Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

Zorro: La espada y la rosa
Capítulos 98-100

Capítulo 98
July 2, 2007

Bernardo awakens.

Diego remarks that Yumalay's medicine is miraculous.

Alejandro worries about Almudena.

Yumalay enters Almudena's room.

Olmos is told that Almudena is dying.

Regina comes for Almudena.

Yumalay goes to where Regina is waiting for Almudena.

Almudena wakes up, declaring that Regina is gone.

Padre Tomas visits Bernardo.

Esmeralda thinks about Diego.

Kamba and Garcia share a bottle of wine.

Diego tells Padre Tomas that Mariangel poisoned Almudena.

Olmos tells Mariangel that he can wait no longer.

Montero makes certain that Diego is still being watched.

Montero watches as Mariangel hits Olmos.

Olmos screams that he would do it again, no matter the consequences.

The gypsies inspect the invitations.

Padre Tomas is shocked when Fernando arrives for confession.

Padre Tomas realizes that Fernando has truly changed.

The Queen decides to invite the Countess of Bracamonte to the masquerade.

Esmeralda thanks the Amazon women for all they have done for her.

Santiago suggests that he and Diego practice fencing.

Almudena recovers from her relapse, and Mariángel snaps out of her hypnotism.

Alejandro begs Almudena to say something.  Almudena murmurs and coughs.  Alejandro panics.

Bernardo awakens after Yumalay gives him the medicine.  Diego remarks that White Buffalo's medicine is miraculous.

Alejandro orders Juan to call everyone from Bernardo's room.  They must come to Almudena's room, for she is very sick.

Mariángel asks whether Santiago will help her to find out if Diego is Zorro.  Santiago explains that he exaggerated.  In Spain, Diego was just a nobleman who liked to do magic tricks and play jokes.  She remarks that it will be hard to convince him.  Mariángel gives Santiago a bag of money.  Santiago suggests that Mariángel might be after the reward money for Zorro.  Mariángel again asks whether he will help her.

Almudena mumbles about Regina coming for her, and Alejandro pleads with her to wake up.  The others come into the room, and Alejandro asks Yumalay to help Almudena.  Yumalay tells Alejandro to give Almudena some of the medicine and to keep talking to her.

Olmos enters the de la Vega hacienda, and Juan tells him to leave.  Almudena is very ill and is expected to die.  Olmos again tries to go past Juan, but Juan insists that he leave.

Yumalay awakens Almudena and tells her goodbye.  She asks for forgiveness for all of her mistakes.  She hopes Almudena will realize that she could never hurt her.  Yumalay swears that Almudena will be fine.  Alejandro wants to know where Yumalay is going.  She comments that White Buffalo left one task for her, and she must complete it.  Diego wants to help, but Yumalay states that none of them can go where she is going.  Outside the room, Yumalay tells Regina to stay at the crossroads and wait for her.

Santiago counts the money.  Mariángel stares at Santiago, trying to remember why she fell in love with him.  She then tells Santiago that he cannot let her down.  He replies that he will only give her the information she wants when he is paid in full.  Mariángel warns him that if he fools her, he will pay dearly.

Alejandro begs Almudena to come back to him.  Almudena sees Regina coming for her.  Meanwhile, Yumalay seems to be where Regina is and tells her that she is ready to leave with her.  Suddenly, Almudena wakes up and announces that Regina is gone.

Padre Tomás visits Bernardo and asks Diego about the map in the medallion.  Diego explains how it indicated a certain place, where they found a hole.  They followed some tracks and found Esmeralda's clothes.  Padre Tomás asks whether Diego is certain that the clothing belongs to her.  Diego replies that he knows that she was on the slave trader's ship and is one of the survivors.

García tells Kamba about all of the clothes they have for Esmeralda.  They are also fortunate that the Count gave them his fine stationary and seals.  García decides to teach Kamba some Spanish and starts with the word "vino" for wine.  The two men indulge themselves, and García becomes quite drunk.

Padre Tomás visits Almudena, and Alejandro declares that she is much better.  At the request of Dolores, Padre Tomás blesses the house. 

