.  Santiago asks who he is.  Juan replies that it is a secret, and nobody knows.  After Juan leaves, Santiago remembers how upset Diego was about Mariángel learning of his fencing skill and remembers Diego's statement about tyranny.  Santiago concludes that Diego must be Zorro.

Dolores tells Diego that Bernardo has not gotten better.  Diego comments that as long as the Indian does not put a feather on Bernardo's forehead, there is still hope.

Montero tells Pizarro that he always suspected that Zorro was someone close to them.  He announces that he is about to capture Zorro.  Pizarro replies that it is more important to find Sara Kalí.  Montero mentions Esmeralda, Sara Kalí, the gypsies, Diego de la Vega, and Zorro and how they are all connected.  Pizarro fails to understand why Montero mentioned Diego.  Montero tells him to think—Diego de la Vega is Zorro.  Diego was the best cadet at military school and an outstanding swordsman.  Montero suggests that Diego even looks like Zorro  They must keep an eye on Diego.  There is a conspiracy, and they are looking like idiots.  Montero orders Pizarro to keep track of everything Diego does.

Diego tells Padre Tomás that Bernardo is injured with no one to care for him.  Agapito was taking care of him, but Montero's soldiers took him away.  Diego feels guilty for asking him to help him follow Esmeralda's tracks.  Diego explains that the medallion led him to a certain place where he found Esmeralda's clothing.

Esmeralda continues her training to become a warrior.

García and Kamba, dressed in street clothing, approach the home of Juan Marcía de Bracamonte, the home of the Count who is totally ruined.  He has a title of nobility.  Judging by the house's condition, García is certain that he can use the money.  García knocks on the door and is admitted to see the Count.

Diego rides away from the church, and two men watch.  One them writes down how long Diego was in the church.

The Duke tells Montero that the city will have a new governor, Don Alejandro de la Vega.  After the Duke walks away, Montero informs Pizarro of this news.  Montero remarks that Sara Kalí is trying to talk to the Queen, and Diego de la Vega is Zorro—all of this is a conspiracy.  Montero declares that he will not be caught off guard.

The Indian shaman places a feather on Bernardo's forehead and leaves.  Dolores suggests that they take Bernardo home so if he dies he will be with family.  Alejandro says that he is not giving up.  He will bring Yumalay back to help Bernardo.

Almudena takes a dose of her medicine, telling herself that she will get getter once and for all.

Santiago looks at the letter and declares that it is not his sister's handwriting.  Mariángel wonders who it could be.  Santiago remarks that someone must want her to forget about him.  Mariángel asks about Diego's time at the academy.  Santiago remarks that Mariángel should already know since she is his wife.  Mariángel informs him that Diego is lying to her and this is why they are separated.  Mariángel tells Santiago that she wants him to help her catch Diego in his work.  She believes he is Zorro.

María Pía gives her invitation to Suplicios.  María Pía suggests that she tell Padre Tomás what is happening.  Suplicios agrees.  María Pía will also tell Alejandro, and they will have plenty of help.

Alejandro tells Yumalay that he needs her to return to help Bernardo.  Yumalay resists because Almudena would not like it.  Alejandro requests that Yumalay prepare some of the medicine that White Buffalo gave her.  Yumalay reminds him that they thought she was poisoning Almudena.  Alejandro insists that he never believed it.  He only had her return to her tribe to please Almudena.

Suplicios gives the invitation to a man, asking him to make several copies.  He hesitates when he sees the Royal Seal.  He does not want to break the law.  Renzo gives him a bag of money, telling him he will be compensated well.  Suplicios assures him that it is for a just cause.  The copies must be perfect.  The man agrees to do it.

Yumalay arrives to take care of Bernardo.  Diego thanks her for coming.  María Pía asks whether Almudena knows.  Alejandro leaves to go tell her.  He enters Almudena's room and tries to awaken her.  There is no response, and Alejandro notices that Almudena's skin feels cold.

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