Padre Tomás declares that the baby looks just like Diego.  He asks about Mariángel.  Diego reveals that Mariángel was trying to poison Almudena.  He has asked her to leave the house.  Diego also tells Padre Tomás about the arrival of Santiago Michelena and that Santiago told Mariángel about his fencing skills.

Olmos enters Mariángel's bedroom.  He announces that he has excellent news.  Almudena is probably dead by now.  Olmos kisses Mariángel's leg and declares that he cannot wait any longer to make her his.

Diego introduces Santiago to Padre Tomás, who takes his leave.  Diego warns Santiago not to go anywhere alone at night, for he might bump into a nasty surprise.  Santiago states that Diego is speaking of Zorro.  He reminds Diego that he was the best swordsman in the academy, after Diego.  He can take care of himself.

Mariángel comes out of her hypnotism after being with Olmos.  She is horrified and calls Olmos a nasty beast.  She hits Olmos, screaming for him to leave.

Outside Mariángel's house, Montero makes certain that Pizarro's soldiers are guarding the streets and that Diego is still being watched.  Pizarro reports that Diego is at the hacienda taking care of a wounded servant.  Montero remarks that they will soon discover something that will prove that Diego is Zorro.  Montero tells Pizarro that he has something important to do tonight and dismisses Pizarro.  As Pizarro leaves, Montero hears Mariángel yelling at Olmos.  She beats Olmos repeatedly as he goes down the stairs.  Olmos protests that Mariángel gave herself to him.  Mariángel screams that she feels sick about what he did to her.  Montero wants to know what happened, and Mariángel declares that Olmos raped her. 

Later, Mariángel is taken to Olmos' cell by Montero.  He warns Olmos that he will be killed if he touches Mariángel.  Mariángel wants to know what Olmos gave her.  She does not remember anything.  Olmos declares that all he gave her was love.  Mariángel tells Olmos that he is deformed and should have always been in a place like this.  Olmos reminds Mariángel that she loved him for a few days, and he made her his.  He will never forget it, and neither will she.  Mariángel assures Olmos that she will always loathe him.  She tells Olmos that he will suffer.  As Mariángel leaves, Olmos screams that he would do it again even if he were burned at the stake.

Alejandro worries about how Yumalay left last night.  Diego offers to send somebody to look for her.  Alejandro changes the subject to Mariángel and wants to know why he threw Mariángel out.  Diego reveals that Mariángel poisoned Almudena.  Diego found a bottle in Mariángel's room that contained the same poison that was in Almudena's medicine.  The two men decide not to tell Almudena.

Renzo presents the invitations to Sara Kalí.  Jonás remarks that nothing will stop Sara Kalí from speaking to her cousin.

María Pía comes down to breakfast and tells Alejandro and Diego that Sara Kalí is alive.  She explains about the plan for the gypsies to attend the masquerade in disguise so that Sara Kalí can speak to the Queen.  Alejandro promises to help.

Diego tells Bernardo that Sara Kalí is alive and has been hiding with the gypsies.  Diego tells Bernardo that he has to get well because Diego will need some of his inventions.  Diego is certain that a lot will happen at the Queen's ball.

Padre Tomás is shocked when Fernando shows up for confession.  Padre Tomás remarks that it is incredible that Fernando is now a friar.  Fernando explains that he was ordained by Brother Aaron, who saved him when he tried to take his life.  He has decided to dedicate the rest of his life to God.  Fernando wants Padre Tomás to help him speak to the de la Vegas so that he can ask for forgiveness.  Padre Tomás replies that Fernando does not need his help so long as he is truly repentant.

The Queen asks whether Jacobo knows who the Countess of Bracamonte is.  She shows the Duke a card from the Countess.  Apparently the Countess is very wealthy, because she has just purchased the most expensive house in town.  The Duke suggests that he check into her background.  The Queen replies that it is not necessary and that they must send her an invitation to the masquerade.

Esmeralda says farewell to the Amazon warrior women.

Santiago suggests that he and Diego practice fencing.  Diego claims that he has not fenced in a long time.  Santiago replies that one does not forget how to fence.  The two clash swords, and Diego comments that Santiago seems to have lost his technique.  Diego suggests that Santiago has been partying this entire time.  Santiago remarks that Diego has always enjoyed just causes.  Santiago's way of thinking has changed, but he is certain that Diego's has not.  Diego allows Santiago to disarm him.  Santiago holds a sword to Diego's chest and warns him never to insult him again by allowing himself to be disarmed.  Santiago announces that he knows that Diego is Zorro.

Capítulo 99
July 3, 2007

Santiago declares that he came to Los Angeles to kill Diego.

Esmeralda declares that now is the time to make justice.

Diego is annoyed with Santiago.

Garcia shows Esmeralda what he bought her.

Montero tries to calm Mariangel down.

Almudena wants to see Yumalay immediately.

Diego and Padre Tomas discuss Sara Kali.

Fernando asks Maria Pia for forgiveness.

Esmeralda tries on her dress for the masquerade.

Mariangel declares that she will take advantage of the situation.

Santiago wonders why Diego kicked out Mariangel.

Esmeralda wonders whether Diego still loves her.

Diego and Santiago discuss Esmeralda and Mariangel.

Judge Quintana warns Mariangel that she must get her baby registered.

Almudena and Alejandro discover a bed of flowers.

Alejandro explains that no one has seen Yumalay.

Tobias explains that he has a plan to get rid of Pizarro.

Pizarro apologizes for not coming sooner.

The Duke sees fear in Montero's eyes.

The Queen is thrilled that Mercedes is alive.

Mariangel demands that they hand over the baby.

The nanny threatens to kill Mariangel.

Diego is nearly hit by Esmeralda's carriage.

Esmeralda looks out the window at Diego.

Fernando asks for forgiveness, and Esmeralda returns to Los Angeles.

Diego declares that he is just a landowner and hates violence.  Santiago remarks that people don't change their basic nature.  Diego warns Santiago to never accuse him of being Zorro again, for he puts his family in danger.  Santiago admits that he came to Los Angeles in order to kill Diego.  He made a bet with some of their former classmates.  If he kills Diego, then he wins the bet. 

Esmeralda tells García that destiny has led them to all of this.  They now have to make justice.  García tells Esmeralda that Kamba delivered her letter to the Queen.

Diego and Santiago clash swords.  Santiago warns Diego to defend himself or die.  Diego disarms Santiago, who then reveals that he lied.  He only said that he was going to kill Diego in order to get Diego to defend himself.

García shows Esmeralda the things he bought for her.  García tells her that he found them a place to live.  García used the Count's residence on the card that was delivered to the Queen.  Esmeralda thanks García for his help.  García announces that he wants one thing in return—to be the one to arrest Montero.

Santiago declares that he had to make certain that Diego had not lost his skills.  Santiago promises that Diego's secret is safe with him.  Diego insists that he is not Zorro.  He tells Santiago to behave, because he has too many problems.  Santiago grins at Diego and assures him that he is not Zorro.

Alejandro and Almudena visit the lake.  Almudena worries that she was unfair to Yumalay.  She wants Alejandro to tell her what he knows.  Alejandro admits that Diego discovered that Mariángel was poisoning her all this time.

Mariángel tells Montero that all of this happened because Diego kicked her out.  Montero is angry when he learns that Mariángel's baby is still at the hacienda.  Mariángel cannot understand how she let Olmos touch her.  Montero tells her to calm down.  Montero promises to make her forget about what happened.

Diego tells Santiago that the city is threatened by terror.  Santiago wonders why nobody stands up to Montero.  Diego replies that Montero has too many allies.  Santiago comments that nobody dies of boredom in this city.  Diego says that he does not want anybody to know he can use a sword.  He would be seen as a threat to Montero, and it could endanger his family.  Diego excuses himself, and Santiago tells himself that Diego is very cunning.

Alejandro explains how Diego found the poison in Mariángel's room.  Agapito confirmed that the substances are the same.  Almudena states that she should not be surprised.  Almudena realizes that this is why Diego threw Mariángel out of the house.  She becomes upset that she didn't let Yumalay explain her innocence.  Almudena wants to speak to Yumalay immediately.

Diego tells Padre Tomás that Sara Kalí is alive and with the gypsies.  She will use the masquerade as an opportunity to speak to the Queen.  Padre Tomás feels it is suicidal because Montero and the Duke expect something to happen at that party.

Fernando comes to the de la Vega hacienda to ask María Pía for forgiveness.  María Pía asks what Fernando did to his neck.  Fernando will only say that the man she knew no longer exists.  Now Fernando only lives for God and seeks María Pía's forgiveness.  María Pía comments that what has happened to Fernando is a miracle, but she cannot forgive him.

Padre Tomás tells Diego that Fernando has returned and is now a monk.  Padre Tomás is convinced that Fernando has completely changed and is a different man.  Diego is skeptical.

María Pía reminds Fernando of all of the horrible things he has done.  Fernando states that he would give anything to change all of that.  Fernando again asks for forgiveness and does not want María Pía to continue hating him.  María Pía promises Fernando that she does not hate him.  She insists that she cannot forgive him; or at least, Diego and Alejandro must forgive him before she can.

Esmeralda is fitted by a seamstress, who will alter all of her dresses.  García congratulates Esmeralda on her appearance.  Esmeralda asks García how her son died.  García hesitates, but Esmeralda insists.  García haltingly begins to tell the story of how Pizarro left the baby in the cemetery.  Esmeralda cuts him off before he can finish.  She requests that his body be recovered so that she can give him a proper burial.

Montero orders Mariángel to take his baby away from Diego.  Mariángel insists that she negotiate first.  She wants to take advantage of the situation.  Montero hopes her suspicions are correct.  If Diego makes it to the masquerade, Montero's men will be waiting to capture him.  Montero again asks for his son.  He wants to let Diego know before he dies that the baby is Montero's.  He wants Diego to die knowing that he will leave no descendants.

Diego tells his son that he will not let anyone hurt him.  Santiago enters and wonders why Diego kicked out Mariángel. 

Esmeralda and García practice fencing, and Esmeralda disarms García.  García is amazed how much she learned from the Amazon women.  Esmeralda asks García whether he thinks Diego loves her.  García assures her that no man who fell in love with her could ever forget her.

Santiago is astonished that Diego fell in love with Esmeralda Sánchez de Moncada.  He explains how he liked Esmeralda but she was never interested in him.  Diego informs Santiago that Montero's men killed Esmeralda.  Santiago mentions that Mariángel was infatuated with him; it seems she liked a challenge.  Diego tells Santiago that he kicked Mariángel out because she was poisoning her aunt.  Santiago replies that Mariángel is now investigating Diego; she offered him money and wanted to know all of his secrets.  Santiago swears that he will not help Mariángel and that Diego's friendship is priceless.

Mariángel asks Judge Quintana for help.  She wants to know how she can keep Diego from taking her child.  The Judge warns Mariángel that she has to get the baby registered before Diego does it and omits her name.  The Judge asks whether there were any witnesses to the birth.  Mariángel states that there was a witness, but she does not believe he would help.  She will take care of it without his help.

Olmos is stretched on the torture table, and he screams that nothing can take away the memory he has of being with Mariángel.

Alejandro and Almudena stop where she saw Regina.  In that spot is a bed of flowers.  Alejandro remarks that it is strange because the flowers were not there yesterday. 

Diego tells Santiago that he thinks that he can come with them to the masquerade.  María Pía asks to speak to Diego.  She tells him that Fernando came asking for forgiveness.  María Pía does not want to influence Diego's decision, but she thinks Fernando was being sincere.  Diego does not believe that he can forgive Fernando.

At the Indian camp, Yumalay is nowhere to be found.  Alejandro goes to speak to the elders while Almudena waits. 

Agapito tells Tobías that his house is not safe.  Pizarro could find him at any time.  Tobías reveals that he has a plan to get rid of Pizarro, and he will put it into motion at the masquerade party.

Pizarro visits Olmos in the torture room and dismisses the soldier.  He apologizes for not helping him sooner; they are being watched by Montero.  Pizarro reveals that Montero knows that Sara Kalí is alive.  Pizarro has no choice but to run away.  He wants Olmos to reveal his contacts so that he can leave Los Angeles.  Pizarro must kill Montero.

Montero orders his men to make certain that there are no hidden passages in the place where the masquerade will be held.  The Duke tells Montero that he sees fright in Montero's eyes.  Montero promises that nothing will disrupt the party.  The Duke tells Montero that if an uninvited guest should enter, they are to be removed without incident.

The Queen is thrilled when Padre Tomás tells her that Mercedes is still alive.  Padre Tomás reveals that she is hiding with the gypsies.  The Queen wants to visit Mercedes, but Padre Tomás warns her that a visit would endanger the gypsies.  Padre Tomás recommends that the Queen wait, for the masquerade will soon occur.  The Queen hopes that Mercedes finds a away to see her at the masquerade.

Almudena explores the woods and finds more flowers.  Suddenly, Yumalay walks up.

Dolores and the nanny take little Alejandro for a walk.  Mariángel walks up and demands that they give her the baby.  Suddenly, the nanny pulls out a knife and threatens to kill Mariángel if she does not leave.

Diego walks through the city with Santiago, who admires all of the ladies.  A carriage driven by Kamba comes along and nearly hits Diego.  Esmeralda, with her face partially hidden, looks out the window at Diego.

Capítulo 100
July 5, 2007

Diego asks whether the lady is okay.

Yumalay hugs Almudena.

Olmos begs for Pizarro to get him out of prison.

Diego and Mariangel argue about the baby.

Esmeralda reflects that she has nothing to offer Diego.

Santiago listens as Diego speaks to Montero.

Tobias tries on his masquerade disguise.

Pizarro insists that Catalina must leave with him.

Mariangel is horrified that her father has become a monk.

Fernando warns Mariangel that Montero must be stopped.

Esmeralda and Garcia share a meal.

Esmeralda tries on her disguise.

Montero reads the note.

Esmeralda is spotted by the soldiers.

Almudena helps an unenthusiastic Maria Pia get ready for her wedding.

Garcia locates the baby's grave.

Montero arrests Fernando.

Montero tortures Fernando.

Maria Pia declares that she cannot marry Alfonso.

Esmeralda declares that this cannot be her son.

Esmeralda shoots an arrow at Montero, and María Pía gets cold feet.

Diego asks if the lady is okay and touches her hand.  Esmeralda remains silent.  Mariángel rushes up to Diego and pulls him away, telling him they have to talk.

Yumalay tells Almudena that she is happy to see her again.  Almudena apologizes for doubting Yumalay.  Yumalay is glad they saw each other again so that she can go in peace.  Almudena wants Yumalay to return with them, but Yumalay states that she has to return to her people.

Olmos tells Pizarro to get him out of the prison and kill Montero.  Olmos does not think he can take much more; he wants Pizarro to stop the torture.  Pizarro promises that he will come at the right time, but he can't go against Montero's orders.  Soon, Pizarro, his woman, and Olmos will leave America.  They will go to Spain with Sara Kalí and will receive medals for helping her.

Mariángel accuses Diego of telling Dolores and the nanny to hurt her.  Diego does not know what Mariángel means.  He pulls Mariángel away from the plaza, telling her that this is no place to talk.  Mariángel tells Diego that he wants to register their son alone.  She insists that they do it together.  Diego refuses and declares that they will break up.  He wants Mariángel to go back to Spain.  Mariángel threatens to say horrible things about Diego, and Diego replies that she can do whatever she wants.  She will not get their son.  After Mariángel leaves, Santiago warns Diego that Mariángel is dangerous.

Esmeralda gets established in the Count's house.  Esmeralda reflects that she has nothing to offer Diego; her heart is full of hate.  She cannot think of happiness.  García points out that Diego and Mariángel are having problems.  Esmeralda replies that their son will keep them together.

Montero hopes that Diego will go to the masquerade.  Diego states that he does not really want to go when he thinks about all of the undesirable people who will be there.  After Montero walks away, Santiago observes that Montero hates Diego and that the feeling is apparently mutual.

Tobías dresses himself as a woman, declaring that he will fool all of them.  Pizarro will fall for his charms, and then Tobías will kill him.

Catalina pulls away from Pizarro, worried that Tobías will see them.  Pizarro announces that Catalina will soon be leaving with him.  Catalina protests, but Pizarro informs her that she does not have a choice.  Unknown to them, Agapito overhears the conversation.

Alejandro is shocked when Almudena tells him that she saw and spoke to Yumalay.  He mentions that the council informed him that Yumalay has disappeared.  Almudena is happy that she and Yumalay have forgiven each other.

Mariángel is horrified that Fernando has become a monk and is furious that he spent all of her inheritance and disappeared.  Fernando nods and admits that he gave all of his money to Montero so that he can form an army.  Fernando warns Mariángel that Montero must be stopped or much blood will be spilled.  He suggests that Mariángel return to Spain.  Neither she nor Diego love each other.  Mariángel reminds Fernando that he forced her to marry Diego.  Fernando admits that it was a mistake.  He comments that money is nothing when one is living a lie.  Mariángel calls him an idiot.  If he cares about nothing, then she does not care about him.  She tells him to go to hell, and he answers with "may God bless you."

Esmeralda asks García who the maid is.  He replies that she came with the house, and she doesn't say much.  She cooks well and seems like the right person.  Esmeralda reminds García that she wants to go to the cemetery and recover her son's remains.

Esmeralda disguises herself by dressing much like Zorro.  She arms herself with a crossbow and arrows.  Shortly, as Montero walks through the plaza, an arrow is shot at him, narrowly missing him.  Montero orders his men to find the person responsible.  Montero finds a note attached to the arrow:  "She's waiting for you in bed, and I'll wait for you in hell."

Montero enters his office and finds Mariángel waiting for him.  Mariángel announces that she knows her father gave her inheritance to him and that her father is now walking the streets dressed as a monk.  Montero concludes that Fernando is the person who shot the arrow.  Mariángel thinks that Diego must be the person who wrote the note.  Mariángel tells Montero that her father said that he needs to be stopped and will do whatever it takes.  Montero declares that he will have to take care of that problem.

As Esmeralda tries to return home, the soldiers discover her.  As they approach, she knocks them over and bids them good evening.  Esmeralda retrieves her crossbow and leaves.

Bernardo suggests that they go back to where they found Esmeralda's clothing.  Diego states that they must wait until after María Pía's wedding and the masquerade.  He wants to talk to Sara Kalí about the medallion.

Dolores and María Pía are glad that Alejandro and Almudena have returned.  Almudena explains that she and Yumalay had a great conversation, and she feels that her life will be different from this point on.  María Pía excuses herself, and Alejandro asks Dolores what is wrong with her.  Dolores reveals that Fernando came and has become a monk.  María Pía is confused and does not know what to do.  She has said that Alejandro and Diego must forgive Fernando first.

María Pía worries about Fernando as she dresses for her wedding.  Almudena urges María Pía to quit thinking about Fernando.  María Pía feels that Fernando is a different person.  The Lord may have worked a miracle on Fernando.  María Pía wishes that someone would tell her what to do.  Almudena declares that she should marry Alfonso, even if she has doubts right now.

Alejandro is worried about the wedding; he is not certain that María Pía truly loves Alfonso.  Alejandro and Diego discuss Fernando and whether he should be forgiven.  Alejandro suggests that he should be forgiven provided that he has truly repented.

Garcia, Kamba, and Esmeralda locate the baby's grave in the cemetery.  Kamba and Garcia begin digging as Esmeralda remembers the birth of her son.

As the guests enter the church for the wedding, Fernando begs for money.  Montero walks up and arrests Fernando.  He is charged with abandoning his position, insubordination, and betrayal to the Crown.  María Pía watches as Fernando is taken away.

Montero kicks Fernando to the ground in front of the prison as Mariángel watches.  Mariángel coldly comments that Montero is doing her father a favor.  He was looking for God and will soon find Him.

Montero whips Fernando in the torture chamber.  Fernando states that he deserves this punishment.  Montero announces that Fernando is putting on an act; Fernando must have tried to kill him with an arrow.  Fernando insists that he wants to ask the people he has hurt for forgiveness.  Montero continues torturing Fernando.

The wedding of Alfonso and María Pía proceeds smoothly until María Pía is asked to accept Alfonso as her husband.  María Pía hesitates and states that she will not.  The wedding guests are stunned.

Kamba and García finish digging up the body.  Esmeralda steps forward to view the body.  She shakes her head and announces that this cannot be her son.

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